How to Check Airtel Validity? - 5 Surprising Tricks You Don't Know

Check your Airtel Balance, validity, and data in few simple steps. USSD Code to check Airtel Balance is *121*2#.

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check airtel balance

Recent studies claim that about 74% of users are not aware of the service validity of their prepaid number. Do you face similar issues? When you are trying to find out the validity of your Airtel number, there are a good number of options available. 

You can check Airtel Validity using USSD codes. There are also a good number of options for checking the validity of Airtel online.

In this article, we look at different ways to check validity in Airtel. 

So let us look at the 5 Surprising Tricks That you should know today to check Airtel Validity. 

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What is the Airtel Validity Check Number?

You can choose from different methods to check your balance. It is sometimes difficult to track your balance and validity in our busy schedules. These things can be hard to remember if you use more than one number. In such cases, the methods mentioned here are of great use. It is easy to check your balance and validity using these methods. 

The most popular methods used by maximum subscribers in the USSD code. There is no need for the internet. You can check balance and validity in less than 10 seconds. The second method, which is also very popular, is online.

No need to remember or save any USSD code. One tap on the app, and you have all the information. So let us look at these methods to help you stay updated and avoid last-minute hassles. 

  • Airtel customer care: 121

  • Airtel recharge number: 123

  • Consumer complaints for Airtel network: 198

  • Activation of DND service: 1909

  • USSD code: *121#

How to Check Airtel Plan Validity?

Let us start with the online method; it is the simplest; you don’t need to remember any USSD codes. If you are an Airtel user, then all the information that you need related to your prepaid account is available on Airtel Thanks App.

Once you download the Airtel app, sign in with your number to find your balance and validity right on the app's home screen. Airtel Thanks app is the one-stop destination to manage your Airtel account on the go.

The USSD code to check Airtel Net Balance is *121*2#. It is the single code to check all your balances related to your Airtel number.

How to Check Airtel Validity via USSD code?

Using USSD codes to check your airtel balance and validity is possibly the most preferred option. To check your airtel Balance by USSD code, dial *121*2#.

The USSD code gives you all the information related to your Airtel accounts, such as Talktime, SMS balance, data balance, and validity. 

  • Dial *121*2# to check your balance & validity

  • Enter 1 to check details of your upcoming packs

  • Enter 2 to check your data balance

How to Check outgoing Validity of your Airtel Number?

Dial *121*2# to check the outgoing validity of your Airtel number. You can also check outgoing validity using the Airtel Thanks App. It is displayed on the home screen of your app. Once you tap on the screen, you can find details information about your ongoing plan.  

How to check Airtel Validity via Airtel Thanks App?

  • Download Airtel Thanks App on your device.

  • Log in with your airtel mobile number.

  • You can see the airtel balance, data balance, and validity on the dashboard.

How to Check Airtel Validity online via Airtel self-care service?

  • Visit the page Airtel Self-care from here

  • Enter your mobile number

  • Login using OTP sent to your mobile number.

  • On the self-care service dashboard, you will find the airtel validity & plan details 

How to Check Incoming Validity of your Airtel Number?

Once the validity of your existing plan is over, you can only receive incoming calls. Airtel users get 7 days of incoming validity after the expiry of the existing plan.

During the period, you can only receive income calls. You can check your incoming validity by failing *121*2#. The incoming validity is also displayed on the home screen of the Airtel Thanks App.

Even incoming calls will be barred on your number if you don't recharge within the validity period. 

How to Check Airtel Validity via SMS?

You can also check Airtel Balance and validity by SMS. Type ‘BAL’ and send it to 121. In response, you will get a service message; choose an option to get detailed information.

You can check the balance & validity, value-added services, and recharge denomination of your Airtel prepaid number by SMS.

  • Type BAL and send it to 121

  • Enter 1 to choose a language

  • Enter 2 to find My Airtel My Offer

  • Enter 3 to check balance and validity

  • Enter 5 for Value-added services

How to check Airtel Net balance daily limit?

The unlimited packs reset the daily net balance limit at 12 am every day. If you want to check the daily net balance on your airtel number, you can choose any method SMS, USSD code, or the Airtel Thank app. The data balance will be shown for that day only.

Airtel USSD Codes To Check Service Validity 

Airtel USSD Code


Check Postpaid Airtel 4G Balance


Airtel Night Data Balance


DND Activation/Deactivation

*141*10# or 52141

Airtel Loan Number


Airtel Value Added Services


Airtel Special Offers and Rewards


Missed Call Alert


Local National SMS Packs


Know Your own Airtel number

So we have tried to give all possible methods to check your Airtel balance and validity.

Choose any method as per your preference and never run out of balance.  All the methods are very easy and need only a few steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my Airtel account balance?

To check your Airtel Balance, validity, and data, dial *121*2#. You can also check Airtel's balance with Airtel Thanks App. 

How can I check my Airtel internet balance?

  • Dial *121*2#

  • Enter 2 to find your data balance and validity

How to check my plan on Airtel?

You can check your plan using different methods. Download the Airtel Thanks app or use the USSD code to check your plan. 

How to check the data balance of unlimited plan?

The method to check the data balance of the unlimited plan is the same as other plans. You can download the Airtel Thanks app or use USSD codes.