Jio Dongle Recharge Plans 2022: Data Benefits, Price & More

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Hello readers, we get a lot of queries about Jio Dongle recharge plans, that is why I have chosen to pen down this post. There is no doubt since the launch of Jio commercial services, there has been a market shift in the telecom sector. 

The dongle recharge plans can be classified on basis of daily data limit. Jio provides unlimited data on all plans but the speed drops down after exhaustion of the daily data limit. 

You can choose a plan with 1GB to 3 GB data per day. Recently, They have also introduced plans with no daily data limit. At the same time, you get to choose from many data booster packs that help increase the daily data limit of your plan. 

In this post, you will also get to know if Jio is providing any special plans for its dongle users. 

Later we also discuss the best cashback offers on Jio recharge plans to help you save some money.

Also, scroll down to find more details on Jio Dongle recharge plans list. Keep reading till the end for all the details ...

Let us start with what is Jio Dongle. 

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Jio Dongle Recharge Plans


What is Jio Dongle?

The term Jio Dongle is often used for the Jio-Fi hotspot device. Actually, it is not a dongle but only a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Or you can also use Jio Sim in any of the dongles available in the market and call it Jio Dongle. 

In both cases, you need a recharge plan on your Jio Sim to get access to high-speed 4G data. Jio Dongle is a great option for on-the-go high-speed data. Multiple devices can be connected with the Jio dongle to access 4G data. 

Jio Dongle Recharge Plans Full List 

Plan Validity Data
Rs. 149 20 Days 1 GB Per Day
Rs. 179 24 Days 1 GB Per Day
Rs. 209 28 Days 1 GB Per Day
Rs. 119 14 days 21 GB (1.5GB/Day)
Rs. 199 23 Days 34.5 GB (1.5 GB/Day)
Rs. 239 28 days 42 GB (1.5 GB/Day)
Rs. 259 1 Month 1.5 GB/Day
Rs. 479 56 Days 102 GB (1.5 GB/Day)
Rs.583 56 Days 1.5 GB/Day
Rs. 666 84 Days 126 GB (1.5 GB/Day)
Rs. 783 84 Days 1.5 GB/Day
Rs. 2545 336 Days 504 GB (1.5 GB/Day)
Rs. 249 23 Days 46 GB (2GB/Day)
Rs. 299 28 Days 56 GB (2GB/Day)
Rs. 533 56 Days 102 GB (2GB/Day)
Rs. 719 84 Days 168 GB (2GB/Day)
Rs. 2879 365 Days 730GB (2GB/Day)
Rs. 419 28 Days 84 GB (3GB/Day)
Rs. 601 28 Days 90GB
Rs. 1199 84 Days 252 GB (3GB/Day)

If you are searching for recharge plans for your Jio dongle, then you must know that they are the same as the plans for Reliance Jio prepaid users. 

Jio recharge plans were recently updated. Even after a hike, Jio plans are priced at up to 40% lower rates. Now, let us take a look at the different plans of Jio for dongle users. The telecom operator provides ample choices to suit users' varying needs. The user can easily recharge with any plan of choice. 

Meanwhile, Jio 5G services will be launched soon to provide faster downloads. Jio is expected to provide 10 times faster speeds with the 5G network. 

10 Best Jio Dongle Recharge Plans 

Here are the 10 best recharge plans for your Jio dongle. Recently, the company has introduced many new packs and also revised the existing ones to provide users with plenty of options. 

Rs. 181 Plan: The data add-on pack comes with 30 GB of data that you can use at your convenience for 30 days. It contains only data benefits, and you don't get any calling or SMS benefits. 

  • 30GB Data For 30 Days 

  • No calling & SMS 

Rs. 121 Plan: If you have run out of data from your active pack, then recharge with the Rs. 121, 4G data voucher for 12GB data. The data will be enough to support for active pack till the end of its validity. 

  • 12 GB High-speed data

  • Vaild till your active pack

Rs. 239 plan: It is one of the hot selling recharge plans. For most users 1.5GB daily data limit is enough. At the same time, you get unlimited calling and 100 SMS/Day for 28 days. It ticks all the boxes. 

  • 1.5 GB daily data

  • 100 SMS/Day 

  • Unlimited calling 

Rs. 241 Plan: Get 40 GB of data for 30 days. It is an excellent choice if your daily data limit exceeds 1 Day. The Rs. 241 pack also gives you the freedom to use unlimited high-speed data. 

  • 40 GB Data

  • No daily limit 

  • No calling & SMS 

Rs. 296 plan: This newly introduced pack is an all-rounder. You get 25GB of data with no daily data limit. It also includes unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS/Day. All the benefits are valid for 30 days. 

  • 25GB Data 

  • No Daily data limit

  • Unlimited voice calls 

Rs. 301 Plan: You get 50GB of data at Rs. 301. The high data is valid for 30 days. With no daily data limit, it is an ideal choice to meet your varying needs. 

  • 50GB Data 

  • No daily data limit

  • Valid for 30 days 

Rs. 419 Plan: If you are someone with very high daily data usage, then the Rs. 419 plan is the ideal choice. You get 3 GB of daily data for 28 days. It also comes with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. 

  • 3 GB Daily Data 

  • Unlimited calls & 100 SMS per day 

  • Valid for 298 days 

Rs. 555 Plan: If you want a recharge plan with slighter, longer validity, then the Rs. 555 plan is the best choice. You get 55GB of data which is valid for 55 days. It also comes with a Disney Plus Hotstar subscription for 3 months.

  • 55GB Data 

  • Disney+ Hotstar Subscription for 3 months

  • Valid for 55 days 

Rs. 719 Plan: It is one of the most popular packs of Reliance Jio. You get 2 GB of data daily for 84 days alongside unlimited calls and 100 SMS daily. All these benefits make it one of the hot picks for your dongle.

  • 2GB data per Day

  • 84 Days validity

  • Unlimited calls & 100 SMS per day 

Rs. 2878 Plan: The year-long pack provides you with 2 GB of data per day. It is ideal for the long term and keeps you away from the hassle of recharge for 365 days. 

  • 2GB Data Per Day

  • Annual validity

Rs. 2998 Plan: If your daily data usage is slightly more, then you would like this pack which gives you 2.5GB daily data for 365 days.

Jio Dongle Recharge Plans with 1GB/Day

The popular plans for the Jio Wifi dongle are categorized on the basis of the daily data limit. The choices are available in 1 GB/Day, 1.5 GB/Day, 2 GB/Day, and 3GB/Day packs. In this post, we will also discuss Reliance Jio affordable packs as well as Jio data booster packs for dongle users. 

Jio Dongle Recharge Plan

Rs. 149

20 Days

1 GB Per Day

Rs. 179

24 Days

1 GB Per Day

With the recent update in Jio recharge plans, there are two plans that provide 1GB/Day. Jio Rs. 149 pack comes with 1GB of data per day. The validity of this pack is 20 days. While the Rs. 179 plan comes with 24 Days validity. So you get a total of 24 GB high speed with the plan. There are also unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS per day.

The users also get free access to premium apps such as Jio Cinema, JioTV, etc. If you are looking for an affordable pack with good data then Jio Rs. 149 pack is definitely a great choice. 

Jio Dongle Recharge plans with 1.5 GB/Day
Jio Dongle Recharge Plan

Rs. 119

14 days

21 GB (1.5GB/Day)

Rs. 199

23 Days

34.5 GB (1.5 GB/Day)

Rs. 239

28 days

42 GB  (1.5 GB/Day)

Rs. 479

56 Days

102 GB (1.5 GB/Day)

Rs. 666

84 Days

126 GB (1.5 GB/Day)

Rs. 2545

336 Days

504 GB (1.5 GB/Day)

It is one of the most popular categories of Jio recharge plans. You get as many as 6 plans with 1.5GB data per day. The only thing that varies is the validity. 

The Rs. 199 dongle plan comes with 23 days, while the Rs. 479 plan is valid for 56 days. Jio plan of Rs. 666 has a validity period of 84 days. 

There is also a long-term recharge plan priced at Rs. 2545 with a validity of 336 days. 

Meanwhile, the telecom operator recently announced its Android smartphone. For more details on Jio Phone Next click here

Jio Dongle Recharge plans with 2 GB/Day

Jio Dongle Recharge Plan

Rs. 249

23 Days

46 GB (2GB/Day)

Rs. 299

28 Days

56 GB (2GB/Day)

Rs. 533

56 Days

102 GB (2GB/Day)

Rs. 719

84 Days

168 GB (2GB/Day)

Rs. 2879

365 Days

730GB (2GB/Day)

In the 2 GB per day data category, you get 5 choices. The cheapest of them is Rs. 249 plan with 23 days validity. 

In addition to that 2GB packs of Jio are available at Rs. 533 and Rs. 719 with a validity of 56 days and 84 days respectively.  The Rs. 2879 pack come with long-term validity of 365 days. Users get a total of 730GB of data.

Jio Dongle Recharge plans with 3GB/Day

Jio Dongle Recharge Plan

Rs. 419

28 Days

84 GB (3GB/Day)

Rs. 601

28 Days

90GB & Disney+ Hotstar VIP

Rs. 1199

84 Days

252 GB (3GB/Day)

Rs. 4199

365 Days

1095 GB (3GB/Day)

There is also a recharge plan with 3GB of data per day. The 3GB per day plan of Reliance Jio costs Rs. 419. So you get a total of 84 GB of high-speed data with the recharge plan. You can also choose Rs. 601 plan which comes with a total of 90GB data for 28 Days. The recharge plan also provides free access to Disney+ Hotstar VIP membership. Users get free yearly membership worth Rs. 499 with the pack. 

If you are looking for long-term validity, then you can choose Rs. 1199 pack which gives 3GB of data per day for 84 days. 

Jio Dongle Affordable Recharge plans 

Jio Dongle Recharge Plan

Rs. 155

28 Days

2 GB

Rs. 395

84 Days

6 GB

Rs. 1559

365 Days

24 GB

If you are a user with very low data needs then there are Jio packs that are very affordable. You get to choose from three different recharge plans available at Rs, 155, Rs. 395, and Rs. 1559. 

The Rs. 155 pack offers 2GB of high-speed data for 28 days. The Rs. 395 pack comes with 6 GB of high-speed data for 84 days. If you are looking for an affordable pack with longer validity, then there is Rs. 1559 pack that comes with 24 GB of data for 365 Days. 

Now, if you choose any of the above plans and run out of data then you have Jio data vouchers. Popular as Jio data booster packs you get additional data as per your need. 

Jio Dongle Plans With No Daily Data Limit




Rs. 296

25 GB

30 Days

Jio has come up with new plans to remove the daily data restriction. You can recharge with Jio freedom plans as use on your dongle as well. The plan costs Rs. 296. The validity of Jio Freedom Plan is 30 days.

For more details on Jio Freedom Plan click here

Jio Dongle Plans With 30 Days Validity

Recently, Jio introduced calendar month recharge plans With Rs. 259 plan, users can enjoy unlimited data and call for a period of calendar month. It comes with 1.5GB of data per day, unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. Earlier, Reliance Jio had introduced Freedom Plans as well to provide users with no daily data limit. 

After the launch of the calendar month pack from Jio, Airtel and Vi have also come up with calender month packs for prepaid users. Most recharge plans of telecom operators come with 28 days of validity. After the recent price hike, Airtel, Jio, and Vi have also introduced recharge plans with 21 days and 24 days validity to provide cheaper options to users. 

Jio Data Booster packs for Jio Dongle users

Jio Dongle Plan

Rs. 15

Existing Plan

1 GB

Rs. 25

Existing Plan

2 GB

Rs. 61

Existing Plan

6 GB

Rs. 121

Existing Plan

12 GB

Jio data boosters are available for all Jio Users. You get to choose from Jio data booster packs at Rs. 15, Rs. 25, Rs. 61, and Rs. 121.  

With the Rs. 15 pack, you get 1GB of high-speed data. While the Rs. 25 pack with 2 GB data. There are Rs. 61 and Rs. 121 data boosters with 6GB and 12GB data. The validity of these booster plans will be the same as your existing plan. 

Jio Dongle Plan For Postpaid Users

Jio Dongle Plan

Rs. 199

Bill Cycle

25 GB

Rs. 399

Bill Cycle


Rs. 599

Bill Cycle



Bill Cycle


If you browse to postpaid plans on, you will see only one plan. Jio Dongle plan for postpaid users is available at Rs. 199. You get 25GB of data with the postpaid plan of Jio. Additional data consumed is charged at Rs. 20 per GB. The validity is as per your bill cycle. 

Reliance Jio Dongle Recharge Online

  • Visit Jio Recharge Page from here

  • Click on buy now on the plan of your choice

  • Enter your JioFi number 

  • For Best Jio Cashback offers click here

  • Proceed to payment

  • Choose a mode of payment to complete your recharge online

Jio Cashback Offers to Save on Dongle Recharge Plans

Jio Recharge Offer

New users

Existing users

Jio Recharge Offers Paytm

Flat Rs. 30 Cashback 

Upto 100 Cashback

Freecharge Jio Offer 

Flat Rs. 40 Cashback

 Up to Rs. 200 Cashback

Phonepe Jio Offer Scratch & Win Offer

Get Rewards upto Rs. 500

Get Rewards upto Rs. 400

Jio Amazon Offer

Get upto Rs. 50 Cashback

Rewards worth Up to Rs. 300

Jio Mobikwik Supercash Offer

Get up to Rs. 200 cashback

Get up to Rs. 100 cashback

So that’s all the information we have at this time. I hope all your doubts regarding Jio dongle and Jio dongle recharge plans are cleared with this post. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recharge my Jio dongle?

  • Visit Jio Website or Open MyJio app

  • Go to plans tabs.

  • Select a Jio recharge plan of choice

  • Choose "Mobile & JioFi" from the drop-down menu

  • Enter your JioFi number below and submit.

  • Proceed to payment

How much does Jio dongle cost?

Jio dongle or JioFi is available for Rs. 999 on You can also buy Jio dongle on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Which Jio dongle is best?

JioFi 4G Hotspot M2S is one of the popular choices for Jio dongles. You also get third-party dongles such as Huawei E3531 HSPA+ 21.6Mbps USB Surfstick, D-Link DWP-157 3G Modem Data Card, and iBall 21.0 MP-58 Wi-Fi ready Airway Data Card. 

What is the 149 Jio plan?

The Rs. 149 plan comes with a validity of 20 days. You get 1GB of data per day along with unlimited calling. There is also complimentary access to Jio apps and 100 SMS per day.

Is Jio WiFi unlimited?

Jio offers a daily data limit for every plan. Once the daily allotted data is consumed the speed drops to 64kbps. Jio offers unlimited data with a daily cap for which you get high speed. 

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