Top 15 Namkeen Brands in India

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Are you searching for a namkeen brand that can spice up your snack time? If yes, then you should read this article. Because here, I am going to tell you about the top 15 namkeen brands in india.

Love for food in India has been there for a very long time. Sweets, namkeen, and spices have been part of Indian snacks since the very beginning. Indian sweets and namkeen are very well known and loved across the world. India is the house of numerous top namkeen brands in India. 

The Namkeen market in India is growing consistently day by day. Namkeen has a wide range of delicious and crunchy snacks at tea time. 

As there are a number of local and international brands available in the market for namkeens, it is very difficult to choose the right one with the best taste and quality. We are giving you the top 10 brands of namkeens, Let’s check them out. 

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Top Namkeen Brands in India

List of Top 15 Namkeen Brands in India

Here is the list of top 15 nambeen brands in India. The list also includes the best the yaer of foundation of the listed brands. Check them out.


Best Namkeen Brand in India


Founded in 



Bikano Namkeens


Kaleva Namkeens


Maakhan Bhog


Punjabi Chandu Halwai


Natkhat Namkeen (Janta Foods)


Kipps Namkeen


Chhappan Bhog


Prakash Namkeen 


Pratap Snacks






Shree Namkeen


MKS Foods




Our Top Picks

Haldiram is a known brand that sells all types of namkeens and other snacks in India. The brand is also quite popular for sweets and fast food items. Offering the best quality food since 1937, Haldiram has become everyone’s favorite due to the exceptional taste and delicacies that it offers.

If you are looking for a budget friendly namkeen, then Shree Namkeen is the one for you. The best about this brand is that you’ll get a variety of options under it, and that too at reasonable prices. The brand specializes in offering Indori delicacies that you will love.

Bikaji Namkeens are my personal favorite out of all. The tangy flavor of Bhikaji Aaloo bhujia takes my taste buds on another level. Along with that, I also enjoy the other variants of namkeen that the brand offers.

Review for the Top 15 Namkeen Brands in India

Here is the detailed review of the Top namkeen brands in India 2023 with the brand information and product range. 

1. Haldiram

Top Namkeen Brands in India

Haldiram’s is one of the major brands in the sweets and namkeen industry based in Delhi and Nagpur. The brand was founded in 1937 by Shri Ganga Bhishen Agarwal. For many years they value the customer by manufacturing a quality product. The product is produced in nature and has a homemade feel. Haldiram has multiple stores and retailers in India on a huge scale. Haldiram namkeen product list has a wide range of snacks. For more Haldiram namkeen name lists you can check the link given in the table above. 

Product Range 
Haldiram offers a wide range of products like Bhujia Sev Namkeen, Khatta Meetha, Mixture, Phalhari Chiwda, Salted Peanuts, Masala Peanut, and many more in Namkeen. 

What We Like About Haldiram

  • The bhuija of Haldiram is loved all over the world. 
  • Haldiram tops in the Indian namkeen brands list. 
  • They believe in providing the authentic taste of India in their products.

2. Bikano Namkeens ( Bikanervala Foods Pvt Ltd)

Top Namkeen Brands in India

Bikanervala Foods Pvt Ltd emerged in 1950 in Rajasthan. They started from nothing and evolved as a sweet maker; they gradually expanded their business by winning the people’s hearts from the taste on their food items. Bikanervala is one of the leading brands that offer sweets and namkeen.

They have a wide range of sweet and namkeen and gained popularity worldwide by giving quality products. Now they have opted for new technology, a long shelf life with a world-class standard of quality.  Bikano is one of the trusted brands in the Indian market that offers the best quality namkeen and other products. 

Product Range

Namkeens, sweets, papad, Aloo bhujia, Bhelpuri, Gift Packs, and many more. 

What We Like About Bikano 

  • The Kaju Mixture of the Bikano is very famous among all namkeens. 
  • The brand is a big name worldwide by delivering taste beyond the boundaries. 
  • This is one of the Namkeen brands that are popular in India 

Top Namkeen Brands in India

Kaleva India has 1000 varieties of sweets, namkeens, and other traditional products. The products of Kaleva have the taste of perfect rich Indian. Kaleva India has around ten types of ladoo with Raj Bhog, Rasmalai, Pista Burfi, and many more. The company has about 350 kinds of namkeen that offer spicy and non-spicy for adults and children.
The company is in the Fourth generation of Agarwal’s. The company initially started with sweets only, but after the launch of namkeen and other products, they received massive love for their products from all over India.  

Product Range

Namkeen, Ghee sweets, Mathi, Salty, Pickles, Puri Sazi, and many products.

What We Like About Kaleva

  • The navratan and dal moth is one of the famous namkeen from their house. 
  • Kaleva is also the famous Indian Namkeen brand.
  • They have non-fried items also for health-conscious people. 

4. Maakhan Bhog

Top Namkeen Brands in India

 Makhan bhog is one of the famous and very known confectioners in India. It offers the finest sweets and namkeen with a wide range of products. They majorly believe in manufacturing quality products and are located in Surat Gujarat. They are one of the best in their field. 
Makhan Bhog is the leading supplier for namkeens, sweets, dry fruits, packed food, and many more.  The name Makhan Bhog comes from the Mahajarahs, the Indian kings. They are also one of the leading packaged food brands in India. you can see their outlets in all over India as they are also know for their main course food. 

Product Range 

Customized sweets, Mix Barfi, Dr fruits, Spiced Cashews, Roasted Cashews, Salted Cashews, and many more. 

What We Like About Maakhan Bhog

  • The company is now a known name in the packaged food industry. 
  • Makhan Bhog has its own store in almost every state of India. 
  • They have also started for fancy packing for customized gifts as per the customer. 

5. Punjabi Chandu Halwai

Top Namkeen Brands in India

Punjabi Chandu Halwai is popular with the name Karachiwala. They are Indian based food manufacturing company. The company is known for the quality of their sweets and namkeen in all across the world. Punjabi Chandu Halwai was started in 1896 as a sweet manufacturing business, but with the traditional product quality, they maintain their popularity around the country. When they added the namkeen in their list made in pure desi ghee, the market was growing very rapidly.  They also export their food products to countries like the US, European Companies, and the Middle East. 

Product Range 

Special Chivda, Dal Moth, Aloo Bhujia, Kashmiri Moong Dal, Karachi Halwa, Chamcham, and many more sweets and namkeen products. 

What We Like About Punjabi Chandu Halwai

  • They have a very strong distribution network system. 
  • They only use desi ghee for sweets and namkeen. 
  • Punjabi Chandu Halwai has the famous varieties of namkeen in India. 

 6. NutKhat Namkeen (Janta Food)

Top Namkeen Brands in India

Nutkhat Namkeen is one of the popular namkeen brands in India which was introduced by the Janta Wafers 1954 by Shri. Dhirubhai Khakhar. Nutkhat namkeen is one of the known manufacturers and exporters for the namkeen and snacks. The packaging of the product is excellent, that has a longer life compared to others. They are one of the specialized brands for namkeen and snacks in the Indian market. The namkeen and snacks are fresh and very hygienic. 

Products Range 
Potato wafers, Banana wafers, Chiwda, mixtures of namkeens, Chana dal, Moong dal, and other snacks. 

What We Like About NutKhat Namkeen

  • The products are available in different flavours.
  • They use the most excellent sources for the ingredients of the product. 
  • This is one of the famous Indore namkeen brands in India.

 7.  Kipps Sweets and Namkeen  

Top Namkeen Brands in India

Kipps Confectioners Pvt Ltd is an Indian based traditional food company. Thye involved in the manufacturing of sweets and snacks. This company is mainly located in Uttar Pradesh Bareilly and founded by Late Shri Shyam Lal. The Kipps is certified by ISO 9001:2000 and (HACCP) Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point. The company is equipped with the latest food processing manufacturing units. They are one of the leading namkeen suppliers in India. They are experts in producing traditional Indian sweets and namkeens. 

Product Range

Traditional namkeens, Moong Dal, Bikaneri Bhuija, Kaju Mixture, Dal Moth, Navratan, and many more with a good range of sweets too. 

What We Like About Kipps

  • The company is primarily known for making traditional Indian Namkeen. 
  • Kipps also focused on providing high-quality products to its customers.

8. Chappan Bhog 

Top Namkeen Brands in India

Chappan bhog is the reputed name in the market of sweets and namkeens. They believe in delivering premium products to their customers. The name ‘Chappan Bhog’ is the mythological Hindu name from old Mahabharat, when a royal get-to-gather would take place with different delicious food. They are trying to keep the old term alive. The company is providing the best quality products from 1992. The ingredients used in their products are totally fresh and fine. 

Product Range 
Bikaneri bhujia, Roasted Badam, Kaju Barfi, Soan Papdi, Kaju DalMoth, Roasted Pista, Mini Khasta, and many more. 

What We Like About Chappan Bhog 

  • They have a limited customer base, but they never compromise with their product quality. 
  • They are famous for their special-shaped sweets. 

9. Prakash Namkeen 

Top Namkeen Brands in India

Prakash Namkeen is one of the famous Indore Namkeen brands in India. From the very beginning, they are quite famous among people. They started this namkeen brand from Indore, now spread all over the country.  It is one of the top companies for producing namkeens. Prakash Namkeen is one of those companies who is providing a high-quality product and keeping up to the expectations of their customers.  The company is always looking to invent something new in the field of namkeens. 

Product Range 
Moong dal, Indori chatpta mix, All in one Mixture, Dry Fruit samosa, Papdi chaat, Garlic Poha mix, Gatta Bhakarwadi, and many more. 

What We Like About Prakash Namkeen

  • The brand is specialized and famous for its Khatta Meetha Mixtures of namkeens.
  • They are always keen to do experiments to bring better results in taste. 

 10. Pratap Snacks 

Top Namkeen Brands in India

It is on the ten positions of our list for the top 10 namkeen brands in India. Pratap Snacks company is based in Indore. The company is trying to bring back 90s taste by the “Yellow Diamond Rings” which is very popular among kids. The company has a quite good range of snacks and namkeen. The company was built in 2003, and since then the company is growing very fast. Salman Khan, the Bollywood superstar, was the brand Ambassador for their Diamond chips edition. Pratap Snack is always trying to provide exceptional quality to its customers. With 900 crore turnover and distribution in 28 states currently,  they become one of the Best namkeen brands in India

What We Like About Pratap Snacks 

  • The taste of the chips is so good. 
  • They have a wide range of collections for kids, including cupcakes, gol gappa, cheese balls, sandwich cake, and many more. 

11. Bikaji

Amit jiiii…loves Bikajiii…!!

You must have heard of this line. The brand is well known,  and is endorsed by none other than Amitabh Bachhan. Bikaji has been delighting the people of India with the exceptional taste of sweets and Namkeen for over 3 decades now. Bikaji has a lot to offer in terms of variety and tastes. The namkeens that they sell come in multiple different variants. From sweet to savory, you’ll get all the flavors. Also, the brand offers the most delicious Indian sweets which includes different types of Rasgullas. Along with that, the brand is also indulged in making papads and other snacks that you can munch on.

Product Range

Bikaneri Bhujia, Baat Cheet Papad, Crusty Nuts, Rajbhog Sweets, All-in-one Kuch-Kuch, etc.

What We Like About Bikaji

  • Delighting the people of India with the tastiest sweets and namkeen over 3 decades.

  • Bikaji has a lot to offer in terms of variety and tastes.

  •  From sweet to savory, you’ll get all the flavors.

  • A well known brand endorsed by Amitabh Bachhan.

12. Chaayos

The brand is mainly a “chai” brand (a tea brand). But, as we all know that tea is not complete without snacks, so the brand took an initiative of providing “chai companions”. The chai Companion category of Chaayos consists of a number of items which includes different variants of namkeens, mini samosas, Bhakarwadi, Suji rusks and many more such items. Founded in 2012, Chaayos is definitely a must try brand for snacks in India. 

Product Range

The wide range of products from Chaayos includes Chaayos, Gur Para, Chaayos Mini Samosas, Chaayos Methi Mathri, Chaayos Bhakarwadi, Chaayos Premium Dry Fruit Cookies, Choco Chips Cookies, Coconut Cookies, Suji Rusks, etc.

What We Like About Chaayos

  • The brand provided for the yummiest chai companions.

  • Provides different variants of snacks.

  • The Chaayos Mini Samosa are a must try.

13. Shree Namkeen

Shree Namkeen is a famous brand for namkeen in India. The brand mainly focuses on Indori delicacies. The number of variants that Shree Namkeen offers is countless. There is hardly any brand in the market that sells more variants in namkeen than this particular brand. Along with the Namkeens, the brand also sells different types of sweets according to the festivals and celebration seasons in India. Founded in 1989, the brand is amongst the oldest brands for Namkeen in the country.

Product Range

Shree Namkeen Lehsun Sev, Shree Namkeen Poha Sev, Shree Namkeen Charkha Aloo Fariyali Mixture, Shree Namkeen Mix Mixture, and many more.

What We Like About Shree Namkeen

  • Famous brand for namkeen in India.

  • The brand mainly focuses on Indori delicacies.

  • The number of variants that Shree Namkeen offers is countless.

14. MKS Foods

Founded in 2014, MKS Foods is one of the leading manufacturers for snacking food in India. MKS Masala Groundnut Namkeen is something to die for. It's the most delicious pack of aromatic and authentic spices mixed together. Being a prominent brand for Namkeen in the market, the other products that the company sells comprises Groundnut Chikki, Murukku Snack, Honey Candy Groundnut Ball and Mysore Pak. Processed in hygienic conditions, the products from MKS are hugely admired by the consumers for their delicious tastes.

What We Like About MKS Foods

  • Leading manufacturers for snacking food in India.

  • MKS Masala Groundnut Namkeen is the most delicious pack of aromatic and authentic spices mixed together.

  • The products from MKS are hugely admired by the consumers for their delicious tastes.

15. Postcard

Postcard is also one of the best brands that sells Namkeen in India. It is not just a Namkeen brand. Postcard sells different types of Indian sweets and pickles which are made with the most authentic and aromatic spices available in the Indian subcontinent. Along with that, the brand is also quite popular for selling other different types of tasty and delicious snacks such as chips, chakli, etc. Not just that, you can also buy various types of dry fruits, rolled up in the flavourful spices, making them a healthy and tasty meal to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Product Range 

The wide range of products from Postcard includes Jamnagari Chiwda, Jaipuri Daalmel, Kolhapuri Bhadang Bhel, Gulab Jamun, Soan Papdi, Salted Nuts, etc.

What We Like About Postcard

  • One of the best brands that sells Namkeen in India.

  • Sells different types of sweets and pickles made with authentic spices.

  • Offers tasty and delicious snacks such as chips, chakli, etc. 

  • Sells healthy and tasty dry fruits, rolled up in the flavourful spices.


Here is a detailed review of the top 15 Namkeen brands in India. All the namkeen brand’s names are given with detailed information about them. Our love for snacks and namkeens has no particular time or occasion needed for it. We always keep the snacks handy as for timepass.  Brands that are mentioned above have a wide range of namkeens, from salty to spicy and khatta meetha. As they are top 10 brands, they never compromise with the quality of their products. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Which is the best namkeen brand in India?

Ans.  Haldiram's Bhujia is the most popular and is a household name. Otherwise, all the brands mentioned above are among the popular brands

Q. Which is the big namkeen brands in India?

Ans.  Haldiram's and Bikaji are said to be the big namkeen brands in India.

Q. What is the Oldest Namkeen India?

Ans. NutKhat Namkeen is one of the oldest namkeens in India.

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