Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today - Chance To Win Rs. 40,000 Pay Balance

Check Amazon Quiz Answers Today to participate and win Amazon Pay Balance, Free products and more.

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Check Amazon Quiz Answers for today and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. Participate in Amazon Quiz daily to win free products, goodies, Amazon Pay balance, and many more exciting prizes. You can participate in the quiz from the Amazon app. Amazon provides users with a chance to win exciting prizes every day. 

Amazon has made it easier to participate in its daily quiz. Now, the quiz starts at 12 AM and users get 24 hours to participate. 

You get one chance for each quiz, so you need to get the answer right on the first attempt. To help you win the contest, we update Amazon Daily Quiz answers on this page. Visit the page to get answers to Amazon Quiz today and become eligible for the prize. 

Open the app, participate in the quiz, answer a few simple questions to be eligible for the lucky draw. Winners for Amazon Daily Quiz are announced on the next day. So let us take a look at the Amazon Quiz Answers For Today. 

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Amazon Quiz Answers Today For 21st January 2022

Q1- An Airbnb listing went live recently to rent the original Illinois house featured in which popular Christmas movie?
Ans- Home alone

Q2- Who won his second Nitto ATP Finals in 2021?
Ans- Alexander Zverev

Q3- Chaudhary Harmohan Singh Yadav, whose birth centenary was celebrated in 2021, was a political leader in which state?
Ans- Uttar Pradesh

Q4- This is a road in which famous city?
Ans- Dubai

Q5- This is a memorial to a president of which country?
Ans- USA

Amazon Quiz Today

Amazon Quiz Date

 21st January

Amazon Quiz Time

Now Running 24 Hours 


Rs. 40,000 Pay Balance

Participate in Amazon Quiz time today and stand to chance to Win Rs. 40,000 Amazon Pay Balance. You can participate in Amazon Quiz in easy steps. The steps to play and participate are as below. 

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How to Play the Amazon Quiz?

  • Download & install the Amazon app

  • Open the Amazon App & Sign-in into your Amazon Account

  • Tap on the menu button

  • Click on the Menu > Programs and Features > FunZone

  • Click the Amazon Quiz Banner & start the quiz by tapping the “Start” Button

  • Answer the five questions correctly in the Daily Amazon Quiz 

  • You are eligible for the Amazon Quiz winners’ lucky draw

  • Amazon Quiz lucky draw winners will be announced soon


Amazon Daily Quiz Today Start Time

Now, Amazon Daily quiz starts at 12 AM and you get 24 hours to participate.  Open the Amazon app, at 12 am to find the quiz for today. There are 5 questions and for each question, you have 4 options to choose the correct answer. You get only one chance for each question, so it is important to get the answers right. 

So friends, open the Amazon app on your phone and participate in the quiz, the answers are already shared with you. It takes less than 2 minutes to participate in Amazon Quiz, With today's quiz, you have a chance to Win Rs. 40,000 Pay Balance. The winners for today's quiz will be announced tomorrow. Hurry!. 

Now let us take a look at some of the other ongoing quizzes on Amazon and their answers. 

All Amazon Ongoing Quiz Answers

Amazon Great Indian Festival Quiz Answers: Win Rs 1 Lakh

Question 1: Using Which Bank’s Credit/Debit Card Can You Avail Up To 10% Instant Discount On Shopping During Amazon Great Indian Festival?

Answer: HDFC Bank

Question 2: How can you maximise your savings this Great Indian Festival?

Answer: All of the above

Question 3: How can you enjoy Amazon Great Indian Festival early on?

Answer: All of the above

Question 4: What benefits will Amazon offer during Amazon Great Indian Festival?

Answer: All of the above

Question 5: What are the benefits of shopping from Amazon in the safety of your home?

Answer: All of the above

Amazon The September Quiz Answers - Win Rs. 25,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1 of 5 – Teacher’s Day in India celebrates the birthday of which of these post holders?

Answer 1 is – The 1st Indian Vice President

Question 2 of 5 – On September 24, 2007 India won the first ever ICC World T20. Who was the Man of the match in the final?

Answer 2 is – Irfan Pathan

Question 3 of 5 – After a ruling passed in September 1893, which country became the first to give the right to all women to vote in parliamentary elections

Answer 3 is – New Zealand 

Question 4 of 5 – Which prominent social reformer and academic who campaigned for the Widow Remarriage Act was also referred to as ‘Vidyasagar’

Answer 4 is – Ishwar Chandra Bandyopadhyay

Question 5 of 5 – September 2, 1945, was declared as V-J day by US President Harry Truman, what did V-J stand for?

Answer 5 is – Victory over Japan

Amazon World Photography Day Quiz Correct Answers

Question 1. Who invented the first digital camera?

Answer: Steven Sasson.

Question 2. A flash is a device used in photography producing a flash of artificial light to help illuminate a scene.

Answer: True.

Question 3. Which of these are a known camera making brands?

Answer: All of the above.

Question 4. ____ is a mode of photography in which a person clicks a photo of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone.

Answer: Selfie.

Question 5. ‘Photography’ comes from the Greek words PHOTOS and GRAPHOS. What does it mean?

Answer: Light drawing.

Amazon Pantry Supreme Quiz Answers Win Rs. 5,000

Question 1. Supreme range is from which brand?
Answer:- Head and Shoulders

Question 2. What is the key ingredient in Supreme Shampoo and Conditioners?
Answer:- Argan oil

Question 3. The benefit that supreme range provides is ___?
Answer:- Scalp care and Anti-Dandruff

Question 4. Scalp Soothing Supreme Shampoo and conditioner provides the nutrients of ______?
Answer:- Argan Oil and Aloe Vera

Question 5. Supreme range is to help against which of the following?
Answer:- Itchy and dry scalp

Amazon Pay insurance Premium Quiz Answers - Win Rs. 10,000(10 Winners)

Question 1:- You can now pay your insurance premium on Amazon. True or false?
Answer 1:- True

Question 2:- Which of the following insurance premiums can be paid on Amazon?
Answer 2:- All of these

Question 3:- Which was the first insurance company of India?

Answer 3:- Oriental Life Insurance Company

Question 4:- In context to insurance, what is the full form of LIC?

Answer 4:- Life Insurance Corporation of India

Question 5:- Can you pay LIC premium on Amazon?

Answer 5:- Yes

Amazon The August Quiz Answers - Win Rs. 15,000

Question 1:- What Indian City Was Founded By The East India Company In August 1639, When They Bought A Piece Of Land From The Local Nayak Rulers?
Answer 1:- Madras (Chennai)

Question 2:- On 18th August 1945, Who Was Reported To Be Seriously Injured And Badly Burned In A Plane Crash In Taihoku Airport, Taiwan?

Answer 2:- Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
Question 3:- The National Sports Day In India Is Celebrated On 29th August, On The Birth Anniversary Of Which Sports Legend?

Answer 3:- Dhyan Chand

Question 4:- Released On 15th August 1975, Which Classic Hindi Film’s Poster Read ‘The Greatest Star Cast Ever Assembled – The Greatest Story Ever Told’?

Answer 4:- Sholay

Question 5:- On August 3, 1492, Who Set Sail From Palos, Spain, With Three Ships, Nina, Pinta And Santa Maria?

Answer 5:- Christopher Columbus

Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz Answers – Win Rs.20,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Q1. Amazon Business is present in how many countries??

Answer 1 – 8

Q2. You can Save up to _____on your business purchases by claiming GST input tax credit

Answer 2 – 28%

Q3. Amazon Business offers Business Exclusive Prices and Quantity Discounts to all its business customers.

Answer 3 – Yes

Q4.Amazon Business customers can avail the benefits of their Prime membership on their business account as well

Answer 4 – True

Q5.You can add multiple users in your Amazon Business account.

Answer 5 – True

Amazon Friendship Day Quiz Answers - Win Rs. 10,000 [10 Winners]

Question 1 – The idea of Friendship day was first introduced by Joyce, the founder of which company?

Answer – Hallmark Cards
Question 2 – In 2011, which date was declared by the United Nations as the International Day of Friendship?

Answer  – 30 July
Question 3 – The song ‘Ye Dosti’ from Sholay, is an iconic tribute to friendship. Who along with Kishore Kumar sang this song?

Answer – Manna Dey
Question 4 – In the very first episode of the television Sitcom Friends, who leaves Barry at the altar and then moves in to stay with Monica?

Answer – Rachel
Question 5 – Between 1957 and 1983, which country gifted 24 pandas to 9 nations across the world as gestures of friendship?

Answer – China

Amazon BigMuscles Quiz Answers - Win Rs. 10,000

Question 1. Frotein is the latest launch from Big Muscles coming up this Prime Day. The name Frotein comes from joining which two words?

Answer: Fruit and Protein.

Question 2. Which is of these is true for Frotein?

Answer: All of these.

Question 3. The protein content in Frotein comes from what byproduct of cheese making?

Answer: Whey.

Question 4. Which of these is the benefit of taking Frotein?

Answer: All of these.

Question 5. How much sugar is there in Frotein?

Answer: 0g.

Amazon Prime Day Quiz Answers - Win Rs, 1,00,000

Question 1. When is Prime Day 2020 in India?

Answer: 6th- 7th Aug.

Question 2. This Prime Day, Prime members get exclusive access to ____ products. Fill in the blanks

Answer: Over 300.

Question 3. Only Prime members can avail Prime day offers.

Answer: True.

Question 4. Prime Day Special, World Premiere of Shakuntala Devi features which popular Bollywood actress?

Answer: Vidya Balan.

Question 5. Prime members can tune into Prime Day special celebrity curated Music playlists from which of the following artists?

Answer: All of the above.

Answers for Amazon Pantry Beauty Quiz

Question 1: What is the name of the book in the girl’s hand?

Answer: C’est la Vie

Question 2: Which monument is shown in the video?

Answer: Eiffel Tower

Question 3: What fragrance (variant) of Enchanteur is shown in the video?

Answer: Romantic

Question 4: Which of the following is the key ingredient shown in Enchanteur Romantic Deo Spray?

Answer: Roses

Question 5: Which of these phrases is associated with Enchanteur? Hint – You see it at the end of the video.

Answer: The Fragrance of French Romance

Amazon Eureka Forbes Quiz Answers - Win Rs. 10,000

Question 1 -  What is the name of the newly launched online exclusive water purifier?

Answer- Aquaguard Marvel

Question 2 - What are the different water sources does this purifier support in providing healthy water? (Hint: sources are given in the video)

Answer- All of the above

Question 3 - As per the video, what are the benefits of drinking copper enriched water?

Answer - All of the above

Question 4 - In the video, how many stages of water purification does Aquaguard Marvel has?

Answer - 7

Question 5 - Choose the feature that makes Aquaguard Marvel different from the rest of the Eureka Forbes water purifier range? (Hint: watch the video for the answer)

Answer - Active Copper

Eureka Forbes Quiz Details

Quiz Name
Amazon Eureka Forbes Quiz

Quiz Time

4th July 2020 to 26th July 2020

Quiz Prize


No Of Winners to be declared

10 (Ten)

Amazon Philips Shaver Quiz Answers

Question 1 - As per the video, how many micro-cuts can a manual razor give you in a single shave?

Answer - 25-30 Micro-Cuts

Question 2 - Philips Electric Shavers reduce Nicks and Cuts by what % versus a manual razor, according to the video?

Answer - 90%

Question 3 - Which of the following is NOT a feature of Philips Electric shavers launched in 2020?

Answer - Dispenses hair growth oil

Question 4 - What is the tagline in the video?

Answer - Don't cut the skin, cut the hair.

Question 5 - What does 5D Comfort Cut Technology do as mentioned in the video?

Answer - Follows your face contours for a comfortable shave


Philips Shaver Quiz Details

Quiz Name
Amazon Philips Shaver Quiz

Quiz Time

3rd July 2020 to 25th July 2020

Quiz Prize

Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance

No Of Winners

10 (Ten)


Amazon Microsoft Modern PCs Quiz Answers

Question 1 - Which of the following features describe Microsoft Modern PCs?

Answer - All of the above

Question 2 - Microsoft Modern PCs with SSDs are light & sleek in nature.

Answer - TRUE

Question 3 - Microsoft Modern PCs are ____________.

Answer - 2-in-1 convertible or detachable

Question 4 - Which of the following in Modern PCs is NOT powered by Windows 10?

Answer - Siri

Question 5 - What kind of hard drives are used in Microsoft Modern PC's?

Answer - Both 2 and 3

Microsoft Modern PCs Quiz Details

Quiz Name
Amazon Microsoft Modern PCs Quiz

Quiz Time

29th June 2020 to 20th July 2020

Quiz Prize

Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance

No Of Winners

10 (Ten)


Amazon Oneplus TV Quiz Answers - Win Oneplus Smart TV

Question 1 - What is the Screen-to-body ratio of the new OnePlus TV series?

Answer - 95%

Question 2 - How many new TV Series is OnePlus TV coming with?

Answer - 2

Question 3 - What is the name of the app used to control the OnePlus TV?

Answer - OnePlus Connect

Question 4 - What is the DCI-P3 coverage, which allows for better color representation and differentiation, of new OnePlus TV series?

Answer - 93%

Question 5 - What is the starting price of the new OnePlus TV series?

Answer - Less than 19,999


Amazon Bournvita Quiz Answers: Win Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1 - What is the colour of the Bournvita Jar, as per the video?

Answer - Orange

Question 2 - According to the Video, Bournvita has  _____ formula.

Answer - Inner Strength

Question 3 - Which benefits does Bournvita's formula give, as per the video?

Answer - All of the above

Question 4 -How many glasses of Bournvita does the Granny prepare in the video?

Answer - One

Question 5 - What sports does the kid play in the video?

Answer - Hurdle Race



The Bournvita Quiz Details

Quiz Name

Amazon Bournvita Quiz

Quiz Started on

17th June 2020

Last Day to Participate

18th July 2020

Prizes to be won

10,000 Amazon Pay Balance

No of Winners declared 

10 (ten)

Winners will be declared on 

31st July 2020

Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers- Win Rs.10,000

Question 1 - Which of the following options CANNOT be used to add money to Amazon Pay balance?

Answer - Sending cheque to Amazon office

Question 2 - Amazon Pay balance can be used to pay on 10,000+ partner apps/sites such as Swiggy, IRCTC, Dream11, Dunzo, etc.

Answer - TRUE

Question 3 -Which of this is NOT a benefit of Amazon Pay balance?

Answer - Helps you lose weight

Question 4 -  Amazon Pay balance is accepted for payment at which of the following stores:

Answer - All of the Above

Question 5 - You can load up to Rs 10,000 into Amazon Pay balance account without completing KYC.

Answer - TRUE

About Amazon Pay Balance Quiz

Quiz Name
Amazon Pay Balance Quiz

Prize to Be Won

Rs.10,000 Pay Balance 

Last day to Participate

8th July 2020

No of Winners

12 (Twelve)

Winners will be Declared on 

30th July 2020

Amazon World Chocolate Day Quiz Answers- Win Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1 - World Chocolate Day is celebrated on 7th July, to observe which of these events?

Answer - Introduction of Chocolate to Europe

Question 2 - Which of these civilizations used cocoa beans as currency?

Answer - Mayan

Question 3 -The famous Cadbury ad campaign 'Asli swaad zindagi ka' which came to prominence in 1993-94 featured a jingle sung by whom?

Answer - Shankar Mahadevan

Question 4 - In 2013, which country issued over 5,00,000 postage stamps with the smell of cocoa and covered in a varnish to look like chocolate?

Answer - Belgium

Question 5 -In which country in Europe was chocolate introduced first?

Answer - Spain

World Chocolate Day Quiz Details

Quiz Name
Amazon World Chocolate Day Quiz

Quiz Time

30th June 2020 to 14th July 2020

Quiz Prize

Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance

No Of Winners

10 (Ten)

Amazon The July Quiz Answers- Win Rs.5,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1 - Which author born on July 31st, also wrote under the pen name 'Nawab Rai' and was known as Upanyas Samrat (Emperor among Novelists)?

Answer - Munshi Premchand

Question 2 - National Doctor's Day is celebrated in India on July 1st, on the birthday of which famous Indian?

Answer - Bidhan Chandra Roy

Question 3 - On July 16th 1969, Apollo 11 was launched carrying the crew of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. Where did the launch take place?

Answer - Cape Kennedy

Question 4 - On 6th July 2003, who defeated Mark Philippoussis to claim his first Grand Slam singles title?

Answer - Roger Federer

Question 5 - This annual observance on July 14th in France is formally known as La fete Nationale. How is it more popularly known throughout the world?

Answer - Bastille Day


The July Quiz Details

Quiz Name
Amazon The July Quiz

Quiz Time

1st July 2020 to 31st July 2020

Quiz Prize

Rs.5,000 Amazon Pay Balance

No Of Winners

20 (Twenty)


Amazon Boat Progear Quiz Answers - Win Boat Aavante Soundbar

Question 1 - ProGear smartband is a product of which of these brands?

Answer – Boat

Question 2 - Boat ProGear smartband has a Heart rate sensor.

Answer – TRUE

Question 3 - How many sports modes does boAt ProGear smartband support?

Answer – 14

Question 4 - The screen size of boAt ProGear smartband is ____ inches.

Answer – 0.96

Question 5 - Which grade of water resistance does boAt ProGear smartband have?

Answer – IP68


Amazon Oppo Headsets Quiz | Win Oppo Bluetooth Headsets

Question 1 - OPPO has recently launched 2 new bluetooth headsets under the model ‘Enco’. Which of the following does not come under the ‘Enco’ range of OPPO headsets

Answer – OPPO O Fresh earphone

Question 2 – OPPO Enco W31 is a newly launched true wireless headphone designed to deliver clear and seamless listening experience. Which of the following is a feature of OPPO Enco W31?

Answer – All of these

Question 3 – OPPO Enco W31 provides up to 15 hours of music playback with charging case.

Answer – True

Question 4 – OPPO Enco M31 is the latest arrival in neckband style wireless headsets, featuring Bluetooth 5.0 along with LDAC for richer audio quality. Which among the following is NOT a feature of OPPO Enco M31?

Answer – Baking Cake

Question 5 – A single charge of OPPO Enco M31 provides up to __ hours of music playback.

Answer – 12


So these are some of the ongoing quizzes on Amazon, you can participate and win exciting prizes. The winners for Amazon Quiz are announced by lucky draw. You can also participate via Amazon app and stand a chance to win. We have already shared answers to Amazon Quiz.  


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play Amazon Daily Quiz?

Amazon Quiz is available for all app users of the company. Open Amazon app >> Go to Menu >> Funzone >> click on Quiz banner to play.

How to find Quiz Answers for Today?

we update answers for Amazon Daily quiz on this page. You can find answers to all ongoing Amazon quizzes and puzzles here in this page. We update the answers for today's quiz daily to help our users participate and win.

What is Amazon Quiz?

Amazon quiz is your chance to win free products, pay balance and more. Users need to answers some simple questions to be eligible for the lucky draw. There are 4 options for each question and user has to choose the correct answer. The winner is selected in Lucky Draw. 

Why Participate in Amazon Quiz?

It is simple if you want to win the prizes then you should participate. For each contest, winners are selected by lucky draw. If you are the lucky winner, you win the prize announced for the contest.