12 Best Internet Service Providers in India 2023-24

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In today’s world, Internet service is one of the essential services we need at our home, or everywhere we go, and for that, we want to have a connection from the best internet service providers in India.

The Internet was launched in 1986 in India and was initially accessible only to the research and educational community. India is the second-largest market for mobile subscriptions and comes in 10th position for the best broadband provider or connections. 

Forbes reported in March that internet usage has jumped over 50 per cent. However, every household has different speed requirements and considerations to include. Therefore, choosing the best internet to do the work quickly is essential. 

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Best Internet Service Providers in India

Best Internet Service Providers in India 2023-24 With Prices

Here is the list of best broadband internet in India that offer high speed at an affordable price. To know about each broadband connection price and other info, read the entire article. 

Best High-speed Internet Service Provider

Starting Price (per month)

1. Reliance Jio Fiber 

Rs. 399

2. Airtel Xstream Fibre

Rs. 499

3. Vodafone Idea Limited

Rs. 499

4. BSNL 

Rs. 449

5. Tata Communications Limited

Rs. 999

6. Gigatel Networks

Rs. 599

7. MNTL Limited

Rs. 449

8. Excitel broadband

Rs. 399

9. Hathway Broadband

Rs. 2097

10. ACT Broadband

Rs. 799

11. You Broadband

Rs. 750

12. Tikona Broadband

Rs. 499

Video Of Best Internet Service Providers in India

Here is a quick 1-minute video of the 12 best Internet Service Providers in India. I know reading the entire article will be too much for you all, but I will personally recommend you to read this article to know precised details.

Review of Best Internet Service Providers in India 2023-24

Here I have mentioned all precised details about the Best Internet Service Providers in India. Stick to this article till the end to know every single detail about each organisation and select your best internet service providers organisation. 

1. Reliance Jio Fiber 

Customer Support: 7000570005

best Internet Service Providers in India - Reliance Jio Fiber

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited running as Jio is an Indian telecommunications firm and a subsidiary of jio Platforms. Jio Fiber was launched in India on September 5, 2019. The internet service provider has its headquarters situated in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The internet service provider runs a national LTE network with coverage along 22 telecom circles. 

Presently, Jio is offering a network band of 5G, 4G, and 4G+ services and working on improving 6G services. It offers ultra-high-speed internet with speeds up to 1 Gbps and access to Jio and other best OTT apps. Rather than this, if you chose a Jio Set-top Box, you enjoy OTT and internet content, TV shows and TV calling as well on the big screen. It is currently on top of the list of best Internet Service Providers in India. 

Key Benefits

  • First telecommunications service provider that has initiated LTE only network and authorised voLTE calls

  • Impressive WiFi data plans

  • Provides high data plans at a pocket-friendly price

Popular Plans


Plan Offers


30Mbps Speed with unlimited calling in India


100Mbps speed with unlimited calling in India


150Mbps Speed with Unlimited calling in India


300Mbps Speed with Unlimited calling in India

2. Airtel Xstream Fibre

Customer Support: (011) 44444121

best Internet Service Providers in India - Airtel Xstream Fibre

Bharti Airtel Limited, called Airtel, is a community of an Indian multinational telecommunications service. The head office is headquartered in Delhi. The internet service provider and telecommunications company work in 18 countries across South Asia, Africa, and the Channel Islands. The firm has a recent revenue of 117081 crores INR in India. 'Airtel Xstream Fiber' is Airtel's ultrafast broadband offering initiated in September 2019. The various plans, benefits and prices of Airtel Xstream Fiber give tough competition to those of Reliance Jio Fiber.

The data plans begin from 499 INR, offering a speed of up to 40 Mbps, followed by professional plans costing 1499 INR. The professional program even provides a free subscription to Netflix Basic, Amazon Prime membership, Disney+Hotstar, Apollo, Wynk music and more. It ranks second in the list of best Internet Service Providers in India. 

Key Benefits 

  • Provides incredible quality and services

  • Good accessibility speed in urban areas

  • One of the leading telecom services providers in India

Popular Plans


Plan Offers

Unlimited 499

Unlimited Up to 40Mbps with unlimited local and STD calls

Premium 799

Unlimited Up to 1000Mbps with unlimited local and STD calls

Entertainment 999

Unlimited Up to 2000Mbps with unlimited local and STD calls

3. Vodafone Idea Limited

Customer Support: 097020 12345

best Internet Service Providers in India - Vodafone Idea Limited

Vi, or Vodafone Idea Limited is an Indian internet service provider and telecom operator. The headquarters are situated in Mumbai and Gandhinagar. The pan-India integrated network provides various services, involving voLTE, VoWiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 4G+ services. The firm was started in 2018 and had Akshay Moondra as the CEO of the firm. The internet service-providing organisation earns revenue of 28,245 crores INR, according to recent data. 

On 31 August 2018, Vodafone India allied with Idea Cellular to make a new entity named Vi limited. Vi offers wifi hotspot services in several major cities, including Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore, with approx 200 locations. The hotspot is available to all Vi brand users. It ranks third on the list of best internet service providers in India. 

Key Benefits

  • Comparatively cheaper than other brands

  • Provides satisfactory speeds

  • Provides free memberships to specific OTT platforms

Popular Plans




Rs. 359

3GB/Day + Unlimited Call+100 SMS/Day

30 Days

Rs. 499

3GB/Day + Unlimited Call+100 SMS/Day+Hotstar Mobile Subscription for 3 months

28 Days

Rs. 901

3GB/Day + Unlimited Call+100 SMS/Day+Hotstar Mobile Subscription for 1 Year

70 Days

Rs. 2999

850 GB+Unlimited Call+100 SMS/Day

365 Days

Rs. 3099

2 GB/Day + Unlimited Call+100 SMS/Day+Hotstar Mobile Subscription for 1 Year

365 Days

4. BSNL 

Customer Support: 1800-180-1503

best Internet Service Providers in India - BSNL

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is a government-owned telecommunications firm and an internet service provider. The company has its main office in New Delhi, India, and is presently under the proprietorship of the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India. The firm was established on 1 October 2000 by the Indian government. The organisation provides mobile voice and internet services across the country through its telecommunications network. 

Additionally, it is the biggest government-owned wireless telecommunications service provider in India. According to the data from valid sources, BSNL has a net revenue of 18595 crores. BSNL mobile is the foremost provider of GSM mobile networks that work under CellOne and BSNL nationwide. The telecommunications domain has over 121.82 million users all over India, and it provides prepaid and postpaid services. It is one of the best Internet Service Providers in India. 

Key Benefits

  • Provides mobile voice and internet services nationwide

  • Offers excellent services under an exceptionally nominal price range

Popular Plans


Plan Offers


Speed up to 30Mbps till 3300GB+ unlimited calling


Speed up to 100Mbps till 3300GB+ unlimited calling


Speed up to 200Mbps till 3300GB+ unlimited calling


Speed up to 300Mbps till 4000GB+ unlimited calling+ Hotstar Premium Pack

5. Tata Communications Limited

Customer Support: 1800 266 0660

best Internet Service Providers in India - Tata Communications Limited

Tata Communication, initiated in 1986 is part of the $62.5 billion Tata Group. The firm, formerly known as  Videsh Sanchar Nigam, was acquired by the Government of India. It is a leading global contributor to a new communication world.  Its internet services work around 150 countries to connect the worldwide IP backbone.

Tata Communications Limited offers flexible, dependable, and fast connectivity with the cost-benefit of the best internet in India. The internet service provider is distinguished by constant network deterministic and performance routing that conducts a seamless and smooth experience among its users.

Key Benefits

  • Complete secured network

  • Unlimited data

  • Accelerated speeds

  • 99.9% uptime

Popular Plans



Rs. 999


Rs. 1099


Rs. 1299


Rs. 1599


Rs. 1999


6. Gigatel Networks

Customer Support: 91 11 43001300

best Internet Service Providers in India - Gigatel Networks

Gigatel Networks Private Limited is a Private organisation that launched on 15 September 2015. It is categorised as a Non-govt firm registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. The authorised share capital of this firm is Rs. 50,000,000, and It is involved in Telecommunications. It is among the best Internet Service Providers in India as of now. 

Gigatel Networks is an Indian organisation and one of the top fibre internet providers in India that use IPv6 technology to give internet services to its consumers. The organisation has its headquarters situated in South Delhi, India. Gigatel Network offers its customers optics technology with GPON. They also provide their customers full freedom to choose various plans based on data required speed and consumption. 

Key Benefits

  • Achieves high speed during the nighttime

  • Impressive customer service

  • wide range of internet plans

Popular Plans


Speed Offers


Rs 599

20 Mbps speed

Per Month

Rs 699

50 Mbps speed 

Per Month

Rs 899

75 Mbps speed

Per Month

7. MNTL Limited

Customer Support: 1800 22 1130

best Internet Service Providers in India - MNTL Limited

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam (MTNL) was established on April 1, 1986, by the Indian Government to enhance the quality of telecom services, expand the telecom network, introduce new services and raise revenue for the telecom development requirements of India's key metro cities – Delhi and Mumbai. 

MTNL appreciated the monopoly until 1992 when the telecom sector opened with other service providers. BSNL currently owns 100% of the stock of MNTL services. The firm has 3.28 million subscribers as of June 2021. MTNL also initiated its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) triple play (video, voice, and data) service in Delhi on 9th November 2011 with a network speed of up to 1 GB/second. A similar service was launched for Mumbai subscribers on 1st March 2012.

Key Benefits

  • Deals with fine-lined telephones and WLL services

  • Provides Triband internet services through Dialup and DSL

  • Provides mobile services on GSM and CDMA platforms

Popular Plans 




Rs. 198

3G Data: 2 GB/Day

50 Days

Rs. 56

3G Data: 10 GB

10 Days

RS. 16

3G Data: 2 GB

1 day

Rs. 102

Local & STD Calls: Unlimited- SMS: 99 SMS- from Home & MTNL Delhi NW

22 Days

Rs. 1498

3G Data: 2 GB/Day

365 Days

Rs. 1999

3G Data: 600 GB - Local &STD Calls: Unlimited- SMS: 100

SMS/Day from Home &MTNL Delhi N/w.

365 Days

Rs. 485

3G Data: 1.5 GB/ Day - Local & STD Calls (Home & MTNL

Delhi Nw ): Unlimited- SMS: 100 SMS/Day-- from Home& MTNL Delhi NW

90 Days

Customer Support: 011 69656965

best Internet Service Providers in India - Excitel broadband

Excitel is one of the trusted internet service providers in India that offers hassle-free services. They are offering ultra-high-speed internet at the speed of 100Mbps per second. The brand offers different plans according to the requirements, like streaming, downloading, and gaming. Excitel Broadband has no installation charges for the fibre connection. However, all the prices of their services come with exclusive taxes. It is one of the best Internet Service Providers in India as of now. 

Key Benefits

  • Comes with a subscription to several OTT platforms

  • Offers special broadband plans made especially for streamers, downloaders, and gamers

Popular Plans






















Customer Support: 1800 419 3114

best Internet Service Providers in India - Hathway Broadband

One of India's top cable and broadband internet service suppliers is Hathway. In addition to being the first cable television network to provide high-speed internet broadband services in more than 16 locations, Hathway also owns the Pan India ISP licence. They provide the best unlimited internet options and have over 5.5 million subscribers. The brand is also awarded as one of the largest MSO across various regions globally and transmits the same to LCO or directly to subscribers. Hathway was voted one of the best-managed media companies in Asia in 2013 based on the EUROMONEY study. 

Key Benefits

  • Cheap plans with various options.

  • Provides Good speed

Popular Plans 


Plan Offers


offers 3 months validity with 100Mbps speed till 1000GB


offers 6 months validity with 50Mbps speed till 1000GB


offers 12 months validity with 50Mbps speed till 1000GB

 Customer Support: 91-9121212121

best Internet Service Providers in India - ACT Broadband

Act Broadband gives some fantastic services if you are paying annually, which means you will get a free router and 2 months free subscription with the first plan, which costs only 9588. In this plan, you will get a hundred MBPS speed with a FUP of 500GB, and the speed beyond it would be 512 Kbps Mbps which is also quite less. The monthly average cost would be around 800, as usual. The best Act Broadband annual rental plan is Act Diamond. In this plan, the cost would be around Rs 16188. It is one of the best Internet Service Providers in India. Let’s check out its Plans.

Key Benefits

  • Free Installation

  • Uninterrupted speed when various devices are connected

Popular Plans

Plan Name

Monthly Rental (Rs.)

Internet Speed / Monthly data limit

ACT Silver Promo


150 Mbps / Unlimited*

ACT Platinum Promo


250 Mbps / Unlimited*

ACT Diamond


300 Mbps / Unlimited*

 Customer Support: 91212 91212

best Internet Service Providers in India - You Broadband

YOU broadband service is provided by Vodafone, and they provide this service to only some parts of cities in India. They were also providing some great value if you want to acquire the plans. I don’t like this service because their cheapest plan starts from 899 per month, which provides you with a speed of around 30 Mbps. The speed at the budget is not that acceptable. They are The fastest wired broadband internet service provider in India, and the maximum speed of developing India plans is only 200 MBPS. This for max is very low as per the plan they offer, as you have some options like Jio and Airtel for 1 Gbps speed.

Key Benefits

  • Has a wide base of customers

  • Subsidiary of Vi Network

Popular Plans


Plan Offers


Speed up to 20Mbps for 30 days

Blackbuck 850

Speed up to 50Mbps for 30 days

Ostrich 620

Speed up to 60Mbps for 30 days for 250GB

Hypersonic 1999

Speed up to 60Mbps for 60 days

Customer Support: 1860 3000 3434

best Internet Service Providers in India - Tikona Broadband

Tikona is one of the famous and best Internet Service Providers in India. They are offering the services in major cities with some other rural areas. There are plans that are pretty much attractive and currently, they are serving 2,75,000 happier customers. This was achieved by providing the subscribers with the best broadband plans and customer care services. Their clients praise them for their fast internet, excellent customer service, and reasonably priced programs. Today, Tikona is widely known for its incomparable broadband plans, which deliver 2–10 times the gigabytes for the same price as other providers and a strong internet connection. 

Key Benefits

  • Utilizes 4th Generation OFDM  & MIMO technologies

  • Provide excellent speed for broadband

Popular Plans



Rs. 399 30 Mbps


Rs. 399


Rs. 499 40 Mbps


Rs. 499 40 Mbps


Rs. 599 60 Mbps


About FTTH and Its Benefits

The FTTH means Fiber to the house that provides up to 100 MB per second speed on the internet from a central location like apartments, complexes, separate homes, and more. This FTTH improves the connection speeds accessible to computer users versus the current technologies commonly used in most areas. 

Benefits of Using FTTH 

  • It offers high-definition videos on YouTube, and the Roku has been improved. 
  • It provides improved performance, especially across more considerable distances than before. 
  • It is the most powerful and successful technology for handling consumer networks because of its increased capacity.
  1. Airtel Xstream Fibre
  2. BSNL
  3. Reliance Jio Fiber 
  4. ACT Broadband
  5. Excitel broadband

Types Of Internet Connections

There are various internet connection options available in the industry. Below we have provided some of the best broadband internet in India available for all users.

Digital subscriber line (DSL): This is the cheapest internet option accessible to customers, and there is a vast collection of DSL service providers in the country. However, the speed of the internet connection will be based on the distance between the source and the internet connection.

Cable: This option is quicker than DSL, but the speed will depend on the number of people in the area using the same internet connection. If someone plans to watch a movie at night while others are utilising the internet, he or she will experience a bit slow internet connectivity.

Satellite: It is a widespread option that is readily accessible, but the speed of the internet is comparatively slower.

Fibre optic: Generally, fibre optic is the best solution for all the internet requirements of a customer as it delivers the quickest and most reliable type of internet connection. However, the option is not accessible in every kind of market.


Airtel Fibre and Reliance Jio are currently the best internet service providers in India. They offer the best quality internet at the highest speed. However, they haven’t reached many places in India. In the above article, you will learn about the other internet service providers who are also giving tough competition to Airtel and Jio. Choose the best internet provider and internet plans for uninterrupted service.

If you want to know how you can get free unlimited internet of airtel, jio and vi, read our article for the same. 

Questions You May Have

Q. Which is the No. 1 Internet service provider in India?

A.  Reliance Jio is currently the No.1 internet service provider in India. 

Q. Who is the best wifi provider?

A. Airtel and Reliance Jio are the best wifi providers in India with high-speed internet. 

Q. Which is the fastest internet in India?

A. Jio fibre offers the fastest internet in India with upto 1Gbps speed. 

Q. Which WIFI internet is best?

A. Airtel offers the best wifi connection with high-speed internet and the best quality. 

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