How to Remove Truecaller as Default Dialer & SMS app

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When you download Truecaller on your phone, Truecaller tends to automatically set itself as a default calling option right after the installation. 

Once you set Truecaller as a default option, the app automatically enables all the following:Call logs, Contacts, Phone, Camera,SMS, &Microphone

In this article, you will come to know how to remove truecaller as the default dialer on VIVO and Redmi.

If you want to remove the truecaller as the default dialer and go back to the phone option as your default option then you can follow the below-given pointers to change the settings of your phone. 

  1. How to remove truecaller as default dialer Redmi?

  2. How to remove truecaller as default dialer in VIVO?

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How to Remove Truecaller as Default Dialer Redmi?

  • Go to the settings options

  • Click on the Apps option


  • Tap on the option Manage Apps


  • After clicking on the above option, click on the three dots in the upper right corner


  • After opening this, open Default Apps

  • Click on Dial


  • You can click on the box of Contacts and Dialer and that is how you can disable Truecaller.

How to Remove Truecaller as Default Dialer on VIVO?

  • Open Settings

  • Click on the Apps and Notifications option


  • Open See all 108 apps Option

  • Scroll down and Click on Truecaller


  • Click on Phone app


  • Over here, you will find two options, one is Phone and the other one is Truecaller. Click on the option of Phone and in this way you can change your settings


By following the above-given steps you can easily have an idea of how to remove the truecaller default dialer.

Different mobile phones have different ways to change the default option from phone to truecaller or from truecaller to phone. The above steps have shown how to turn off the true caller as the default dialer or how to change the default dialer from the true caller.

Truecaller was launched in 2009 and it brought a lot of positive impact on the lives of people. Most people download truecaller to know the identity of the unknown caller.

When you download the truecaller app, the app will seek permission to make it a default calling and messaging app and if you click on that option, then your call and messages settings will change from Contacts and dialer to truecaller. Sometimes it even automatically sets the truecaller as the default calling and messaging app.

Truecaller is trusted by more than 310 million people for call and SMS identification worldwide. Hence, it has become the number 1 trusted caller ID application. It includes different plans that come with various benefits also like Premium and Gold. You can easily download truecaller from either Playstore, App store or Download APK.
If you want to know how to remove truecaller from the default dialer or vice versa then in both cases you need to follow the same pointers except in the last step you can click on the Contacts and dialer option if you have Truecaller as your default option.

Benefits of truecaller

Truecaller also focuses on protecting you against unwanted calls. Truecaller has three plans: Free, Premium and Gold. Premium and Gold have different features which you can get after subscribing accordingly.


  • You can identify unknown callers or whether is it from a company before picking up the call.

  • You can block or auto block companies or telemarketers and robocalls.



  • Along with the identification of the unknown caller, here you are also getting advance spam blocking which includes more benefits of in-depth spam blocking.

  • You can visit and enjoy true caller without any Ads.

  • You get Premium Badge here which will make you look professional while calling.

  • You can know who is calling you without even looking at your phone as it has the feature of announcing the name of the person who is calling.

  • You can make a ghost call to run away from the real spammers.

  • You can also identify unknown senders sending messages on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, Viber or Telegram.

  • You can send unlimited requests to ask for the phone number or other contact details.

  • You can anonymously view other’s profiles

  • You will be notified when someone will view your profile

  • You can pay INR 179 for 3 Months and INR 529 Annually to be a premium member.



  • Along with including all the premium features, it has luxury features like you will get notice when you call anybody.

  • If you have any queries, they will get resolved very quickly.

  • You can get the Gold Membership by paying INR 5000 annually to get luxurious benefits out of this package.


Disadvantages of truecaller

As truecaller has become widely popular but it comes with a major disadvantage which is a “threat to your privacy” as it gets access to your private data. Along with getting access to make and manage calls, call history, and phone contacts; it also gives optional access to get the permission to access your SMS, MMS, microphone, camera, location, phone storage and perform searches.


In the above article along with having an idea on how to remove truecaller from default dialer or one can say if you want to know about how to turn off truecaller as default dialer, you will also be having an idea on the benefits and concept of truecaller in depth.

So it is better to know how to turn off truecaller as the default dialer so that you can change your settings.

In the above article along with having an idea on how to remove truecaller from default dialer, you will also be having an idea on truecaller in depth.

People do ask

Q. Is Truecaller really free? 

Yes, truecaller is an application that is also free to use, though it has two other plans as well like Premium and Gold which have certain luxurious features and to enjoy those features you need to pay the subscriptions.

Q. Is Truecaller Chinese Company?

Truecaller was launched in 2009 in Stockholm and is a Swedish company whose aim was to create a service which can identify calls that are coming from an unknown number.

Q. Can we record calls using Truecaller?

Users are not able to record calls now from truecaller as it is a third application google has implemented a new policy in the play store which avoids call recording accessibility from third-party apps.

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