Zap Car Subscription - How to Subscribe, Eligibility Criteria etc.

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We all know very well about India's largest self-drive mobility platform Zoomcar. Recently, it has introduced a car subscription service named Zap Subscribe. You can have your own car with this service that too without buying it. This is a fractional subscription program so you can own the Zap Car for 6, 12,18 or 24 months according to your ease. It also provides the flexibility of getting a new car technically whenever you want it. Sounds interesting! if yes, then go ahead read more about it.

About Zap Car Subscription

As mentioned earlier, it is a subscription program introduced by Zoom Car. It provides easy access to your favorite car model without buying it. Zero down payment, No maintenance, Limited damage liability and many other features like this make the service more impressive. You will get the Car within the next 48 hours of applying and completing the paperwork. All you need to do the same is a Pan Card, a canceled check and your driving license to be eligible for subscribing Zap Subscription from Zoom Car. 

So, now you know that accessing your own car is that easy you must be wondering that what are the eligibility criteria to get your own car without buying the same. Well, let me tell you the criteria is as simple as getting your first sim card. Check out the points written below to know about it in detail.

Eligibility Criteria For Zap Subscribe

Getting your own car has become easier through this new program from Zoom Car. All you need is a Pan Card, A canceled Check, and your driving license. With all these three documents you can subscribe to a car starting at just Rs.18,999/- onwards. You can also earn money from the same car by listing it to Zoom Car when you are not using it. 

The subscription program has the tenure of 6,12,18 and 24 months you can choose the duration according to your choice. The program also allows you to change or switch the model whenever you want. 



Steps to get Zap Subscription

Getting a subscription for your car is as simple as buying a product from an online website. The additional thing that you have to do is to provide the correct documents for the verifications. Also, before the delivery of your favorite car model, you have to submit the copy of your original driving license. 

Once you subscribe to the program successfully, you can also share your vehicle with other Zoom Car users to save the money. You just have to choose the duration in which you want to share your Car and when you are not using it you can list it at Zoom Car to earn some Extra Money. Now, this sounds interesting right! Let's go ahead and know the steps to get the subscription of your Zap Car.

1) Visit

2) Click on "Zap Subscription" option.

3) Select the Model that you want to access.

4) Choose the Subscription tenure.

5) Select the duration for sharing your car at Zoom Car.

6) Click On "Subscribe Now".

7) Fill all the details and submit the documents required.

8) That is it! You will get your own car within 48 hours.


Since owning a car is easier now, the next question that will come into your mind is the maintenance and accident policy of the car which is equally important. Zoom car will share the maintenance expenses with you. There will be a certain limit of maintenance charges that will be decided at the time of subscription. Similarly, The liability of damage done by any subscriber at in the subscription duration is capped up to Rs.10,000 per incident. These policies will make it easier for you to own a car that too at low expenses. Let's dig in and know more about these shares in detail.


Zap Car Maintenance Policy

The policies introduced by Zap Subscription program is simple and easy to implement. At the time of subscription, a certain maintenance amount will be decided. Zap car will bear this maintenance charges. You just have to pre-inform about the maintenance services at the app and provide all the original bills for the same. But there are few points written below that you have to take care of, have a look so that you can avail the services properly.

  • Zoom Car will bear all the servicing and maintenance charges of the case up to the prescribed limit. So always check your agreement for the same.
  • If the amount is over or above the prescribed limit then the subscriber will bear the same, and that amount will be added to the monthly invoice raised by Zoom Car.
  • You have to intimate Zoom Car for any maintenance work, by providing the original bills and other servicing documents at the application.
  • The calculation for the total work and maintenance charge will depend upon the number of kilometers run during the subscription tenure.
  • Maintenance cost does not cover tyre punctures, damage done by the user, and car cleaning.

Zap Car Accidental Policy

Zap car has taken the liability of accidental damage done by the user but it is capped up to Rs.10,000  per incident. Also, if you have listed your subscribed car at Zoom Car and the damage is done by its user then, Zoom Car will bear the 100% damage cost.

Zap Subscribe Refer and Earn Policy

Through Refer and Earn program, it will be easier for us to own a car at a low price. If you refer the application to your friend then both referee and referral will get the bonus points that can be used to avail the discount while subscribing to your favorite car. The scheme is amazing but there are few points that you have to take care of, have a look and grab the offer to save a bit extra.

  • The Referrer should be an active Zap User.
  • You can only avail the benefits of this program after the successful conversion of the referee.
  • The amount will be added to your next month's payout as the referral bonus to the account of referral and referee.
  • You will not the bonus amount if the referee is in the notice period or already terminated the subscription.



How to list your Zap Subscription at Zoom Car

You can list your Zap subscribed Car at Zoom car when you are not using it to save a bit extra. The company will share up to 75% of revenue with you for the same. Just fix the listing duration when you are applying for the Zap subscription and when you are not using the vehicle simply list it at the Zoom Car so that other users can rent it and you can earn the money from the same. Sounds interesting! if yes, check out the steps written below:

  • Visit
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on Zap subscribe option.
  • There you will get the option to list your car.
  • Click on it.
  • Fill all the required details.
  • That is it! A zoom Car representative will connect with you to get the car.



Once you your listing period is over you can get your vehicle back and the Revenue share will be added to your Next month's payout. The Rental charges will include all the taxes. If the revenue is greater than the monthly payout, then that extra money will be added to your Zoom Car account by the 10th of next month. Click Here to know more details about the revenue sharing at Zoom Car.


How to Terminate The Zap Subscription

Zap subscribe already has given the facility to choose the tenure according to your flexibility. If you terminate the subscription before locked period, you will have to pay the penalty which would be equal to the one-month applicable subscription fee and rental difference if any. 

If you have applied for the subscription before 10th of the current month, then the last day of the same month will be your last subscription day and if you have applied for the subscription after 10th of the month then, the last day of the following month will be your last day of the subscription services. Let me give you an example of the same.

Case -1 ) You have applied for the termination before 10th of the month.

Suppose, your subscription is about to get terminated in the coming month. So, if you have applied the termination before the 10th then, 30th of the same month will be the last day of your subscription.

Case-2) You have applied for the termination after 10th of the month.

In this case, the last day fo termination will be the last of the following month. That means 30th of the next month.


Advantages of Zap Subscribe

  • No Downpayment:- If you are planning to buy a car, you must know that you need the downpayment for the same if are buying it on loan. This may take a year. Well, you can save this time with the help of Zap subscribe. You do not require the downpayment to own the car. Just pay the security amount, select the duration to own the car, provide three documents and that is it. The car will;l be delivered to your doorstep within the next 48 hours of subscription.


  • Free Servicing:-  With Zap subscription, you will be tension free for the servicing of your vehicle. Zoom car will bear a certain amount of servicing charge for your vehicle if you are a regular user of the company.


  • Free Insurance: Zoom Car, will also take care of the insurance of your vehicle. There will be the accidental cover of Rs.10,000 at every incident. 


  • Less Documentation: If you plan to buy a car from a showroom, you will have to go through lots of paperwork and process. This may take lots of time and can be very frustrating. Zap subscribe, helps you to get your favorite car model, within 48 hours of applying. You just need three papers, that are, Pan Card, Driving license and a Canceled check. Once you provide all these documents, you will get your car at your doorstep.