7 Best Sites To Buy Action Figures In India

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Are you also one of those people who love to collect action figures but have no idea about where to purchase them online? If yes, this article will be beneficial to you. 

In this article, we will tell you about the best site to buy action figures in India. We have also mentioned total visits to their site, detailed reviews, and other important points.

Additionally, we have provided you information about Why Are These Called Action FiguresCategories Of Action Figures, & 5 Best Action Figure Brands In India.

To know more about these websites in detail, scroll down and read this article till the end. 

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Best Sites To Buy Action Figures In India

List Of Best Sites To Buy Action Figures In India

Here we have mentioned the top websites to buy action figures in India along with total visits to their site. Also, we have described each of these sites in detail below the table. So to know more keep reading this article to the end. 

Name Of The Website

Total Visits On Their Site















Why Are These Called Action Figures?

An action figure is a poseable character model figure most frequently constructed of plastic. It is significant for characters from fictitious or historical movies, comic books, video games, or television shows. Boys and adult collectors are typically targeted by the marketing of these figures. They can be moved into various postures thanks to their articulated joints, which allow motion and flexibility. You may start your action figure collection almost anywhere because there are so many.

Review Of Best Sites To Buy Action Figures In India

Here we have reviewed each of these sites from where you can shop for action figures in detail. So to get the complete information, scroll down and read this article completely. Also, check out our article on Best Online Shopping Sites for Kids.

1. Amazon.in 

Amazon is one of the best sites to buy action figures in India. On this large e-commerce site, you can shop according to the characters and the series you like of different action figures. You can get action figures ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 5000. You can also find different categories of action heroes on this website, from where you can opt according to your requirement. 

Amazon.com, Inc is a worldwide technology business based in the United States. This e-commerce website heavily invests in digital streaming, cloud computing, online advertising, and artificial intelligence. The phrase "one of the most

Key Highlights

  • Shop by characters

  • Multiple categories of Action Figures are available

  • Price ranges between Rs. 300 - Rs. 5000 

2. Flipkart.com

The well-known e-commerce site Flipkart has a good supply of action figures. Flipkart is the second number in India's list of the Best place to buy action figures. The same can be found in the Toy category's section under Vehicle & Action Toys. Action figures are available from well-known cartoons, movies, TV shows, comic novels, and even professional wrestlers. 

You can find all the vital information about the action figure, including its measurements and points of articulation, right here, just like with all the other products shown on the website. A great site to find action figurines from Indian cartoons or animated series is Flipkart. 

Key Highlights

  • Genuine supply of action figures

  • Multiple categories of action figures are available

  • Find all the vital information about the action figure

3. Ubuy.co.in

Ubuy enhances the shopping experience by enabling simple, constrained payment methods, quick checkouts, and more. You can find multiple brands and categories from where you shop for the best action figures. On this website, action figures range from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 90,000 and above. 

In 2012, Ubuy established itself as a cross-border buying platform that serves more than 180 nations. Ubuy offers over 100 million brand-new, exclusive products from the top worldwide companies in the US, the UK, and other countries through its website and app. So, hurry up! And get your favourite action figures from their extensive collection. 

Key Highlights

  • Find multiple brands and categories

  • Available in various ranges starting from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 90,000 & above

  • Serves more than 180 nations

4. Desertcart.in

Desertcart.in have a wide range of branded action figures with various categories you can shop for. These action figures range from Rs. 1000 - Rs. 10,000. They are pushing the boundaries of what is possible by combining cutting-edge technology and effective supply chain management, with over 100 million products catalogued on the website being supplied worldwide at a previously impossible delivery pace.

They have fully connected the world and combined it with an unmatched client experience and to their dedicated distribution/consolidation centres in strategic areas worldwide (the US, UK, and India). They send happiness boxes as the site delivers the product to your doorstep within 9-15 days. 

Key Highlights

  • Supply chain management with over 100 million products 

  • Delivers the product to your doorstep within 9-15 days

  • Shop For an extensive range of action figures

5. Superherotoystore.com

Superhertoystore.com is the one-stop shop for everything merchandise, including action figures, collectables, movies, games, posters, and t-shirts, whether for comic books, television shows, cartoons, sports, or movies. They try to make every fan, supporter, and enthusiast possible to connect with and express their enthusiasm.

"Bring heroes home" is the mission they pursue and strive for. This website contains different action figure types, brands, and characters. You can easily shop by brand and scale according to your requirements. This website has an exclusive range of the best anime figurines in India.

Key Highlights

  • Shop by brand, character and scale 

  • Buy an exclusive range of the best anime figurines

  • Action Figure price ranges from Rs. 499 to more than Rs. 20,000

6. Funcorp.in

The fastest-growing online marketplace for action figures, games, and collectables in India is FunCorp.in. founded by two enthusiastic Indians. It was established to revolutionise the country's long-standing toy and game market by bringing the best toys, action figures, and collectables from around the globe to India under one roof.

Funcorp has something in store for everyone, whether you're a young parent seeking the perfect game or toy for your child, a child seeking the perfect item for your pastime, or a young adult seeking to add the most popular collection of your preferred film or TV show franchise. You can also buy Marvel action figures in India through this site conveniently. 

Key Highlights

  • Key specifications in E-commerce, Action Figures, Toys, Games, Collectibles, and Baby Care & Gear

  • Shop by categories, characters and brands on this website

  • Price ranges between Rs. 499 to Rs. 5,000

7. ActionfiguresIndia.in

On the Ebay India website, Action Figure India has been importing and selling high-quality action figures and collectables, pleasing its clients. The site contains featured products, featured categories and feature brands of the action figures. You can learn about the artist, the setting, the action figure's dimensions, and other details by looking at the action figure. If you're interested in any products, email the necessary information to place an order and pay a deposit.

Because the majority of them must be imported, delivery of your order will take between 15 to 25 days. You can ask them to find a specific action figure if you're trying to purchase one but need help finding it on their menu. Since eBay India was shut down in 2018, they launched a new website in 2009 and have remained a vital part of the Indian Collectors community. To the total delight of the clients, they offer quality service at competitive prices.

Key Highlights

  • Contains featured products, categories and brands of the action figures

  • Order delivery to your doorstep takes 15-25 days

Categories Of Action Figures

Superheroes: Numerous action figures are based on well-known superheroes who first appeared in comic books, including Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and others.

Movies: Renowned film franchises like "Star Wars" use sizable ensembles of well-known actors.

TV: Characters from television wrestling make up one of the most popular categories of action figures. Collectors of mayhem makers can't resist the combo of heroes and villains.

Video games: Many action figures have appeared as characters in titles like Mortal Kombat.

The world of sports: Young people who participate in physical activity or love watching it on TV often collect action figures of their favourite athletes, such as LeBron James and the cast of "Space Jam."

Anime and manga: Computer-generated characters from Japanese video games, animated TV shows, and comic books are known as anime and manga.

Dinosaurs: These replicas of iconic dinosaurs from our Dinosaur age include the T. rex, pterodactyls, and raptors.

Transformers: These action figures have their category and have appeared in cartoons and motion pictures. These are humanoid robots that can transform into either animals or vehicles.

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5 Best Action Figure Brands In India

Action Figures are among the most demanded products by kids and adults of different ages. Here are the top brands from where you can shop for your favourite action figures.

1. Mattel: To make their action figures as accurate as possible, Mattel pays close attention to detail. Your child will be pushed into a world of creativity and storytelling due to the 3-inch miniatures.

2. Trunkin: You can let your inner geek out with the massive array of collections offered at Trunkin. You may expand your collection by purchasing action figures from the brand at very reasonable costs.

3. Tinion: Tinion action figures look lovely displayed on a desk, a collectables shelf, or a car's dashboard. These action figures, made of rigid PVC, also make wonderful birthday presents for everyone.

4. Camin: Use your imagination's power with this assortment of Camin action figures. Each figure's realistic features, finely sculpted poses, and vibrant colours bring your favourite heroes to life.

5. Skillmatics: American (ASTM), European (EN-71) and Indian (BIS) safety regulations are all utterly maintained by Skillmatics toys. The company wants to give families more incredible play options so every child can reach their full potential.


This was all about the Best site to buy action figures in India. I hope you have received all the information after going through the article. We have provided you with each minor detail. However, if you still have any questions, feel free to ask them in our comment section, and we will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are action figures so expensive in India?

A. Toys made by reputable manufacturers are generally of good quality, but they are also pricey. Since the demand levels in India are low, the output is inevitably small. This causes the prices to rise.

Q. How to sell your action figures?

A. The Best Way to Sell Action Figures Online is to run an Ecwid store on your website, on popular social media platforms, or through marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. Open your Instant Site in a few minutes or add a “Buy Now” button to your blog.

Q. Which country sells the cheapest toys in India?

A. Because of the lower prices and trendy designs, Chinese toys have become more prevalent in the Indian markets.

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