8 Best Internet Service Provider in India: Top in 2022

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In today’s world, Internet service is one of the basic services we need at our home, or everywhere we go and for that we want to have connection from the best internet service provider in India.

India is the second-largest market for mobile subscriptions and comes in 10th position for the best broadband provider or connections. There are a number of brands available in the market that deal in broadband and mobile internet services. 

The telecom industry also comes under it, like Airtel Broadband, Jio Fiber, and more. Other local brands are also providing good internet services in India.

As the pandemic made us work from home and the same is still on to some extent, therefore it is essential to choose the best internet to do the work at high speed. 

let's check out the best Internet service provider in India that are reliable and available in the market for a very long time.

Just a few scrolls will help you get the complete details here. 

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8 Best Internet Service Provider In India: Top In 2022

India’s Fastest Broadband Internet Service Providers  2022

Here is the list of internet service providers in India that offer the best speed internet under an affordable price range. 

Best High-speed Internet Service Provider

Starting Service Prices


Rs. 499

Reliance Jio Fiber

Rs. 399

Excitel Broadband

Rs. 399


Rs. 449

Hathway’s Broadband

Rs. 2097

ACT Fibernet Broadband

Rs. 799

You Broadband

Rs. 750

Video Of Best Internet Service Provider in India

Here is a quick 1 minute video of 7 Best Internet Service Provider in India. 

Review of Best High-Speed Internet Service Provider in India 

Get detailed information about the brand along with the best plans available in the market. 

Airtel needs no introduction as it is one of the leading telecom services providers in India. The brand is currently present in more than 100 cities and continues to expand its services. Airtel Xstream Fibre has many plans that are unlimited data and other offers with Best High Speed & Internet service

The rand already stopped thor ADSL broadband services as they started the Fiber services which is quite better and improved the internet speed. They are one of India’s best mobile internet service providers and the best Broadband provider in India. The broadband internet plan in Airtel starts from 499, and it will go on as per the requirements. Let’s check out the top plans with additional benefits. They are also the best internet service provider dongle in India.   



Plan Offers

Unlimited 499

Unlimited Up to 40Mbps with unlimited local and STD calls

Premium 799

Unlimited Up to 1000Mbps with unlimited local and STD calls

Entertainment 999

Unlimited Up to 2000Mbps with unlimited local and STD calls

Additional Benefits 

By opting for the Airtel Xstream Fibre, you can get discounts on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Zee5, and more. 


Reliance is one of the biggest brands in India and the world. They have provided the services at very affordable prices. Jio has already launched Fiber broadband services in India, and it is the best provider on our list. 

They are also one of the best mobile internet service providers in India. Their plans start from Rs. 399 and go on as per the requirement and they are the Top internet broadband providers in India Check out their top plans and other additional benefits that you can grab. 



Plan Offers


30Mbps Speed with unlimited calling in India


100Mbps speed with unlimited calling in India


150Mbps Speed with Unlimited calling in India


300Mbps Speed with Unlimited calling in India

Additional Benefits 

The brand offers OTT subscriptions at a discounted prices on their annual and half-yearly payment. If you choose Rs.999 per month, you get a subscription to Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, Zee5, jio Cinema, Jio Saveen, Voot, ALTBalaji, Sonyliv, and more for free. 


Excitel is one of the trusted internet service providers in India that offers hassle-free services. They are offering ultra-high-speed internet at the speed of 100Mbps per second, yes it is true. The brand offers different plans according to the requirements like streaming, downloading, and gaming.  

Excitel Broadband has no installation charges for the fiber connection, and all the prices of their services come with exclusive taxes. Let’s check out their plans as they have the Best broadband Wifi plan for the home in India 






























Additional Benefits 

The brand charges Rs. 2000 for their ONU device, which is refundable.

BSNL Bharat Sanchar Nigam is the first broadband provider in Indian and has some amazing plans that are also affordable. The brand offers great services under a very nominal price range; previously, they did not have unlimited plans, But now they have. The brand offers the cheapest plan for ADSL broadband plans with better speed and performance. It is also one of the best wireless internet service providers in India.

As the unlimited plans are available, they are slightly expensive as compared to their previous rates. Let’s check out the new plans here. 



Plan Offers


Speed up to 30Mbps till 3300GB+ unlimited calling


Speed up to 100Mbps till 3300GB+ unlimited calling


Speed up to 200Mbps till 3300GB+ unlimited calling


Speed up to 300Mbps till 4000GB+ unlimited calling+ Hotstar Premium Pack


Hathway is one of the leading cable and broadband internet services providers in India. Hathway holds the Pan India ISP license and the first cable television network to offer high-speed internet broadband services in more than 16 cities.  They have more than a 5.5 Mn subscription and has the Best unlimited broadband plans 


The brand is also awarded as one of the largest MSO across various regions globally and transmitting the same to LCO or directly to subscribers. Hathway has been voted one of the best-managed media companies in Asia in 2013 based on the EUROMONEY study. Let’s check out their plans. 



Plan Offers


offers 3 months validity with 100Mbps speed till 1000GB


offers 6 months validity with 50Mbps speed till 1000GB


offers 12 months validity with 50Mbps speed till 1000GB


Act Broadband gives some fantastic services if you are paying annually, which means you will get a free router and 2 months free with the first plan, which costs only 9588. In this plan, you will get a hundred MBPS speed with a FUP of 500GB, And the speed beyond it would be 512 Kbps Mbps that is also quite less. The monthly average cost would be around 800 as usual.

The best Act Broadband annual rental plan is Act Diamond. In this plan, the cost would be around Rs 16188. It is one of the best internet service providers in Hyderabad India. Let’s check out their Plans.


Plan Name

Monthly Rental (Rs.)

Internet Speed

Monthly data limit

ACT Silver Promo


150 Mbps


ACT Platinum Promo


250 Mbps


ACT Diamond


300 Mbps


Additional Benefits 

You can get a subscription to Netflix and Zee5 after switching to a premium and diamond promo plan. 

YOU broadband service is provided by Vodafone, and they provide this service to only some parts of cities in India. They were also providing some great value if you want to acquire the plans. I don’t like this service because their cheapest plan starts from 899 per month that provides you a speed of around 30 Mbps. The speed at the budget is not that acceptable.They are The fastest wired broadband internet service provider in India And the maximum speed of developing India plans are only 200 MBPS.

 This for max is very low as per the plan they offer as you have some options like Jio and airtel for 1 Gbps speed.



Plan Offers


Speed up to 20Mbps for 30 days

Blackbuck 850

Speed up to 50Mbps for 30 days

Ostrich 620

Speed up to 60Mbps for 30 days for 250GB

Hypersonic 1999

Speed up to 60Mbps for 60 days

Additional Benefits 

As per the additional benefit, you will get some additional data if you pay quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly. But the speed will remain the same.

Tikona is one of the famous and Best High Speed & Internet service providers in India. They are offering the services in major cities with some other rural areas. There are plans that are pretty much attractive and currently, they are serving 2,75,000 happier customers. 

This was achieved by providing the subscribers with the best broadband plans and customer care services. Our customers acknowledge the internet speed, high service quality, and value for money plans that we provide. Tikona has now become synonymous with unbeatable broadband plans that offer 2 to 10 times more GBs than other providers for the same spend and a robust internet connection. Let’s check out their plans. 


unlimited 399 30 Mbps

limited 399

Unlimited 499 40 Mbps

Limited 499 40 Mbps

Unlimited 599 60 Mbps


What is FTTH? 

The FTTH means Fiber to the house that provides up to 100 MB per second speed on the internet from a central location like apartments, complexes, separate homes, and more. 

This FTTH improves the connection speeds accessible to computer users versus the current technologies commonly used in most areas. 

Benefits of Using FTTH 

  • It offers high-definition videos on Youtube, and the Roku has been improved. 

  • It provides improved performance, especially across more considerable distances than before. 

  • It is the most powerful and successful technology for handling consumer networks because of its increased capacity. 


This is all about the best internet service provider in India, and trust us, these are the top brands that are already offering amazing services at affordable prices. If you are looking for a fast-speed internet service for personal and commercial use, then broadband is the perfect solution that you can opt for. 

Jio, Airtel X stream, Excitel are the top brands undoubtedly. We hope this information will help you to choose the best internet plans in India 2022.

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Questions You May Have 

Q. Which is the best internet provider in India?

All of the brands mentioned above are the best internet providers in India, and you can choose anyone as per the budget and availability. 

Q. Which is the fastest Internet service provider in India?

Airtel and ACT are the faster internet providers in India. 

Q. Is Jio Fibernet good?

It is one of the best broadband providers in Bangalore that is available in a very affordable price range. 

Q. Which is the cheapest internet service, provider

BSNL and Jio Fibre are the cheapest broadband internet providers in India. 

Q. Which is the best WIFI broadband?

All of the above-mentioned are the best wifi providers in India that offer great speed and services. 

Q. Which is the best broadband in my area in India?

all of the above-mentioned are the top best broadband and best fibre-to-home broadband providers in India 2022. choose as per the availability. 

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