How to Add Zomato Credits?? Zomato Refer and Earn Program

In case if you order food using Zomato then you must have heard about Zomato Credits. In this article, we have written on how you can get them.

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Everyone loves to order food every once in a while. If you’re someone who is living far away from his home and is a working guy then food order is the only thing available to you. As it becomes really difficult to cook your own meal after coming from the office.

If you need to know the best app to order food online then Zomato is the name I pick. It also has a wide range of Latest Zomato Promo codes. Although, quite many times things don’t go as planned and you are unable to get your food but what if the order is prepaid. Well, in this case, Zomato returns you the money in the form of Zomato credits. Therefore let’s see how you can check your Zomato Credits balance.

Note: In case if you wish to know about Zomato Gold Membership then we have also written an article on it.



Steps on How to Check your Zomato Credits

  • In order to check Zomato credits, you need to first download the Zomato app click here.

  • Now sign up to the application using either your Email Id or Facebook Account.

  • Now click on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner.

  • Now click on the Account settings there you will see Manage Payment Options, click on it.

  • There you will be able to see your available Zomato credits. In case if you’re a first time then you will be able to see some Zomato credits given to you.

How to Get Zomato Credits?

Zomato credits is not exactly a payment method but rather a way of compensation or rewards. If you are a first-time new user to the Zomato application then you will be provided with Zomato credits that you can avail during the time of order.

There is another way that you can earn Zomato Credits. By using the Zomato refer and earn offer we can earn Zomato Credits. All you have to do is go to the “Free Meal” option on the application. You will be given a promo code which you need to share among your friends. If your friend uses the code on his first order of Rs.300 or more then he will get Rs.100 off on his order. Also, every time your promo code is used on an order above Rs.300 or above then you will also receive Rs.100 as Zomato Credit. Also, if you wish to know about Zomato Coupon Codes for old users then we have also written an article over it.

Zomato Credits - How to use?

These credits can be used whenever you are making an order. The credits that are made available to you will be automatically deducted anytime you make your next order. The Zomato credits can be considered as a discount that you get for bringing new users or get as compensation for a bad experience.

We hope that we must have answered your query on How to get Zomato Credits. Zomato is a great service for food delivery and pretty efficient in what they do with thousands of listed restaurants to cater to your taste buds. We hope this article must have solved your query regarding Zomato Credits. In case if you have any other query regarding any other application, comment it down below and we will try to write an article over it to solve your problem.