How to Set Caller Tune in BSNL - Online, SMS & Other Methods

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Are you a BSNL subscriber looking to add personality to your phone calls? One way to do that is by setting a caller tune, a personalised piece of music or audio that plays for your callers instead of the traditional ringtone.

With BSNL, you can set caller tune in BSNL free online or through their dedicated BSNL caller tune number. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of how to set caller tune in BSNL, whether you want to do it online or through your phone.

So, let's get started and add some music to your calls by learning how to set the BSNL caller tune.
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How to Set Caller Tune in BSNL?

How to set caller tune in BSNL by SMS?

The state-run telecom operator gives users different options to set caller tune. If you prefer the SMS method then it is very simple. You can activate caller tune by sending shortcodes to a toll-free number. 

Choose from the default BSNL tune, a song, or name tune. Depending on your choice SMS the shortcode to set caller tune in BSNL. 

To activate the default BSNL tune by SMS send BTACT to 56700. Or SMS BTSONG CODE to 56700 to set your favorite song as caller tune.

How to Set Caller Tune in BSNL Online?

How to activate BSNL caller tune online?

Once you select a caller tune from the BSNL caller tune website, enter your number for OTP verification. Confirm the selection to start the service. You can also download the My BSNL Tunes website to set caller tune online. 

  • Visit the BSNL caller tune site

  • Use the search bar to find your favorite song

  • Click on the set tune button

  • set caller tune

  • Enter your mobile number

  • Verify with OTP

  • BSNL caller tune will be activated on your number

Set BSNL Caller Tune Via Call

  • Dial BSNL Caller Tune Number 56700

  • Follow IVR instructions

  • Select a song of your choice

  • Confirm the selection

  • Caller tune is activated on your number

How to Set Caller Tune In BSNL for Free?

Nowadays, most telecom operators are offering free caller tune service to users. Airtel and Jio provide free caller tunes with their unlimited recharge plans.

Airtel is offering free hello tunes via its Wynk App. While Jio has the MyJio app and JioSaavn to provide users unlimited access to caller tunes. 

While the service is free for Airtel and Jio Users. BSNL customers have to pay Rs. 30 per month for caller tune. 

There is no mention of free caller tunes with any prepaid or postpaid plan of the operator.  

How to Copy BSNL Caller Tune?

It often happens that you call someone and you are impressed by the caller tune. Then you can copy the caller tune in easy steps. While listening to the tune dial ‘ * and 9 ‘. Remember that you can only copy the caller tune of other BSNL users.

BSNL SIM Caller Tune Activation 

Set Caller Tune in BSNL SIM

BSNL caller tune susbcription charge is Rs. 30. It is valid for 30 days. Also, you need to pay Rs. 12 for song change.

You can activate caller tune via SMS or IVR. There is also an option to activate caller tune online via the website or My BSNL tunes websites. So let us take a detailed look at the different methods to help you set your favorite song as a caller tune. Later in the article, I will share the trick to set your name as a caller tune. 

How to set Name Caller Tune in BSNL?

bsnl name caller tune

BSNL also allows users to set their name as caller tune. You can set your name as your caller tune in simple steps. To set your name as caller tune via. Type NTNAME and send to 56777. You can also set name caller tune online from the website or app. 

  • Type NTNAME 

  • Send to 56777


Different Methods to Set caller tune in BSNL


How to Set Caller Tune




My BSNL Tunes app or BSNL Tune Web Portal




Press * and 9




So, this was all about how to set caller tune in BSNL, where we have discussed all the methods like throuh online, SMS, and Other. I hope this article will help you set your BSNL caller tune.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is caller tune free in BSNL?

Ans. No, BSNL caller tune is not free. The monthly cost for BSNL caller tune is 30 rupees.

Q. How can I activate BSNL caller tune online?

Ans. We have written a dedicated article on how to set caller tune in BSNL, you can read the article to get all the relevant informtion.

Q. Which app is usd to set caller tune in BSNL?

Ans. BSNL TunesApp is the app that is used to set caller tune in BSNL.         

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