Latest Jewelery Trends 2020 - Rings, Earrings, Shells, Beads and more

Fashion is all about evolution and revolution, what goes around comes around. The 2020 jewelry trend has already been disclosed by models hitting the runways. Have you caught up? No worries because we will tell you about the latest Jewelry Trends 2020 in India.

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Latest Jewelery Trends 2020 - Rings, Earrings, Shells, Beads and more

Jewellery is like highlights to ensembles you carry when it comes to fashion. Women love to play around and experiment with jewellery to keep up with style. Indian jewellery trend over the years has gone to and fro between minimalism and maximalism. All that comes to mind while talking about jewellery is chunky, oversized, dainty, stuffed, glittery and more.

Everyone has the sorted piece of rings and chains for the 9 to 5 routine but you should always have some room for the offbeat necklaces and statement accessories which brings out your personality. The latest jewellery trend 2020 in India is all about being bold and coming out of the box. This year jewelries are playful and unapologetically hot.

Don't be upset if you are falling to follow the trend, we have brought the ideal jewellery trends to you. We taped down the fashion industry to provide the insides about jewellery latest trend 2020 for you before the Akshaya Tritiya online sale.

1. Mismatched Earrings - Bolder than Ever


Nobody could have thought asymmetry could become a big thing before mismatched earrings came into fashion. The asymmetrical earrings took over the fashion industry with a storm. From celebrities to fashion runways these earrings are getting all the love. Mismatched earrings can be funky and chic at the same moment.

The earring is a major shift from the comfort zone and shows the bold and confident side of your personality. The mantra of mismatched earrings is to keep them in sync, and you have the best traditional look this wedding season with a  modern touch.

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2. Chain Me - Forever


Fashion jewellery is incomplete without chains, be that a daring ensemble or a simple work outfit chains complement every look. Chains are popular in everything from neckpieces to earrings to bracelets. Chunky and bold chains are good to go and would make you stand out in a crowd. The spring jewellery trend in 2020 has chains doing magic.

The simple, graceful chains are replaced by junky and bold chains that can be styled with your classic traditional outfits and hippie western fashion. Evolution of chains have excited the gold jewellery trend and has added flavour to simple gold chains.

If you are trying to keep your fashion game on the point then visit the online stores to get chained up.

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3. Shells and Beads - Feel the breeze


Puka shell arranged in rope chokers were a must like kids, and almost everyone has carried that look and danced around on beaches. But shell and beads are a major transformation in fashion jewellery and are no more casual.

Shells and beads have become the top-notch and are no more just meant for a sundress. The spring fashion trend 2020 slew cowries, conches, cockle and tulip shells in gold paired up with pearls and crystals. Shells are a must-have aa it's chic now and have a great bolder approach towards statement looks.

So where you should be looking for shells and beads, find them on-

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4. Rings - Ring the Bell


Rings work like a cherry on the top because they are always trendy and fashionable. Go for rings and more rings be it simple, delicate ones or bold, stylish one, you are sure going to be in trend. Your ring is going to create a statement for you no matter what ensemble you are carrying.



The perfect ring to set the perfect mood
  • Minimalistic slender rings for your casual days - the best easy breezy look.

  • Bold and big rings for your stylish mood - the best statement look

  • Stacked rings for you to play around - the trendsetter

  • Gemstone rings with popping colours -  stand out in a crowd

  • Bohemian rings for your free-spirited soul - artistic fashion



To get yourself the best collection of rings check these stores -

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5. Hoops  - The Attention Grabber

Hoops are like classics but the craze around hoop earring was never like this before. Hoops are popular in all shape and size and are more of a personal choice. The earrings have been the centre of attention following the spring jewellery trend 2020 and have been worn by celebrities on different occasions.

Hoops based on the size and look can be flaunted with different ensembles and would look amazing each time you wear it. Rock this wedding season in hoops and set best Indian wedding jewellery trend 2020.



Guide to choosing the perfect Hoop for yourself
  • Sleeper Hoops - Drop length around 5mm

Best for the new trend followers, especially if you want to get over with your studs. Combine these small cute hoops with you ear cuffs and enjoy the look.

  • Mid Hoops - Drop length around 40mm

A chunky golden mid hoop is the perfect accessory to carry for an everyday look. Play around between bold and skinnier mid hoops and carry statement looks.

  • Can Hoops - Drop length around 65mm

Can hoops are trendy and creates a glam look for you. They are big yet not that big making it perfect for you to carry and stand out.

  • Shoulder Hoops - Drop length around 120 mm

The bigger, the better is what the oversized shoulder hoops are for. If you want to be the centre of all the talks it works the best.




Planning to Get Hoops and rock the latest trend you must know where to get them

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6. Layerings - Mess with it


Layering is the latest jewellery trend showing the fun side of fashion. Layering came with combining simple chains and putting them together but now it has become a statement. Stackable neckpieces, rings, and earrings have topped the latest jewellery trend.

Layering shows how balanced the mix and match of different pieces can make you a fashionista. It involves gold chains with chunky pendants and classic chokers put in layers to create a chic look. If you are looking for updating your neckline collection and stand out you can try different kinds of layerings. Experiment with charms, texture, size, statements, and rock the look you want.

Get layered up check these online stores

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7. Pearls - Timeless  


Women are bound to have quite a few numbers of wedding looks locked down in the wedding season. If you are planning for a look radiating confidence and your personality effortlessly then pearls are good to go. Pearls have always been at the top of the best Indian wedding jewellery trend.

Pearls are the irreplaceable entity in fashion, it has a charm and sophistication which is unavoidable. Pearls were always considered stuffy as they go with the wedding trends but with evolving fashion pearls came out as great fashion in Indian jewellery trend.

Say yes to pearls because the latest jewellery trend reveals that pearls are going to have a big-time in fashion.

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8. Silver Jewellery

Silver Jewellery is very much these days as it goes with every outfit be it Indian or Western. During the festive season now people are more fond of Silver Jewellery as they look perfect with sarees, and more. 

Nowadays, people have started buying silver jewellery during the festive season as they are super trendy, and little expensive too. 

If you are going for silver this Akshaya Tritiya Online Sale check out the following stores:

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9. Statement Rings

Let's go a little trendy because statement rings are very much trendy and easily available in the Indian Market. The rings are never too old to buy you can buy it even for the regular days or for the parties. 

Currently, Statement Rings are the only Jewellery people love to wear. So this Akshaya Tritiya you can buy the trendy statement ring even in Gold or Diamond. 

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10. Bracelets For Women

Bracelets for all the women who love to wear something on their wrist be it a watch. The trendy bracelets go with the watches too. So you can buy it during the Akshaya Tritiya you can buy the sleek bracelets in gold and they look super cute and good while you wear it.

The sleek bracelets go for the married women too who do not want to wear the bangles. All the office girls can also buy it as they are reasonable too and worth buying. 

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So these are the items you are going to need to stay even with the latest jewellery trends in 2020 in India. I hope we were helpful enough to keep you updated with the Indian jewellery trend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are chokers Still in Style 2020?

A1. Yes!! Chokers are trendy in 2020 as they look perfect with the dresses and more. Also, in 2020 you can go with the chokers of the chain. 

Q2. What jewellery is trending right now?

A2. Currently, the Jewellery which is trending is Statement rings, Silver Jewellery, Chokers, and more. You can match these trends with any of your dresses and it will look perfect.

Q3. Are hoop earrings in Style 2020?

A3. Hoops can never get too old they are perfect for the people with the circular face shape. Hoops are available in all styles like in diamond, gold, and junk.