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If I am to believe then another Gem is about to be added to Abhishek Chaubey’s collection, Sonchiriya. Set in the era of 1970s, it is a story about a gang of dacoits that are active in Chambal. Led by the Dacoit Maan Singh(Manoj Bajpayee), the leader of their gang who runs on strong ethical code, it is an enticing tale of one of the gang members, Lakhna. Lakhna(Sushant Singh Rajput) has been shown as the man of action who is also the lead protagonist of the movie. You also get to see Bhumi Pednekar as Indumati and Ranvir Shorey playing Vakil Singh in the movie. Although, I personally am intrigued by Ashutosh Rana’s character Gujjar. It is after a long while he will be playing a character that is truly made for him. The movie has been directed by Abhishek Chaubey and Co-written by Sudip Sharma. Abhishek Chaubey has previously directed movies like Udta Punjab, Omkaram, Ishqiya etc. In case if you have made your mind to go watch the movie then we have mentioned some great Sonchiriya Movie Ticket Offers for Online Booking. Therefore read on below. Also, if you wish to know about the songs and trivial news regarding the movie Sonchiriya then that also has been added by us.


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Sonchiriya: Movie Ticket Offers and Promo Code

Are you a fan of Sushant Singh Rajput or the direction of Abhishek Chaubey? If yes, then you might be willing to buy a ticket to Sonchiriya. Although, there is good news for you i.e you will be able to get great Movie Ticket offers on the movie Sonchiriya. Therefore, be ready to witness the wrath of the dacoits of Chambal and read all the offers that are mentioned down below.


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BookMyShow Offers on the Movie Sonchiriya

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Sonchiriya: Paytm Promo Code

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Amazon Pay Offers on Sonchiriya Movie

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Paypal Movie Ticket Offers on Sonchiriya

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Sonchiriya Release Date in India

The movie Sonchiriya is all set to release on 1st March 2019. The shooting for the movie began on 19th January 2019. The movie has been in anticipation from a really long time since it's development. The first teaser of the movie which was dropped was explicit in nature and released on 6th December 2018. Later the trailer for the movie released on 17th Feb 2019.


Sonchiriya Cast, Details, and Trivia

Genre: Action, Crime, and Drama

Language: Hindi

Certificate: A

Cast: Manoj Bajpai, Sushant Singh Rajput, Bhumi Pednekar, Ranvir Shorey, Ashutosh Rana, Mahesh Balraj

Cinematography: Anuj Rakesh Dhawan

Writer & Screenplay: Abhishek Chaubey and Sudip Sharma

Producer: Prasanth Kumar Chandran, Nishith Dhadhich, Pashan Jal, Salona Bains Joshi, Sonia Kanwar, Ankur Khanna, Sanjeev Kumar Nair, Ronnie Screwvala, Shubh Shivdasani, and Honey Trehan

Production: RSVP Movies and MacGuffin Pictures

Director: Abhishek Chaubey

Release Date: 1st March 2019

The movie after going through CBFC has gone through 3 changes and has been given an “A” certificate. This will be the first time Sushant Singh Rajput will be playing a character in an adult movie. Also, the same goes for the Actress Bhoomi Pednekar. The story of the movie is set in the 1970s where a town is dominated by Dacoits. It will be after a long time that we will be seeing actors like Manoj Bajpayee and Ashutosh Rana sharing the space. There are high chances that the movie will be worth the watch.

Sonchiriya Ticket Prices Estimate

PVR Cinemas: The ticket prices can be anywhere between Rs.250 to Rs.550 during the time of the weekend. This mostly depends on which theatre you are going to watch the movie.

Carnival Cinemas: On weekdays it could be around Rs.150. For the weekend, the prices can go up to Rs.300.

Cinepolis: The ticket for the theatre can range from Rs.200 to Rs.500. It depends on the kind of seat you wish to purchase for the movie.

Inox: A normal ticket can start from Rs.250 and can go up to Rs.550 depending upon the seat and the time.


Sonchiriya Movie Review

Another tale from the talons of Chambal. It is a story set in the deserted ravines that have been so beautifully portrayed in the movie. “Sonchiriya” is what the movie talks about. As one of the characters Lakhna says in the movie, “Sonichiriya, Jo Sab dhundh rahe hain, Magar Kau ke haath naa ani”. The movie has been made so raw that you feel it is real than fiction. It has got some really complex performances, great cinematography, the narration is to the point and for some a heavy dose of raw action. For me personally, it is by far the best movie I’ve seen in this year.


Writing & Screenplay: The only problem with the movie is its length. The movie encapsulates 146 mins of runtime and for some audience, it could be a lot. Although, the length didn’t bog me down as it is not your regular commercial cinema. The movie has been well narrated and has been written beautifully. A lot of people complained about the movie not portraying the characters in depth despite a great screen time. For me what I felt was that the word “Sonchiriya “ was the central line to which each and every character was bound. For the movie, each and every character is as important as the lead protagonists. It is a masterpiece if writing is to be considered.

Star Performance: The movie has so many good characters. Manoj Bajpayee as Man Singh is a man of ethics and has been portrayed so great by the character. He has embodied the character of Man Singh and does full justice to it. Next, we’ll be talking about Sushant Singh Rajput and Bhumi Pednekar. Sushant has done a fair share of decent work previously but this one portrays like none other. I was skeptical for him before going inside but he did full justice to the character. Bhumi Pednekar is jaw-dropping in her character. She has played the character of Indumati like none other could do. She is a versatile actress and this movie showcases her abilities to the fullest. Last but not least, Ranvir Shorey as Vakil Singh nails every frame he is in. I at times feel so bad for the actor as he has such a stellar record of great movies. He is every bit convincing as the character and doesn’t let you down even a bit. If you are patient enough to let the characters flourish in your head, you will come out with performances that may have hit you to the core.

Direction: Abhishek Chaubey feels like a no-nonsense guy. The movie starts with a carcass of a dead snake with guts and gore. The movie in its initial frame transports you to the hearts of Chambal. The director has taken a heed to play in layers inside your head. It made me think about Sonchiriya who everyone is trying to find but nobody will get. This movie is symbolic, unapologetic, and very sincere in what it does. Director Abhishek Chaubey has given out a masterpiece and this is some movie that will be cherished in the future by people.

Final Verdict: This is not a movie made for everyone. If you are a Salman Fan, I’ll ask you not to subject the torture upon yourself. Also, if you are going forward to tonnes of abuses or gore like Mirzapur then you’d be disappointed. Although, if you are a fan of French Cinema and likes to pay attention to each and every detail then this is something you might not like to miss. This movie needs your attention to make an impression, if you are someone who easily gets distracted then I would ask you to avoid it.

FreeKaaMaal Rating: 4/5 Stars


Sonchiriya Movie Trailer

The teaser itself of the movie Sonchiriya captivates you. The movie is set in the 1970s and that where the trailer for the movie takes. The movie has featured names like Man Singh who was a famous dacoit of his time. The trailer transcends you from this era to the ravines of Chambal. The movie is going to be very realistic in approach and is surely gonna appeal the cinema goers especially avid cinema fans. In case if you haven’t checked out the trailer to the movie until now then we have provided that below.



Sonchiriya Movie Songs

The songs of the movie are quite unexpected as the theme of most of the music has a country appeal. The backgrounds scores are a perfect blend with the vocalists for the songs used. Also, the lyrics given to the songs are equally good and makes sense to the theme and delivers a deeper meaning to the listener. We have mentioned all the details regarding all the songs below. Also in case if you wish to listen to all the songs then click here.


Song Name




Baaghi Re

Varun Grover

Mame Khan



Varun Grover

Rekha Bharadwaj


Ruan Ruan

Varun Grover

Arijit Singh


Naina Na Maar

Ashok Mizaj Badr

Sukhwinder Singh and Rekha Bharadwaj


Saanp Khavega

Varun Grover

Sukhwinder Singh



Varun Grover

Rekha Bharadwaj


Baaghi Re(Remix)

Varun Grover

Mame Khan



About the Dacoits of Chambal

Dacoits were often called as rebels, they were people who committed crime due to the social injustice bestowed upon them and hence the stature. If any area is to be accounted then Chambal would be the first name that comes into the mind. The place has a list of rebels because of the feudal lifestyle which is carried on there. Although, one name rise above all, Maan Singh. Maan Singh was a dacoit who was often inferred as Robin Hood. He was active from Pre-Independence time to post-independence till the year 1955. Maan Singh was a Rajput by lineage and has been sought after by a lot of the community despite having a bounty on his head. In the year 1955, he was killed by the Gurkha troop along with his son Subedar Singh. The list of Dacoits that ruled the Chambal are Maan Singh, Paan Singh Tomar, Seema Biswas, Phoolan Devi, Jagjivan Parihar, Malkhan Singh, Putli Bai, Rambabu & Dayaram Gadariya, Nirbhay Gujjar, Sultana Daku, Anisa Begum, Dadua, and Sarla Jatav.

So these were some of the best Sonchiriya Movie Ticket Offers for its online Booking. In case if you wish to know about some of the Best Gully Boy movie ticket offers for online booking then click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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