Airtel Dongle Recharge Plans: Best 4G Packs For Unlimited Data

Check out the latest Airtel plans that you can use in your dongle for unlimited high-speed data.

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To meet your high-speed data requirements, Airtel dongle recharge plans can be of great help. Here we take a look at the best available airtel recharge plans for dongle users. The telecom operator has many plans to take care of your requirement for high-speed data.

If you have an airtel SIM, you can use it in your dongle for work from home. Firstly, we will discuss the Airtel recharge plans for all users then you will take a look at the Airtel Data SIM and postpaid Plans.

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If you are using Airtel SIM in dongle then you have plenty of choices both in terms of price as well as data. Airtel Dongle Recharge Plans are available in 1GB, 1.5GB, 2GB, and 3GB per day options. You also get to choose from Airtel booster packs to increase the daily data limit of your plan.

With this post, we take a look at the popular plans based on daily data limit to help you choose the best recharge pack. You can select any pack and recharge online or offline at your convenience. Make sure to check the plan details with the operator before going ahead with the recharge. 

Best Airtel 4G Dongle Recharge Plans

Airtel Dongle Plan

Rs. 58


Rs. 118


Rs. 301



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Airtel 4G Recharge plans for Dongle

Airtel has three popular data recharge plans. The Rs. 58 pack provides 3GB data while the Rs. 118 pack comes with 12 GB of data. Both the plans carry the validity of your existing plan. 

The Rs. 301 pack provides 50GB data. The data packs don’t come with any voice calling or SMS benefits for users. 

These are the most preferred plans for Airtel dongle recharge plans as users don’t need voice or SMS when using the SIM, only for dongle use. 

Airtel Dongle Recharge Plan With 1 GB/Day

If you are looking for a dongle recharge plan with 1GB of data per day then you have the only choice available in the form of Rs. 265 unlimited pack. Along with 1GB of data per day, you also get unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS/Day.

Additional benefits of the recharge plan include access to Airtel Xstream Premium, free hello tunes, and Wynk music If your data requirement is more check out the Airtel Dongle recharge plans list below. 


Airtel Dongle Recharge Plans with 1.5GB Per Day

Dongle Recharge Plan

Rs. 299


28 Days

Rs. 479


56 Days

Rs. 719


84 Days

Airtel has different plans with 1.5GB of data per day. The validity of the recharge packs varies from 28 days to 365 days. Apart from the validity, the additional benefits provided by the recharge plans also vary from each other. 

For instance: The Rs. 299 packs come with 1.5GB data per day for 28 days. If you are looking for a plan with longer validity then the Rs. 479 is a great choice. When compared to the Rs. 299, it provides you double the validity and you only need to spend Rs. 180 extra for it. There is also Rs. 719 plan with 84 days validity. 

Airtel Dongle Recharge Plans with 2GB Data Per Day

Dongle recharge plan

Rs. 359


28 Days

Rs. 549


56 Days

Rs. 839


84 Days

Rs. 2999


365 Days

You get to choose from four recharge plans if you are looking for 2GB of data per day. While the Rs. 359 pack is the most affordable option on the list. The Rs. 549 and Rs. 839 plans offer better value for money.

There is Rs. 2,999 plan that comes with a validity of 365 days. With the price hike, the annual plan of Airtel has become Rs. 501 costlier. 

Airtel Dongle Recharge Plan with 3GB Data Per Day

Airtel Dongle Recharge Plan

Rs. 699


28 Days

Airtel has only one recharge plan with 3GB data per day. The Rs. 699 pack has validity for 56 days. It also comes with unlimited calling and 100SMS/day.

The additional benefits provided by the packs include Amazon Prime Membership, free hello tunes, Wynk music, and Apollo circle membership. Free access to Amazon Prime is a key highlight of this recharge plan of Airtel. 


Airtel Dongle Recharge Plans With Disney+ Hotstar VIP Subscription

Voice Calling

Rs. 599

28 Days

3GB Per Day


Airtel Rs. 599 plan

The recharge plan comes with 3GB data per day for 28 days. Users also get unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS per day. Additional benefits include free hello tunes, Wynk music, and access to Airtel Xstream Premium. Users also get 2GB free data coupon. The free data coupon is applicable only on recharge via Airtel Thanks App.

Now, let us take a look at other popular Airtel recharge plans that you can use on your dongle.

More Recharge Plans for Airtel Dongle Users

Airtel Dongle Plan

Rs. 455


84 Days

Rs. 1799


365 Days


Here are two more Airtel dongle recharge plans. Both plans are for users with occasional data requirements. If you are a user with regular data requirements, these plans may not be suitable for you. These plans are for users who have less data usage. 

Both plans come with long validity. The Rs. 455 pack offers 6GB data for 84 days while the Rs. 1799 pack provides 24GB data for 365 days. With the plans, you get an average 2GB data per month. But there is no daily or monthly usage limit you can use as per your requirement. 

Airtel Rs. 401 Dongle Recharge Plan [Expired]

Recently, the company introduced a new plan, especially for its data users. The Rs. 401 plan 30GB data for 28 days. The additional benefits of this plan include free Disney+ Hotstar membership worth Rs. 499 for 1 year. 

With the free membership, users can enjoy Indian movies, Hotstar specials, unlimited live sports and more. The effective price of this plan is Rs. 0 only, as you are getting Disney+ Hotstar membership worth Rs. 499 for free. Now, let us take a look at the popular postpaid plans of Airtel.

Airtel Dongle Recharge Plan Validity

Validity varies as per the plan selected by the user. Most Airtel plans come with 28 days, 56 days, and 84 days validity. There are also plans available with long term validity.

For instance: The Rs. 2999 pack comes with a validity of 365 days. Users get 2GB data per day during the validity period. So, the validity depends on your choice, whether you want a recharge plan for 28 days, 56 days, 84 days or 365 days. 

Airtel Postpaid Dongle Plans List

Airtel Postpaid Plan

Rs. 499

75 GB data/month with rollover

Rs. 749

125 GB data/month with rollover

Rs. 999

150 GB data with data rollover

Rs. 1599

Unlimited Data* data/month with rollover


Airtel Postpaid Plans for Dongle 

You can also choose postpaid plans for your dongle. With the postpaid plans, there is no daily data limit. Most of the prepaid plans offered by telecom operators come with a daily data limit. 

If you want to use high-speed data without any limit then Airtel Postpaid is more suitable for your needs.  The telecom operator has popular postpaid plans that you can use on your dongle.

Airtel postpaid plans also come with data rollover facilities. The data that remains unused is rolled over to the next month. Depending on your data requirement you can choose a postpaid plan for dongle recharge.

You also get various additional benefits with Airtel postpaid plans such as free Amazon prime, Zee5 premium, Airtel Xstream, and Handset protection. In addition to that, you get 2 free add on SIMs with Rs. 749, Rs. 999, and Rs. 1,599 plans. 

Additional Benefits of Airtel Dongle Recharge Plans

With Airtel dongle recharge plans, the benefits are not only limited to high-speed data. The telecom operator provides multiple benefits to its prepaid and postpaid users. Under the Airtel Thanks offer, you get additional benefits such as unlimited calling, free hello tunes, free Zee5 subscription, Airtel Xstream Premium, free online courses and more. 

Airtel is also providing free Amazon Prime membership with select prepaid and postpaid plans. The company has also introduced a priority 4G network for select users. 


How to Save on Airtel Dongle Recharge online?

You can avail the best mobile recharge offers to save on your transaction. There are various recharge offers provided by e-wallets such as Amazon Pay, Paytm, Freecharge, and Mobikwik among others. 

Amazon is offering 100% cashback on mobile recharge for all operators. The offer is for specific users on payment with Amazon Pay UPI. The maximum cashback with this offer is Rs. 50. Amazon also has many user-specific offers for mobile recharge.

You can use Paytm coupon code on Airtel recharge and get a discount. In addition to that Freecharge is also offering cashback on mobile recharge. So there are different offers that take care of your budget and help you save money. 


Which is the best Dongle recharge plan for Airtel Users?

Selecting the best dongle recharge plan depends on your usage pattern. There are different packs available from 1 GB per day to 3GB per day. You also get a choice in terms of validity. In case you want additional data there are Airtel booster packs as well. Meanwhile, the telecom operator has also introduced new recharge plans bundled with free Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription for 1 year.  The newly introduced recharge plans help users stream IPL for free. They can also watch the latest movies and Hotstar Originals for free. 

The telecom operator also has data sim for your high-speed data requirements in the current work from home scenario. Airtel Data SIM comes with 50GB 4G data for Rs. 399. The SIM can be used on mobile devices, tablets, and dongles.

Recharge offers on Airtel Dongle Plans

Here are some of the best offers that can help you save on Airtel Dongle plans. Recharge with Airtel Dongle plans on Airtel Thanks app to get up to Rs. 40 cashback. The offer is applicable on all recharge plans of Rs. 149 and above. To avail the offer, select Airtel Money as the preferred money of payment at the time of check out. Cashback will be credited to your Airtel wallet. The offer is applicable once per user.
You can also pay with Airtel UPI to save on your recharge. The offer is applicable on the first transaction via Airtel UPI. Get flat 50% cashback with this offer. Maximum cashback available is Rs. 40.
In addition to these two offers, you can also recharge on the Amazon to unlock rewards worth up to Rs. 100. 
You can also save on Airtel Dongle plans with Google Pay, PhonePe, Freecharge and Paytm. So choose the best plan and offer to enjoy high-speed internet alongside benefits such as free hello tunes, Airtel Xstream Premium, and Wynk music among others. 

So that’s all about Airtel Dongle recharge plans. The telecom operator has also come with many special solutions for corporate customers. You can choose a plan as per your requirement and continue working from home with the high-speed internet from Airtel.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Save on Airtel Recharge?

You can avail the mobile recharge offers to save on Airtel recharge. Amazon Pay, Paytm, Mobikwik, and Freecharge offer cashback on Airtel recharge.

Which is the best plan of Airtel Dongle?

The best plan depends on your usage. If you are a user with high data requirements you can choose 3GB data per day. In addition to that Airtel booster packs are also available to meet your data requirements.

Can I recharge with any recharge plan?

The recharge plan may vary as per your telecom circle. In case you are recharging online, you will see the available plans for your number.