Top 15 Ice cream brands in India

If you love to eat ice creams in almost every season here are the top Ice cream brands in India that you can try. 

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Ice creams are a type of desert none of us can neglect. It is available in the market in a variety of tastes, colour, texture which varies from brand to brand. 

You can enjoy the hot summer's day with delicious ice cream and keep the heat away. If you love to eat ice creams, you need to be aware of the top ice cream brands in India. 

Ice creams are always tempting and difficult to ignore and help to boost everyone’s spirits and spread cheers. Also, since a number of new brands are coming up in the market with different tastes, you must be sometimes confused about which one to buy.

The competition has increased, and therefore we have combined a list of 15 top ice brands for you all. 

Ice cream always cheers up our mind, regardless of the occasion. We feel happy and delighted wherever we see a stall of ice cream.  Ice cream works like wonder sometimes, as it cheers up the mind. As the summer is getting warmer day by day, ice cream is no longer a  seasonal delight in our country.  

Get to know the ice cream brands that are best, so that you can get the yummiest flavour of ice cream for yourself.  

To know the complete list of ice cream brands, keep reading!

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Top Ice Cream Brands In India 

Ice creams are loved by almost everyone. Any of us do not wait for the summers to come and enjoy ice cream almost in any weather. So, for your ease are some of the names of ice cream brands that you can consider buying. 

Ice Cream Brands in India


Amul Ice Cream brand

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Mother Dairy Ice cream brand

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Hindustan Unilever ice cream brand

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Creambell ice cream brand

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Baskin Robbins ice cream brand

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Haagen-Dazs ice cream brand

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Vadilal ice cream brand

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Dinshaw’s ice cream brand

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Havmor ice cream brand

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Hangyo ice cream brand

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Naturals Ice Cream brand

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Giani’s ice cream brand

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Top N Town ice cream brand

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Nirulas ice cream brand

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Arun Ice cream

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Here we are sharing the detailed review for the top ice cream brands in India with their buy links. 

1. Amul Ice cream brand 

Amul is among the most popular ice cream brands in India. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation owns the brand. Amul was formed in 1946 to salute the achievement of the most prominent freedom fighters of India.

The launch of Amul ice cream was in Gujarat in 1996. The brand has now several plants in India that operate under the Amul brand. The brand delivers ice cream with the best quality of real milk. 

Features of Amul Ice cream brand 

  • All the ingredients used by Amul, including colours, stabilizers, emulsifiers, additives, are 100% vegetarian. 

  • It is among the well known Indian ice cream brands that are trusted all across India with guaranteed best quality food items. 

  • You can buy the healthiest Amul probiotic ice cream that is delicious and perfect for maintaining good bacteria inside your body. 

  • They have a range of food products that they deliver and have the creamiest ice creams you can consume. 

  • Amul uses fresh milk and superior quality of fruits and nuts in their ice cream flavours which makes it the famous ice cream brands in India. 

  • They have a wide range of flavoured ice creams.
  • The company has a very strong foundation with a large consumer base.
  • It is one of those ice cream brands who remove the middleman to lower down the cost. 


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2. Mother Dairy Ice cream brand 

Mother Dairy is a brand which is owned by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and comes under the Indian government organization. 

Mother Dairy is the largest producer of milk and makes milk-based products in India. It is among the top ice cream brands in India. 

Mother Dairy makes perfect ice creams that we all have been eating for years and offer a wide range of standard and specialty ice creams that are available across India.  The company expanded its business and diversified its products like food oil, fruits, vegetables through stores and outlets. 

Features of Mother Dairy Ice cream brand

  • It is one of the best ice cream brands in India that is trusted by almost every Indian as it is known for many years delivering dairy products with the best quality.

  • Mother Dairy is the most affordable brand in India and famous as the top-selling ice cream brands. 

  • It delivers ice creams including fruit, Indian, and western classics, ice candies, kulfis, Cassata, ice cream cakes, and many more.  

  • The milk they use is of premium quality, so you do not have to worry about the taste of ice cream under this brand. 

  • Mother dairy has also a wide range of flavours, chocolate, vanilla, and Elaichi.


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3. Hindustan Unilever ice cream brand 

Hindustan Lever Ltd is a Dutch company that manufactures some of the top brands of ice cream in India. It is an internationally praised brand and is a treat for every occasion. Some of the types of ice creams under this brand include: 

Cornetto: This is a brand of specialty ice creams in India by Hindustan Lever. Cornetto range consists of crispy wafers coated in chocolate and frozen with ice cream. It is loved by each one of us as it has chocolate and vanilla mix flavour that is delicious every time we eat it. 

Magnum: Hindustan brand also produces and sells a Magnum range of premium ice creams in India. In India, the brand is part of the ‘Heartline’ range of ice creams. 

Kwality Walls: Kwality Walls ice cream is now available in almost 40 countries. This ice cream is well known almost everywhere and has a unique flavour of its kind. 

Features of Hindustan Unilever ice cream brand

  • It is one of the best ice cream brands in India that you can go for as they deliver yummiest ice cream flavours for you all. 

  • It is among the types of ice cream brands that also manufactures other essential products like toothpaste, a wide range of soaps, detergents, etc. 

  • You can get the most popular ice creams under this brand, including Cornetto, Kwality Walls, and more. 

  • Their ice creams are composed of vegetable fat and not milk fat which is best for those who are diet conscious. 

  • Hindustan Unilever is one of the biggest companies we have on this list. 

  • Its magnum version ice cream is one of the most loved ones in the current Indian market. 


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4. Creambell ice cream brand 

Creambell has a fantastic range of ice creams that will surely make you feel delightful. Creambell is a joint agreement between India’s Devyani Food Industries Ltd and France-based ice cream major, Candia.

Creambell holds over 15 percent of the highly competitive brands of ice cream in India. The brand of this ice cream has won several awards for their superior quality, excellent flavours, and nutritional value.

It is among the fastest-growing brand of ice cream in India. It is famous for the slogan “We eat all we can and sell the rest”.

Features of Creambell ice cream brand

  • It comes under the list of ice cream brands in India that delivers the delicious ice creams. 

  • The brand delivers the best fresh dairy products, including Milk, Dahi, Lassi, Mishti Doi, and Flavoured Milk Drink, etc. 

  • In the category of ice creams, you can buy natural ice creams, mango ice lolly, mango tutti frutti ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and many more. 

  • Just as the brand name, it provides you with the creamiest ice cream flavours to everyone having the unique taste. 

  • Creambell is one of the major ice cream brands in India.

  • This top ice cream brand is located in more than 19 states in India. 

  • They have also been awarded as one of the most promising Indian brands in 2015 by WCRC leader Asia Summit Held at London July 2015. 


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5. Baskin Robbins ice cream brand 

Baskin Robbins started in 1993 in India through a joint venture with The Graviss Group and was initially America’s global brand of ice cream. 

Baskin Robbins opened a manufacturing unit in Pune that was first operated by the company outside North America and is one of the top ice cream brands of India now. 

Baskin Robbins ice cream brands are available across India with thousands of ice cream parlours located in all cities as well as small and developing towns.

Features of Baskin Robbins ice cream brand

  • Baskin Robbins comes under the top 10 ice cream brands in India. 

  • It is known to serve premium ice cream, frozen desserts and beverages.

  • Baskin Robbins makes ice cream flavours including banana nut fudge, black walnut, burgundy cherry, butterscotch ribbon, cherry macaron, chocolate, chocolate almond, and many others. 

  • The brand is known to bring products such as a unique flavour ribbon technique, the introduction of mousse-textured ice creams, and the initiation of creative desserts, like the polar pizza ice cream treat.

  • The brand has grown to more than 7,900 ice cream shops in 52 countries around the world and continues to introduce new, exciting flavour combinations consistently.

  • Jamoca coffee, rocky road, vanilla, mint chocolate chip are the most famous flavours of Baskin Robbins. 


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6. Haagen-Dazs ice cream brand 

Haagen-Dazs is an American brand of ice creams. In India, Haagen-Dazs ice cream is available on its parlours and some selected stores.

The brand is trendy among all ice cream lovers in India, and there are several unique flavours that only Haagen-Dazs offers. 

The flavours include chocolate, coffee, summer berries and cream, mango ice cream, strawberry and blueberry ice cream and a lot more. 

The Signature and Classic collections of Haagen-Dazs consists of must-have ice creams for every enthusiast.

Features of Haagen-Dazs ice cream brand


  • Their special ice cream bars on a stick with almonds that are loved by every consumer.
  • The company of ice cream brands was launched in 1961 in New York and it is one of the most premium brands in the Ice cream world. 
  • They are basically known for making luxury ice creams and contain 14 per cent butterfat that makes it more luxurious. 



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7. Vadilal ice cream brand 

Vadilal Industries owns this brand of ice creams. Vadilal deserves to come under the top ice cream brands in India 2020 and regarded as the pioneer of India’s indigenous ice cream industry.

Beginning as a small soda manufacturer in 1907, the founder Vadilal Gandhi started to manufacture ice creams.

His successors grew the business to make Vadilal one of the topmost manufacturers and retailers of ice cream in India.

Features of Vadilal ice cream brand

  • Vadilal has the largest range of ice cream flavour in the country with more than 150 flavours.
  • Vadilal is now one of the biggest ice cream players in India with Rs 550 Crore turnover.
  • The company is one of the largest food processing companies in India. 



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8. Dinshaw’s ice cream brand 

Dinshaw’s is India’s homegrown ice cream industry. The brand launched around the year 1932.

Dinshaw’s began as a hand-crafted ice cream manufacturer and continues to hold a good position.

It ranks among the best ice cream brands in India. 

They provide you with delicious flavours and the best quality ice creams. The brand produces premium to some classic flavours such as Vanilla and Chocolate, for everyone. 


Features of Dinshaw’s Ice cream Brand

  • The brand is especially based on central India.
  • They strongly believe in quality products and safe for human consumption.             
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9. Havmor ice cream brand 

Havmor launched in 1944 in Karachi by an entrepreneur named Satish Chona. A South Korean MNC, Lotte, now owns the brand.

Today, Havmor is a famous brand of ice creams in India and comes under ice cream brands in India list.

The brand produces ice cream flavours like pink guava, choco caramel, Caribbean punch and many more. 

So, if you are planning for a party or a wedding, you can consider to include this ice brand on the buffet list. 

Features of Havmor ice cream brand

  • Havmor is now a big name in the world of ice cream and produces many different types of ice cream.
  • The choco bites of havmor is famous for its yummy taste at low cost. 
  • They never compromise with their product quality.


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10. Hangyo ice cream brand 

Hangyo comes under the names for ice cream brands in India. 

Hangyo launched by the subsidiary of Karnataka-based dairy products and Srikrishna Milk & Milk Products.

The brand makes ice creams with high-quality milk and excellent flavours. The brand produces flavours with its own name like Hangyo-Mango, Hangyo-N R Dry Fruits, Hangyo-Vanilla, Hangyo-Kulfi, and more. 

Hangyo ice cream is available at various locations across India like in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Kerala.

It is one of the fastest-growing indigenous ice cream brands across the country.

Features of Hangyo ice cream brand

  • This is one of the growing brands in India's dairy-based products.
  • They have special combos for the families. 



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11. Naturals Ice Cream brand 

The brand was founded by R S Kamath of the Mangalore based Kamaths Our times Ice Creams Pvt Ltd. The first store opened in Juhu, Mumbai.

Naturals Ice Cream is known for its all-natural ice cream made with fresh ingredients and real milk.

Naturals have now expanded to more than 135 stores around India in a combination of franchisee shops and company-owned outlets.

Some of the best selling ice creams under this brand are Chikoo, Sitaphal, Coconut, Custard apple, litchi, fig.



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12. Giani’s ice cream brand 

Giani established in 1956 at Fatehpuri, Delhi. The company processes a delectable range of ice creams, kulfis, gelato, and more. 

The brand is 100 percent vegetarian, and kids, young and adults love their range of ice creams.

Their ice creams combine the nostalgia of Chandni Chowk’s traditional rabri faluda, and mango shakes with the twists of chocolate whiskey ice creams, sundaes, shakes, mousses, frozen yogurts, gelatos etc.

Some of the best selling ice creams under this brand include Coffee Walnut, Belgian chocolate, Traffic jam. This is one of the leading ice cream brands in India.



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13. Top N Town ice cream brand 

Top N Town started from a Retail Counter and now has close to 28000 retail outlets and 300 distributors across India. The brand has a strong presence in almost eight states of the country and stands as a national brand in the ice cream industry.

The brand has its plants in Bhopal and Durg and delivers fresh products to all the territories.

Top N Town sells flavours of ice creams and desserts made from the best ingredients. The brand is the most famous name in Central India along with Dinshaws and Vadilal.

Top N Town manufactures cake, kulfi, shakes, cones, bars, and many more delicious yummy treats for you. 


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14. Nirulas ice cream brand 

Nirulas started in the year 1977 in Connaught place, Delhi. The ice creams of this brand are very famous, and people love it. You can choose your favourite flavour of ice cream from a range of available ice creams. 

Also, Nirulas is one of the oldest brands you can find in India. 

The brand holds the top position today, and the ice creams are incredibly delicious. 

Nirulas delivers you a wide range of ice creams including ice cream sodas, ice cream cakes, shakes of different flavours. 


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15. Arun Ice cream 

Amul is a famous ice cream brand in South India owned by Hatsun Agro. The company also produces two popular milk brands called Arokya and Gomatha in Tamil Nadu. 

The company has around 1,000 exclusive outlets out of which 670 outlets in Tamil Nadu, 148 in Karnataka and rest of the outlets are in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

The brands produce ice cream bars, cones, and mini ice cream bars. You can get a range of crunchy ice creams with a host of delightful flavours and is available in different sizes to satisfy your craving.


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So, this is all about the ice cream brands in India. The information can be useful for you to refer to all the best ice cream brand names. Get yourself a yummy ice cream and do not forget to try all different flavours available in the Indian market. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Which ice cream is famous in India?

A1. Amul is the most famous ice brand in India. It is managed by Indian dairy cooperative and the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited.

Q2. What are the top 10 ice cream brands?

A2. The top ice cream brands are Amul, Vadilal, Mother Dairy, Creambell, Baskin Robbins, Nirulas, Top N Town, Hindustan Unilever, Dinshaw’s, and Giani. 

Q3. How many types of ice cream are there in India?

A3. You can find more than 136 varieties in the Indian market. The flavour and the taste depends upon which brand you go for. 

Q4. What are the brands of ice cream?

A4. The brands of ice cream manufactures special types of ice cream under their tag. They have altogether a unique taste, and bring a whole lot of different flavours in the market.