How To Change Name On Truecaller?

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Truecaller is one of the most used utility apps in India. The app gives users information about incoming calls from unknown numbers.

But there are also occasions when Truecaller shows the wrong name or location. Personally, I have faced a situation where my name is displayed wrong to users. 

It can happen due to different reasons. If you have also faced the same situation, then there is no need to worry.

You can easily change your name on Truecaller by following the simple steps that I am sharing in this post. 


Different Ways to Change Name in TrueCaller

If your name listed on TrueCaller is wrong, then you can change it using different methods. TrueCaller allows users to change name from the app or website. There is also the option to unlist a number from the Truecaller database. For more details on all the ways to remove your number from TrueCaller, follow the steps below. 


How to Change Name in TrueCaller on Android?

The easiest way to change your name in the TrueCaller database is to download the app on your phone and register. Once you install the app, you can change your name from the profile section. 

  • Install the TrueCaller app

  • Enter your mobile number

  • Verify with SMS

  • Go to the Edit Profile option from the menu

  • Enter your first and last name on the app 

  • Save changes 

How to Change Name in TrueCaller on iOS?

You can also change the TrueCaller name using the iOS app. Follow the steps below to change the name in the TrueCaller iOS app. 

  • Open the Truecaller app on iOS.

  • Tap on More in the bottom navigation bar

  • Tap the edit button next to your name

  • You can now set the name of your choice

  • Tap Save at the top right corner

How to Change Name in TrueCaller from website?

TrueCaller also allows users to update basic info from its website. It is a useful option for users who do not have the app on their mobile phones. Follow the simple steps to change your name in TrueCaller, without the app. The changes may not reflect immediately; you need to wait for 2-3 days. 

  • Go to the Truecaller website.

  • Login using Gmail or Microsoft account

  • Now search for your mobile number

  • Click on ‘suggest name.’

  • Enter the name that you want to set 

  • Click on the Save button 

How to Remove Number from Truecaller? 

Truecaller also provides users with the option to unlist from their database. It can be done in simple steps. You need to submit the unlisting request on Truecaller. However, you first need to deactivate your account from the privacy tab on the Truecaller app.

  • Visit the unlisting page on Truecaller.

  • Enter your mobile number

  • and confirm the Captcha code

  • Click on the unlist button

  • Your number will be removed within 24 hours. 

I hope the information will help you change your name in Truecaller effortlessly. You can change TrueCaller name using the app on Android or iOS. If you are not using the Truecaller app then you can change the name from their website. There is also the option to remove your number from the TrueCaller database. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How can I change my Truecaller name without Truecaller app?

A1. TrueCaller also allows users to change name from the website. So you can even change your name without the Truecaller app.

Q2. How does Truecaller know my name?

A2. Truecaller captures contact information from users. 

Q3. Why Truecaller is showing my wrong name?

A3. The name displayed on Truecaller is based on different factors such as user suggestions. When you call someone, the user has the option to suggest a name. 

Also, if you have acquired a new number, it is possible that TrueCaller is showing the name of the previous owner. 


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