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Are you looking for the best biscuits to go with your morning and evening tea? If yes, then stop right here. In this article, I have brought a list of top biscuit brands in India, which will prove to be the perfect companions for your tea time.

There are a number of biscuit brands in the market that serve a variety of flavours for you to choose from. The biscuit industry is very huge not only in India but also on a World level.

The Indian biscuit market size is estimated at Rs 40,000 crore in 2020, representing approximately 5 percent of the global market. The Indian market is estimated to post CAGR of 9 per cent to Rs 62,000 crore till 2025.

Here I have made a list of best brands for biscuits that are available in India. Keep reading to know more!

Also, if you are someone who prefers namkeen with your tea instead of biscuits, then you must check out our list of Namkeen Brands in India. 

Top Biscuit Brands In India

List of 17 Top Biscuit Brands in India With Price List

Below is the list of biscuit brands in India which are quite affordable and readily available in the market. Along with the buiscuit brand name, I have also given the price range of the listed brands. The list has been made on the basic of the popularity of the brand with their marke share. 

Top Biscuit Brands

Price Range 

Rs. 10 - Rs. 78 

Rs. 10 - Rs. 60 

Rs. 10 - Rs. 96

Rs. 40 - Rs. 60

Rs. 5 - Rs. 200 

Rs. 10 - Rs. 100 

Rs. 10 - Rs. 500 

Rs. 15 - Rs. 70

Rs. 10 - Rs. 30

Rs. 25 - Rs. 50 

Rs. 45 - Rs. 250 

Rs. 10 - Rs. 100 

Rs. 10 - Rs. 100

Rs. 10 - Rs. 100

Rs. 10 - Rs. 100

Wheafree - Wheafree Rs. 30 - Rs. 500
Orion Choco Pie - Home | Facebook Rs. 20 - Rs. 100

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Parle 

Parle food company holds the top share of the Indian biscuit market and is famous for the biscuit brand Parle-G which is also the top biscuit brand in India. Parle sells a wide range of biscuit products under its name. The brands hold valuable goodwill in the market and charge reasonable amounts for the product served. 

Best Budget: Patanjali

Patanjali is a brand known for selling ayurvedic products. Patanjali also sells different types of biscuits that are made of completely natural and ayurvedic ingredients. The brand is also quite affordable. It sells best quality biscuits or cookies at lowest rates possible, which makes it a budget friendly brand.

Personal Recommendation: Unibic 

Unibic's wholesome cookies are my personal favorite as they deliver a natural and rich taste. Their range of delicious cookies oozes your taste buds. Unibic’s cookies are  great for digestion as they are made up of oats and healthy ingredients.

Review of 17 Top Biscuit Brands in India 

Check out all reviews of the above-mentioned biscuit brands. Read them to seek more information about the brand.

1. Parle 


Parle food company, established in 1929, is the leading brand which deals in biscuits and confectionery. The Parle name symbolises quality, nutrition and superior taste. It holds the topmost share of the Indian biscuit market and is famous for biscuit brand Parle-G which is also the top biscuit brand in India. 

This brand is known to deliver both health and taste, with a value-for-money positioning that allows people from all classes and age groups to enjoy Parle products to the fullest.

Parle has also spread its wings world wide. The brand has manufacturing units in 7 countries all over the world, that is, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nepal. In 2018, the brand added one manufacturing unit in Mexico. 

Market Share :  27% – 30%

Features of Parle Biscuit brand

  • Parle has been one of the major biscuit brands in India for the last eight decades. 

  • Parle-G is renowned and has the most sales among all top biscuit brands in India. 

  • Parle biscuits offer a fantastic combination of quality, taste, and nutrition.

  • The brand has around seven manufacturing units of its own.

  • This biscuit is also very affordable, having a variety of essences and flavoured cookies.

  • The Parle’s Mango bite is still the best candy that will take a lot of people back to the days when they used to run around in their schools. 

  • It is one of the largest selling biscuit brands in the world. 

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Parle Brand

Parle biscuit brands include Monaco, KrackJack, Hide & Seek, Parle-G Gold, Monaco range, Nutri Crunch range, Melody chocolate, Kismi Toffee Bar, Mango Bite candy, etc.

2. Britannia


Britannia Industries is one of India’s leading food companies with a 100 year legacy and annual revenues in excess of Rs. 9000 Cr. It is the most trusted, valuable, and popular biscuit manufacturer in India.The product is available in over the country in over 5 million retail outlets. The company has expanded itself in around 60 countries across the globe. 

Britannia uses the best ingredients and packages them in the natural goodness of its products. Britannia Industries manufactures and sells India's favourite brands like Good Day, Tiger, NutriChoice, Milk Bikis and Marie Gold which are household names in India.

Some of the Britannia products in India include Biscuits, Bread, Cakes, Rusk, and Dairy products including Cheese, Beverages, Milk and Yoghurt. 

Market share : 26%

Features of Britannia Biscuit brand

  • Britannia is one of the Indian biscuit brands based in Bangalore reputed as one of the top biscuit brands in India. 

  • The company was established in 1892 and has managed to maintain a distinctive position in the Indian biscuit industry, having its most popular brand called Tiger.

  • It is presently one of the biggest brands in India and also the leading food-related brand.

  • The English taste and touch are sharp as a unique brand when compared with other international brands.

  • Good day biscuits is another franchise with its tastes and flavours.

  • The overall factory's  annual capacity is nearly 433,000 Tonnes and Top most selling biscuit brands in India 2023

  • The 90% of revenue of Britannia comes from Biscuits. 

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Britannia Brand 

In biscuits, you can get Good day, crackers, nutrichoice, Marie gold, tiger, Milk Bikis, Jim jam + treat, bourbon, little hearts, pure magic, Nice time.

3. Sunfeast 


Itc is the third largest player in the biscuit industry. In July 2003, ITC came into the biscuits market by launching the Sunfeast range of biscuits. Since then, Sunfeast cookies have always stood for quality and are known for offering innovative and wholesome biscuits. 

Sunfeast has been responsible for spreading happiness, contentment, satisfaction, and pleasure among all the people. The brand manufactures and sells biscuits, including Glucose, Marie, and Cream Biscuits, and is among the famous biscuit companies in India. 

ITC Market share - 26% 

Features of Sunfeast Biscuit brand

  • Sunfeast is a famous brand that is dearly loved by all Indians because of its diverse tastes and kinds. 

  • Sunfeast has oatmeal biscuits, digestive biscuits, cookies, etc. 

  • Sunfeast Biscuits is a heritage brand in India.

  • The biscuits produce flavored biscuits with their unique taste and fragrance.

  • It manufactures creative flavors that you can experience with every beverage. 

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Sunfeast Brand 

Sunfeast Milky Magic, Dream Cream, Marie Light, Snacky, Dark Fantasy, Sweet’s Salt, Dark Fantasy Choco Fills, Nice, Glucose, etc.

4. Priya Gold 

Priya Gold

Priya Gold is among India's favourite biscuit brands. The brand manufactures cookies, cakes, confectionaries and juices/beverages in more than 20 countries. The company bakes daily with enthusiasm ensuring only the highest quality products gets delivered in the market, day in and day out.

The company's passion lies in tradition, using only the best ingredients to make the tastiest products. The brand delivers the best cream biscuits in India like Marie lite, Snakker choco sandwich, choco Chekkers, cheese cracker, butter Delite, buttermilk biscuits, digestive, club creme - choco/elaichi/ orange, bourbon creme, etc. it is one of the Topmost selling biscuit brands in India 2023.

Market Share - 8%

Features of Priya Gold Biscuit brand

  • Priya Gold is part of Surya Foods & Agro Ltd that got established in November 1992.

  • Its commercial operations, which included selling and making biscuits under the brand name Priya Gold, started in October 1993.

  • They have sweet, salty and cream cookies which are enjoyed by all the age groups from youngsters to older people. 

  • You can grab a packet of PriyaGold biscuits and enjoy your bus or train journey.

  • The company created their world-class factory set up with the technology that is in Greater Noida where it also has the biggest manufacturing plant. 

  • The PriyaGold brand has been the producer of many of the leading biscuits like CNC, Butter Bite, Marie Lite, and Snack Zig-Zag. 

Varieties of Biscuits offered by PriyaGold Brand 

Snakker choco sandwich, choco Chekkers, cheese cracker, butter Delite, buttermilk biscuits, digestive, club creme - choco/elaichi/ orange, bourbon creme, etc. 

5. Patanjali 


Patanjali Ayurved company manufactures herbal products, biscuits, Toothpaste and other detergent products. It also sells its products online with Grocery Stores like Big Basket and plans to open outlets like Star Bazaar.

You can purchase cream biscuits, digestive cookies, chocolate biscuits, Patanjali Doodh biscuits, butter cookies, and many more. It also manufactures chocolate cream biscuits in India and sells the most natural and genuine products in the market. 

Features of Patanjali Biscuit brand

  • “Prakriti ka Ashirwad” which means Boon to Nature, is a tagline for all Patanjali biscuits. 

  • Brand Patanjali speaks about health and fitness with a touch of well-being and style.

  • You can get your choice of cookie under this brand as they make biscuits for patients with blood pressure, blood sugar.

  • They produce whole wheat biscuits rich in fibre that are tasty and edible.

  • Patanjali biscuits have come to the market, not long before but have redesigned the Indian heart with its products and taste. 

  • Nutritionists and doctors refer to Patanjali biscuits because of their trans-fat content.

  • The brand does not compromise with the quality of the Biscuits no matter how many customers become the part of the family. 

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Patanjali

Digestive cookies, chocolate biscuits, Patanjali Doodh biscuits, butter cookies, Jeera and Ajwain buiscuits, Patanjali Marie Biscuits, etc.

6. Cremica 


Cremica follows the best manufacturing processes in the industry to ensure the most elegant taste and premium quality. They introduce the perfect blend of selected ingredients, and premium taste comes from the choice of the finest ingredients in over 61 countries across the globe. 

The brand manufactures and sells digestive biscuits, oatmeal cookies, Marie classic, digestive corn flakes biscuits, and many others. They bring up unique recipes; health-oriented ingredients and state - of - the art standards. Each product has its speciality and is crafted with love to suit the taste buds of everyone.

Features of Cremica Biscuit brand 

  • The digestive biscuit of Cremica is very helpful in weight loss.

  • The oat cookies are rich in oats which are good for health and tasty.

  • Magic Cream biscuit of this brand is love for all chocolate lovers

  • The brand successfully maintained high standards in terms of taste and quality which leads to unchanged customers. 

  • The brand doesn't use any kind of preservatives or added colours in its products. 

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Cremica

Digestive biscuits, oatmeal cookies, Marie classic, digestive corn flakes biscuits, and many others

7. Cadbury Oreo 

Cadbury Oreo

Oreo cream biscuits and cookies are very much famous in India, especially among children, who entered the Indian biscuit market with Cadbury. An Oreo is a sandwich cookie consisting of two (usually chocolate) wafers with a sweet creme filling and is the top chocolate biscuit brand you can go for if you love chocolates.

These are available in over one hundred countries. They manufacture Oreo sandwich cookies, oreo cookies lemon, oreo lunchbox cookies, and a lot more other flavours of biscuits. It is among the best selling biscuits in India. 

Features of Cadbury Oreo Biscuit Brand

  • Oreos are the perfect snacks to share with your families.

  • It is rich, smooth chocolate cream sandwiched between crunchy wafers.

  • One of the most loved biscuits in India currently, especially for kids. 

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Cadbury Oreo Biscuit Brand 

Cream filled vanilla buiscuits, cream filled chocolate buiscuits, cream filled dark chocolate cookies, etc.

8. McVitie's 


McVitie's brand is among the top biscuit brands that manufacture biscuits with the goodness of wholewheat and fibre. They have a wide range of products under them which are of great taste. They come up with the yummy Mcvities digestive biscuits in India.

The brand comes up with the best quality ingredients which you can feel at every crunchy bite of yours. All the ingredients have a fantastic taste and provide health benefits. It delivers biscuits like oat cookies, digestive biscuits, butter cookies, and many more delicious snacks. 

Features of Mcvities Biscuit brand

  • In comparison to other biscuits, it has 2 grams of protein and 3g of fat in it.

  • It also has vitamins and minerals in it.

  • This brand is one of the best-selling biscuits in India and the UK.

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Mcvities Biscuit brand 

Wholewheat buiscuits, sugerfree buiscuits, oat cookies, digestive biscuits, butter cookies, etc.

9. Anmol 


Anmol Industries Limited is a packaged food company, majorly focusing on biscuits, cakes and cookies. They have a strong presence in Northern and Eastern India. Also, you can choose from 61 varieties of biscuits and 26 types of cake. It is the 4th largest biscuit brand in India. 

Anmol delivers mouth-watering cookies, and crunchy biscuits and treats your senses to a world of flavour and crunch. It brings biscuit types including Twinz, Dream Lite, Jadoo, Veg Munch, Top Magic, Snack It, etc.  This best biscuit brand in India has the tagline – "Yours tastefully" – is treating all of us with the gift of quality and taste to hit our minds and souls. 

Features of Anmol Biscuit Brand

  • They have a vast variety of products from biscuits to different cookies.

  • They also have a special tagline “tasted tested and trusted”, which means they always maintain the quality of the product.

  • The company was launched in 1998, and company is growing very fast.

  • Since 1998 the company has used its brand presence and diverse product line-up with an elaborate supply chain to rule over the hearts of their customers. 

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Anmol Biscuit Brand

Twinz, Dream Lite, Jadoo, Veg Munch, Top Magic, Snack It, etc.

10. Unibic 


Unibic started in India in 2004 with the help of Anzac and Bradman cookies. With over 30 new variants, Unibicc's range has evolved continuously, timely bringing in innovative flavours to cookie maniacs throughout the world. 

Unibic's rich and wholesome cookies deliver the real taste that the company boasts of proudly. The brand comes under the top 10 biscuit brands in India and sells daily digestive biscuits, choco and indulgence range biscuits, nuts range biscuits, snack bars, sugar-free biscuits, and a lot more healthy range of cookies. 

Features of UNIBIC Biscuit Brand

  • Their biscuits are rich in carbs and fiber.

  • They always prefer plain oats which help in weight loss.

  • They try to avoid sugary biscuits, that is the reason it is loved by everyone.

  • The brand runs with the efforts of 800 individuals and delivers a smaller lineup as compared to the other players. 

  • They are extremely popular these days as they are one of the premium brands in this market. 

Varieties of Biscuits offered by UNIBIC Biscuit Brand

Daily digestive biscuits, choco and indulgence range biscuits, nuts range biscuits, snack bars, sugar-free biscuits, and a lot more.

11. Dukes 


The brand delivers biscuits, wafers, cookies, chocolates, cakes etc. and today owns 15 states of the art manufacturing centres all over India broadly under three brands by the name of – Dukes, Treff and Dynas.

Duke's biscuits manufacture and sell biscuit flavours like digestive biscuits, chocolate buzz biscuits, bourbon, strawberry cream four fun, milk buzz biscuits, top butter crackers, Marie break, merry milk biscuits, etc. 

Features of Duke Biscuit brand

  • It comes with very exciting packing.

  • It has a wide range of flavours including coconuts flavoured crispy biscuits

  • Contains essential nutrients like calcium, minerals, and vitamins.

  • The brand also set out f the country to epan the popularity and it is one of the Top biscuit brands in India.

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Duke Biscuit brand

Digestive biscuits, chocolate buzz biscuits, bourbon, strawberry cream four fun, milk buzz biscuits, top butter crackers, Marie break, merry milk biscuits, etc. 

12. Rose


Rose biscuits are manufactured by Veeramani Biscuit Industries Limited, famously known as VBIL. The brand has been famous since 1987 in the areas of Hyderabad. It produces a variety of biscuits like cream biscuits, glucose biscuits, Marie biscuits etc.

Rose also manufactures cookies varieties, Rusk, Wafer varieties, Papad varieties, etc. The brand delivers biscuits like Rose Marie, Rose Twister, Rose Crazy Bites, Rose Saltino, and other delicious biscuit flavours. 

Features of Rose Biscuit Brand

  • This brand is not famous, but it has a variety of biscuits and is loved by people.

  • They manufacture different types of delicious biscuits.

  •  This is one of the Indians who is providing biscuits and namkeens.

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Rose Biscuit Brand

Rose Marie, Rose Twister, Rose Crazy Bites, Rose Saltino, and other delicious biscuit flavours. 

13. Haldiram's 


Haldiram biscuits come in three different types, sweet, classic and salted, keeping in mind the eclectic taste. This season goes all out and enjoys every bite. No one can eat just one!

It is famous for delivering packed sweets, Namkeens, pickles, papads, Diet snacks, dry fruits, and many other daily essentials that you crave for. The brand manufactures biscuit flavors like cookies, coconut biscuit, cookies badam Pista, cookies ajwain, etc and one of the Top best biscuit brands in India in 2023

Features of Haldiram Biscuit Brand

  • Haldiram is a world-known brand of India and has stores all over India.

  • The brand also manufactures premium biscuits for their huge customer base.

  • Haldiram always takes care of hygiene first and provides the best products

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Haldiram Biscuit Brand

The brand manufactures different biscuit flavors like cookies, coconut biscuit, cookies badam Pista, cookies ajwain, etc..

14. Nature Valley 

Nature Valley 

Nature Valley relies on real energy, wherever and whenever you need it by making the best quality all-time snacks with authentic ingredients and flavour. They use the most natural ingredients, like whole grain oats and power-packed wholesome peanuts, almonds, and nut butter.

Nature valley manufactures biscuits and biscuit sandwiches of flavours including coconut butter, chocolate peanut butter, blueberry cookies, soft-baked oatmeal squares, granola cups, etc. The products contain no artificial colours, no high fructose corn syrup, and 0 grams of trans fat.

Features of Nature valley Biscuit Brand

  • They are made with all-natural foods to provide a healthy biscuit. 

  • Their biscuit contains protein, fat, carbs to keep you fit also with snacks.

  • Their biscuits can help you to gain weight, not weight loss.

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Nature valley Biscuit Brand

Coconut butter, chocolate peanut butter, blueberry cookies, soft-baked oatmeal squares, granola cups, etc.

15. Pillsbury 


The brand brings products like sweet biscuits with icing, refrigerated cookies, frozen biscuits, and many delicious biscuit flavours under each category. Pillsbury is a brand of biscuits that makes many other delicious food products like Pillsbury bread, crescent rolls, cookies, pizza crust, baked brownies, etc. 

Features of Pillsbury Biscuit Brand 

  • They are very yummy biscuits but not loaded with any nutrients in it.

  • They are highly processed food with low fiber and high sugar.

  • Pilsbury is a very big brand and has a wide range of products.

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Pillsbury Biscuit Brand 

Sweet biscuits with icing, refrigerated cookies, frozen biscuits, etc.

16. Wheafree 


Wheafree is a trusted brand for gluten free products. The brand sells a variety of gluten snacks under its name. Wheafree products are a natural blend of highly nutritious gluten free ingredients. The brand’s sugar free almond biscuits are the perfect example. The cookies are high in protein and fiber and rich and are lactose and gluten free. Along with that, you’ll get a number of varieties such as Tutti Fruti cookies, elaichi cookies, ajwain cookies, etc. With the cookies, the brand also sells multiple breakfast items like bread and bunds, sorghum suji, etc. You can also buy Indian sweets, flour, pasta and noodles and other ready to eat foot items from Wheafree.

Features of Wheafree Biscuit Brand

  • Offers a wide range of gluten free products.

  • The brand offers healthy essential for you everyday meal

  • You can buy almost anything from Wheafree ranging from flours, cookies and biscuits, savouries, pasta and noodles to other ready to eat food.

  • The brand sells more than 140 food products through its 300+ retail outlets in the country.

  • Wheafree is considered as the best healthy food snacking brand and has an approx of more than 65,000 satisfied consumers till now.

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Parle Brand 

Sugar free almond biscuits, tutti frutti cookies, double choc chip cookies, choco vanilla biscuits, orange cream biscuits, jeera cookies, high fiber digestive cookies, butter masala biscuits. 

17. Orion 


Introduced in 1974, Orion is a Korean brand that sells its products across the globe. Orions’s choco pie is quite popular among children in India. Along with choco pie, the brand sells various different types of cookies and biscuits as well. The wide range of flavors makes the brand one of the most loved brands in the market. You can also shop for different types of gums and candies from Orion.

Features of Orion Biscuit Brand 

  • Orion brand was introduced in 1974 by Mr. Lee Yang-gu

  • It is a Korean brand that sells its products across the globe.

  • The brand is known for introducing the first ever choco pie in the world.

  • The brand sells various different types of cookies and biscuits .

  • The brand also offers different types of gums and candies.

Varieties of Biscuits offered by Orion Brand 

Orion The Ultimate Premium Gourmet Choco Chip Cookies, O'Rice cracker - Baked Korean snack, Orion Choco Pie, etc.


That was all about the top biscuit brands in India. All of us are fond of biscuits and consume them during our snack time. So, get the perfect biscuit brand and enjoy eating your favourite biscuit flavour with tea or coffee. If you found the above article informative, do acknowledge us in the comment section below. Also, share this article with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.Which is the best biscuit brand in India?

A. Parle, Britannia and ITC - Sunfeast, are the leading and one of the top brands in India. Otherwise, All the above mentioned brands are best in their own ways. I have mentioned the main features of every buiscuit brand. You can check them out and choose the perfect biscuits for yourself.

Q. Which brand biscuit is best?

A. According to 2011 Nielsen survey, Parle-G is the best selling buiscuit in India. It surely is a household name and been the most loved buiscuit brand in the Indian market.

Q. Which is No 1 selling biscuit?

A. Parle-G have been ranked as the top buiscuit brand in India. It is the best sold buiscuit in the Indian market and is definitely a household name now.

Q. Which is the No 1 biscuit company in the world?

A. Currently, Parle-G is the world's largest selling biscuit brand.

Q. Which is the old Indian biscuit brand?

A. There are two old and popular biscuit companies: Parle G and Britannia biscuit.

Q. Which is the tastiest biscuit?

A. You can try Anmol, Sunfeast, Priya Gold, and Cremica. 

Q. Which company biscuit is good for health?

A. Lotus Biscoff is renowned for the best biscuit brand that is good for health. 

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