10 Ways to Save Money on Diapers

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Do you know- an infant needs 60,000 to 70,000 diapers in a year. Its gailing for the parents to spend so much of their money on something that just thrown away at the end. For any infant or toddler, diapers are necessity but it doesn’t mean that mean you have to blow out all your money. So what can mom and dad do to save their money? Well, there are some simple things parents can do save money like using diapers online offers, discount codes, and more. If you’re a parent to little one, the diapers are something that you just can’t miss to purchase. This makes it one of the most significant expense of embracing parenthood. But worry not, I have figured out 10 ways to save money on diapers. Please have a look at it.

1. Order Diapers Online

You never have to leave your home’s comfort when you choose online stores to buy diapers for your little munchkin. Wants to know how to save money on diapers? Well, online deals and discount on diapers is another reason for completing diapers shopping online. Though sometimes, you can catch a surprising sale in which you can receive a massive discount on diapers purchase. Moreover, online shopping will save your time and make you enjoy some more precious moment with your baby.  

2. Search for Coupons and Deals

This is the easiest and cheapest way to buy diapers at very nominal prices. Online deals or discount coupons are such things which every parent needs to keep an eye on it. Almost every renowned brand of diapers like Pampers, Huggies, etc. offers online coupon codes to save customers money. You can directly avail these coupon from bargain hunting sites like FreeKaaMaal and more. It may seem like extra work, that before the purchase collecting coupon codes but it will also save your money.

3. Take Amazon Mom Subscription

Amazon privileges its customer with Prime membership under which they can enjoy free delivery on orders, exclusive discounts on products, and more. Also, Amazon Prime membership has the power to save upto 20% by subscribing Amazon mom program. Not only you can save 20% on diapers but you will also get a 15% baby registry discount.

4. Join Online Huggies Club

Taking care of a new member is not that easy, if you’ve became parent for the first time. But embracing parenthood is the most wonderful journey and we need someone to help us at every step of the way. Huggies club is something which can act as your helping hand. Also, joining this club will help you with weekly tips, updates, and lots of discount coupons on diapers. This can definitely make you save your money on diapers and wipes purchase. Additionally, every month 10 registered winners also stand a chance to win hampers and goodies.

5. Don’t Go to Next Size too Soon

When you purchase larger diapers, the package will include fewer diapers. That means each one costs you a bit more. If your child fit into a smaller size diaper comfortably, which means you can save until he or she is too big to wear that size any longer. Also, there are numerous ways to know how to select diaper size for babies. The instructions has been also highlighted on the diapers package, you can check that as well to know about the diaper size.

6. Benefit from Credit Cards

It is another way of saving money on diapers shopping. So, for the next time before the payment checkout the It is another way for saving money on diapers shopping. So, for the next time before the payment checkout the offers and cashback offered by your credit card company. May be your credit card will become a reason for your money saving on diapers shopping for your baby.

7. Try Cashback Platforms

To save more of your money, buy diapers on site offering cashback. Basically, cashback platform allows you to shop for diapers at less price by offering you cashback on best available rates. There is also another way to get cashback on your diapers purchase, you can use your digital wallets as a payment option. e-Wallets like Paytm, PhonePe gives a decent amount of cashback if you use it for online shopping.

8. Sign Up for Rewards

Reward accounts won’t directly make you save money on your diapers purchase, but earning rewards will definitely get you something back. Let it be more clear with an example: Pampers one of the most renowned brand of diapers gives 100 points for registering and signing up into the mobile application and 50 bonus points when you purchase the first diaper pack. These points can further make you save few bucks on the next diaper’s purchase. Even, you can also get exclusive discount coupons right in your inbox.

9. Compare Product Packaging

A smart way to save money on diapers to check the per unit price. Many of the times it happens, that to purchase two smaller packages rather than one big becomes less expensive. So, before the shopping just do some quick maths to take right decision regarding the diaper package size. One more advice for the parents is don’t ever stockpile the diapers in your home because, in the initial years, the baby grows very faster.

10. Be Willing to Vary Brands

If you wants to maximize your savings, then you should be open to every brand. Because at some weeks pampers are the cheapest, other week might Huggies. So, compare the prices before the purchase and don’t try to stick to any one particular brand. You can switch to the another brand after analysing the online reviews.

By following these budget-friendly ways to save money on diapers will definitely lower down the parents burden. So, when buying diapers must consider these tips to find the best deals on one of the most expensive yet necessary baby items on your list. I am sure on applying some of these ideas, it is not a big deal to save 30%, 40% or even more on diapers purchase. And, if you have more than one child, then imagine the savings.


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