How to Play Dream11 Football Game and Earn Money?

Are you a fan of Football? Play your favourite game online and earn money with the Dream11 football game. 

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Dream11 is among the popular fantasy games website where you can play cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, etc. and win real cash after you win a match.

You can even join practice contests on Dream11 to polish your skills and take part in cash tournaments and use your sports knowledge there. Football which is more popularly known as soccer is a game played between 2 teams of 11 players each. 

If you are worried about investing in the site, you can check out Dream11 Discount Coupons and save money before depositing. Also, get to know some of the Dream11 tips and tricks to have a fantastic sports experience. Read about tips and tricks here.

To make your football experience, even more, engaging with Fantasy Football games on Dream11, understand all the steps to earn maximum money while you play. To know more about the Dream11 football game, keep reading!

Football Dream11 Team Today

There are many matches available on Dream11, which you can select according to your skills and interest. If you play a lot of fantasy games online, you will be having a more significant amount of sports information with which you can proceed to create your team on the Dream11 football team.




How To Play Dream11 Football Game?

  • Visit Dream11 website from here.

  • Select a Dream11 football Match you wish to play.

  • Join a contest.

  • Create your team by introducing new football players.

  • Follow and play a match.

  • After winning a tournament, withdraw your winnings in your E-wallet.




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1. Select a Match

First of all, after you have a login on Dream11, select any upcoming match from the list of ongoing and forthcoming football series and click on the 'Create Team' button.

2. Create your Team

You have full freedom to create your team of football Dream11 players by picking 11 individuals as per the following combinations (C1 to C7) where you are having a budget of 100 credits.

Player type


















































You have to select players for your Dream11 football team from all 4 of the categories including Goal-keeper, Defender, Mid-Fielder, and Striker. 

Make sure you check each player's info by clicking on the image. To make your team win and earn more money, do sort players as per their teams, credits or points.

Also, you should keep in mind the total number of players added to your team, your available credits, and the deadline you have for team submission. 

3. Choose your Dream11 team's Captain and Vice-Captain

After creating your Dream11 team, choose a Captain and Vice-Captain for your football team. In Football, the captain gets 2x points scored by him in the actual game, and the vice-captain gets 1.5x points scored by him in the real game. 

4. Opportunity to Create Multiple teams

You can create up to 6 teams in a single match and choose to join a contest with any of the teams created! You need to click on 'CREATE TEAM' for creating more than one team. 

Fantasy Football Points System

You and your team will earn points according to your winnings. The more you win, the more you will earn rewards. There are specific points given to some standard actions that you perform during the India fantasy football game on Dream11. 

a) Playing time - You get some fixed points depending upon the amount of time you have spent on playing the football league. 



Played 55 minutes or more


Played less than 55 minutes





b) Attack - If you are in the attacking team, you have to score goals and create scoring chances for other players in your team. Your action as a striker will provide the following points to your team. 



For every goal scored (Forward)


For every goal scored (Midfielder)


For every goal scored (GK/Defender)


For every assist


For every 10 passes completed


For every 2 shots on target




c) Defense- If you are in a defender team, you need to protect the goal from other team players. Especially if you are a Goalkeeper, you get a higher chance of earning points for your team if you try to catch and prevent the goal of the opponent team. 



Clean sheet (Midfielder)


Clean sheet (Goalkeeper/Defender)


For every 3 shots saved (Goalkeeper)


For every penalty saved (Goalkeeper)


For every 3 successful tackles made





d) Cards and other penalties - Many of you would have played outdoor football games. The points are the same for the respective cards even in the fantasy football game. Also, if your team has the penalty and it gets missed, your team will experience negative points. 



Yellow card


Red card


For every own goal


For every 2 goals conceded (Goalkeeper/Defender)


For every penalty missed





e) Successful passes within team players -If your team members can perform successful passes within themselves, then the whole team can get some extra positive points that get added in the overall scoreboard. 

  • 0-10 successful passes -0.5 points

  • 11-20 successful passes - 1 point

  • 21-30 successful passes - 1.5 points

You can use the Dream11 fantasy football predictions to predict the matches of football teams. You can make unlimited changes to the team before the deadline.

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Dream 11 Account Balance

After the game is over you can check the balance in your Dream11 account and withdraw money. In order to withdraw the money, you first need to get your Dream11 account verified. The verification is a one-time process which is not at al time taking.

The money present in your Dream11 account balance is usually categorised in 3 forms - Deposit, Withdrawal, and Bonus.

Deposit amount: The deposit amount shows any amount that you have deposited on Dream11 but it is not utilised to join a contest. The deposit amount you have deposited which is unutilized in your Dream11 account will show up in your balance you can use it to play cash games.

Winnings: Winnings shows the amount of money earned by you after winning in contests. You can withdraw your winning money at any time after your account is verified. The verification is a one-time process which is not at al time taking. According to the daily withdrawal limit, your withdrawal amount should not exceed a total value of Rs. 2,00,000. The minimum withdrawal amount you can withdraw Rs.200 and a maximum of Rs.2,00,000 at a time. Your money will get credited into your bank account within 5 working days

Cash Bonus: Cash bonus comes from Dream11 side, and you can use this cash bonus to join any public cash leagues and win more cash. The cash bonus awarded by Dream11 comes with an expiry date. It is a freebie offered by Dream 11 and we suggest you use the most of it to win cash.

How can you withdraw your Winning from Dream11 Football Game?

  • Go to your Dream11 account.

  • Then to my account, under the winnings section, click on the "Withdraw" option.

  • Verify your Bank account and PAN to withdraw your winning.

  • Once your details are verified enter an amount you want to withdraw.

  • The minimum amount you can withdraw is Rs. 200.

  • On the registered email id, you will receive a confirmation from Dream11.

How To Verify Your Bank Account On Dream11?

  • Enter your IFSC and your Bank Account Number.

  • Upload the Bank documents, (Passbook front page copy, Bank Statement, or cheque having your name printed on it.)

  • To verify your bank details give Dream11, 3 to 5 days.

  • On many Dream11 accounts, you can't use the same Bank account details.

  • Based on the new compliance rule, Payment banks are not allowed for verification and linking of Dream11 accounts for withdrawals.

  • The account of NRE is not permitted.

When Will The Withdrawal Processed?

On the very next day of the submission of your withdrawal request and are transferred to your verified bank account within 5 working days. Remember, before you place a withdrawal request, you Dream11 account should be verified.

You can request for 3 withdrawals per day and not exceeding a total value of Rs. 2,00,000/-.

Dream11 Withdrawal Status

Visit your dashboard and go to the winnings column, You have to click on the blue “withdraw” button. If you are facing the Dream11 withdrawal problem, there are few conditions you need to check before withdrawing your winning amount.

  • The account should get verified along with the one-time process.

  • You have the option to withdraw a minimum of Rs 200 and Maximum of Rs 2,00,000.

  • Remember to provide the following bank account details: Name of the bank, name of the branch, name of the account holder, account number, and IFSC code.

You cannot withdraw the cash bonus amount, but you can use it to join more contests and win more cash, make sure to use it before it expires!

Dream11 Website

 It is a fantasy gaming website where you can play your favourite sports online and earn money as well. It is India's number one Fantasy Gaming site in 2020.

It is a versatile gaming site where you can play Cricket, Football and Kabaddi all at one place. To play games and earn money you need to select a match, build your team from the list of provided players, and join the game. 

This gaming platform was co-founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth in 2008, and since then, it has become the biggest and most popular fantasy sports site in India.

The company succeeded in partnering with the International Cricket Council, Pro Kabaddi League, International Hockey Federation, WBBL and BBL which has contributed to its success over the past years.

The online gaming site was recently in the news for their official partnership with IPL. The gaming platform is quite impressive and outstanding. It has MS Dhoni as its official brand ambassador.

Dream11 App

 This app is simple yet very attractive. It has a great interface which binds users to the game. The application is not at all complicated, and you can use it right away after download.

This online gaming app was earlier present on the Play Store for download. But recently the play store has removed all the fantasy sports app. Therefore, you won't find this app on the play store anymore.

But don't worry because you can directly download the app from the gaming website. Below we have mentioned how you can easily download the application to start playing and earning money.

That is all about Dream11 tips and tricks for winning contests and earning money. If you miss your childhood days and love to play online games, then download Dream11 and play different sports games and earn real cash with it. 

Why Dream11 is the Best Fantasy Football App?

 If you are wondering what makes the Dream11 app better than any other apps then here we have some real reasons for you. 

Easy Register and Log-in
Dream 11 is an easy to access app which you can download online and install on your device. You can Register on Dream 11 using your Facebook profile or by using your email id and mobile number.
Just enter your email id and mobile number and set up your password and you are done. It is easy to register on Dream11. Also, you can similarly login to the app without any hassle. Use your credentials, and you are in.

Multiple Gaming Options
Dream11 is a one-stop solution for all Fantasy Games. You can play different Fantasy games online using this app. The app is versatile and has Cricket, Football, Kabaddi and more options for you.

Refer and Earn Program 
Dream11 runs a referral program where you can use an invite code on Sign-up to the app and get rewarded. Use Dream11 Referral code and win bonus on Sign up.
When you use a referral code on Sign up you can earn Rs 100 cash bonus which gets credited to your Dream11 account balance. You can use this bonus to play cash games. Also, when you invite your friend, and they use your referral code, you also get rewarded. You will get half of your friend's entry fee as a referral bonus. 

Easy Withdrawal Option
After you have played a game, you can check your winning amount in your account balance. It is easy to withdraw your winning amount on Dream11. To withdraw the money, you have to click on the Withdraw option and verify your Bank account and Pan address.  Once your verification is done, place a withdrawal request. You can easily go ahead and withdraw your winning amount within five working days.

If you know everything about the dream11 football tips, then you can start proceeding by playing the game. You should also know about the dream11 football points, which will eventually let you earn more points and money after winning.

You may find dream 11 football prediction app online that can depict your chances of winning a specific football tournament on Dream11. Now, you must be aware of the selection process and the Dream11 Fantasy Football Points System.

Dream11 has everything in place to ensure that you get the best Fantasy Football experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you pick a football team in dream11?

A1. You have to visit and select Football. Then, choose a match from the available ongoing tournaments on the website. 

Q2. Does dream11 give real money?

A2. Dream11 offers you free and paid contests. You have to pay a certain fee to join a match and can win real cash.

Q3. How can I earn money from dream11?

A3. To earn money from Dream11, you need to play cash leagues. You can select your favourite game on Dream11 from Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Hockey, etc. and earn money after you win. 

Q4. How are dream11 points calculated?

A4. Based on how you have chosen a group of team members to perform in the actual matches, you earn points. Scores get calculated for comparing the performance of all the players in the league.

Q5. How can I play dream11 for free?

A5. You can play the practice games on Dream11 for free. You download the app, scroll through the available matches and select the available practice games. You do not have to invest, and hence you cannot earn money too. 

Q6. Is dream11 gambling?

A6. Dream11 is a form of gambling website as the players can make money by playing fantasy games. But the game begins after you invest some amount on the app. Pay and play is their policy; that is why you can earn money only by depositing some cash in a particular match. 

Q7. How do you know if football is playing 11 before a match?

A7. You may be able to find four options. Click on the lineup option. You can view the playing 11 with their positions on the pitch.