Sacred Games Netflix Series - About and How You can Watch it for Free

The much anticipated first Indian Netflix Original Sacred Games since the Netflix Trailer released has finally arrived on July 6th 2018 and is going great with excellent review. We have written about the series and how you can watch it for free?

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Sacred Games is the first Netflix India Show by director Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. Also, it is the first time that we will be seeing stars of great stature ensemble featured on a web series. The Star cast includes Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, Neeraj Kabi, Rajshri Deshpande, Kubra Sait etc. The series has been based on Vikram Chandra critically acclaimed Sacred Games Book. Also, the Sacred Games Book received positive review from the readers.

It is an eight Episode series which is going great with a rating of 9.3 on IMDB and 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. The series launched on Netflix on 6th July 2018. It is a story of two characters Sartaj Singh and Ganesh Gaitonde. The story starts when Sartaj gets a random phone from a stranger telling Mumbai is gonna blow up in 25 days. It is where the struggle between an honest cop and a ruthless gangster begins. It is divided in two stories which is of Sartaj and Gaitonde going in two different timelines.

The character of Sartaj Singh has been played by Saif Ali Khan who does full justice to the role. Sartaj is a decent person, an honest cop but has issues of anxiety. He is divorced, often bullied by his colleagues, has no assignments, and is dependant on pills. He is the main protagonist of the series and it is when he receives a phone call from a random person that Mumbai is gonna blow up in 25 days the story starts actually.

Ganesh Gaitonde is a ruthless gangster who sometimes perceives himself as god. His presence in the series is menacing and is the best and the most complex character in the series. The character has so many layers to it, he isn’t either good or bad, he does things in response to his circumstances or simply because that’s what he do. The Character is played by none other than Nawazuddin Siddiqui. It feels like the role was made for him. The role has been played by such ease that you might not feel this is acting. The actor himself feels glad to have played such a role and feels great about the fact that he doesn’t really had to restricted himself as the series launched on Netflix.

Sacred Games has taken a very realistic approach with crass and abusive language which is for mature audience only, a whole lot of violence and gore, and full frontal nudity along with few explicit sex scenes. Even the beginning of the show starts with a pomeranian thrown of a building who bleeds to death on the road. Although, it has been mentioned that no real animals were harmed during the making.

Also, the production value of the series is simply great. Netflix leaves no room for compromise with the best technology behind the scene. The locations in many scenes are real and gore feels authentic. Also, the clever thing on the series is that the part of Sartaj Singh has been directed by Vikramaditya Motwane while Gaitonde has directed by Anurag Kashyap. Sacred Games has now been launched in various countries Worldwide with subtitle in languages like Russian, Finnish, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish, Turkish and many more.

In case you have any important work the next day I recommend not to start the first episode. It is a binge watch and you won’t be capable of stopping once you get a hang of all the characters. So, if you are planning to buy a subscription below are listed the plans that you can avail. Also, we will tell you how you can watch Sacred Games for free.

Sacred Games Season 2 Release

There hasn’t been any official news from the makers or from any authentic media till now whatsoever but after the huge success of the series there are chances that there will be a Season 2 in making. Also, after the great success of the first series in India by Netflix they have declared another original named Ghoul. The series will be a three part horror original by Netflix which will also be directed by Netflix. Radhika Apte will be leading the story as the main protagonist in the upcoming Netflix Original. The trailer of the original has been launched and it will be releasing on 24th August 2018

How to Avail Netflix Subscription

Netflix is the top most online content streaming platform, It almost feels the organization is on to global domination. The streaming service has wide range of content for any kind of audience. They have all the top series and movies you can think along with Netflix Originals made with some of the A-listed directors as well as Actors/Actresses.Follow these steps get your subscription today

  • In order to reach the Sign Up page, Click here.

  • Now look at the plans and click on continue.You can also read the terms & Condition on the following page.

  • Now enter your Email Id and the Password you wish to use.

  • Now enter the details on your card and you can also change your plan here, agree with terms & conditions and click on Start Membership.

  • Congratulations !!! You have successfully Signed Up on Netflix.

Now this where we tell you, how exactly you watch Sacred Games for free, so scroll down.

Click Here for Sacred Games

Netflix Plans

Netflix is one of the most widely used paid online streaming service in the world, Also they use a bunch of plans to cater the need of their customers. These are the plans that are listed on the website so that you can watch your favorite TV series on the anywhere you want. The plans on Netflix are listed below






HD Available




Ultra HD Available








Laptop, TV, and Smartphone Compatibility




Unlimited Movies and TV Shows




Anytime Cancellation




Free Month




Watch Sacred Games for Free on Netflix

Netflix comes with a free monthly trial that you can avail on any of the package mentioned above. You don’t even have to do anything special to avail the service, it is mentioned on the Sign Up itself that you will be getting a free-month trial. Although, you have to enter your card details but you can cancel the membership any day but trust me, you won’t be able to. Now looks at some of the key features of Netflix Subscription.

Netflix - Key Features

These are some of the key features of the online streaming web based service so check for the features yourself:

  • Cancel Anytime: You can your subscription anytime even during the time of your free subscription period.

  • Use Any Computer, Laptop, and Smartphone: Use any device be it your laptop, desktop or any smartphone for instance to access Netflix.

  • Watch Instantly or Download for Future: You can watch all your favorite Movies and Series on the go. In case you wish to download content for later use, you can do that also. You can also perform a Sacred Games Netflix Download to watch it later.

  • Watch on TV or Any other Smart Device: YOu can use your Smart TV or any smart device like PS4, Xbox, Fire TV stick, chromecast to access Netflix.

  • Pick Your Price: They have three different to suit your need, choose for the best as per you. Although, I would recommend the at least the Standard Subscription.

After the success of Sacred Games Netflix India TV might start the trail of new shows in India. Also, the trailer for the next upcoming original by Netflix “Ghoul” which stars Radhika Apte as the lead star has launched, click here to reach the trailer.

Click Here for Sacred Games

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