14 Dream11 Tips and Tricks: Best Way To Earn Money

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Are you looking for a way of winning more while playing fantasy sports on Dream 11? 

If yes, this is the perfect article you are reading now. 

In this article, I will tell you about Dream 11 Tips and Tricks, through which you can win more and more games in Dream 11. Additionally, I have also mentioned 

Dream11 is India's biggest website for fantasy sports experience. The online fantasy sports game includes cricket, football, and kabaddi. Dream11 helps you earn real cash.  You just have to play more and level up, and you can get exciting prizes in return. 

Additionally, you can also read our article on Dream11 Referral Code 2023 if you want to refer the games to your friends and earn more through it. 

About Dream11

It is a fantasy gaming website where you can play your favourite sports online and earn money. Presently, it is India's number-one Fantasy Gaming site. It is a versatile gaming site where you can play Cricket, Football and Kabaddi together. To play games and earn money, you must select a match, build your team from the list of provided players, and join the game. 

This gaming platform was co-founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth in 2008, and since then, it has become the biggest and most popular fantasy sports site in India. The company succeeded in partnering with the International Cricket Council, Pro Kabaddi League, International Hockey Federation, WBBL and BBL, which has contributed to its success over the past years. The gaming platform is quite impressive and outstanding. It has Kartik Aryan and Samantha Ruth Prabhu as its official brand ambassador.

Tips and Tricks for Dream11

There are many Dream 11 tips and tricks which you can follow to earn some extra bucks. Create your virtual team by taking the best players worldwide and earning points on their performance. Some of the ways to earn money on Dream11 are listed below.Follow these Dream 11 tips and predictions to get a chance to win various matches on the website, along with saving money with 100% cashback offers. 

1. Play small leagues instead of grand leagues

There is less chance of winning if you participate in grand leagues, played by thousands or lakhs of contestants. You will keep losing your money, and in frustration, you will lose the perfect mindset for choosing the best team for yourself.  So, try your luck playing minor leagues, with a higher chance of winning and earning money. This is undoubtedly a dream 11 best tricks. 

2. Choosing a wicketkeeper as the captain of your team

In Dream11, several cricket matches take place between two neck-to-neck sides. Both teams have great wicketkeepers and batsmen in their ranks. You can pick up only one wicketkeeper in one match; if your wicketkeeper performs well with the bat and gloves, you will earn almost double the points of your opponent's team. This is one of the dream 11 team selection tricks you should know.

3. Importance of the Toss

Now, this is one of the dream 11 prediction tips and tricks. Many matches on Dream11 are unmatched based on their strengths, so focusing on winning the toss and choosing to bat first will be good. Chasing a big target becomes difficult for weaker teams if you do not get batting first.  The team who wins the toss can choose batting or bowling according to their wish. So, this becomes an added advantage for the team winning the toss as the team gets the chance to decide what they can start with the best. 

4. Select your star players wisely

Think carefully before marking a player as captain or vice-captain. If an average player scores 10 points, the same player, if marked as captain, will get 2x, that is, 20 points. Vice-captain gets 1.5x, so 15 points. There are many Dream11 tips and prediction apps which you can follow to see how many chances you have to win a particular match. 

5. Do not Invest All Your Money in One Match

You should invest an equal amount in every match. If you spend all your money on one game, luck may not favour you. Fantasy sports is all about winning or losing money at go. So, remember not to spend much money on one match as it will disadvantage you. For instance, if you have Rs. 10000 in your Dream 11 account, you should divide it into ten parts, i.e. invest Rs.1000 in every match. This way, you can earn more in the long run in Dream11.

6. Choosing All-Rounders As A Captain

The best choice to win more contests is by choosing all-rounders as captain and vice-captain. The benefit of selecting all-rounders as a captain is that they provide you with some additional points in both batting and bowling. These players give you points on both innings with bat and ball. Captains will guide the overall team, so make sure you choose the right player as the captain to make your team win a match. 

7. Keep track of who is winning in grand leagues

Checking how your competitors are winning leagues is also a technique to match them. You should be aware of the Dream11 winning tricks for that; you need to know the name of the winning team, how many games it played, how many leagues it won, and also know if the team experienced a new one. You will learn what your competitors are doing to top the grand leagues and what strategy they are applying to win a game in fantasy leagues.

8. Dream11 allows team modification after the toss

Usually, the toss occurs 30 minutes before start time; you get the most chances to predict the best players. So, you can modify the team until the match starts. Also, you can learn many Dream 11 tips and tricks for today's match through apps like F11, which gives you tips regarding Fantasy Cricket, Dream11 Prediction, Tips And Pro Kabaddi League. 

9. Understand the points system

Every fantasy sports app has a different points system. Many fantasy sports apps give a balanced points system between batting, bowling and fielding. Many online gaming apps give more points to batting points, such as runs and fifties, whereas some offer more weightage to bowling points, such as wickets, maiden overs, etc.

10. Refer and Earn 

Refer and earn allows you to invite friends who play well on Dream11. You can even earn Rs. 100 as a bonus in your account. The more cash contests your friends join, the larger your cash bonus (up to Rs.100 per friend).  So share your Dream11 referral code and earn a bonus on every new sign-up. With your friend's help, you can win contests and earn extra cash by playing your favourite sport. 

11. Use multiple Dream11 accounts 

You can log in to two different Dream11 accounts. The method will help you play more from two accounts, and there will be a higher chance of earning money. Multiple accounts mean you can play more contests and even earn more money. If you also have less money to invest in one account, you can start playing with the other by starting fresh. 

12. Create a real team of 50 Dream11 users

If you play in minor leagues of Dream11, you do not need to group with any other user. Because in a minor league, you require one or two safe teams to play the contest. Some users create more than 300 teams for a single Dream11 match, one of the Dream 11 tricks to win. The technique requires significant investment, but few people apply this tactic to make all possible combinations. They try every best combination that can help them to win in Dream11. The more teams you create, the higher your chance to win and earn rewards. 

13. Boost Performance by Discovering Key Dream11 Resources

Start gaining more knowledge about the Dream11 application. Before forming a team, know everything about the game players, among the Dream11 playing tricks. Make sure you join all Dream11 social media groups to get the latest update about the website. All these three resources are crucial to use effectively to get good results in your fantasy gaming match. If you use these techniques, you will not only win games, but it will improve your social standing. You can create your unique social media platform to share your winning teams once you make money.

14. Dream11 Winning Team Planning to Beat the Competitor

You should be aware of the trick to selecting the Dream11 team. It is essential to have some skills necessary to win a cricket league on Dream11. Formal learning and knowledge about the game is the key. Also, applying appropriate skills and tricks is essential to winning a tournament.  Keep training yourself and your team to build up experience and confidence. Before playing, you need to play with competitors to learn their strengths and weaknesses. 

How to Play on Dream11? 

There is many Dream11 tips and tricks app, including Dream Guru, which helps you succeed in the fantasy sports league. So before you proceed, get to know some simple steps to understand how to play on Dream11. 

  • Visit Dream11.com or open the app
  • Create your team by selecting 11 players
  • Choose a captain and vice-captain for your selected team
  • Join a contest using your cash bonus
  • You can withdraw your winnings to your bank account if you win the competition.

How do you increase your chances of surely winning in Dream 11?

To increase your chances of winning in Dream 11, be intelligent and alert, and always make wise decisions. Start strategically and move intelligently. You can take into consideration the following strategies. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Play the selective matches.
  • Choose your team wisely and consciously.
  • Proper and thorough research needs to be done.
  • Invest the money wisely and adequately.
  • Choose a contest or create one and win money. 

Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks

  • Join Contests with fewer Members: If you join a contest with over 10,000 members, the chances of ranking in the top 10 or 20 are significantly less. Join small contests with 10, 20, or 30 members to win more money.

  • Understand the points system: Every fantasy cricket website has a different points structure. The point structure decides the best balance for your team. The players are given points for runs, the fifties, wickets, catches, etc.

  • Select your Captain and Vice-captain wisely: The most crucial part of your team is your captain and vice-captain. You can make any player captain and vice-captain. Selecting these two players is crucial to your winning chances because you can get 2X points for the captain and 1.5X points for the vice-captain.

  • Refer & Earn: Most Cricket fantasy apps have a referral program. Share your referral code/link with friends to earn a referral bonus. The money can be used to participate in cash contests. This is the best way to earn money with fantasy cricket apps.

  • Sign-up Bonus: Most fantasy websites also provide sign-up bonuses to users. The point is to help users get started. You can use the earned points to win real cash in cricket leagues.

  • Check Player Performance: Analyze the recent performance of players. Selecting a player based on reputation is not intelligent. The current form is more important. Note down the players who have performed in the recent matches.

  • Deposit money offers: You need to deposit Money to join contests. Check the ongoing offers and coupons that give the most value for money. These coupons give you an additional cash bonus on the money deposited to your account.


This app is simple yet very attractive. It has an excellent interface which binds users to the game. That is all about Dream11 tips and tricks for winning contests and earning money. If you miss your childhood days and love to play online games, then download Dream11 and play different sports games and earn real cash. And do not forget to use the dream11 win tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do you pick the best team in Dream11?

A. Always use a 7-4 team configuration when creating your ideal Dream11 squad for today's contest. In this 7-4 Team combination, 7 players are on the team that bats first, and only 4 are on the team that chases.

Q. Is Dream11 a skill or luck?

A. 99 per cent of your talent and 1 per cent of your luck are required for you to succeed in Dream 11. It is a game of skill rather than chance, as stated by Dream 11. Before choosing a team, do some research. Don't invest all of your funds in one game.

Q. How to become a guru in Dream11?

A. The Dream11 team Guru needs a skill rating of at least 500. Record of participating in various sports series and competitions. Expertise in regularly entering the victory zone in sponsored tournaments on Dream11. Be KYC confirmed and have no Fairplay infractions.

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