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Anyone, who’s a parent knows the relevance of diapers in raising a healthy child. The need for diapers and more diapers is a constant and never-ending one, till the baby is toilet trained. Which usually happens around the age of 3 years. Till then, diapers is the only way to maintain the baby’s hygiene.

If you are recently experiencing parenthood, you would realize the need for diapers even more. As the initial years of babies is usually spent in diapers. Generally, the diapers are changed 6-8 times a day. This means on an average 2000-3000 diapers is consumed yearly.

Now with such a high requirements of diapers, you may tempt to look for some discount. Isn’t it? How about getting top branded diapers at a discounted price? Sounds great, right?  If yes, then don’t miss the ongoing discount on diapers. These diapers are not only pocket-friendly but even friendly to your baby’s tender skin.

It’s important to give due attention to the quality of the diaper. The little ones have to spend longer duration in diapers. The diapers should be well fitted, chemical free and nonallergic one. These are some of the important things that must be considered. Also, parents should frequently check if the baby starts developing rashes or not?  

The baby's response to the diaper is very, very important. A poor quality diaper can cause a lot of stress to the babies and make them cranky. Thus, if your baby doesn’t seem to take well to the current diaper, switch to a different one. There are a variety of other diapers online available.  With so many options, dealing with baby poops and pee is no more a hassle!

Best Deals and Discounts on Diapers

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Top Offers

When it comes to diapering your baby, there’s something for every stage. So why stick to just one form of diaper?

Types of Baby Diapers


Types of diapers

Material used


Pocket friendly



Cloth Diapers

Cotton, wool or polyester



Recyclable, reusable and and less polluting


Disposable Diapers




Easily disposed and fits children best


Swim diaper

Water resistant Plastic


Yes and it can save a lots of cash throughout summers.

Fit tighter than regular diapers, Water Resistant,


Regular Diapers

Available in both plastic and cloth form

Depends on the fabric.

Varies with the fabric

Lighter and more comfortable during the day

baby diapers online

Buy Baby Diapers, Diaper Pants & Cloth Diapers at Great Discount

As your child grows and becomes more and more active, the diapering need change. It’s time to try different style and brands of diapers and see what best works for your little ones. This means stockpiling too many diapers could be a wrong decision. Since the baby’s diaper needs would change with the growing stage. You can get the endless discount on diapers with FreeKaaMaal.com.

Be Amazon Prime Member & avail 20% OFF with Diapers offers

Amazon can be a life saver! You can find great deals and things you would need and get it shipped right to your doorstep. The services seem even great for a newly becoming  parent who’s trying to manage too many things at the same time. Feeding, bathing, changing and taking care of the baby demands lot time and energy.  

In such a scenario, the perks like Baby diapers offers online seems truly amazing. Parents who subscribe to prime services get diapers on Amazon and save up to a whopping discount of 20% by making it a monthly subscription.

Check Latest Diapers Online Sale to Save Money

  • Firstcry: Buy Combo Packs on Diapers

Maintaining child’s hygiene is crucial part especially in the first few months. Changing the diapers frequently is very important to ensure that your child sleeps comfortably. New parents spend a lot of time changing the baby diapers. A newborn would require close to 10 diapers a day! Now with a big investment like this, it’s inevitable to look for some diaper offers. So FirstCry is out with Combo diapers offers, check out now!

  • Flipkart: Baby Diapers on Sale @ 50% OFF

Babies have just a few needs: their milk, Cerelac, hours of sleep and yes, cleanliness. A wrong selection of diapers can be a big reason for the baby’s crankiness. Thus, a parent always ensures a good stock of quality diapers. With so many discount diapers online, choosing a right diaper should not be difficult anymore. All you have to do is browse the wide collection of diapers and buy diapers online that suits your child’s needs. The top brands like Pampers, Mamy Poko pants, Huggies, Libero, and Himalaya are known to design comfortable and waterproof diapers. What’s more? The portal is out with 50% off on the brands of the diapers. So parents, spare the hassle of searching the discount. With Flipkart, you can get any diaper at a discounted price with just a few clicks.

  • Paytm: Find Baby Diaper Deals Online

When it comes to diapers, you need to ensure both quality and quantity. Diapers play a very crucial role in maintaining baby’s well being and health. This is even more important in the case of a newborn in the family. It’s important that you have aided sufficient diapers in the closet. In order to ease your life, Paytm is back with bumper baby diaper deals. These deals are great and make you save tremendously on diapers purchase.  So how about getting discount up to 80% off on diapers? Sounds great, isn’t it? Paytm is out with such super saving deals on diapers. Paytm is undoubtedly an outstanding online store for all baby’s essential. Especially diapers for kids! They provide the best of the diaper brands at an affordable price. Not only this here you can also get coupons for diapers of the top brands. The brand is out with latest pampers coupons that can be grabbed with a click. So what are you waiting for? Grab these exclusive Paytm offers and discount codes to save tremendously on diaper purchase.

Choose the Best Overnight Diaper for your Baby for Dry Sleeping

For a parent, the baby’s comfort is the top priority. Thus, there are many things to look for and picking the right diaper for the night is surely one of them. A good sleep is vital for a happier and healthier child. But, often the parents sleep with a lot of concerns in their mind, like:

Will the diaper able to absorb the liquid whole night?

Is there any leakage?

Has the diaper become too heavy? Is there a need to change the diaper?

Is the diaper comfortable and soft to the baby’s skin?

Earlier these concerns were hard to fence off,  but thankfully not now! Many top brands like Pampers, Huggies, Mamy Poko pants, have found a permanent fix to these worries. You can explore endless overnight diapers online at just one click. Take a look at some of the top branded diapers.

baby deals online

  • Mamy Poko Pants

The new Mamy Poko diapers are designed with crisscross absorbent sheet and have the capacity to absorb up to 7 glasses of urine. Plus, it absorbs the liquid evenly and prevents heaviness in the center.

Hence giving the mother and the baby a peaceful and good sleep. To make your happiness, even more, the brand has come up with Mamy Poko pants discount online. There can't be other better reason to shop for bundles of these diapers!

  • Huggies

They are one of the oldest and reliable brands. Their latest overnight diapers specially designed to protect the baby’s skin during the night. It can keep the baby comfortable and dry for 12 hours.

Plus, the sung fit waistband makes sure the diaper stays in place for a good night. So buy Huggies diaper pants give utmost comfort to your child all day and all night.

  • Pampers

The pamper diapers have a high absorbent gelling material. It absorb the wetness and keep your little one dry all night. You can get these diaper sets with exclusive offers. If you are planning to buy this brand then don't the miss the latest pampers pants online, which is extremely pocket-friendly.

Liked the above deals? But looking for something more?? No issues, you have stumbled on the right page! Here you can find endless offers on baby products and amazing diapers coupons at just one click. So stay tuned for more lucrative offers!

Know When to Change the Diaper Size for your Little one

One of the first thing you will learn as a new parent is to change the diapers. But before you become expert of it, the next thing arrives. It’s the time when you probably feel the need to change the diaper size. Babies grow fast and so their needs change accordingly. In no time your little one will start crawling and you will be wondering about changing the diaper size. But wait, what if your child needs a bigger size much before that stage? Yes, it happens with many babies! So it’s important to not overlook certain signs.  

  • Butt Coverage

Is the diaper fully covering the baby’s butt? This is a very important aspect that parents should give consideration. The right amount of coverage is crucial to ensure the effective functioning of the diaper. A proper coverage of diaper functions effectively and eliminates the leakage. So if you are constantly facing blowouts it’s time to make a switch.

  • Tabs are far apart

Is the diaper tabs closer to the baby’s center? If yes, then the size is perfect for the baby but if not, then it’s time to change the diaper size. If the diaper tabs are closer to baby’s hips rather the center, then it’s the time to move to an increased size.

  • Tight Waistband

The waistband of baby’s diaper is the easiest way to ensure the right size of the diaper. Use your finger and try to pull the waistband. If you feel tight constriction on the finger, it’s likely that the diaper is now small for the baby. A smaller size diaper would make the baby uncomfortable and uneasy. So it’s time to go for another size for your little one.

  • Red Marks

The baby is blessed with a soft sensitive skin. So they will always be prone to developing red marks and rashes on thighs. But if you could identify that the rad marks is due to the diaper, then it means the diaper is too tight and pressing on the baby’s skin.

  •  Size Guidelines

The size guidelines on the side of the diaper package give a typical listing of the recommended weight for a baby wearing that diaper. If the baby’s weight lies to the lower end of the scale for the next diaper size up, then it’s probably the time to go for a bigger size.

How to Select Right Size of Diaper for Baby

With so many brands and size of diapers, how would you know which one is going to fit on your baby? Usually, most of the parents juggle with the question of how to select diaper size for the baby to avoid any inconvenience. Well, the diaper size is totally linked up with the weight of the baby. As the diaper size ranges from infant to extra large but parents need to choose the right size for their baby after considering their weight. This is because, the wrong size diaper fit can make your baby cranky by proffering discomforts like rashes, blowout, leakage, and more.

How to Save Money on Diapers

On an average a baby needs 60K to 70k diapers in a year, so you can imagine how many of your money is going in the trash. But diaper is such a baby essential which cannot be avoided nor neglected as every parent want the extreme comfort for their baby. It really doesn’t mean that parents need to blow out their money that’s why they look for ways to know about how to save money on diapers? Well, there is an ample number of ways including discount coupons, online shopping, cashback offers and more. So, use these wisely to buy everything best for your baby while keeping your wallet safe.

For More Deals, Offers & Coupons Stay Tuned to FreekaaMaal

From disposable diaper to Baby Clothes Online, you will find all kind of  kids essentials at the best saving prices here. Baby essentials are a costly affair and we understand this very well. This is extremely true in the case of diapers or clothes which you would need in abundance quantity for first few years. So at FreeKaaMaal, we bring exclusive choices available in various brands and prices. This includes Mamy Poko pants, Johnson diapers. Huggies, pampers, libero diapers and many more brands available at a best-discounted price. Be it amazing deals, offers or coupons, get the best baby diapers and give utmost comfort to your little one.

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