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Have you ever thought of getting your favourite brand of lipstick for free? If yes, then read on. In return, you may have to do a survey or review to get the free cosmetics.

There are a minimal number of websites that give you genuine Free Cosmetic Samples In India - Wholesale Suppliers Online. Therefore, let's check out the websites that provide Free samples in India with home delivery. 

These sites help you test their free cosmetic samples, and then you can purchase them after satisfying your requirements. Many organisations also give away free stocks in the support that you'll buy their products in the future.

Be it makeup, skincare, or the like, wouldn't it be an ideal thought if you could try out the goods before purchasing them for yourself?

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free cosmetics samples in India

List of Websites for Free Cosmetic Samples in India

Here we have mentioned the websites through which you will get free samples of beauty products and so much more.

Serial No.


Customer Ratings 





My Glamm









St. Botanica



The Moms Co.

















Video on Websites for Free Samples of Cosmetics in India

Here is the website video for free cosmetics samples you can get in India. It will make the information in the article easy to understand.

Review of  Free Samples of Cosmetics in India

Here is a detailed description of the websites for free cosmetics samples in India. Read it out to know more.

1. Nykaa


Nykaa is one of the Free Samples In India - Site to Get Free Products to Review currently operating in India. Also, the great thing about the website is that they have been capable of doing that in just 3 years. They have a wide range of almost 850+ genuine brands with over 1 lakh products to cater to their customer. Currently, they are giving free samples online in India of the product on shopping within a certain limit. Therefore, scroll down to know more about the offer.

How to get Free Samples of Cosmetics on Nykaa

  • To get your free makeup samples, go to their website.

  • Now do the shopping per the offers below to get the free sample.

  • During checkout, you will be provided free samples to select as per your choice.

  • Congratulations !!! You've successfully made done your shopping and also availed of the free sample of your wish.

Free Cosmetic Samples on Nykaa.com

Nykaa is giving free cosmetic samples to you on purchasing through them. The website is already known for selling a wide range of cosmetic products. They have a great range of products from the best brands like Lakme, Loreal, Maybelline, M.A.C, etc. You can get shampoos, lipsticks, facial makeup, and more on the website. Now let's see how you can get free samples of cosmetic products on Nykaa:

  • Lakme - Free facewash on min. purchase of Rs.699

  • Schwarzkopf Professional - Free mini shampoo on shopping above Rs.999

  • Colorbar - Free lipstick on min. Purchase of Rs.699

  • Plum - Free face mask on orders above Rs.499

  • Loreal Professional - Free makeup kit above Rs.1759 shopping

2. My Glamm

my glamm

If you regularly shop for cosmetics, you must be well aware of My Glamm. My Glamm is a trendy website for cosmetics. The best part about the website is that you can also avail freebies there. Right now, many offers are going on the website. The freebies that you can benefit from the My Glamm website are My Glamm Lipstick, My Glamm Sheet Mask, My Glamm Classic Lipstick, Perfect Curve Matte Lip Crayon, Lit Creamy Matte Lipstick, Kajal, Eyeliner, K Play Flavoured lipstick. 

You can get all these freebies mentioned above by fulfilling some simple surveys. You don't have to pay anything. Just answer some simple questions and get the bestest products as freebies. 

You might also be interested in the best compact powder for a flawless look. 

Free Cosmetic Samples on My Glamm


Original Prices

POPxo Makeup - Hot Mess - 4 Eyeshadow Kit


POPxo Sun Soother After Sun Lotion


MyGlamm LIT Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick


Combo of 2 MyGlamm LIT Nail Enamel


Set of 2 Wanderlust Matte Nail Polish


Set of 2 MyGlamm K.Play Sheet Mask


MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Watermelon & Aloe Body Lotion


MyGlamm LIT - pH Lip Balm


3. FreeKaaMaal.com


In case you're reading this article, you are on this website. The website has been finding great deals and freebies for its users. It's a one-stop solution for any product you want and related agreements.

They have a curated list of freebies and tricks to get products for free. This could be the place to start if you are looking for free beauty product samples with free shipping.

How to get free makeup products from FreeKaaMaal.com

  • Visit FreeKaaMaal homepage

  • Now on the page, look for free cosmetics, if any are currently available.

  • Now click on the deal. You will be taken to the deal page.

  • You might need to sign in to avail some deals on the website.

  • Now get your free sample and enjoy.

4. Colorsoul


Colorsoul, too is a known brand for cosmetics in India. You can buy Colorsoul products from the website and offline stores. But if you want to avail the freebies, you must visit the online website of Colorsoul. Right now ColorSoul's branded Nail Enamel is being offered on the official website of ColorSoul as a freebee. So, to avail yourself of the free nail paint, visit the ColorSoul website. The original Price of the nail paint is Rs. 499, but on the website, you can avail it for free. 

Free Cosmetic Samples on Coloursoul

Free Sample

ColorSoul Nail Enamel

Price of the Product

Rs. 499

Shipping Charges

Rs. 0

5. St. Botanica

st. botanica

Another website where you can get freebies on St. Botanica. St. Botanica is a trendy website. St. Botanica is one of the most trusted hair and skin care websites. There are several products that you can get for free from St. Botanica. The freebies include Keratin and Argan Oil Shampoo, a Combo of 2 Argan oil shampoos, Moroccan Argan Shampoo, Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey, Plum Rich Face Serum, 1%  Salicylic acid face serum, Anti-wrinkle night cream, and a complimentary shampoo with conditioner. 

Free Cosmetic Samples on St. Botanica


Original Prices

B3 Niacinamide facial serum 


Vitamin C foaming face wash


Pro-Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Shampoo


Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo


Plum Rich Face Serum

Rs. 899

Coconut & Bamboo Hydrating shampoo


Apple cider vinegar 


6. The Moms Co. 

the moms co

The Moms Co. is a known website for selling skincare and cosmetics products in India. The products from The Moms Co. are 100% natural and toxins-free. The Moms Co. keeps coming up with loads of freebies on its website. Vitamin C Face Wash and Vitamin C Face Serum are free on The Moms Co. website. So, if you want to avail yourself of the freebies offer, check their website right now. 

The makeup can be forever on our face, no matter how beautiful it looks. So read our article on the best makeup remover and get natural and healthy skin. 

How to avail the Freebies from The Moms Co.?

  • Visit the official website of The Moms Co. 

  • Click on Sign In

  • Enter the required details

  • You get to see the freebies option prevalent on the website

  • Click on them and avail the best beauty products free of cost

Free makeup sample

Original Price

Natural Mini Daily Face Toner


Natural Mini Body Butter


Natural Mini Damaged Control Conditioner


Natural Mini Hair Strengthening Oil


Natural Mini Damaged Control Shampoo


Natural Mini Vita Rich Face Wash


NatuNatural Mini Clay Face Washral Mini Age Control Night Cream


7. Free-Cosmetic-Testing.com

Free Samples of Cosmetics in India

Free Cosmetic Testing is a market research-based company conducting research on cosmetic products. MIS Group owns the company. It provides both quantitative as well as qualitative research for the companies that are established in the market.

The company provides market research for both national and international markets. Therefore, the number of Free beauty samples they give is the sole purpose of the study. People receive free cosmetic samples from them and then review the product on their Free Cosmetic Testing. This provides insight to the companies on how to better their products or whether the product is of satisfactory quality.

How to Register on FreeCosmeticTesting.com for Free Cosmetic Samples  

  • Firstly, to become a member, you need to register on the website

  • Now enter your basic details like Gender, Name, Address, etc.

  • Now click on the register button to proceed with the process further.

  • You will be Emailed to verify your Email Id.

  • Open your Email Id and search for the mail and open it.

  • Now click the Confirm my registration button, and you're ready.

Giving Away Free Samples In India are given based on lucky draws. All you have to do is register using the steps above and then participate in the random draw; if you're the lucky participant, you will receive whatever type of free Samples and beauty Products they offer with free shipping.

How to become a Free cosmetic Tester on FreeCosmeticTesting

To become a free cosmetic tester on the website, you must take the usual surveys. After a while, the company will contact you to test Free Samples of cosmetics in India. The questions you will be asked are for marketing purposes and to help the companies make better products.

As a member of the Free Testing of Cosmetic Samples, you will be asked to take regular surveys per your profile. Once selected, you will be sent Free Cosmetic Samples.  You might also get free makeup kits with free shipping on the website. The step to get Get Free Sample Products in India are pretty simple. All you need to do is

  • Participate in as many surveys as possible; the more surveys you take, the more points you earn.

  • If you have the necessary points, you can earn as many points as possible.

Procedure for Testing Free Products on FreeCosmeticTesting

  • To start the free testing, you must register using the above link.

  • After you have participated in the lucky draw, the names on the appeal are selected unanimously.

  • Now you will be getting free samples along with free shipping.

  • Now you need to test the product.

  • Finally, it would help if you wrote a review on it after you have evaluated the product.

8. FreeMania.net


The website was started by a 14-year-old in 1994, Chelsea Rustrum. She wanted to make a platform where you get anything for free. The website has plenty of great products you can get for free, but taking surveys or completing any specified task is difficult. They have free mascara samples, makeup testers, MAC samples, etc. You can also get free beauty product samples with free shipping. Now let's check out how to get free cosmetics on the website.

How to Get Free Cosmetic on Freemania.net

  • To reach the free samples, go to their website

  • Now choose from a list of freebies deals and click on one.

  • Now there may be a task you need to complete, such as a survey or anything.

  • Once you've completed that task, you will be eligible for the free product.

  • Congratulations !!! As you have successfully availed of your free product.

How FreeMania gets you free cosmetics?

FreeMania has a wide range of free samples available on the website. Although there is no free lunch, even this one has a twist. You may be filling out surveys for the product you want or reviewing.

The website FreeMania is a collective of all these things, and in return, you get free cosmetics and other products. The website mostly has surveys from Toluna, meaning you will get free stuff by filling on surveys.

9. MyFreeProductSamples.com


The website is about finding deals and freebies online, which is how they operate. The website started in 2007 and has been growing since then. It is mainly known for the freebies they offer. You can quickly get free sample products in India. The website is straightforward; you only need to select the desired product from the available list. You need to click "Get your free sample now !!!" and that's it. After that, you must sign up and fill in all the necessary information to get your freebie.

How to get free stuff from MyFreeProductSamples

  • Firstly, you have to register yourself on their website

  • Now click on the button free samples on the website. Currently, they have a couple of cosmetics on display, for instance, a free Olay Whip Sample.

  • Now click on the highlighted underlined hypertext below. This will take you to the page where you will get the free stuff.

  • Now do all the things that are asked of you, and you'll get your free product.

Other Categories on MyFreeProduct Samples

MyFreeProductSamples have multiple ranges of products and featured categories that they give as free samples. You can get all your favourite freebies under one roof. The types that are featured for the users are:

  • Newest Offers: Get all the latest offers currently available on the website. Now, they have free samples of Hydralief, a Free Myro Deodorant Kit, One month's supply of diapers, etc.

  • Free Sample: You will also be getting a lot of freebies as samples. However, they have your favorite category, Free Sample for beauty.

  • Coupons: You can also get a wide range of vouchers. They have a wide range of collections of coupons that you can access from the website. You can also print the coupon on the website. The coupons are available for products like Colgate, Covergirl eye products, Covergirl lip products, and many more.

  • Deals: Get all your favourite deals for cosmetics under one roof.


  • The products that are being given are genuine.
  • The website takes you to the official pages of the product where the contest is being held.
  • You might also get the product as a free sample for any new product tested out.

How to Subscribe to daily deals on MyFreeProductSamples

  • Go to the website.

  • Now on the top right corner, click on the subscribe button.

  • Now enter your email address and click on subscribe.

  • Congratulations !!! You've successfully subscribed to MyFreeProductSamples.com. You can get a chance to win free products of up to $100 and a discount for your family and kids from 45% to 70% off.

How to get free samples on MyFreeProductSamples

Many companies are on the lookout for giving a free sample of products to people to promote their products. Also, some companies give you free samples to test and review well—MyFreeProductSamples aggregate all those deals and websites to provide you with all the best samples in one place.

They offer cosmetics from huge brands and samples like Try Free Lakme Limited Edition Makeup Product, Loreal Free samples in India, and MAC free sample makeup kits. It is all about time and luck that you get the desired product, but other than that, and they have pretty great freebies available to offer.

10. SeriouslyFreeStuff.Com


This is another great website if you are looking for free cosmetic products online. Like FreeKaaMaal, it is another website that gets you deals online but strictly the one that is of Cosmetics and, most importantly, accessible. They try to aggregate all the best online cosmetic freebies and pour them into their platform. If you are interested in getting some freebies, we have mentioned the steps below.

How to Get Free Stuff from SeriouslyFreeStuff.Com

  • Get your hands on free stuff from SeriouslyFreeStuff.Com.

  • Upon reaching the website, click on the Beauty Samples tab.

  • Now enter all the essential information that is asked of you.



FreebiesLoot is one of the companies that offer free samples and contributes to its customers to serve them the best quality free samples and best available deals. It also helps in getting you opportunities to get paid and earn from home.

The company posts various offers. You have to click on your desired free samples of cosmetics in India, take a survey or refer to the asked number of subscribers, and get the pieces delivered to you for free. You can also earn rewards or points, depending upon the brand of cosmetics and the terms and conditions of the company, offering samples.

How to Get Free Stuff from Freebiesloot.Com

  • To get free cosmetic samples and other freebies, go to their website

  • Choose your desired freebie offer.

  • Follow the steps required, like filling out a form and sharing it with others, filling out a survey, etc.

  • You can also earn redeemable rewards or points according to the terms and conditions stated.

  • Follow the process and receive your freebie. Enjoy.

What Else Is Offered By Freebieloot.com?

Freebieloot.com also educates us about various offers and platforms through which we can earn from home. It gives us access to different earning options and gets us paid for every deal we make. It offers to earn on referrals too.

Freebieloot also offers free mobile recharge and cashbacks after subscribing to it.

Note- All the freebie offers mentioned in this article change with time. 

What Are Freebies- Free Samples?

Freebies are the free samples that companies send and give away to the existing and new customer base to introduce their product in the market. Freebies are what people love, especially if they are cosmetics.

These samples serve the purpose of cosmetics and free trials for something different without paying anything. Customers can test the product even before its official launch, and they become the tested consumer base. They also provide a helpful product review- Positive as well as harmful.

Freebies are widespread now, as they are safe and require less investing than a proper high-investing product launch with an uncertain and unknown future.

Advantages of Free Samples

There are several advantages of ordering free samples in India in 2023. If you want free cosmetics from your favourite brands, let's know its benefits first.

  • Try cosmetic items before the launch.
  • Try Premium cosmetic products for free.
  • Almost No delivery charges.
  • Free superior cosmetic product.
  • Enjoy Saving some extra bucks.
  • Delivery in 7–10 days business days.
  • Big Brand cosmetic products are provided for free.

Why Do Companies Give Free Samples?

Free samples are free for the customers but not for the companies. They have to produce miniature cosmetics to send them as freebies. Also, the packaging, designing, and labelling bear enormous costs for the company, but still, they manage to send them free. Why do they do so?

Well, companies are businesses that don't run on losses. They send free samples because they have a reason to do so, and these samples have benefits in the long run that make them do so. Let us look at some essential reasons for free sample giveaways.

  • Introduction Of New Product: Companies generally allow free sample giveaways at the initial launch stage. When they want to introduce a new product in the market and know if it would be profitable, they launch miniature versions first to look at the consumer behaviour towards the products.
  • Product Testing: To test the product- in terms of response, quality and demand, cosmetic companies launch their miniature cosmetics for samples and send them to their loyal customers. They try to know if the product will be a hit or a miss. They also develop various surveys and contests to make these samples available to a new customer base.
  • Creating Brand Loyalty: Giving away free samples creates a loyal customer base with a well-built trust in the company. They become a close-circle customer base with samples and freebies and consider themselves part of the esteemed and privileged consumer base. They are genuine in their response as well as review.
  • Product Positioning: Free samples help position the product at a suitable customer base, and it helps create a market before the launch. The models make customers like them and incline them towards the products even before it is on the market.
  • Marketing Strategy- Customers Create Customers: Free samples are a great marketing strategy where the companies play on the principle of word of mouth. If one customer loves cosmetics, he will make other consumers love them. Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy as it is cost-free and has excellent benefits. The miniatures lovers will make others love the product by asking them to try them independently.
  • Making People Get Used To The Product: Using a new product and finding it suitable for your skin and hair automatically makes you choose the same effect the next time you shop. Free samples do the same. If the model works for you, you become hooked to it, and next time, search for it on the market shelves. What else would a company want? A satisfied customer even before the official launch of the product.

So these are some practical reasons that make companies go for free giveaways, and in return, let you have enough reasons to trust the brand and their samples.


So this was our list of websites that giveaway Free cosmetics samples in India; therefore, make sure you check them all out. We hope that you are going to enjoy the experience of getting free makeup products from the list of Free Samples Of Cosmetics In India. If you have any doubt, kindly let us know in the comment box below. 

And last but not least, perfect makeup is incomplete without a perfect makeup setting spray. So read our article on the best makeup setting sprays. 


Q. How can I get free makeup samples in India?

A. If you are looking for free makeup samples, lotions, hair care products, coupons, and more, be it beauty, or anything else, you can get them from FreeKaaMaal.com.

Q. Which makeup companies give free samples in India?

A. There are various popular brands like- Nykaa, Kama Ayurveda, and Lakme that offer free samples. 

Q. Where can I get free samples of skincare products?

A. You can read above article to know complete information on how to get Free Samples of skin care products.

Q. Can you get free samples from makeup brands?

A. Read the above article to know how you can get free samples from makeup brands. 

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