How To Get Free Data In Airtel 2024: Get Upto 365 GB Data

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Are you looking for "How to get Free Data in Airtel"? Great! You are in the right place and reading the right article. This is a 5-minutes guide through which you can learn unrevealing Airtel Free Internet Tricks.

So, are you ready to get airtel-free data for 3 days, 10 days, or 6 months? Besides, you can get up to 60GB of free data on Airtel using the below-mentioned tricks. Moreover, Airtel offers free data on downloading its apps and dialling specific codes on your Airtel Number.

That's not all!

I have even mentioned offers from Paytm, Flipkart, and other leading apps that make you eligible for free data on your number. Just scroll down and learn all the latest tricks on how to get free data on airtel.

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how to get free data in airtel 

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How To Get Free Data In Airtel (2024)? What are the Tricks?

If you want to know the answer to "How to Get Free Data in Airtel" then I have the list for you! I show you everything that you need to know, including a list of all the Airtel 2024 data offers. You'll also find out how to get free data coupon in airtel.

Airtel FREE Data Trick

Free Data

1. Airtel Sim Swap Offer

365 GB

2. Through Airtel Postpaid Number

60 GB

3. New User Offer

30 GB

4. Flipkart Supercoin Method

2-5 GB

5. Airtel Amazon Offer

3 GB

6. PayTm Cashback Points

3 GB

7. VoLTE Beta Program

30 GB

8. Prepaid User Offer

28 GB

9. Airtel Samsung Offer

15 GB

10. User Specific Trick

10 GB

11. Night Pack Trick

5 GB

12. Through TV App

2 GB

13. Airtel 2 GB Free Data Offer


14. Get Airtel Thanks App


15. Get Airtel Apps 1.2 GB

16. Airtel Kurkure/ Lay's Method

1 GB 

17. VPN Trick As Per Your Demand

18. Airtel Wallet Offer

As Per Your Demand

1. Airtel Sim Swap Offer To Get 365 GB Of Free Data

This is added best Airtel free data offer. By using this trick, you will get 365GB of free data. Check the steps given below to know how to get free mobile data in airtel.


  • First, you need to pen down your current number on a piece of paper

  • Now go to your nearest Airtel store or retailer

  • Take your Aadhaar card with you

  • Then tell the retailer that you want to swap your Airtel sim and then present your number to them

  • That’s it. Your new sim card will be initiated within 15 minutes

  • Enter the sim in your 4 G-equipped smartphones

  • After some time, dial 51111 from your recently registered Airtel sim

  • You will immediately get a message that your account has been credited with 30GB of data for 30 days

  • Now repeat the steps discussed above again the next month and get 365GB data/year

  • This Airtel Free Internet trick is user specific

  • This is for informative purposes only. We are not answerable for any invalid or unauthorized action done by any individual.

Want to know How to Get Free Data in Airtel? This Airtel-free internet trick for android is only applicable to postpaid users. And will work for selected customers, and the trick is valid for 6 months only.

To get this Airtel Internet offer on your SIM, follow the steps provided:


  • Login into 'My Airtel App' using a valid on Airtel postpaid number.

  • Then you will see the banner requiring free 60GB 4G data.

  • If it asks, download the 'tv' app too.

  • Enjoy 10 GB/ month for the next 6 months.

  • If not initiated, you can send a message SURPRISE to 121 to avail of the same offer.

3. New User Offer: Tricks to Get 30 GB Free Airtel Internet

This free data will apply to users with a 4G sim who have not yet used it on a 4G handset. This Airtel Trick will help you in letting you enjoy the Airtel internet for 30 days. You can also use the Airtel coupon code for free data. The below given steps will tell you how to get free data in airtel sim.


  • You have to insert your 4G sim for the first time on the 4G handset, wait for 5-6 hours, and dial 51111 to activate the offer.

  • That's it, and you will enjoy 1 GB of internet data for 30 consecutive days.

Check out in detail about Airtel Recharge Plans.

4. Flipkart Supercoin Method: Earn 2-5 GB Of Free Data 

Flipkart is running 2 exclusive deals in their supercoins segment. You can claim the Free Airtel Internet data through your supercoins. Follow the steps given below to know how to get free 5gb data in airtel.


  • Login to your Flipkart account
  • Go to this Free Airtel Data Offers page
  • Tap on Claim Now button
  • You will see the Unique coupon code on the next page
  • Copy the code
  • Update or download the Airtel Thanks app from Playstore
  • Visit the ‘My Coupons‘ segment in the Airtel thanks app
  • Paste the Unique code you got from Flipkart
  • Tap on Claim now & your coupon will be added
  • After that, click again on Redeem Button
  • Coupon will be initiated for 3 days instantly.

5. Airtel Amazon Offer: Get Upto 3 GB Data 

Amazon is initiating a New Month's 100% Cashback Recharge Offer for Airtel Prepaid Users. This month they are providing free ₹25 or ₹50 cashback on bill payments & recharges. Here i have mentioned the steps on how to get 3gb free data in airtel with Amazon.


  • Visit Amazon App or website

  • Sign in to your account

  • Now go to the recharge segment From the Amazon pay menu button

  • You will see the “100% Cashback upto ₹25 or ₹50” Offer in the recharge segment

  • Recharge with ₹48 Airtel Prepaid Plan

  • You will receive 3 GB free Airtel Internet Data with 28 Days Validity

  • You will also receive 100% cashback on this recharge

6. PayTm Cashback Points: Get 3 GB Data 

Do you know How to Get Free Data in Airtel? Using your PayTm cashback points also you can get 3 GB data for Airtel Number! Below are the steps that you need to follow for the same. Note that your cashback points should be 250 to avail this benefit.


  • Open your PayTm App and login to your account
  • Head to the section called cashback and offers
  • Scroll down to find Offers on PayTm
  • Find "1 GB Free Data With 250 Paytm cashback Points"
  • Redeem it to get the coupon code
  • Initiate the recharge of Rs. 58 (3 GB Pack)
  • Then you will be required to apply the code you just received
  • Hurray! You will get a 100% cashback of upto Rs. 19

With VoLTE Beta Program – Get Free 30GB Data. To suggest the VoLTE Beta program is LIVE in West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Kerala, Punjab & Andhra Pradesh.

To avail the Airtel free recharge, you need to follow the steps:


  • Open the offer page

  • Enter your mobile number to validate

  • Enter OTP received on your Smartphone

  • Give the feedback for your VoLTE experience to get 30GB free data benefits

8. Prepaid User Offer: Tricks to Get Airtel 28GB Free Data 

Using this airtel-free data code, you will get 1GB daily for 28 days. This offer is only for prepaid users. You have to dial a toll-free number, and again this offer is a user-specific Airtel free coupon code


  • First of all, dial the toll-free number 125346

  • The call will get disengaged.

  • Now, if you’re fit, you’ll get a congratulations message, and if not, you’ll receive a message saying you’re not fit for this offer.

  • You will get 1GB per day of free data for 28 days.

  • This is user-specific. It might not work for all.

  • The 1GB of free data you get will be valid for 28 days

Remember to look for Airtel Recharge Cashback offers to save some bucks on your next recharge.

9. Airtel Samsung Offer: Get 15 GB Of Free Data

  • At first, If you have Latest Samsung Smartphone Devices then just go to 
  • Remember you have to go to this link from Your Airtel Internet and Not From Wifi
  • Now you can see the details of the 15 GB offer
  • You need to go with the instructions and activate the offer by just Paying a Minimum of 1GB Data Pack of 1 Month
  • The request gets Activated quickly, and you can earn Free 14 GB 4G or 3G data 
  • In 4G circles, the surplus 14GB of data can be utilised on 4G/3G/2G network
  • So do not waste time and enjoy 4G internet speed with Airtel

10. User Specific Trick: Tricks to Get 10GB Airtel 4G Data for Free

Here are the steps on How to Get Free Data in Airtel. 


  • It is a user-specific trick.

  • Call on 5999555 from your number.

  • Lucky ones will get 10 GB of data, which will be valid for 10 days.

11. Night Pack Trick: Get Upto 5GB Free Data

You can receive a 5GB night data bundle if you join up for this one. You can easily take advantage of the 5GB of free Airtel internet by following the instructions below.


  • Downloading the official software from the Play Store should be done first.

  • Create an account if you didn't register your phone number.

  • If you wish to log into your account, select Home.

  • Watch for my free data offer, JACKPOT.

  • Use this offer to avail 5GB night data balance

Quiet Features

  • This strategy also functions when there is no balance.

  • From 12:00 am until 6:00 am, you get unrestricted access to the internet.

  • More than 2 MB can be downloaded each day at the maximum speed.

  • It is simple to connect to and utilise.

  • It is now possible to download large files at night while you sleep, including movies, games, and other media.

12. Through TV App: Tricks to Get 2 GB Free Airtel Internet for 3 Days


  • Download the TV App from Play Store.

  • Login to your account using your Airtel number.

  • Now, you will get 2 GB 3G/4G data in an instant.

  • This data will be valid only for 3 days.

13. Airtel 2 GB Free Data Offer: Tricks to Get Airtel Free 2GB 4G Data 

This one is the newest Airtel Free Data Offer valid for 90 days. This trick is useful for all prepaid users only. So if your Airtel number is prepaid, you must use this Airtel Internet Trick to get the 2 GB data.


  • Call on 52122 from your Airtel number.

  • It will automatically get cut.

  • You will receive a verification message within 24 hours (sometimes instantly).

  • To check your Airtel Free Data Trick balance, you can dial *121*2#.

14. Get Airtel Thanks App: Get 1 GB To 2 GB Airtel Data For FREE

Here I have provided steps on how to get free data in airtel thanks app.


  • First Of All Just Download Airtel Thanks App 
  • This offer is exclusive for the first time users or new users
  • Now Just finish Registration With Airtel Number
  • Verify the OTP & proceed with completing your profile
  • After completing your profile, You are Done !! 
  • You Are Now suitable to avail of Free Airtel Data Reward

15. Get Airtel Apps: Tricks to Get Free 1.2 GB Airtel Data Offer 

With these free internet tricks in airtel, you will receive 1.2 GB of internet data-free. You need to download the 4 apps mentioned further in the steps below: There are several free Airtel data coupon codes for free internet. 


  • Install My Airtel App, Wynk movies, music & games one after the other.

  • For every downloaded app, you will get free data worth 300 MB.

  • In short, after downloading all 4 apps, you will earn a total of 1.2 GB.

  • 1.2 GB of data can only be used between 12 AM to 6 AM.

  • If you have already installed any of the above apps, you are still suitable for this offer.

Must Read: How To Activate Airtel Sim.

16. Airtel Kurkure/ Lay's Method

Here i have mentioned how to get free 1gb data in airtel though Airtel Kurkure and Lay’s method.


  • Update or download latest version of Airtel Thanks App 
  • Copy the code you got from Kurkure Pack
  • Open Airtel Thanks App & tap on the ‘My Coupons‘ segment
  • Paste the Kurkure Airtel Free Data Code In the ‘Have a Coupon Code’ segment 
  • Finally tap on ‘Claim‘
  • After this process, 1 GB or 2 GB of Free Airtel Data will Be added to your account
  • You Can Follow the Same procedure with codes you get from Lay’s Chips

17. VPN Trick: Get Data According To Your Requirement

With Airtel, getting free data has always been more complex. The service's settings are relatively simple to modify. To get Airtel's free 4G data, simply follow the instructions.


  1. Download and open the Droid VPN app first.

  2. Tap on the horizontal bars on your screen's left side.

  3. Visit setting

  4. Change the following information under the UDP setting -

  • Local UDP port:- 80

  • Remote UDP port:- 443

  • UDP mode:- mode 1

  • R count:- 4

  • T count:- 5000

  1. Within TCP settings

  • Local TCP port:- 0

  • Remote TCP port:- 443 Remote

  1. Using ICMP settings

  • ICMP mode:- Dynamic seq

  1. From VPN Connection Setting

  • Tunnel MTU size:- 1024

All these settings must be accurately saved. You can use the internet for nothing if you click Start.

18. Airtel Wallet Offer: Avail Lucrative Cashback & Recharge To Get Free Data

Receive monthly cashback for using your Airtel Wallet to recharge. You can enjoy this deal if you are still waiting for cashback from the previous suppliers. You can receive money back on your monthly Airtel charges thanks to a current offer. You can get Rs. 20 cashback when recharged for ₹179, ₹265 and Rs. 40 cashback when recharged for ₹299, ₹719 & ₹839. After receiving the cashback, you can use them to get free data. 

Wynk Free Airtel Internet Trick 2024

  • Install Wynk Application powered by from the Google Play store.

  • Run the Wynk App.

  • Click on the My Account section.

  • Now click on, try free.

  • Now choose the free Wynk Freedom Plan.

  • Next, Install Droid VPN (Android Users) or Install Tunnel Guru (Laptop/PC User).

  • Open PD Proxy OR Tunnel Guru Move to Settings Click on Options.

  • Then go to Advanced Settings Search for Parent Proxy.

  • Enter Parent IP: and Port: 3128

  • Click on Headers and enter Host as mo. mo.

  • Finally, Connect with TCP 443 Port

  • That's all! Enjoy Free unlimited data.

Terms and Conditions for free Wynk Internet Tricks

  • Minimum 1 Rupee Balance in your Sim Card

  • Your Smartphone supports 4G and 3G Connectivity.

  • Your Device has a Wynk Music app installed because it is a New working Trick that allows Wynk users to Avail free internet data.

Terms Of Getting Free Airtel Internet

  • You must have a 4G Device.

  • You must have a 4G Upgraded Airtel SIM.

  • There has to be a minimum of Rs. 10 Balance.

  • A 4G Network Coverage for the free internet tricks in Airtel

  • Some Necessary Knowledge of phone Operating

  • Time To Use All Tricks

  • To use handler and TCP, a small internet recharge pack.

How to avail of the Airtel Free Internet Tricks Offer?

  • Download the app on your mobile phone.

  • Now select the free internet tricks on Airtel Offer from the list below.

  • Proceed according to the steps mentioned.

  • That's it!! You will enjoy the free data according to the trick chosen.

How to Port To Airtel?

Thanks to technological improvements, the porting method is no more trouble now. You can now get your number ported to Airtel prepaid/ postpaid or any other network at your home.

We have mentioned this to let people who do not have an Airtel Number yet they want to avail of the Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2024. So get your Airtel SIM and avail all the Free Data on Airtel. You can also use the Airtel code for daily free data to grab more data. 

To know how to port number, follow the steps specified below:

1. Produce a porting code by sending PORT(space)(mobile number) to 1900.

2. Keep the permitted porting code safe and use it within four days, post which it will be terminated.

3. Apply for porting: Rather than going to the Airtel store, you can port to Airtel by logging in to the Airtel app or web and fill in your plan and performance details. Your porting process will begin sitting at home.

4. Processing Time: After presenting the porting request, you will receive a message from the current provider showing your request's status and the date and time of porting. The entire process takes 3 working days for porting in the same city and 5 days if you are porting from a town to another.

5. Activation: Your new Airtel Prepaid/ Postpaid connection will be initiated when the old one stops working (this usually happens at midnight). Until the time your porting application is processed, you can proceed using the previous connection. Change the SIM when the previous one stops working.

6. First Recharge Amount: The selected first recharge plan in case of Airtel prepaid connections will get credited automatically in the new SIM.

Get The Free 2GB Data Through Airtel Prepaid Recharge



28 days 


56 days

₹549 & ₹699

84 days 


How To Check Airtel Free Data Balance- Methods

  • USSD Code Method
  • Airtel Thanks App Method

1. USSD Code Method:

Here, I have mentioned three easy steps to check your Airtel Free Data Balance through USSD Code Method:

Step-1: Open the caller/dial app on your mobile phone.

Step-2: Dial  Airtel Balance Check Code/Number that is *123# 

Step-3: Now, it will reflect you in the Top-up balance section.

2. Airtel Thanks App Method:

Here, I have mentioned four easy steps to check your Airtel Free Data Balance through Airtel Thanks App Method:

Step-1: From My Airtel App, check every Activated Plans Balance 

Step-2: Download the My Airtel App

Step-3: Open the App & Login

Step-4: You Will See – Airtel A/C Balance, Airtel Active Data Balance on the Home Screen Of The App, Airtel Validity Of Your Data Plan 


So many of you were searching for How to Get Free Data in Airtel. This article helped you all as I have mentioned every smart trick to get Free Data in Airtel 2024. For those who are also searching for some brilliant methods of how to check Airtel Free Data Balance, I have even covered that topic as well. Do you have more questions on how to get free data in Airtel prepaid/postpaid or something else? Feel free to drop your queries in our comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get free 1 GB on Airtel?

A. You can get 1GB data in Airtel through the Airtel Kurkure and Lays method.

  • Download Airtel Thanks App.

  • Copy the Code you got from Kurkure Pack.

  • Click on the ‘My Coupons‘ segment.

  • Paste your code in the ‘Have a Coupon Code’ segment.

  • Click on “Claim”.

  • You will get 1 GB or 2 GB of Free Airtel Data now.

Q. How to loan 1 GB data in Airtel?

A. All you need to do is just dial the USSD code *141*567#. Airtel will respond to you soon. 

Q. How can I claim 2GB of data in Airtel?

A. You can receive a complimentary 2GB data coupon if you use the Airtel Thanks app to recharge your prepaid Airtel number. It's crucial to remember that this 2GB free data coupon can only be used with specific recharge plans.

Q. How do you get a 1 GB data loan in Airtel?

A. When a customer dials the USSD code *567*3# or replies with "1" to the interactive SMS sent from CLI 56321 when their data balance is about to run out, Airtel offers them a loan of 1GB of data. The customer is only eligible for a 1GB data loan. Its validity is also limited to one day.

Q. How can I claim Airtel 5G unlimited data?

A. You can use the Airtel Thanks App to redeem the unlimited 5G offer. All Airtel Prepaid customers can get and use unlimited 5G data when they recharge with unlimited packs starting at Rs 239 and above.

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