Vodafone (Vi) Data Boosters: Increase Daily Data Limit of your Recharge Plan

Increase your daily data limit with Vodafone Booster packs. Check the latest data booster packs for Vodafone users.

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Are you a Vodafone Idea (Vi) user? Do you face the problem of Daily data exhaustion? Here is a solution to keep using high-speed data on your Vodafone number. You can increase the daily data limit on Vodafone with Data booster packs. 

Recently, Vi introduced a new offer under which subscribers get unlimited night data on select recharge plans. This offer is applicable on recharge plans of Rs. 249 and above. The unlimited data is valid from 12 am to 6 am. Since the unlimited data is applicable for the night only, in case you want additional data during the day you still need the Vi booster packs. 

Keep reading to know more about Vodafone Data booster packs, validity, price, and more. Similar booster packs are also available for other telecom operators as well.

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What is Vodafone data booster?

Vodafone data booster packs or simply data packs provide users with the chance to increase the daily data limit of their unlimited plans. You can choose any booster pack of Vodafone to continue using high-speed data on your number. 

Depending on your data requirement you can choose any data booster pack on Vodafone. The booster packs are also an excellent option for users looking for only data. You can get up to 50GB with booster packs on Vodafone. 

Vodafone (Vi) Data Booster Price


Rs. 16

24 hours


Rs. 48

28 days


Rs. 98

28 days


Rs. 251

28 days


Note: Get double data with Vodafone Rs. 98 data booster pack. Recharge with Rs. 98 pack to get 12GB data for 28 days. The offer is for a limited period. 

Vodafone Data Booster Recharge

You can recharge with any Vodafone Data booster plan depending on your requirement of high-speed data. You can recharge using any online portal or from an outlet near you. Simply enter your number and select the data pack of your choice to recharge.

There are basically there data booster packs available for Vodafone users. You get 1GB of data for 24 hours with the Rs. 16 pack. The Rs. 48 data booster offers 3 GB of data for 28 days. There is also Rs. 98 pack for Vodafone users that come with 6GB data for 28 Days.


Vodafone Data Booster Recharge online

You can recharge with the Vodafone Data Booster pack online using the My Vodafone app (Vi app) or the official website of Vodafone. The data booster packs are also available on recharge portals such as Paytm, Freecharge, or Amazon. Here we tell you how to recharge on Myvi.in.

  • Visit Vodafone Website From here

  • Go to the recharge tab

  • Enter your Vodafone number

  • Click on add on packs

  • Select any data booster pack of choice’

  • Proceed to payment

  • Make the payment using a mode of choice



Vi Data Rollover Offer

Vi (Vodafone Idea) introduced the weekend data rollover offer in October last year. Now, the data rollover system has been extended till April 17th. It is applicable on unlimited packs. The minimum recharge for the Vi Data rollover offer is Rs. 249. Users can choose from Rs. 249, Rs. 299, Rs. 399, Rs. 449, Rs. 595, Rs. 599, Rs. 699, Rs. 795, and Rs. 2,595 prepaid plans. 
These plans come with a daily data limit that may not be completely used. As the data limit is reset at the end of the day, ur results in some data being wasted.

With the weekend data rollover offer, Vi users will be able to use the daily unused data over the weekend. The unused data from Monday to Friday will be accumulated and made available from Saturday and Sunday. Moreover, the telecom operator is providing 1GB additional data on recharge from its website and app.

Vi 5GB Free Data Offer

Vi (Vodafone-Idea) is providing 5GB of free data to users on recharge with select prepaid plans. The free data offer is applicable on recharge with Rs. 599, Rs. 299, and Rs. 249. Users will get the free data on recharge via the Vi app. 
There is also 1GB extra data available on Rs. 149, while the Rs. 219 recharge plan comes with 2GB extra data on recharge via Vi app and website. 

Vodafone Rs. 16 Booster Pack

The Rs. 16 booster pack of Vodafone comes with a total of 1 GB of data. You get 24 hours validity with this pack. There are no SMS or voice benefits provided with this pack. It is the most affordable data pack for the telecom operator. If you are in need of high speed for only limited then it a great choice at just Rs. 16. 

If we compare it with Jio data booster packs, the most affordable option is available for Rs. 11 and it provides 1GB of data. While the most economical data pack of Airtel costs Rs. 19. It provides 200MB data for 2 days along with unlimited calling during the validity period.

Vodafone Rs. 48 Booster Pack 

The Rs. 48 booster pack of Vodafone offers a total of 3GB of data. It provides 28 days of validity. It is a data-only plan with no voice or SMS benefits. Vodafone Rs. 48 plan is also an excellent option if you are looking to extend the validity of your prepaid number. 

Validity has become an important factor for subscribers, as you will no longer be able to make or receive calls once the validity of your existing plans is over. The user has to recharge with an unlimited or smart plan to continue making and receiving calls. 

Vodafone Rs. 98 Booster Pack

The Rs. 98 booster pack of Vodafone comes with 12GB of data. The data is valid for 28 days. It is also a data pack with no voice or SMS benefits. In comparison, Rs. 98 pack of Airtel comes with 12GB data, but it comes without any validity. It can only be used with your existing plan. 

Jio has an Rs. 101 data add-on pack available for users. Jio’s data pack also comes with 12GB of data. The recharge pack doesn’t offer any validity and can be used with an existing plan. 

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Vodafone Rs. 251 Booster Pack 

It is the most recent data plan introduced by the telecom operator. Vodafone Rs. 251 pack gives 50GB data for 28 days. The pack has no daily data limit. Jio also has an Rs. 251 plan. The Rs. 251 data pack of Jio also comes with 50GB of high-speed data. It offers a validity of 30 days. 

The Rs. 251 pack is one of the best choices if you are looking to increase the daily data limit. The recharge plan comes with 50GB of data which you can use as per your requirement without any daily limit. It is a great addition for Vodafone users who are using their mobile data to manage work from home. 

With work from home, people are mostly relying on their mobile data for work. Telecom operators have also come with many options to meet the high-speed data needs of users. 

Vodafone Idea (Vi) has launched new prepaid plans with additional benefits including a free subscription to Zee5.

Vi Zee5 Recharge Plans 2021

Recharge Plan



Rs. 355


28 Days

Rs. 405


28 Days

Rs. 595


56 Days

Rs. 795


84 Days

Rs. 2595


365 Days

Vodafone Booster Pack Validity

Vodafone has a total of 4 data booster packs available for prepaid users. The Rs. 16 pack comes with 24 hours validity. While the remaining three packs; Rs. 48, Rs. 98, and 251 each offer 28 days validity. You can choose the best booster pack depending on your need for high-speed data. 

The booster packs are mainly used to increase the daily data of your existing plan, but these can also be standalone recharge plans if you need only data. 

How to check Vodafone data booster balance?

Keep a track of your Vodafone data balance on My Vodafone app. You can also check the information via SMS, IVR, and helpline numbers. To check your Vodafone Data balance dial *199#.

Save on Vodafone Idea (Vi) Plans with Amazon Recharge Offer [Expired]

Amazon is offering flat Rs. 35 cashback on Vodafone Idea(Vi) recharge plans of Rs. 249 and above. The offer is applicable once per user on the first mobile recharge transaction of the month. To avail of the offer, the user has to make payment using Amazon Pay UPI. The cashback will be credited as Amazon Pay Balance. 

  • Flat Rs. 35 Cashback

  • Minimum recharge of Rs. 249

  • Once per user

  • Cashback will be credited within 3 working days

Vodafone Data boosters take care of your additional data needs. The packs allow Vodafone subscribers to add additional data to their monthly plan. You can easily increase your daily data limit with Vodafone Data boosters.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Data booster plan in Vodafone?

The data booster plans offer high-speed data benefits to users. Vodafone Data booster plans are available in denominations of Rs. 16, Rs. 48, and Rs. 98. You can choose any booster plan as per your need.

How do I get Jio data booster?

Recharge your Vodafone number with a 4G add-on packs to enjoy high-speed data. Vodafone booster packs are priced Rs. 16 onwards. You can choose any plan as per your need for high-speed data.

What is the validity of Vodafone data booster?

The validity of Rs. 16 pack is 24 hours while the Rs. 48 and Rs. 98 packs come with 28 days validity.

How to check the validity of Vodafone Booster packs?

You can check the validity of your data booster pack with USSD codes. The USSD code to check the balance on Vodafone is *199#. You can also track data usage with the My Vodafone app.

Which is the best data plan for Vodafone Users?

If you are a Vodafone subscriber looking for data plans, then there are plenty of choices available. The Rs. 98 data plan of the company provides 12GB of data for 28 days. Vodafone is providing additional data as part of its special promotion for a limited period only. There is also Rs. 251 data pack which provides 50GB high-speed data for 28 days.