Join Us - Did You Achieved The Milestone Of Rs. 5000 From FKM? What's Next?

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Are you among those who love to shop via FreeKaaMaal while earning extra cashback rewards? 

If this is true, then we have come up with something that you should definitely not miss!

Are you using Telegram? The majority of us are. Do you know that we have an FKM gold group on Telegram? 

Yes! We have approximately 700+ GOLD subscribers who are currently connected with us.

Do you even know what this group is for? Or are you also curious to join our new group, which is exclusively for special members? 

This group is where you will come across the best add-on benefits for your shopping. There are a bunch of advantages you can avail after being a gold FKM member. 

Firstly, do read about the eligibility criteria before joining the group. Only certain users will be allowed entry. Following are the things to keep in mind before you fill the form. 

1. You should have at least Rs. 5000 either in pending or withdrawal status. [ Any of the two ]

2. Your FKM account should be active [ We will check whether you're shopping on a regular basis since last 3 months ]. There should a valid purchase. If you are not using your account for more than 3 months, you will not be eligible to avail GOLD benefits from our side. 

Before you proceed, you must be eager to know what additional things you will receive. Below are a few reasons Why you should join our GOLD GROUP. 

FREE of Cost

This membership is just like any other premium one. Do you think you need to pay something to join? No, not at all! This is completely free of charge. You need to just fill up a form, that's it! 

Special Badge Of "FKM Gold"

If you become a gold member of FKM, you will receive a special gold batch as recognition. This will be available when you will click on your cashback summary every time. 

Special Deals

The most advantageous point for our gold members is they are provided with exclusive deals, which are sometimes even private. Most of our general users cannot find such deals and cashback offers on the homepage site. 

Extra-Ordinary Perks

No doubt, in addition to cashback, you will even get extra rewards for your purchase. This can be in the form of gift vouchers, additional cashback amounts, or even FREE gifts! 

Increased Cashback 

For normal users, the cashback rates of every campaign is the same. But, gold users can experience and get higher cashback which can help save more money while shopping online. 

Tips and Tricks 

Our site is all about cashback offers, deals, freebies, and stuff. To be aware of the latest tips and tricks online, you shouldn't miss becoming an FKM gold member right away! 

Increased Number of Transactions

Most of you ask about the number of times you can place an order in any of the stores. Yes, there is surely a limit to that. To avoid limitations, it is recommended to join our FKM gold group as soon as possible. This is because you will be able to grab the offers as many times as you want. 

Priority Customer Support

Almost all FKM users have complaints about not responding to their issues just after a minute. Here is some good news! Gold members will get prior customer service from FKM as compared to normal customers. This is essential as we understand that you have taken the initiative to be a constant follower of FreeKaaMaal. 

Lower Confirmation Time

This is the topmost benefit. Since confirmation days are generally between 60-120 days or around [ Maybe less in some cases ], but for our gold users, we will reduce this time and confirm your cashback in a short span of time. 

If all these points attract you, then what are you waiting for? We would love to invite you to join our FKM Gold member's Official Telegram Group.

Join the FKM Gold group now, and receive exceptional benefits to make your shopping experience a memorable one! Please note it is mandatory to fill the claim form after joining. 

Click Here to fill in your details and our team will upgrade your FKM account.

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How to Earn Cashback ?

  • Join Us

    Sign up on to create your account Choose from your favorite online stores listed with us for the best deals, offers and discount coupons.


  • Shop Smart

    Go to the online retailer you choose through the Freekaamaal. Shop as you generally do and get a percentage of the amount you spent as cashback on your purchases.


  • Earn Cashback

    Cashback amount will be added to your wallet within 24-48 hours and you can withdraw it once retailer confirms ( within 8-10 weeks


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Thankyou for providing information, please look into my account and provide the resolution.

great to hear that, enjoy our special offers from now, happy shopping

I was not able to upgraded to gold earlier, now I am gold member so thanks

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Hello, i have more than 5000 under withdrawal status then also miss bhavna without checking the account is saying you are not eligible? I have written to you @Support on gmail please help

Thank you for sharing we will look in to your account.

Hello User, you don\'t have to fill the form 2nd time, it is for the other users who have recently achieved the milestone.

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hi I am entered Mobile number wrongly in link. what is next process?

Write us at Our team will assist you on the same.

My total withdrawal equals to rupees 3656 and my pending cashback equals to rupees 1350. The total amount is rupees 5006,so am I eligible to be a gold fkm member?

No even if you have in pending you can apply.

So once all of it gets confirmed, I'll be eligible?

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The site is not able to I can not fill the form.whtvto my FKM account balance is 6500

Link is given at the end of the article to fill-up the form. Kindly check again.

This is the article showing in my account...To Fill In Your Details And Our Team Will Upgrade Your FKM Account.

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can you confirm my mail id & my number is 9505720745 . amount is 5068

Please fill the form. our team will check your account.

i am using fkm more than 1.5 years.. but till date i am unable to add gold member as i have already fill the form months ago..but my request is still pending..

Hello We are sorry, Please fill the form our team will check your account ASAP.

in the form we have to write total pending or total withdrawl done till date???

i have 88415 Confirmed Cash back and withdrawl. i fill the form but no responce. and how i het the benifits...

Hello User, please wait till monday. Our team will surely get back to you.

hi, i have filled the form 2 days back, when can i expect update from team

your details will be verified by our team, then they will proceed accordingly

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