How To Set Caller Tune In Airtel Without Wynk Music?

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Bharti Airtel, or your very own Airtel, is one of the most popular and leading telecommunication companies in the country. With its reach In the vast and most of the parts of the country, it caters to all the diverse demands of a diverse customer base. One such need is for the caller tunes. Caller tunes help us to define our taste of music to our callers. You may wonder How To Set Caller Tune In Airtel Without Wynk Music? Worry not. We will provide you with the information on the same. 

Let us find out how to set and activate caller tunes in our Airtel mobile number without the help of the Wynk music app. However, the Wynk Music app is one of the valuable platforms you can use to download and set your caller tune easily. But there are other ways too. Let's explore them through this article.

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 Can I Set Caller Tune In Airtel Without Wynk Music?

Caller tunes are a rage among most mobile users. Those who love music wish to showcase their choices of songs and music to the callers whenever they call them. That is why they set caller tunes on their number. Airtel users are no exception. There is a large user base in airtel that wishes to know how to set caller tune in airtel wynk? But there are many who do not want to use the additional Wynk app to download caller tune to save themselves from Wynk subscription and additional need for a new app installation.

So for all those users, we have come up with a list of ways to know how to have their own caller tunes on their numbers so that they can strike a conversation with on a musical note every time someone calls them.

The caller tune set in airtel is a musical way to start a conversation. Let's know how to do the same.

Also, if you wish to know about the same in hindi, click here

How To Set Any Caller Tune In Airtel Without Wynk Music Free?

You can easily set the caller tune in Airtel without free Wynk music. You can set the caller tunes with the help of USSD and IVR services. You just need to follow the following steps:

  • Open your mobile phone

  • Launch your dialling app

  • Dial 543211 or *678# from your number

  • Dial from that number on which you wish to set caller tune

  • After dialling, follow the USSD instructions.

  • Choose the caller tune you want to set

  • Select the caller tune from the IVR

You will be able to have your favourite caller tune set on your mobile number. This will help you quickly set caller tune in airtel without the Wynk music app.

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How To Set Any Caller Tune In Airtel By SMS?

You can also choose another way to set your caller tune in airtel. This is through SMS. Learn the steps:

  • Open your mobile phone

  • Launch your messaging app

  • Send SMS with song code of the selected song to  543215

  • Send SET with song code to the number

  • You can also send the 543215*******- ‘*******’ being the song code.

The song will be confirmed and set on your mobile number as your caller tune

How To Deactivate Hello Tune In Airtel?

Some of the users wish to deactivate their existing caller tunes to activate the new ones or simply go without any caller tune. They can follow the following steps:

If you want to deactivate through the Wynk app, follow:

  • Open Wynk app 

  • Go to Hello Tune Management from the Hello Tune tab

  • Click on the three dots to drop down the options

  • There will be an option to “Stop Hello Tune.”

  • Click on it 

This will stop the Hello Tune service on your mobile number

If you want to deactivate through SMS or call, follow:

  • Go to messaging app on your phone

  • SMS - STOP and send it to 543211

You will get an SMS confirmation.

So, we learned through this article different alternative ways to set and activate caller tunes in your airtel number. We also read about deactivating the caller tunes from the Airtel number. Hope the article provides you with all the necessary information in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How can I set any caller tune in Airtel without any app?

A.You can set caller tunes in airtel with the help of SMS and customer care of airtel. But one of the best ways to set caller tune in airtel is through the Wynk music app only.

Q.How can I set any caller tune in Airtel?

A.You can set your own caller tune with the help of the Wynk Music app and SMS in Airtel.

Q.What is the Airtel caller tune number?

A.The caller tune number in airtel is mentioned in the article. You can get the same through the article.

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