Airtel MNP Offer 2023: Porting Benefits For Jio, Vi, & BSNL

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Mobile Number portability is a useful service for subscribers. It gives subscribers the option to switch between operators without changing their number. People use MNP mostly to overcome connectivity issues. If you are looking to port to Airtel, then we are here with the complete information on Airtel MNP Offers

To port your number is very easy. The process is also available online; you need to follow simple steps. The telecom operators are providing free delivery of SIM cards to help subscribers with their porting requests.

With the Airtel MNP offer, you can unlock many benefits such as special MNP plans, discounts & More. 

Let us start with the process of porting your number to Airtel. Later in the post, we will discuss various offers that you unlock with Airtel MNP

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Airtel MNP Plans

For MNP prepaid users, Airtel has 2 recharge plans priced at Rs. 297 and Rs. 497. With the Rs. 297 plan, you get 1.5 GB of data per day and unlimited calls for 28 days. At the same time, the Rs. 497 plan comes with the same benefits for 56 days. Airtel is also offering access to Airtel Xstream Premium and Wynk Music with these plans.  

For postpaid users, Airtel has 4 plans - Rs. 499, Rs. 749, Rs. 999 and Rs. 1,599. Select a plan and provide your details to schedule doorstep delivery.

Enjoy Unlimited Calling by porting in Airtel 


Data Benefit

Validity & Benefits

Rs 155


28 Days, unlimited calling, and 300 SMS

Rs 179


30 Days, unlimited calling, and 300 SMS

Rs 209

1GB per Day

21 Days, unlimited calling, and 100/day SMS

Rs 239

1.5GB per Day

28 Days, unlimited calling, 100/day SMS

Rs 299

2GB per Day

28 Days, unlimited calling, and 100/day SMS

Rs 359

2GB per Day

28 Days, unlimited calls, 100/daySMS

Rs 455


84 Days, unlimited calling, and 900 SMS

Rs 549

2GB per Day

56 Days, unlimited calling, and 100/day SMS

Rs 699

3GB per Day

56 Days, unlimited calling, and 100/day SMS

Rs 839

2GB per Day

84 Days, unlimited calling, and 100/day SMS

Rs 1799


365 Days, unlimited calling, and 3600 SMS

Rs 2999

2GB per Day

365 Days, unlimited calling, and 100/day SMS

Benefits to Unlock With Airtel MNP Offer

Airtel provides various benefits to prepaid and postpaid users. The benefits include free access to Airtel Xstream Premium, Wynk Music, free hello tunes, Amazon Prime Membership, and Zee5 premium; however, the benefits vary from one to another. 

1. Free Airtel Prime Membership: Unlock the benefits of Amazon Prime with Airtel. The complimentary membership is available with select prepaid and postpaid plans. Airtel prepaid users get Amazon Prime 56-days membership for Rs. 699. At the same time, postpaid users can enjoy the benefit with plans starting at Rs. 499.

2. Zee5 Premium For Free: Enjoy premium content on Zee5 for free with Airtel. You can recharge with Rs. 289 prepaid plan to unlock the benefit. Airtel Postpaid and broadband users also get Zee5 complimentary membership.

3. Airtel Xstream Premium: With Airtel Xtream premium, get free access to 400+ live TV channels, unlimited movies and more. Airtel Xstream Premium membership is available on all unlimited prepaid plans. Postpaid users of the telecom also enjoy the benefit. 

4. Free Hellotunes: Airtel users can also set their favourite hello tunes. It has been a popular service for telecom operators. Airtel has made the service free for prepaid users. Select any unlimited plans to set free hello tunes on Airtel. 

5. Unlimited plans starting at Rs. 179: Airtel offers unlimited voice calling on all prepaid plans starting at Rs. 179. It is one of the major reasons for users to port to Airtel. Unlimited voice calls are available to all operators.

How to Port your Number to Airtel?

  • Send PORT(space)(mobile number) to 1900 to Generate a porting code.

  • Keep the received porting code safe and use it within 4 days

  • Visit the MNP Offer page

  • Submit the application for porting

  • Select the first recharge plan

  • You will receive a message indicating the status of your MNP request

  • Your SIM will be delivered, and digital KYC will be completed at your doorstep

  • New Airtel SIM connection will be activated when the old one stops working 

  • Change the SIM when the old one stops working.

There are many reasons for users to port to Airtel from Vi. Airtel has wider network coverage. The telecom operator also provides multiple benefits to users under the Airtel Thanks program. 

The process to port from Vi to Airtel is very simple. You need to get the UPC code. And the process to generate UPC is the same for all operators. 

You need to type PORT Space Mobile Number and send it to 1900. You will receive an SMS with your porting code. Submit this porting code alongside documents to the Airtel customer executive to place your porting request. You will get a new SIM Card which will be activated within 24 hours. 

To activate Airtel SIM Card, you need to complete the tele-verification process. Call the SIM activation number 59059 and follow the instructions for instant activation. 

There are many benefits of porting your number from Jio to Airtel. You get access to many exclusive MNP plans. At the same time, you get access to Airtel Xstream, Prime Video & more. 

Nowadays, Airtel is also providing free delivery of SIM cards and quick activation for MNP users. 

Port to Airtel Online

airtel mnp plans

With Airtel MNP, you get quick activation with doorstep KYC and same-day delivery. You need to fill Airtel MNP form online. Provide the details and select an Airtel MNP Plan of choice. Airtel is charging Rs. 100 for doorstep delivery of SIM card for MNP Users. You can also track your MNP request using the Airtel Thanks app.  

To track your Airtel MNP request, log in with your port-in SIM on the Airtel Thanks app. Once you log in on the app, you get live tracking on the home screen. You can also activate the new SIM to unlock rewards and offers on the Airtel Thanks app.

MNP Rules and Guidelines 2023

The MNP process used to take more than a week. But the recent change in the roles has made the process faster and simpler. The new MNP process takes less than 4 days. 

  • Postpaid users need to clear the outstanding dues of the current telecom operator for the issued bill, as per the normal billing cycle.

  • Use has to be on the network for at least 90 days to be eligible for porting the number.

  • The porting cannot be prohibited by a court of law. The mobile number should not be sub-juice to port it.

  • There should not be any contractual obligation as per the exit clause in the subscriber agreement with the operator.

  • If you submit the request to change ownership of the phone number, the portability request will get cancelled.

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MNP Fee - Charges to Port in Airtel

Last year, TRAI revised the charges for mobile number portability (MNP) transactions. The telecom operator reduced the charges by nearly 70%. The fee was reduced to Rs. 5.74. Earlier, the recipient telecom operators had to pay Rs 19 for every subscriber acquired to MNP service providers.

Mostly, telecom operators don’t charge customers for MNP. If you have opted for doorstep delivery, then delivery charges may apply. Also, the subscriber needs to select a recharge plan at the time of submitting the MNP form online.

Things to Know About Mobile Number Portability [MNP]

  • Only mobile phone numbers can be ported.

  • One can port number only within the existing telecom circle

  • Porting from prepaid to postpaid & postpaid to prepaid is possible

  • The user has to complete the bill payment 

  • MNP application can be cancelled by sending a ‘CANCEL’ SMS to 1900

  • MNP requests can be cancelled only before the submission of UPC

  • The user has to be on the old network for a minimum of 90 days before a new MNP application

How to get doorstep delivery of Airtel SIM?

  • Visit the offer page

  • Fill in the required details

  • Choose a plan of your choice

  • Submit your request to get same-day SIM delivery

  • Also, get doorstep KYC and quick activation

How to check Airtel Porting Status?

Download the Airtel Thanks app to track real-time status. You need to log in with your port-in number to check the status. 

  • Open the Airtel Thanks app.

  • Log in with your port-in number

  • Get real-time status

The process to port in Airtel is very simple. You can also port your SIM online as the telecom operator is providing doorstep delivery with instant SIM Activation. By porting your number to Airtel, you also unlock various offers such as free hello tunes, Wynk Music, and Airtel Xstream Premium. Additional benefits such as Amazon Prime membership and Zee5 premium are also available with select plans for prepaid and postpaid users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the vi to Jio port offer 2023?

A. Jio's 28 days cost only Rs. 269; in this recharge plan, you will get 1GB/day of the internet with unlimited calling & 100SMS/day benefits. Likewise, if you recharge for Rs. 299 for 28 days, you will get 1.5GB/day data with 100 SMS/ day and unlimited calling.

Q. Is porting from BSNL to Jio free?

A. Porting your number to Jio is FREE. There are no home delivery, activation, or security deposit charges.

Q. Is porting to BSNL free?

A. Presently, BSNL is not charging any fees for porting into BSNL). You will be issued a new BSNL SIM card. Upon approval of the porting request, BSNL will inform you of the date and time of porting. You are required to change your SIM card at the said time.


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