Top 7 Baby Diaper Brands In India [Updated]

Nowadays, disposable diapers are an integral part of a baby care. The easy to use nature and hygiene makes diapers preferable choice.

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To choose Diapers for the baby, one has to be very careful. Babies need extra protection and care as their skin is sensitive. For babies, new parents prefer to buy disposable diapers brands. The disposable diapers are to hygienic, which makes them more important for babies to wear. Choosing the right Diaper and size for the baby is very much important. There are many Diapers Offers Online to save money. To protect your baby, we have prepared a list for the top 7 baby diaper brands in India.

Nowadays, disposable diapers are preferable for one time use only and hygiene. Remove the diaper and put it in the garbage bag. There is no hassle to clean it again and again — the design of the Diaper made in such a way that it won’t leak. While travelling with a baby or while the baby is sleeping, it is very convenient to use it.

Diaper Top Brands List

There are many baby diaper brands available in India, to choose one is a task for parents. We have listed you the diapers top brands along with the prices and from where to buy.


Pampers Pant

Rs. 120 Onwards


Huggies Wonder Pants

Rs. 150 Onwards



Rs. 95 Onwards


Easy Teddyy

Rs. 350 Onwards


Bella Baby Happy Diapers

Rs. 270 Onwards


MamyPoko Pants

Rs. 95 Onwards


Pigeon Ultra Premium

Rs.700 Onwards


1. Pampers

Pampers offers 5 different kinds of diapers in 9 sizes, 4 types of toilet pants, swim pants and four kinds of diaper wipes. All you, especially new Moms, must be familiar with this brand. The Pampers will help to keep your baby dry and comfortable throughout the night and day.

  • It will be closer to the baby’s body, and it will be a comfortable fit.

  • Diapers make a baby feel dry overnight as it includes air channels.

  • The outer layer of the Pampers diaper made of soft cotton.

  • Aloe vera gel helps protect a baby’s delicate skin from diaper rashes and skin irritation.

2. Huggies Wonder Pants

In India, Huggies Wonder Pant Diapers are one of the best diapers available. At night the overnight diapers provide ultimate comfort to the baby. Once you start using these diapers for your baby, he/she will sleep. That’s what every parent wants. Available in all sizes.

  • The Diapers has a very stretchy elastic that fits a baby’s waist and fits.

  • Soaks the moisture and keeps the baby dry up to 12 hours.

  • The diaper prevents rashes.

3. Himalaya

If your baby has sensitive skin, then Himalaya Diapers are the best, as they are herbal diapers. It offers premium comfort and extra protection to babies. The Himalaya diaper will protect your baby skin from rashes and make sure that your baby has a comfortable sleep.

  • The diaper comes with a breathable fabric.

  • It has goodness if Aloe Vera and Yashada Bhasma.

  • Diaper quickly absorbs moisture.

  • It has an anti-rash guard which prevents from the rash.

  • It is leak-proof.

4. Easy Teddyy

In India, this brand is one of the best disposable diapers for babies. With sensitive skin, these diapers are also best to wear. If the baby is wearing this brand diaper, it will be comfortable for the baby and can move around with ease.

  • The diaper has a cloth-like fabric.

  • The soft and breathable fabric ensures that the baby stays dry all night long.

  • This diaper brand are a snug fit around the waist and thighs, thus giving freedom of movement.

5. Bella Baby Happy Diapers

Bella Baby Diapers are one of the best diapers. It is worth trying diapers for the baby. As it protects the navel area of the baby, who have undergone special umbilical cord cutting. None of the baby diaper brands thinks of protecting the navel area of the baby, but this brand does.

  • The baby is safe from the rashes.

  • The baby skin will be healthy as the diaper is 100% breathable.

  • The diaper is suitable for sensitive skin as it is chlorine free.

  • It includes a wetness indicator and elastic fasteners for supreme comfort.

6. MamyPoko Pants

These are perfect diapers as they absorb the little extra. By making baby wearing the diaper, you will have nothing to worry about as the baby will sleep and play .

  • It is one of those diaper brands which are very comfortable and easy to wear.

  • By Disney’s ‘Winnie the Pooh,’ the diaper features colourful and fun graphics.

  • It has a breathable cotton-like cover which will prevent stuffiness even if used for long hours.

  • The diaper absorbs up to 7 glasses of urine and spread it as it has a crisscross absorbent sheet.

Note: To know about How To Select Right Diaper Size for Babies click on the given link.

7. Pigeon Ultra Premium

The diapers are very comfortable to wear and fits as well. These diapers provide most absorbency. Here’s what you need to know about these diapers.

  • The diaper include the wetness indicator. Which makes it easy for the parents to change the diaper from time to time.

  • To ensure the comfort fit of the baby, the diapers have breathable fabric and soft elastic waistband.

Types Of Baby Diapers

There are many types of disposable baby diapers here you will come across with few that are:

  1. Pant Style Diapers

For little big babies, pant style diapers are handy because the diapers can be easily pulled up like underwear. The sides of the diapers can be easily removed to dispose or change it.

2. Taped Style Diapers

For newborn babies, these types of diapers are more suitable as when you place their bum on the Diaper it fastens the sides. You don’t have to lift a baby and move him/her while changing the Diaper.

3. Swim Diapers

The Swim Diapers specifically meant for babies who wish to have fun in the pool. Diapers made of superior absorbency power material that neither lets fluids in nor out.

4. Training Diapers

These diapers are underwear shape with the larger surface area but thinner material. The Diaper mostly used during the potty training time of babies.

5. Preemie Diapers

These diapers come in smaller sizes rather than regular diapers with a provision to accommodate the umbilical stump that may still be healing — specially made to cater to the needs of premature babies.

How to Select Baby Diapers?

For parents choosing the right diaper for the baby takes a lot of trials and errors. Every brand of diaper has its unique quality. Few of the reasons might help the parents to buy the best baby diapers are:

1. Absorbency power

Each baby is unique, a diaper that might hold a baby's urine for several hours may get soiled soon. Some parents don't mind changing the diaper of their baby. But every parent wants a diaper which absorbs the urine all through the night.

On the package, if diapers, there is always mention of the number of hours for its usage. For people on the go, they may want to put off changing diapers frequently and look for maximum absorbency in diapers.

2. Price

Choosing the best price baby diaper brand is a prime factor as the diapers used daily for at least 2 or 3 years of the baby's life. Parents should be aware of the prices of various brands of diapers in India. Every parent can't afford the expensive brand of diapers, so one should check the price list before buying a pack of diapers. Grab jumbo boxes, which usually are more economical and look out for exciting offers online. If you happen to equally like two brands, go for the one that costs less.

Note: To know about how to Save Money On Diapers click on the given link.

3. Fit

Most of the times, the diapers are worn by babies; it is essential that the diapers fit them well. On the pack of diapers, it indicates the weight of the baby and the size of the diaper, which helps the parents to know which size is suitable for their baby.

Which Are The Best Baby Wipes?

The baby wipes are loaded with ‘no tear’ formula and are clinically proven to be very mild like pure water, as it used on Baby’s skin. We have given you the list of baby wipes with the prices and from you should buy.




Pampers Fresh Clean Baby Wipes

Rs. 148


Himalaya Herbal Gentle Baby Wipes

Rs. 132


MamyPoko Wipes with Green Tea Essence

Rs. 46


Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes

Rs. 219


Chicco Soft Cleansing Wipes

Rs. 219


Note: The prices for the Wipes and Diapers may change as per the offers.

Which Diaper Is Best For Newborn Baby

For newborn babies, the size of diapers for babies are, and they are different as well. So we have listed you the top best diapers for newborn babies.


Bambo Nature Premature Diapers

Rs. 799


Pampers Premium NewBorn Care Diaper Pants

Rs. 524


Pampers New Baby Diapers

Rs. 295


Pampers Active Baby

Rs. 1,249


Mamy Poko

Rs. 797


Cloth Diapers Brands In India

Not every parent wants to make their babies wear disposable diapers, and some use cloth diapers. We have listed a few cloth diapers brand in India along with the price and from where to buy.


Kuchipoo Baby Nappies

Rs. 300 Onwards


Babysoft Reusable Cloth Diapers

Rs. 199 Onwards


Bumberry Pocket Diapers

Rs. 350 Onwards



Rs. 620 Onwards



Rs. 499 Onwards


Easy Feel

Rs. 380 Onwards


In the initial years of the baby, choosing the right diaper is crucial. Parents spend quite a lot of money on buying baby diapers for at least two years. If the baby is comfortable, then parents also feel peace of mind.

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