FKM Family: Did You Hear This - ‘FKM Star Of The Month’?

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What is it all about?

Freekaamaal has happy news to share with its esteemed users. From October 2021, FKM has decided to provide its happy user family attractive rewards based on their happy shopping and cashback earnings. 

The top 10 users with maximum shopping and cashbacks will be recognised and acknowledged.

The Top 3 Shoppers will be the FKM Star of the month. And rest 7 Will have a special mention - to keep them motivated to shop more and win the race!

The Star of the month will get rewards and recognition

It is getting better and better to shop via FreeKaaMaal.Com. Isn't it?


Top 3 Shoppers - October- Maximum Cashback Earners

The FKM Stars Of The Month for the month Of October with the Maximum Cashback are:

FKM Star Of The Month

Rank 1. Nakul Kakkar

Rank 2. Shankar Rao

Rank 3. Puru Malik

Following 7 Top Users - October

Not only Top 3 users but also some beaming FKM users highlighted the list of top users in October.

The rest of the twinkling star users  are:

Rank 4. Kumar Varun Singh

Rank 5. Pooja Sharma

Rank 6. Jugal Agrawal

Rank 7. Simmar Singh

Rank 8. Mazda Begam

Rank 9. Sonam Sawhney

Rank 10. Bhagwan Lal

Be A Gold User- Be Next ‘FKM STAR OF THE MONTH’

You will get unique benefits after becoming an FKM Gold user. Most of you already know about it and are honouring our Gold User list. But some still need to know that there are fantastic rewards and extra benefits to being a Gold user. You can easily be a Gold User and avail of all the benefits for being one. 

Some key highlights of being a Gold Member are:

  • Free Membership

  • FKM Gold Badge

  • Cool Cashbacks

  • Exclusive Deals

  • Priority Customer Support

  • Exclusive Tips And Tricks

  • Reduced Cashback Confirmation Time.

To know more about FKM Gold Membership and its benefits, kindly Click Here

Be a Gold User and add stars to your FKM user name as well as to your shopping bags every month.

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Good Encouragement

Congratulations to FKM Stars

Its always a pleasure to shop via FKM. :)

good initiative!!

keep going, maybe you can become the next FKM Star Of The Month

Keep going, maybe you can become next FKM star of the month

Thank you for your support.

Thank You...That was great to hear from you, keep shopping and stay tuned.