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Zoomcar is India’s largest marketplace for cars on rent. From short road trips to quick in-city drives for groceries, supply pick-up, food runs, we have the cheapest car rental options for all your needs! A hatchback for daily commute, a sedan for short trips, SUV for hills or a luxury car for a surprise. With Zoomcar, you can experience the convenience of online booking. The cars listed on our platform come with all-India permits that include vehicle insurance. It is extremely easy to pick up the car from the host location. You can drive unlimited KMs, with 100% Free Cancellation up to 12 hours before the trip starts, 0 Security Deposit, 0 Toll Charges, and 24/7 Roadside Assistance. Car rent per KM starts as low as Rs. 49/hour. From short road trips to quick in-city drives for groceries, supply pick-up, meeting friends and family, doctor visits, business trips, we have the cheapest car rental options for all your needs! A hatchback for daily commute, a sedan for short trips, SUV for hills or a luxury car for a surprise

Just upload your driver’s license and pay a small security deposit and done! Your booking is confirmed. Get notified with an SMS from Zoom car and get the details of the car, number plate, etc in no time. Use the zoom car app to activate the deal. Come and pick your car at a location that best suits you or get it delivered at your home. Avail the zoomcar coupons from FreeKaaMaal and get offers and discounts like never before.

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Drive Out Sale: Flat 50% Off on Zoom Car [ 8th & 9th Only ]

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Get Flat Rs.200 Off On Car Rental (No Min Booking)

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The Drive Out Sale - Flat 50% off on Zoomcar Rentals

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Get Flat Rs.300 Off on Zoomcar No Minimum Booking{Selected Locations}

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Earn Upto Rs. 20000 a Month By Sharing Your Car & Save Up to 70% on EMIs

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Flat Rs. 400 cashback on your Zoom Car booking

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Zoomcar:- Flat Rs.200 Off on Car Booking

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Get Rs 600 Off On First Booking On ZOOMCAR

About Zoom Car

Founded in 2013, the American duo David Back & Greg Moran decided to drop out of business school and start with zoom car. They met while studying at the University of Pennsylvania where they graduated in 2007. They moved to India and pursued Zoom and launched it officially in Bangalore in February 2013. Zoom car coupon codes are something that will help you avail further discounts on your hires.

Features and Technology

The company started with their mobile application for all the bookings. It recently notched another launch of a model ZAP to further improve the customer experience and service quality. It sees potential in partial car ownership venture. Recently, zoom car transformed the in-car user experiences by launching Cadabra. It makes the customer journey more fun as the cars are now equipped with Bluetooth and 4G cellular connectivity.

The feature Cadabra tracks and gives information about fuel levels, clutch position, harsh braking, inconsistent acceleration, seat belt usage and engine health. This feature also offers the function of OTA (over the air updates) that helps the car function more effectively. This feature of Cadabra will be deployed in the new marketplace program and ZAP will improve the car ownership experience and help the car owners save bucks and reduce accidents. Zoom car promo codes are also a good option to choose if you are looking to hire a rented car in best prices.

Important Facts About Zoom Car

How to Rent a Zoom Car?

Hire a rental car that is self-driven at a price that is affordable and friendly. To start with, first, you need to either sign up through your desktop in the website or your mobile app. Then choose your desired the rental duration, car type, pick-up location, etc. You can either go and pick the car or you can choose to get it delivered at your doorstep. Choose either a car that can be helpful to you while travelling the city traffic or choose a spacious SUV if you are planning on driving to outstation, for example, Delhi to Agra.

Benefits of Using Zoom Car

To top that off, they also have Airport Taxi services for a small convenience fee. Airports draw travellers from a lot of different destinations, and finding a cab nearby is not easy. So avail the best services from zoom car deals and let them do the services. There are also luxury cars like Mercedes or Audi models for that special event you are going to attend.

One of the major benefits of using a Zoom car is that you get to drive a car conveniently all around the city and out of the station as well without the worries of added responsibilities involved like filling up petrol, car servicing, car insurance, etc. There is also a safety factor associated with driving a zoom car. Especially for young women travelling in a group or individually.

Wide Range of Cars in Zoom Car

Zoom car has a wide range of wheels that offers its users. It has over 1800 cars that range from Tata Nano to Mercedes A class. Other cars available are small hatchbacks like Tata Mahindra E20 that costs Rs 60 per hour during weekdays and Rs 80 on weekends. Whereas a Mercedes A class starts from rs 250 per hour or Rs 6000 a day. A Mercedes C-class charges Rs 900 per hour and Rs 6000 per day.

How can FreeKaaMaal Help you Avail Zoom Car Discounts?

FreeKaaMaal is a platform where you get to avail further zoom car discounts on original prices. Go through the following steps to avail discount in Zoom car:

Avail the best zoomcar offers on FreeKaaMaal and get ready to ride on an ultimate journey of the best cars with the latest coupons.

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