Best Online Lottery in India: Sites & Apps [Updated 2022]

Here we have mentioned the Top Lottery Sites in India for you to play the game and earn cash.

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Top Lottery Sites in India [Updated 2021]

Here you will know about the best Lottery sites in India. These sites are 100% safe and trusted.

Every site has been studied and analyzed widely to make sure it is overall trustworthy. Playing the best online lottery sites in India allows you to locate hundreds of different lotteries from the comfort of your own home. 

Indian players also have a chance to play international lotteries on mobile or computer.

Since individual online lotteries occur outside of India, They’re not directed to the same Indian gambling laws. As a result, you can play an international lottery no distress which Indian state you live in.

You can read the complete information about the online lottery sites. Also, if you have always wondered about the tax liabilities on Lottery winnings and what is the rate of tax on Lottery Winnings in India, then you will get your answers later in this post, keep reading!!!


Why play the online lottery in India?

  • Because the online lottery is more durable, more manageable, and more comfortable, similar to its offline equivalent, it suggests you do not have to jump the lottery on any provided day (which, if success were to have it, could be the day your lucky number gets up).

  • Because online lottery ticket booking in India is remarkably adaptable and comfortable, thinking you can wish your ticket from a myriad of lotteries possible over lottery and casino sites. This provides you enough time to single out the lottery that enables you to play on the most inadequate reasonable outlay.

  • Because online lottery in India = a ton of offers and bonuses, these involve free tickets (once you’ve signed up and purchased your first lottery ticket, the next ticket normally appears free), discounts, and profitable referral bonuses (refer a friend or invite your family and win a significant prize).

  • Because winning an online lottery in India involves lightning-fast abandonment. You will be informed almost immediately, and you can then remove the winnings at any time of your choice.

  • Because you get 24×7 customer support

Lottery Websites in India

Online Lottery Websites In India

Ratings Of Best Lotto Sites in India

Highlights Of Top Lottery Sites in India

Lotto Kings

4.8 Stars

  • Impressive Catalogue

  • Safe and Credible

  • Mobile-Compatible


5 Stars

  • 50+ Lottos
  • No Fee
  • Mobile App


4.9 Stars

  • Safe and Secure
  • Rewarding
  • App Available


4.6 Stars

  • Renowned Operator
  • Safe and Secure
  • Mobile-Friendly

Lotto Smile India

4.7 Stars

  • Many Lotteries
  • Reliable Operator
  • Easy Navigation


4.8 Stars

  • Syndicates & Bundles
  • Licensed and Secure
  • User-Friendly


4.7 Stars

  • Great Catalogue
  • Top Support
  • For Android and iOS

Lotto Agent

4.6 Stars

  • Secure Partner
  • Top Service
  • Reliable and Safe


1. Lotto Kings

LottoKings is a betting stage that empowers its members to challenge an of the proposed lotteries' winning numbers. It is a free online lottery website for you to play. So, if you are bored, then play on Lotto Kings and win real money.

If you are an Indian, you can play the game online and pay your amount via Credit Card, International Debit Cards, Netteller, and Skrill only, as they are the most accessible payment options.

You can download it On Android and iOS. 

Why play with LottoKings?

There’s nothing like picking the most wonderful lottery, picking your numbers, and then expecting the draw that could make you a Tycoon!

Just place your order and let the team take care of the rest. If your numbers come up, you’re a champion, and it is a legal online lottery in India, 100% of the prize is yours, LottoKings does not charge any payment on your winnings. The price of your ticket is all you ever pay.

How does it work?

With LottoKings, representing the lottery is very easy. Pick the Best Online Lottery in India (2022 Complete Guide) you like, then choose the number of tickets and the numbers you want to perform with. They also offer the Quick Pick option, where the system picks your lucky numbers for you.

Finish the order, and you’ve achieved your stake in the next available draw.

Why play lotteries around the world?

With LottoKings, you can increase your horizons. They give you entrance to the big jackpots you’ve always imagined of winning—over 20 games at your fingertips and Billions to win every week. No matter where you are, LottoKings ensures your play and the number of your winnings.

Play Now

2. The Lotter

The Lotter is a genuine Online Lottery Site in India in which you need to buy a ticket. When you want to play the biggest lottery draws on the globe on the site, the agents at a network of local offices worldwide go out and actually purchase genuine lottery tickets on your behalf. After which, you play the game with real money. 

If you are an Indian, you can play the game online and pay your amount via Credit Card, International Debit Cards, Netteller, and Skrill only, as they are the most accessible payment options.

Play the Biggest Lotteries

They offer clients the chance to play to win the world’s most popular lotteries. Their services present:

  • 45+ lotteries with the most important jackpot prizes, including US Powerball, EuroMillions, Mega Millions, and daily and local draws.

  • 95+ lotteries with events, knowledge, and winning numbers. Ample range of gambling opportunities, including syndicates, bundles, multi-draws, and subscriptions.

  • Dedicated mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad.

  • It is a government lottery in India.

How TheLottoers Work?

  • Sign-up for a free account in the Best Online Lottery In India 2022.

  • I prefer a lottery to play, pick your numbers, and buy your tickets.

  • Their agents will buy official tickets on your behalf.

  • Your tickets will be browsed to your own account ere the draw.

  • They will inform you by email or SMS when you win.

  • Get your full winnings, paid out 100% commission-free.

  • Activities guarded by GeoTrust 128-bit SSL security layer.

  • Money-back guarantee on your first investment Investigated copy establishes your purchase of the ticket.

  • The full suite of self-limiting devices strongly support effective gaming rules

  • Client support in 14 languages via Live Chat, email, and social media

  • None

Play Now

3. LottoLand

Lottoland: Lottery Online | Play international lotteries from India is a trusted Top Lottery Site in India, contributing an exhaustive number of lotteries for all the players. As a player, you have the opportunity to win the reward, and even if you match 2-3 numbers, you can win cash prizes. So, it is now time to try your skill at a game of lottery online.

If you are an Indian, you can play the game online and pay your amount via Credit Card, International Debit Cards, Netteller, and Skrill only, as they are the most accessible payment options.

You can download the Online Lottery India On Android and iOS. 

Different ways to play The Lottery!

On the Lottoland app or web, there are four principal ways to play global lotteries. They are:

  • Single Tickets – Anyone can buy one ticket (bet) for one draw.

  • Multi-Draws – You play on various draws

  • Subscriptions – With support, you will play on all the draws until you remove your subscription. Usually, it has a friendly discount.

  • Syndicates – When performing with a syndicate, you meet numerous other players on many numbers. It goes like this, Lottoland determines a set amount lines, 300, for example. Then select several pieces the syndicate will have. Let’s say it has 100. You can buy as many parts as you like, and each share gives you a percentage of all the gains the numbers get. So if you buy 5 shares, you will get 5% of everything the syndicate wins. With 300 numbers, you have many good possibilities of winning something right!

  • Opportunity to win millions on the go 
  • The immediate way to your account & game account
  • Information on wins and promotions
  • Review Draw Results & Winning Numbers
  • Exclusive mobile offers and discounts
  • None

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4. Wintrillions

WinTrillions is owned by Triangulum N.V. and was founded in 2005, and it is regarded as one of the best online lottery websites in India in the enterprise. Currently, they serve over 480,000 players that come from 118 countries around the globe.

If you are an Indian, you can play the game online and pay your amount via Credit Card, International Debit Cards, Netteller, and Skrill only, as they are the most accessible payment options.

You can Download to win the free online lottery for real money in India On Android and iOS. 

How do I play with WinTrillions?

Playing the world's largest lotteries with WinTrillions is very manageable. You prefer your lottery and choose your lucky numbers, then give us to take care of the rest. 100% of the prize money will then get credited to your account. You could become a millionaire without even moving from your house!

Free Entry For You

If you prefer playing the world's wealthiest lotteries, why not share the happening with your friends? They are so confident they'll love it too that they will let you play Mega Millions for free every time a friend you've referred signs up to play their first lottery or company.

Free Entry For Your Friend

They want you to share the enthusiasm of playing with WinTrillions, so not only will we let you play Mega Millions for Free, but they also make your friends play too. There's no limit to the number of Free Plays you can maintain, so start connecting right now.

How does It work?

  • Login to your account
  • Enter your friend(s) details
  • Wait for your Free Entry
  • Safe and Secure
  • Refund guarantee
  • They do not spam
  • None

Play Now

5. Lotto Smile India

Lotto Smile India offers top lottery messenger services, allowing lottery followers the chance to play their preferred lotto games online and win commission-free prizes. Whether you need to start the popular American lotteries or favour those lotto games with daily draws, you are in the right place.

You can buy one of 100 shares for Rs. 400/- and get an individual opportunity to win the world's biggest lottery game, PowerBall. The draws for PowerBall take place every morning of Thursday and Sunday morning.

If you are an Indian, you can play the game online and pay your amount via Credit Card, International Debit Cards, Netteller, and Skrill only, as they are the most accessible payment options.

You can download it On Android and iOS. 

How to Become a Lottery VIP?

You begin earning points the moment you start to compete on their site. VIP points are collected when you support your LottoSmile account for lottery ticket purchases and are calculated at a rate of Rs. 74.99 =1 point. The more VIP points you earn, the higher your VIP status. And the more high-priced your VIP status, the more you preserve on your lottery play!

VIP Level
VIP Points





2,001 - 5,000



501 - 2,000



201 - 500



51 - 200



Play Lotto Draws Online in 4 Easy Steps!

  • Pick from 50+ official lotteries, no circumstance where you live! 

  • They buy an absolute lottery ticket on your interest in one of their 20+ local offices.

  • See a scan of your ticket before the draw in your 100% safe online account.

  • Get automatic email & SMS winning notifications, and take home commission-FREE prizes!

  • You can have a live chat with them.
  • You can play a lot of games online.
  • It is 100% safe and secure.
  • None

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6. Lotto247

Lotto247 is a top online lottery website that lets members reach 14 international lotteries right from their own houses' convenience. They implement a safe setting that safeguards each member's secrecy and guarantees payouts to those who win.

If you are an Indian, you can play the game online and pay your amount via Credit Card, International Debit Cards, Netteller, and Skrill only, as they are the most accessible payment options.

You can Download it On Android and iOS. 

How To Play?

Great for playing between engagements; your numbers are automatically selected

  • Choose Your Lottery
  • Pick how many quick pics you want
  • Choose how many draws you want.
  • When you are satisfied with your entries, add them to the cart.
  • Use the checkout to pay when you're ready.

How To Choose your number?

You have to pick your numbers because everyone has a lucky combination!

  • Select this button and select your number or select the lottery listed below.
  • Choose Your Own Lucky Number
  • Select how many draws (spans) you want.
  • When you are satisfied with your entries, add them to the cart.
  • Use the checkout to pay when you're ready.

Safe And Trustworthy

The vast selection of lotteries at Lotto247 necessary means their games are available 24/7 every day. Providing all the top lottery and huge payouts often lead to the question of a site's trustworthiness.

Licensed in Cyprus, playing on Lotto247 is safe with an added SSL encryption layer. Any deposits are kept in a secured wallet, and winnings can be readily withdrawn in your bank accounts, including Jackpot winnings.

  • Games are available 24/7 every day.
  • Games like Keno, Instant Win, and Scratch Cards are available for you to play.
  • Lotto247 has as its USP is their amazing documentation and support.
  • None

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7. Play Huge Lotto

Playhugelottos was established in 1998 and with a quite simple goal, to assist players worldwide with entering the UK lottery. In 1998 the UK lottery was what Powerball is now, the lottery with the biggest jackpot. It has now gained popularity as an online lottery website in India because of the best Lotto games.

For over 20 years, PlayHugeLottos has been the advanced and most Top Lottery Sites in India for all of the world’s largest lotteries. 

If you are an Indian, you can play the game online and pay your amount via Credit Card, International Debit Cards, Netteller, and Skrill only, as they are the most accessible payment options.

With an insurance-based business model, you have assured a payout whenever you accomplish, and payouts are always commission-free. However, it must be said that PlayHugeLottos preserves the power to choose whether to pay out prize money in a lump sum or as an annuity.

The two big highlights of the site, which makes it a must-visit for any Indian lottery lover, is its excellent highlights and many helpful bonuses. There’s a loyalty program that enables you to make every 7th, 6th, 5th, or 4th ticket for free, and it’s not tough to get these. You just have to purchase a couple of tickets every month, and you will give the most important loyalty tier.

Your winnings can also be transferred into play credits as exposed to being cashed out. If you want to do so, PlayHugeLottos will add an extra 25% for free. For instance, turn Rs. 10,000 into play credits, and you’ll get Rs. 2,500 extra.

On top of this bunch, lots are sold, enabling you to enter different lotteries at a reduced price of up to 22%. This is one of the place's four play-style characteristics. The other three are ready to pick, rapid play and interplay:

The quick pick is a weekly highlight that you would see in any other lotto site. It enables you to buy up to 50 tickets with randomly chosen numbers using a unique click.

Rapid play enables you to access certain draws of your personal lotteries. For instance, you could enter all draws in a week for a particular lottery, doing a single click. Or, you could start all draws in a whole month for all of the lotteries you choose. The method is very adaptable.

Intelliplay is even more useful. Here you can set your personal rules to auto-enter lottery draws by holding PlayHugeLottos automatically buy the tickets for you. For example, it could be that you want a ticket every week or that you only need a ticket to be purchased when a jackpot gives a certain amount.

If you enjoy mixing up the lottery with other goods, PlayHugeLottos has a part for keno, immediate win games, and scratch cards, which gives it all the more appealing. Staunch followers of luck can also check out the lottery horoscope characteristic, which allows you to find your lucky numbers depending on your planet.

You can Download it On Android and iOS. 


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8. Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent is an autonomous international organization implementing concierge lottery ticket sales services. Why is it better to buy lottery tickets on Lotto Agent? Lotto Agent is the best setting to get lottery tickets for world-famous state lotto agent India.

If you are an Indian, you can play the game online and pay your amount via Credit Card, International Debit Cards, Netteller, and Skrill only, as they are the most accessible payment options.

You can Download it On Android and iOS. 


Play Now

How To Play Top Lottery Sites in India?

  • Go to the Lottery web or app.
  • Login to your account or create a new account.
  • Give your details to record and confirm your mobile number.
  • Add reserves to your Lotto account.
  • Select the numbers for your favorite lottery and buy the ticket
  • You will automatically be informed if you win.

Few Tips for Determining the Best Lottery Sites in India

No matter if you are purchasing something online easily, like a case for your phone or buying a lottery ticket, the first thing you must concentrate on is whether the site is advanced and reliable. This can be included in quite easy ways, which we have shown here.

Another main factor is the game collection that the administrator has. Look for websites loaded with many and various benefits. The platform is also of fabulous value – you must try to play in websites that are simple to operate, durable, and mobile-friendly. 

Customer support is ever a coveted perk but is not necessary for your experience. Let’s review to what features of the bookmaker you must pay consideration:

  • Safety & Licences
  • Assortment & Diversity
  • Platform Stability
  • Mobile Compatibility

The Best Lotto Sites in India listed at the start of this article are checked and examined before being given to you. They meet all of the criteria, and during the time that was digging in their websites, they established themselves as good and very important. 

They are licensed and maintain the required documents, both when it happens to security and fairness. Customers' overall operation is excellent, and you will not have any problems if you prefer one of them! 

Age To Play Online Lottery in India

To play the Best Online Lottery Sites in India 2022 (Buy legal tickets), you must be 18 years old. Online operatives are very stringent when it comes to the age of their players too. And while it appeared in the past that a player tricked them, the means to stop such scams and the penalties for them are considerable!

Top 6 Reasons Why To Play Lottery

Lottery sites actually offer the most reliable there is when it gets to games. We prefer to say that there are many benefits of lotto websites linked to normal state games, but there are 6 main advantages.

Huge Jackpots

All online lottery jackpots have great prizes, and we are not counting 1 or 2 crore but tens, hundreds, or even thousands of them.

Wide Assortment of Games

Global lottery sites always have at least a dozen tournaments for you to experience. Some websites also have scratchcards, immediate win games, and casino games.

Top Security

Online lottery sites are organized and have permissions that note that they manage all their clients reasonably. Moreover, all your winnings are secured.

Fast Withdrawals

Whatever you win can be switched in a matter of seconds immediately to your neighborhood bank account. All you require to do is confirm your identification once.

Active Customer Support

Any difficulties you have can be clarified by the most excellent customer service available on global lottery websites. You can reach them by phone, live chat, or email.

Great Bonuses

Lottery websites regularly give rewards and improvements that you can experience, such as free tickets. Make certain to verify our welcome bonuses!

Is Online Lottery Ticket Booking in India Safe?

Of course, it is a secure and Online Lottery in India (2022 Guide to Buy the Best Tickets!). Only make certain you purchase the tickets from a good lottery website or an advanced operator. You can scroll up and pick your preferred lottery site from the lists we have curated. When playing the online lottery in India, you might have to reveal private knowledge like phone numbers and card features. 

A good lottery website utilizes data encryption to keep such delicate knowledge under covers and check any data gap. Assume you prefer to perform any of the state-owned lotteries, the Kerala lottery, for the situation. 

In that case, you have to purchase your ticket right from the state’s lottery site. You will have to purchase your tickets from a reliable lottery website if you want to engage in draws.


  • Check if the site has a customer maintenance company in place, 24×7
  • Check if the site gives a variety of payment choices favorite among Indians.
  • Run a security analysis on the site before purchasing a ticket
  • See user studies of the site on the topic.
  • Check if the website operates a valid license from governing bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority, UKGC, and Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.
  • Know the terms and conditions completely

Sit back and rest. We have taken out all the basic health checks and recorded the most reliable online lottery sites here so that you can reach the most popular draws global and transfer the cash records playing.

How to Buy a Lottery Ticket Online

Online lottery is viral. Many participate in lotteries in India and win a significant amount of prize money.

Different states have different rules and regulations regarding online lottery ticket purchases. But to talk in the general sense, you can buy lottery tickets through your e-wallet from the respective lottery site you are buying from.

Also, in another way, you can use your bank credit or debit cards to purchase the tickets online from your chosen lottery website. You need to fill in the account details, and the tickets can be bought from your e-wallet. You will receive the winnings in your e-wallet only.

Tax On Lottery Winnings In India

Lotteries offer a considerable amount in one go. People become millionaires in one night by winning in lotteries. But the lottery win is supposed to have a TDS cut before getting it credited to your accounts. Here we will see the rate of tax on lottery winning in India.

TDS - 31.2% u/s 194B

TDS is supposed to be levied for a winning amount of Rs. 10,000 Or more. TDS of 31.2% u/s 194B will be applicable on the lottery winning above Rs.10,000. The lottery winners will receive the winning money after the deduction of these taxes at applicable rates. This money is taxable irrespective of the income of the winner.

Lottery winning money is not allowed to get any deduction under any section of income tax. Income tax does not allow any 80C or 80D deductions or allowance on such lottery incomes.

Also, no benefits of any exemption limit or income tax slab are applicable to the lottery winnings.

The entire lottery winnings are liable for a flat TDS- 31.2% u/s 194B.

A separate calculation is done under the applicable rate on winnings from the lottery. It is over and above the regular income earned by the winner. The winner's income and his lottery winning are treated separately, not in the same head of - income.

Top Lottery Sites in India Legal in India

With the increase in demand for online gambling in India, a lot of issues were asked. Technically, the law that governs gambling in India dates back to 1867, and it is called ‘The Public Gambling Act.’ With it, all gambling, but for skill games, was proclaimed illegal. 

Lotteries online, luckily for all players, was approved in 1998 in some states of India. Lotto tickets are perfectly legal in Punjab, West Bengal, Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, and Nagaland. Online Indian lottery is legal just in West Bengal, Goa, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, and Maharashtra. 

The good part is that people can play the international lottery in India, without gambling going to jail, or getting some penalties.

So, here we have mentioned the top Lottery websites in India for you to enjoy. These websites will let you win real money. So play now and earn money!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we buy a lottery online in India?

A1. Yes!! You can buy a lottery ticket online in India by simply going to their official website or app and then log in to your ID and start playing. 

Q2. Which states allow lottery in India?

A2. There are only 13 states that allow lotteries to play the free online lottery in India. These are Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Mizoram

Q3. What are some genuine online lotteries in India?

A3. The Online Lottery India - Play Lottery in India for Real Money is The Lotto, Play Huge Lotto, Lotto Agent, and many more for you to play online. 

Q4.Which online lottery is best?

A4. The best online websites to play the lottery in India are listed in the article above. You can check them and choose from there.