How To Check Electricity Bill On Phone - For Quick And Timely Payment

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Gone are the days when electricity bills meant standing in long queues to get to the counter and get your bill in your hand. Now is the time when you can get anything and everything over your mobile phone. Power supply is an essential part of our lives, and the timely payment of its bill is highly necessary for an uninterrupted power supply. Now you can get your bill on your handsets. So stop worrying about How To Check Electricity Bill On Phone, as we are here to answer all your queries.

You can ease yourself and relax while your bill will be there on your device by following simple steps.

Learn the methods to check your bill online. You can also pay your electricity bill online quickly and effortlessly. Read the complete informational article below to get all the relevant information.

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Online Electricity Bill

Day by day, with the advancement in online technology, we can do almost everything online. Everything can be done in just a click, from ordering pizza to paying online fees. We can also check all our utility bills on the net to settle them instantly and save ourselves from any late payment fees or fines. Nowadays, all our bills are available online. 

To online check electricity bill, we need to have all our credentials related to account number, meter number, registered email id, mobile number and everything handy.

We can quickly check our utility bills, including electricity bills, by providing the relevant information and can get the acknowledgement too.

It is advisable to check your electricity bill on the phone to avoid long queues outside the electricity board offices and get your work done instantly.

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How To Check Electricity Bill On Phone For Timely Payment?

You can check your electricity bill on the phone very easily. Now all the distributors have a facility that provides the bill online, and that can be viewed and paid through your mobile phones only.

The multiple ways by which you can get electricity bill check on the phone are:

  • Through Official Website

  • Through Official App

  • Through Sms

  • Through Paytm

  • Through Google Pay

  • Through Amazon Pay

  • Through Mobikwik

  • Through Airtel Thanx App

How To Check An Electricity Bill Through An Official Website?

The most convenient and authentic way to check your electricity bill on your mobile phone is by going to the official registered website of the electricity board that provides electricity o your households. the steps involved are:

  • Visit the official website of the power provider through your phone 

  • Search for the login tab to view the bill

  • Log in using your credentials like CA number, registered mobile number, etc

  • Search for the ‘View Bill’ option

  • Click on it to view your bill

  • You will need to fill in your customer identification number, CA number, etc.

  • Click on Submit

You can now view your Electricity bill on your handset.

Check Electricity Bill Via Official App

Now we have apps for all our bill payments and other utility services. You can easily check your electricity bill with the help of your installed apps of the electricity providers. Almost all the electricity distributor boards have their official apps nowadays. Follow the steps to view your bill

  • Login to the installed electricity board app

  • Fill in your CA number, username, password,if any

  • You will need to provide the period of billing- month etc

  • Fill in the required details

  • Click on submit

You can instantly view the bill there only and may even have an option to pay online.

How To Check Electricity Bill Via SMS?

You have to register your mobile number to the electricity board while getting your connection. So you have an option to view the bill on your mobile via SMS too.

Almost all the national power agencies provide your electricity bill on your phone through SMS reminders. Some also offer an option of sending SMS in a set format to request the month's electricity bill. To view the bill via SMS, you can:

  • Request your electricity board for the SMS facility

  • Regularly check your Messaging app for any SMS from the board.

  • Send an SMS in a set forward, for ex- ‘ViewBillMonthName’ to the official USSD code provided by the billing system of the electricity board.

In this way, you can view your bill on your phone.

Check Electricity Bill On Phone Through Paytm

Paytm is a platform that provides the payment gateway and helps in many other services like; you can view your bill on the paytm app and immediately pay it.

Follow the steps:

  • Login to your Paytm account

  • Go to Paytm Bill Payment Section

  • Choose electricity bill option

  • Choose the electricity board and proceed

  • Provide your electricity account number

  • You can also choose to view the sample bill to get an idea of all the information required

  • Provide the necessary details asked

  • Click on submit

With Paytm, you can view your bill and pay the amount to settle the payment there only.

Check Your Electricity Bill Through GooglePay

Google pay is yet another medium through which you can view as well a pay your utility bills. Almost all the states and boards are covered under Gpay to help you pay your bills online. For example, if you wonder how to check electricity bill on phone in bihar, via Gpay. All you need to do is:

  • Login to your Gpay account

  • Go to the 'Bills' tab

  • Choose electricity option

  • The list of electricity boards of respective states will be displayed

  • There you'll have your already linked account saved 

  • Choose the same and provide the details if asked

Your monthly electricity bill will be displayed. You can pay there only.

Check Your Electricity Bill Through AmazonPay

Amazon is one of the favourite shopping sites in the country. It is also helpful in paying all the utility bills and doing the necessary recharges via the Amazon pay option. You can check your electricity bill and pay it online through Amazon Pay. follow the steps:

  • Log in to your Amazon Pay account

  • Go to PAy bills menu

  • Choose electricity option

  • You will need to provide your state

  • Select the electricity board

  • Enter your CA number and other details

  • Click on the 'Fetch bill.'

The details of your bill will appear. You can pay the bill via Amazon pay too.

Check Your Electricity Bill On Phone Via Mobikwik

You can quickly check your bill and pay it through Mobikwik. If you have a Mobikwik account, you can choose to pay your electricity bill from its website and pay it too. 

To check your bill through Mobikwik, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Mobikwik website

  • Search for recharge section on the website

  • You will have different heads to pay or recharge.

  • Select electricity from the tab

  • Select your respective electricity distributor 

  • Give your consumer number

  • Click on the 'Go' to proceed

  • Your electricity bill will appear in front of you on the screen with all the details

  • You can even choose to pay it then and there.

There are all the major electricity distributors on the panel to choose from. You can select accordingly and view your electricity bill there.

Check Electricity Bill Through Airtel Thanx App

Airtel customers can quickly get their electricity bill on their phones through the official app of Airtel. You can check your electricity bill through the Airtel Thanx App. All you require is the 11 digit customer id number. 

The steps required are:

  • Download the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone

  • Go to the app after installation

  • Login using your credentials, like a registered mobile number.

  • After logging in, go to the ‘Pay’ section of the Airtel Thanks app

  • Search for the ‘Recharge and Pay Bills’ section

  • Choose and select the ‘Electricity’ option

  • You will come across the list of all the states and territories where the electricity board provides electricity

  • Select the state

  • Search for the electricity board

  • Choose the biller of your electricity bill

  • You will need to give the customer id of your electricity bill

  • Choose to proceed after filling in your customer id.

  • The electricity bill will appear.

You can quickly check your electricity bill status from your Airtel thanx app and also pay the bill from the app. On the pay and recharge section, you can pay the bill via airtel money or other payment methods like net awning UPI, wallets etc.

How To Check Electricity Bill Status?

You may be worried about the electricity bill, amount, payment and status. You can check the status of your electricity bill quickly. You need to quickly visit the official site of your electricity distributor company, and from there, you can easily check the latest status of your electricity bill for a particular month.

The steps:

  • Go to the official website of the electricity board you get electricity from.

  • Fill in your credentials

  • Provide your username, registered mobile number, password

  • Select the billing state 

  • Fill in your CA or customer id number

  • The electricity bill details will appear on your mobile screen

  • You can check the status of your bill from here.

The methods through which you check your online bill like the Airtel Thanx app, MobiKwik, Google pay, etc. You can also check electricity bills through those apps.

If you have already paid the bill and try to pay your bills through these apps, the status for the selected month against the bill you try to pay will appear as already paid. You can know that the bill for that month has been paid successfully.

You can also check your SMS or text messages after paying the bill.

How To Pay an Electricity Bill Online?

As we saw, checking and fetching your electricity bill's bill details is easy and can be done through various means. Similarly, you can pay your electricity bill online easily and through multiple means.

It is advisable to visit the distributor's official website and pay from there. You just need to:

  • Log in to the official website of the distributor

  • Provide the necessary details like CA number, etc

  • Check the bill and its amount

  • Choose to pay via your preferred payment option

  • Pay the bill

Also, to pay online bills, you need to be clear about your online payment gateway through which you wish to pay your bill, and you can easily pay the bill in minutes. You can pay your electricity bill online via:

  • Internet Banking

  • Paytm

  • Gpay

  • AmazonPay

  • Phonepe

  • Debit/ credit cards

  • UPI

So it is effortless to pay your electricity bill online.

So that was all about electricity bill check on phone and its easy payment options. Hope the information provided above answers many of your queries and provides you with the necessary solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How can I check my electricity bill?

A. You can check your electricity bill every month in many ways listed and discussed in the article.

Q.How to check electricity bill status online can visit the officially registered website of the distributor to check your electricity bill statues instantly

Q.How to check electricity bill on the phone UPPCL?

A.You need to visit the UPPCL official website and select from the option. Then log in to view your bill and its status online,

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