8 Best Barbeque Grills in India 2022

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We all love to go on outings, or you can say for a picnic; it helps you make your bond stronger with the families, friends, and loved ones. It also allows you to connect with nature and your surroundings too while you are eating. Barbeques are one of the most popular picnic foods globally that give you some grilling experience and memorable moments. 

Choosing the Barbeque Grill is not an easy task as there are lots of brands available claiming their products as the best. Here we are giving you the 7 best barbecue grills in India that are amazing and available under an affordable price range. Let’s check them out. 

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7 Best Barbeque Grills in India 2021


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Best Barbeque Grill in India 2022

Check out the Best Barbeque grills in India (2022) with their ratings, price, and the check link given in the table. 

Best Barbeque Grill Set in India



Check Here

H Hy-tec Briefcase Barbeque Grill



Check Here

MAZORIA  Barbeque Grill Set Charcoal Briefcase Tandoor



Check Here

Kobbey  Charcoal Barbeque grill set



Check Here

Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque



Check Here

Wellberg Charcoal Grill Barbecue



Check Here

Chefman Briefcase Barbeque Grill Charcoal



Check Here

Inditradition Compact & Portable Electric Smokeless Barbecue Grill



Check Here

Orbit Electric Barbeque Grill 2000w Tandoori Maker Model -7001 with 5 Skewers 3.5/5 1899 Check Here


Review of Top Barbeque Grill in India 

Check out the detailed review of the Best barbecue grills (2022) here with all the necessary details.

1. H Hy-tec (Device) Briefcase Barbeque Grill with 8 Skewers

This H Hy-Tec has been one of the leading brands dealing with kitchen appliances for more than a decade. They offer the best quality products for your home under an affordable price range, and the wide range of products comes with excellent design and quality. 

This Barbeque Grill with 8 Skewers comes with a warming rack with grills made of metal to keep the food close enough to heat the coal and provide adequate cooking. It is one of the best barbeque grills for a home in India. The price of this H Hy-Tec Briefcase with 8 Skewers is Rs. 2199.

Main Features 

  • It is available in a folding grill, handy suitcase design and perfect to store in the kitchen, and is convenient to take anywhere you want. 

  • This H Hy-Tec barbeque is easy to assemble and install as it does not require any tool. 

  • It comes solvent-free and is available in powder coating for a better environment.


  • It comes with foldable legs that make it super portable. 

  • It comes with heavy and durable grills. 

  • One of the best options for camping and picnics. 


  • The quality of the product is not good


2. MAZORIA  Barbeque Grill Set Charcoal 

This Mazoria Big Size Barbeque Grill set with charcoal Briefcase is easy to set up; the charcoal barbecues were the original versions of the home grill, and they are still popular today for home use. The portal Barbeque is now in high demand as more people love to go for outings. It is best for picnics, beach parties, and other excursions. 


Many of the Barbecuing still swear by charcoal that imbuing food with its unique, smoky flavor is the premier method to cook an outdoor meal over the flame. This is one of the best barbeque grills in India for home. 

Main Features 

  • It is one of the unique briefcase designs & folding ability makes it portable & easy to carry. There are fold-able legs & easy carry, which make this Barbecue convenient to use & handle.

  • As it is one charcoal-based grill, this unit attains hotter temperatures than the gas unit to crisp your steaks and burgers on the outside. 


  • It is one of the multipurpose outdoor barbecue grills for winter heating, etc. 

  • It comes with 17 inches Briefcase design charcoal barbecue grills set for outdoor use. 


  • None. 


3. Kobbey Charcoal Barbeque grill set For Home

This Kobbey Big Size Charcoal Barbeque grill is one of the best for home and out use. It is straightforward to set up as the charcoal barbecue grills are the original version of the home grills. You can grill vegetables, fish, steaks, or burgers on it and prepare the mouth-watering dishes that your guests and family members are sure to love. 


This Kobbey charcoal grill is made with fine quality, environmentally-friendly materials that are highly durable. The price of this Best barbecue grills set is Rs. 1590. 

Main Features 

  • It is made with a heavy-duty, durable grill that gives you the smoky texture and feeling you are looking for. 

  • This item is very portable, and you can take it anywhere you want without any mess. 

  • It is very easy to clean and assemble. 


  • It is available in a unique briefcase design. 

  • It is made with fine quality, environmentally friendly material. 


  • None. 


4. Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque

Prestige needs no introduction as it is one of the trusted market leaders in kitchen and home appliances. With this product, your picnics and dining experience will be more memorable. It comes with detachable legs that give you the privilege to store your barbecue grill without any hassles.


This one is available in a very affordable price range, and it does not require an electrical source to function.  This Prestige product comes with a 1-year warranty, and the price of this one is Rs. 1760. 

Main Features

  • It is available in great design, undoubtedly which surely attracts the attention of your guest. 

  • You can easily store them anywhere and anytime you want. 

  • You will get the best smoky taste that most people are looking for in grilled meats. 


  • It is available in a portable case and very easy to clean. 

  • No need for electricity as it is coal-based cooking. 

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty. 


  • The tray is thin as compared to others. 


5. Wellberg Charcoal Grill Barbecue

Wellberg Charcoal Grill is portable in design and is easily available online. You can easily store it in your home or while traveling. This is an ideal product for parties, picnics, and festivals. It is pretty small in size but allows you to give the whole experience of a medium-size barbeque. 


The price of this Wellberg Charcoal Grill Barbeque is Rs. 1281. 

Main Features

  • This item’s weight is 2.5 kg, and it is easy to carry anywhere.

  • It can be assembled and disassembled easily. 

  • Cooking on this seemed efficient, along with minimal smoke.


  • It comes with 5 skewers and is ideal for home parties. 


  • The build quality is not so good. 


6. Chefman Briefcase Barbeque Grill Charcoal Large Size

This Chefman Barbeque comes with detachable legs and a portable case; this coal-based can be easily carried anywhere you want. It is available in a metal boy with skewers and stainless steel grill. 


This product comes with an anti-skid handle that is very comfortable for grip and helps avoid hurting while cooking. It is a compact, lightweight, and portable grill best for house parties and short trip picnics. The price of this Chefman Briefcase Barbeque Grill is Rs. 1687. 

Main Features 

  • It is a multi-purpose grill that can be best for indoor and outdoor usage. 

  • It comes with detachable parts for easy cleaning. 


  • Best for indoor and outdoor usage.


  • The grill is not made with stainless steel.

  • It was built with low-quality material. 


7. Inditradition Compact & Portable Electric Smokeless Barbecue Grill

It is one of the best electric barbeque grills in India that is perfect for entertaining friends. This portable electric grill is made up of stainless steel. It comes with a non-stick cooking pan with a package that makes it easier to cook anytime. 


It is a portable small-size barbecue grill, but it is very easy to use and clean. The price of this Inditraditiion compact and portable Electric grill is Rs. 1299. 

Main Features 

  • It is a perfect combination of griller and boiler. 

  • It comes with an option to adjust the temperature with 5 heating settings. 

  • It comes with a non-stick cooking pan that comes with the package that makes it easier for cooking. 


  • It comes with five heating settings to adjust the temperature. 

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty. 

  • One of the best barbeque grills for small families.


  • Small in size


8. Orbit Electric Barbeque Grill 2000w Tandoori

Electric barbeque grill all year long with orbit electric barbeque grill. Featuring a large cooking surface, grill to perfection with the aid of an adjustable thermostat. All you need to do is just plug in the barbeque grill to enjoy healthy, crispy, and delicious grilled food anytime


.Low-fat cooking grill tray keeps the food free of fat and grease, meaning food cooked on the grill is healthier and retains its natural flavor. After grilling is complete, simply wipe the cooking surface clean. The smoke-free fully electric system gives you grilling with no smoke, no charcoal, no propane, and no flare-ups. 

Main Features 

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty including an electric Barbeque grill 2000w Tandoori make model. 

  • It has a non-stick steel grill that comes with the package and it is detachable with a cool-touch handle. Adjustable height.

  • It comes with a 3 pin power cord and a 1.5 m long auto shut-off safety feature. 


  • This is a combination grill and broiler - brown, broil, grill, toast, or warm.

  • The 4 PVC pegs for usage on kitchen slabs, adjustable temperature, power indicator light. 


  •  Not a great product in this price range. 

Types of Barbeque Grill Available in India 

  • Charcoal grills- it is one of the basic barbeque grills that are available all over the world. They take the minor source of electricity and are considered as the best one among all. 

  • Gas Grills- are also most widely used in commercial areas like restaurants, hotels, and more. It is quite cheaper as compared to others. 

  • Electric Grills- It is one of the most commonly used grills in today’s world. These types of grills may be quite expensive and can take good electricity to cook the meat. 


This is all about India’s best barbeque grills, and all the above mentioned are the top brands and the best charcoal barbeque grills in India.  They are always in demand as we all love to for picnics and short trips. 


Owning a barbeque can help you grill your food from the comfort of your home. We hope this information will help you to choose the best one under your budget. 


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Questions You May Have 


Q. What is the best barbeque to buy?

The Prestige mentioned above Barbeueq grill is one of the best to buy online, and you can by checking the link given in the table. 

Q. Which brand of bbq is best?

The brands as mentioned earlier are the best brand that offers best quality grills for indoor and outdoor usage.  

Q. What is the best electric barbeque?    

Prestige and Inditradition offer the best electric barbeques.

Q. Which charcoal is best for BBQ in India?

Try to buy lump charcoal from manufacturers like Indian Charcoal who offer bigger chunks which will make the burning process slightly longer. This type of fuel works very well for quick grilling (like with kebabs or tikkas) where a high temperature is needed. 

Q. What are the 3 three types of grills?

The three types of grills are gas, charcoal, and Electric and you can choose from all of these as per your comfort and budget. 

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