121+ New Mehndi Designs For Men & Women - Trending in 2023

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Do you love applying Henna on your hands and are searching for some good designs? You are at the right place, then! Here you will find New Mehndi Designs For Men and Women.  

Mehndi is applied by girls on various occasions like marriage, raksha bandhan, etc. It symbolizes good fortune and positivity. Mehndi is a way to express joy. Mehndi is also gaining popularity among boys; they apply it during weddings and other occasions. 

This article will find some of the best Mehndi designs for bride, groom, men and women with amazing options. For more information and designs, keep reading!

Also, if you are confused and looking for the best outfit to wear in Mehndi, you must read our blog on Mehndi Outfit for Men & Women. 

121+ New Mehndi Designs For Men & Women - Trending in 2023

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Best Mehndi Designs For Dulhan 

Every bride wants to look special on her wedding day. And these gorgeous Mehndi designs will make your wedding events life long memorable.  

1. Mehndi Design For Dulhan

Mehndi Design For Dulhan

This prettiest Mehndi design will surely make your night memorable with its elegance and style. 

2. Doli Mehndi Design

Doli Mehndi Design

Make your dream fulfil with the Doli design in your hand. Doli looks more amazing as a bridal Mehndi. 

3. Mehndi Design For a Bride

Mehndi Design For a Bride

Mehndi is a must for a bride and getting trendy, yet bride Mehndi is always what we all look for. So this Mehndi look is stylish yet elegant. 

4. Couple Portray Mehndi Design

Couple Portray Mehndi Design

Make the wedding night special by carving yourself and your groom on your hands. Show the world how amazing you fell on this special occasion. 

5. Rani Mehndi Design

Rani Mehndi Design

You will always be a queen, no matter what. And you don't need a king for that. This is your day, and you have every right to make it special with this Rani Mehndi design. 

6. Heavy Work Mehndi Design

Heavy Work Mehndi Design

This design is for all the people who love Mehndi with heavy design on it. This design has everything the design, pattern, and more.

7. Mughal Mehndi Design

Mughal Mehndi Design

If you are a bride and having a royal wedding, then you can have a design of Mughal in your hand and Leg. The designs might look old, but once it is made, it will look classy.

8. Mehndi Designs With Names

 Mehndi Designs With Names

Earlier, men used to search for their name on women’s Mehndi, but now every bride writes their name on hand directly with designs.

9. Indian Style Mehndi Design

Indian Style Mehndi Design

Get all desi with the Indian Style Mehndi, as it perfectly shows the design of the Indian Style and Pattern. 

10. Egyptian Mehndi Design

Egyptian Mehndi Design

The geometrical shapes, lines and dots speak for themselves. Egyptian Mehndi designs hint at traditions in their patterns, making them stylish for men and women.

11. Jaali Mehndi Design

Jaali Mehndi Design

This jaali dar Mehndi is inspired by Mughal art and style, where Jaalis are a prominent symbol of light reaching the darkest of places. May the occasion bring more light and happiness to your life. 

12. Bracelet Mehndi Design

Bracelet Mehndi Design

If you want something sober yet classy for your wedding functions, this Mehndi design is perfect. 

13. Pakistani Mehndi Design

Pakistani Mehndi Design

This gorgeous Mehndi design is inspired by Pakistani style and focuses majorly on the details. This is one of the top choices of every bride. 

14. Bail Mehndi Design

Bail Mehndi Design

'Bail' is a plant which grows anywhere it is planted. In a wedding, it represents that no matter what situations you face, work with your partner to put effort into the bond and let it grow. 

15. Half Mehndi Design

 Half Mehndi Design

If you don't want to cover full hands, this Mehndi design is good for you. 

16. Mehndi Design For Dulhan’s Sister

 Mehndi Design For Dulhan’s Sister

Dulhan's sister is surely the next attraction after Dulhan and Dulha. So for every Bride's sister out there, make the night memorable with this bewitching Mehndi design. 

17. King-Queen Mehndi Design

King-Queen Mehndi Design

King and Queen Mehndi Design best suits a royal theme party or wedding. The design looks easy, but it is the most difficult one as it needs to look perfect. 

18. Baraat Mehndi Design

 Baraat Mehndi Design

This Mehndi design comprises the whole Baarat and gives a beautiful feel of the wedding night. 

19. Half and Half Mehndi Design

Half and Half Mehndi Design

Half and Half Mehndi Design is something new that has come up and can be made not very quickly. But once it is done, it will look great!!!

20. Silhouette Play Mehndi Design

Silhouette Play Mehndi Design

The Silhouette Play Mehndi Design is simple yet filling and can go with not just brides but non-brides women too!!

21. Chequered Mehndi Design For Legs

 Chequered Mehndi Design For Legs

Many bridals love to put Mehndi designs on their legs as well. This is a gorgeous design for your wedding night. 

22. Anklet Mehndi Design

 Anklet Mehndi Design

Hey all the brides, if you dislike putting much Mehndi on your Leg, then go with just Anklet Mehndi Design as it is perfect.

23. Sonam Kapoor Mehndi Design

Sonam Kapoor Mehndi Design

The Sonam Kapoor Mehndi is among the trendy Mehndi designs for bridals. It's beautiful and crafted with elegance. 

24. Deepika Padukone Mehndi Design

Deepika Padukone Mehndi Design

Deepika's Mehndi was as gorgeous as her. Every bride wants a marriage like hers, and what's better than the Mehndi design to start the occasion. 

25. Priyanka Chopra Mehndi Design

Priyanka Chopra Mehndi Design

PC is always on top of the trend, whether Mehndi or anything else. Choose one of Priyanka's Mehndi designs to make your wedding functions more memorable. 

26. Anushka Sharma Mehndi Design

Anushka Sharma Mehndi Design

Anushka and Virat are the idols of newlywed couples. Start the beautiful journey of your marriage with Mehndi designs inspired by Anushka's Mehndi. 

Best Mehndi Designs For Grooms 

The Menhndi designs given below look beautiful on the groom's hand as well. If Ranbir Kapoor can flaunt his Mehendi in Channa Mereya, then who's stopping you? 

1. Mehndi Design Arabic

If you love Arabic design, you can go with Mehndi Design, which looks simple yet elegant. The Mehndi designs in Arabic look good in front and at the back of the hands. 

2. Elephant Mehndi Design

These days the trend is changing, and people are more into making animals like elephants. As it can get decorated in an obvious yet elegant way.

3. Squared Mehndi Design

There is something so fresh and bold about the tribal-inspired and geometric design. Connect them with open, linear spaces to give a bold groom Mehndi design.

4. Tribal Mehndi Design For Men

This Tribal Mehndi design looks amazing on men's hand and you should give it a try. 

5.  Character Inspired Mehndi Design

I bet every groom wants this on his hand. After all, they are Marvels!!

6. Chessboard Mehndi Design

You can go with this design as it is very much different and classy!!

7. Mehndi Design For Ladke Wale

All the groom's relatives out there try this beautiful design for the wedding functions. You will not be disappointed. 

8. Super Hero Groom Mehndi Design

If you do not want much Mehndi in your hand, just make the Super Hero design in your hand.

9. Couple Face Mehndi Design

Nowadays, Mehndi Artists are very much artistic as they can copy the exact face of a couple in the hand of a bride or groom. So, if you are getting married, you can try this Mehndi design. 

10.  Ganeshji Dulha Mehndi Design

For all the Dulhas, if you want a simple and light Mehndi Design for your wedding, go with the Ganeshiji Mehndi Design.

11. Mandala Design For Men

Write your partner's name on your hand and show how much you love her. Your partner will be amazed by this surprise. 

12. Partner’s Name Mehndi Design

If the groom does not want to get a Mehndi design on their hand, then you can go with just the name of your partner on your wedding. 

13. Minimalist Gents Mehndi Design

If you want a Mehndi for your wedding night, but don't want to overdo it, try this simple and sober Mehndi design. 

14. Shri Ganesh Mehndi

Take the blessing of Ganesh Ji and craft the beautiful Mehndi of Ganeshji on your hand. The design can be used by anyone and not just a bride. 

15. Panda Mehndi Design

You can go with the Panda Mehndi Design for men if you are a Panda Lover. This can be put as a Mehndi design backside for men.

16. Abstract Mehndi Design for Men

This Mehndi design looks elegant and classy on every man's hand. 

17. Devotional Mehndi Design

Get the blessings of the Almighty with this Mehndi design that carves out god on your palm. It looks decent, like a decoration painting, though this is a simple and smallest Mehndi design, but it is yet a tad challenging to get this precision right.

18. Wrist Mehndi Design For Men

It is very simple yet trendy for people who want something new design on their hands. It will be the best Mehndi Design 2020 for men as they don’t want to fill their hands with Mehndi. 

19. Half Hand Mehndi Design

If you do not want to have a heavy Mehndi design on your hand or leg, then you can go with the half-hand Mehndi design, as it looks trendy and beautiful. It is a Mehndi design simple for anyone to craft on hand. 

20. Save The Date Mehndi Design

Now you can save the date of your marriage in your hands with Mehndi as it is very much new and looks fantastic.

21. Alladin & Jasmin Mehndi Design

If you loved the Alladin and Jasmine pair, then you can sketch it on your hand as a Mehndi. These Mehndi pictures look very amazing.

22. Mehndi Designs Roses

Roses look immensely beautiful when crafted on every woman's hand. The roses can be designed in many ways depending on your desired look. So this New Mehndi Design Pic For Women and Men is the one for you.

23. Arabic Diamond Mehndi Design

This Arabic Mehndi design looks amazing on men's hands as it complements the physical structure of the hands. 

24. Mehndi Design For Dulha Sister

Why should Dulha's sister be behind in having the fun? All the groom's sisters out there must try this beautiful Mehndi design. 

Mehndi Designs For Men & Women 

This is the 21st century, and Mehndi looks great on every hand, whether a man or a woman. So here are the beautiful Mehndi designs for all. 

1. 3D Mehndi Design

3D Mehndi Design

This is the new design which has now come up. The 3D Mehndi Design makes your Mehndi look more manifest, and the design is more specific. 

2. Floral Mehndi Design

Floral Mehndi Design

Pretty floral booties combined with luxury make a great Mehndi wedding design.

3. Peacock Mehndi Design

Peacock Mehndi Design

Every Mehndi is incomplete with a Peacock Mehndi Design as it is the most basic yet most loved design for all brides and non-bride. Even the peacock Mehndi design can go for men too. 

4. Parrot Mehndi Design

Parrot Mehndi Design

Parrot design is an old art for Mehndi, but it looks stunning once made in hand or legs. So this New Mehndi Design Pic For Women and Men is the one for you.

5. Only Finger Mehndi Design

Only Finger Mehndi Design

It is one of the Mehndi designs, simple as it is, for people who do not want to put much Mehndi on in their hands so that they can go with just fingers.

6. Mandala Mehndi Design

Mandala Mehndi Design

Mandala is an all-time favourite, and this mandala design looks pretty in every woman's hand. The Mandala looks pretty if made clearer and thicker. 

7. Proposal Mehndi Design

Proposal Mehndi Design

You can design your dream proposal in your hand as a Mehndi Design.

8. Indo-Western Mehndi Design

 Indo-Western Mehndi Design

This gorgeous design takes the Mehndi game to the next level. This one is surely a must-try. 

9. Surya Lover Mehndi Design

Surya Lover Mehndi Design

Surya Mehndi's design looks so pretty on the back of the hand, and it complements every occasion, whether big or small. 

10. Moon Lover Mehndi Design

Moon Lover Mehndi Design

Making moons on hand signifies love and peace. So if you love the moon, get it in your Mehndi Design. 

11. Bird Cage Mehndi Design

 Bird Cage Mehndi Design

This bird-cage design looks great on the wall and on the hands. 

12. Kaarwachauth Mehndi Design

Kaarwachauth Mehndi Design

Surprise you partner with this beautiful Mehndi design on Karvachauth. You can also write your partner's name on it. 

13. Mehndi Design For Kids

Mehndi Design For Kids

If your kid is fond of Mehndi, then get him/her this cute design on the hands. 

14. Mehndi Design For Legs

Mehndi Design For Legs

Mehndi on legs look gorgeous. You should give this design a try. 

15. Mehndi Design For Bride

Mehndi Design For Bride

Make the wedding functions memorable with this bewitching Mehndi design. 

16. Mehndi Design For Teej

Mehndi Design For Teej

Teej is one function where Mehndi on hands is prominent. This Mehndi design looks classy on the hands. 

17. Mirror Mehndi Design

Mirror Mehndi Design

For people who love symmetry, this Mehndi design is a wonderful idea. 

18. Full Hand Intricate Mehndi Design

Full Hand Intricate Mehndi Design

This Mehndi design looks amazing on hands and legs both. 

19. Butterfly Mehndi Design

Butterfly Mehndi Design

Celebrate the child in you with this prettiest butterfly Mehndi design. 

20. Mughal era Mehndi Design

 Mughal era Mehndi Design

Mughal Mehndi design is focused on the details and looks really good both on the hands and legs. 

21. Nature Mehndi Design

Nature Mehndi Design

This Mehndi design is inspired by nature. 

22. Colourful Mehndi Design

Colourful Mehndi Design

Getting colours on your Mehndi is a unique idea. You can try various colours which go well with the shade of your hands. 

23. Dots And Small Leaves Mehndi Design

Dots And Small Leaves Mehndi Design

Leaves on hands always look classy. This is an elegant Mehndi design which looks pretty on every hand.

24. Khafif Mehndi Design

Khafif Mehndi Design

This is a gorgeous Mehndi design for the back of your hand. 

25. Bird Mehndi Design

Bird Mehndi Design

You can get this Mehndi design on your palm, the back of your hands or even your feet. It will look equally pretty. 

26. Pendant Mehndi Design 

Pendant Mehndi Design 

This Mehndi design looks charismatic on the feet. 

27. Combination Of Khafif and Indian Mehndi Design

Combination Of Khafif and Indian Mehndi Design

Get this intricate Mehndi design on your hands for any occasion. You will love it. 

28. Food Love Mehndi Design 

Food Love Mehndi Design 

Carry your love for the food with this Mehndi design on your palm. 

29. Hashtag Mehndi Design

Hashtag Mehndi Design

Make your wedding a hashtag with this Hashtag Mehndi design. 

30. Jhula Mehndi Design

Jhula Mehndi Design

This is a great Mehndi design for festivals like Teej, Diwali, Rakhi and more. 

31. Animal Lover Mehndi Design

Animal Lover Mehndi Design

Show-off your love for the animals with this beautiful Mehndi design. 

32. Shaded Mehndi Design

Shaded Mehndi Design

This Mehndi design gives an amazing 3D effect on your hands. 

33. Dreamcatcher Mehndi Design

Dreamcatcher Mehndi Design

Never let the beautiful dreams slip away from your hands!

34. Dreamcatcher Mehndi Design For Legs

Dreamcatcher Mehndi Design For Legs

The Dreamcatcher design looks pretty on the legs as well. 

35. Paisleys Mehndi Design

Paisleys Mehndi Design

Get this Paisleys Mehndi Design in your hand and get all gloomy and flowery!!!

36. Geometric Patterns Mehndi Design

Geometric Patterns Mehndi Design

Make the Geometric Pattern in your hand, as it is very clean and perfect!!!

37. An Unconventional Mehndi Design

An Unconventional Mehndi Design

Make your leg look pretty with the unconventional Mehndi Design!!!!

38. A Trailed Pattern Mehndi Design

A Trailed Pattern Mehndi Design

If you want something different and unique Mehndi Design, go with the Trailed Pattern Mehndi Design.

38. Let Mandala Do All The Talking!

Let Mandala Do All The Talking!

Mandalas are perfect-looking designs in every hand just a simple Mandala will work perfectly!!

39. Bride’s Mother, Mehndi Design

Bride’s Mother, Mehndi Design

This Mehndi Design is for all the Mommies out there who do not get time when it is their child's marriage, but she needs a different design, so this design is for 'Mommies.'

40. Travel Love Mehndi Design

Travel Love Mehndi Design

If you are a Travel lover, make it draw in your Mehndi Design as it is a Unique Mehndi Design!!!!

41. The Dinty Bootis Mehndi Design

The Dinty Bootis Mehndi Design

The little bootis look pretty in your Mehndi Design, and the bootis can be made of flowers to make it look more pretty.

42. Full-Length Leg Mehndi Design 

Full-Length Leg Mehndi Design 

You can go with various designs on your legs, but this particular design is very much classy yet elegant. The model has the best monuments in India too!!!

Mehndi Designs For Back Hand 

Make your hand prettier by getting these gorgeous Mehndi designs on the back. 

1. Dragon Fly Mehndi Design

Dragon Fly Mehndi Design

If you love to draw Mehndi on the back of your hand as well, must try this one. 

2. Mehndi Jewellery Design

Mehndi Jewellery Design

Now, you can get the jewellery design in your hand to be anything like this Mehndi hai rachne wali in all the pretty hands. So this New Mehndi Design Pic For Women and Men is the one for you.

3. Glitter Mehndi Design

Glitter Mehndi Design

You just can't get enough of this bewitching glitter Mehndi design. 

4. Sheer Elegance Mehndi Design

Sheer Elegance Mehndi Design

This design is purely elegant with a beautiful pattern and looks great on a girl's hand.

5. The Jhumki Mehndi Design

The Jhumki Mehndi Design

Get some Jhumkis in your Mehndi Design, which can be crafted beautifully. The Jhumki Design is for all women and not just for Brides.

6. Ring Mehndi Design

Ring Mehndi Design

You can go simple with the back and heavy on the ring area to make your Mehndi look elegant!!!

7. Adjoined Chakras Mehndi Design

Adjoined Chakras Mehndi Design

Adjoin each and every Chakra in your Mehndi Design and make it look perfect in your hands

8. Mehndi Back Design

Mehndi Back Design

You can go with the basic back design of the Mehndi. This design looks well if you do not want anything filling.

9. Connect With Dots Mehndi Design

Connect With Dots Mehndi Design

The connection is necessary to connect your Mehndi with the beautiful dots. So this New Mehndi Design Pic For Women and Men is the one for you.

Mehndi Designs For Palm 

Get these cute and lovely Mehndi designs on your palm and rock any event. 

1. Matka Mehndi Design

 Matka Mehndi Design

If you are going for a Mehndi design and want something simple, go with the Matka design, which is beautiful and straightforward.

2. Lord Mehndi Design

Lord Mehndi Design

Get the blessing of the Lord with the design of Mehndi in your hand!!!!!

3. Modish Half Coverage Mehndi Design

Modish Half Coverage Mehndi Design

The Modern trend is half-hand Mehndi which looks pretty and too bright!!

4. Heart Mehndi Design

Heart Mehndi Design

Mehndi is love for all, so design with a heart is a must as it looks beautiful in hands.

5. Leaf Mehndi Bail

Leaf Mehndi Bail

This simple and sober Mehndi design is good for any occasion. 

6. Lotus Mehndi Design

Lotus Mehndi Design

Lotus Mehndi Design is also very much in trend, and it is a Mehndi unique design for everyone who applies the design on their hand.

7. Spacious Mehndi Design

Spacious Mehndi Design

If you have a Mehndi Design with space, it will look different yet clean in your hand. 

8. Diagonal Floral Trail Design

 Diagonal Floral Trail Design

Make the trail in a Diagonal design to make it look pretty on your side!!!

9. All Things Weddings Mehndi Design

All Things Weddings Mehndi Design

In this design, you will get all the elements that are available during the Wedding Ceremony. This design is adorable!!!

10. Half-Moon Mehndi Design

Half-Moon Mehndi Design

If you are a moon lover, you are gonna love this Mehndi design. 

11. Rangoli Mehndi Design

Rangoli Mehndi Design

If you like any of the Rangoli designs, then paste it in your hands as it is a perfect design for your hand.

Mehndi Designs For Rakhi Festival 

Make this Rakhbandhan more special with these beautiful and lovely Mehndi designs. 

1. Rakhi Mehndi Design

Rakhi Mehndi Design

Show your sibling love with this brother and sister Mehndi design on your hands.

2. A Treat To Eyes Mehndi Design

A Treat To Eyes Mehndi Design

This Mehndi design is a treat to the eyes as it is made with so much simplicity, and each pattern is made very differently.

3. Multi-Patterned Mehndi Design

Multi-Patterned Mehndi Design

In this Multi-Pattern design, Mehndi has everything like a Peacock, Flowers, Couple, and more. It is an all-in-one Mehndi Design.

4. Tribal Mehndi Design

Tribal Mehndi Design

Tribal Mehndi Design looks best on Mehndi's backhand as it can be represented well and looks sophisticated. So this New Mehndi Design Pic For Women and Men is the one for you.

5. Feather Mehndi Design

Feather Mehndi Design

With a simple feather like a Mehndi, your hands or legs look pretty and can go with any event.

6. Diamond Mehndi Design

Diamond Mehndi Design

Diamond doesn't only look good on the fingers but on the hands as well. 

7. Western Mehndi Design

Western Mehndi Design

So here we have mentioned the best Mehndi Design for all women and men. The designs mentioned above are simply elegant, and we are sure you would love to get them in your hands and legs. The designs are unique yet beautiful. 


Mehndi is a beautiful way of expressing happiness. From weddings to Rakhi or any other occasion, people now love to put on pretty Mehndi designs. You may also read our article on top gold jewellery sets for weddings in India

In this article, I have tried to provide you with all possible New Mehndi Designs For Men and women. If you still have any questions feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Mehndi both for men and women?

A. Absolutely, it is for both men and women. Mehndi designs for both are available in the article above. 

Q. Which type of Mehndi is best?

A. Kaveri cone Mehndi is the best. The henna gives you a rich dark stain and is made of premium quality henna leaves. 

Q. Which Mehndi is long-lasting?

A. Natural Mehndi is long-lasting. It gives you a much darker and rich colour. 

Q. Can we put on Mehndi for any occasion?

A. Yes, Mehndi looks good on every occasion and can be put on on both hands and legs. 

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