How To Order Domino's Pizza In Train?

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Would you like to make your train journeys even more interesting? Then order your favorite pizzas while on a journey by checking out this article on how to order Domino's Pizza in train. Dominos Pizza is one of the world's most popular pizza brands with a wide range of options and dishes that will blow your mind. With exotic herbs, spices, and flavors, you can enjoy some of the best tasting pizzas during any train journey with Dominos' help. 

You can easily order Domino's pizza in train, and we will be detailing these steps for you in this article. So keep reading and order your favorite pizzas in your next train journey only with Domino's Pizza. 

How To Order Domino's Pizza In Train

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Domino's Pizza In Train Delivery

Pizza is everyone's favorite, and if you are one of those who simply love eating pizza, then this is something that you should definitely check out. With Domino's Pizza, you can order delicious, hand-tossed pizzas of your liking even during the tiresome journeys on a train. The brand is very popular for its massive selection of pizzas from vegetarian to non-vegetarian pizzas. 

With Domino's, you can also get pizzas with different toppings and crusts and many other side dishes and desserts. You can make your train journey enjoyable and worthwhile by placing an order on the Domino's Pizza app and collecting your pizza from any specified station in your journey.

Without further ado, let us check out the best ways you can order domino's pizza on train.

How To Book Domino's Pizza In Train Using Domino's App

If you want to know how to order domino's pizza on train, check out the steps mentioned here. 

  • Download the Domino's Pizza app on your phone.

  • Log in with your credentials like address and phone number.

  • Once you have started the app, click on the menu.

  • You will find an option 'Deliver on Train'.

  • You will be redirected to a page where you have to enter a valid PNR number.

  • Enter the number and select the delivery station. 

  • Now, choose the pizza you want to order.

  • Place your order and select the Cash on Delivery option.

  • You have successfully placed your order with Domino's Pizza. 

With the help of these steps you can easily order pizza in train with Domino's and IRCTC Team up.

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Terms and Conditions

To complete the pizza delivery in train, you need to follow these terms and conditions. 

  • The order should be placed 2 hours before the arrival of the train at the specified station. 

  • Only those stations catered to by Domino's will be available for delivery. 

  • The timings for the delivery is between 12:00 hours and 23:00 hours.

  • Only cash on delivery options will be available for delivery on trains.

  • Any cancellations have to be made at least 2 hours before the arrival.

How To Order Domino's Pizza On Train Using IRCTC App

Domino's Pizza has tied up with IRCTC to provide you with fresh and mouth-watering pizzas during your train journeys. Here is how you can order pizzas on IRCTC App.

  • Download the IRCTC eCatering app.

  • Log in with the credentials required.

  • Enter your PNR number and submit.

  • Select the station where the pizza has to be delivered. 

  • Choose the pizzas you want to order and place them in your cart. 

  • Provide the required details. 

  • Complete the purchase with your preferred mode of payment. 

The Domino's Delivery On Trains service is a great way to get your favorite pizzas delivered to you during your train journeys. 

Terms and Conditions

To know how to order Domino's pizza on Train via App and IRCTC, you first need to know how to fulfil the following terms and conditions.

  • The order should be placed 2 hours before the arrival of the train at the specified station. 

  • Only those stations catered to by Domino's will be available for delivery. 

  • Payments have to be made at the time of booking the meal. 

So this was all about how to order Domino's Pizza on train, its details, steps and terms and conditions. If you want to check out more such articles, blogs and updates, keep following our website for all the latest information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I order pizza on a train?

A. Yes, you can easily order pizzas on a train by using the Domino's app or the IRCTC ECatering app. For more details, check the article above. 

Q. How can I order pizza on a train journey?

A. You can download the Domino's pizza app and check out the delivery option on the train or book your meals from the IRCTC App. You can find all the required steps in the article above. 

Q. Can I make the payment while booking pizza for a train journey on Domino's app?

A. You can only use the Cash on Delivery option while booking pizzas for train journeys on the Domino's app.

Q. How early should I place my order?

A. The order should be placed at least 2 hours before arriving on the specified platform. For all the information, check out the article and steps mentioned in it. 

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