How to Check Vodafone Balance and Validity?

Check Vodafone prepaid balance and validity by using USSD codes. You can also check Balance and validity online on My Vodafone App.

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Service validity has become an important factor after the recent price hike of telecom operators. To keep your SIM active and avoid suspension, you need to keep track of service validity on Vodafone (Vi). 

Because post the expiry of validity, you need to recharge again for the continuation of incoming and outgoing calls. 

You can check your Vodafone service validity and other details just by dialling one number. It is also possible to check Vodafone validity online. 

The telecom operator recently revamped USSD codes for prepaid users. So it sometimes becomes hard to track the balance and validity of your prepaid plans as you can't remember the number to check validity. But you don't need to worry as the details are just a few scrolls away. 

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Vodafone Number List To Check Balance & Validity 

Vodafone USSD Codes

Vodafone Prepaid Balance

*141# (or) *199#

Vodafone Validity 

*141# (or) *199#

Vodafone Local/STD Minutes Balance 


Vodafone Balance Check Number


Vodafone Mobile Number 


Vodafone Best Offer 


Vodafone Phone Number

*199*2# or *141#

Vodafone Data Balance 


What is Number to Check Vodafone Balance?

You can use USSD codes or the Vodafone App to check your Vodafone prepaid balance. Dial *199# to check Vodafone prepaid balance by USSD code. In addition to that, you can also check your data balance, best offers, and your number using USSD codes on Vodafone. 

All telecom operators allow subscribers to check the balance using USSD codes. The codes vary from operator to operator. The user must dial the USSD code to get the required details. 

Vodafone Whatsapp Number to Check Balance & Validity 

Now, you can also check Vodafone balance and validity on Whatsapp. The company recently launched this service aimed at smartphone users. You need to add the WhatsApp number '9654297000' to your contacts and start chatting to get all details related to your account. You can also use Whatsapp web to register and check your balance and validity.

  • Add 9654297000 to your contacts.

  • Start WhatsApp chat

  • Type Hi & send

  • You will receive confirmation message

  • Reply with your response

  • Balance & validity will be sent via message on Whatsapp 

What is Number to check Vodafone Data Validity?

To check Vodafone data balance using the USSD code, dial *199*2*2#. You can use the USSD code to check your Vodafone 4G or 3G data balance.

In addition to that, all the information related to your Vodafone account is available on the MyVi app. Install the app to check Vodafone balance, data, and validity. 

How to check Vodafone Validity Online?

In addition to offline methods of checking your prepaid account balance, you can also check the information online. Vodafone users can access account-related details on the Vi app. The app is available for all smartphone users. 

  • Download My Vi app from here

  • Enter your Vodafone number 

  • Verify OTP to log into your account

  • You can see information related to your account on the app

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How to Check Vodafone Balance and Validity by SMS?

  • Type DATA BAL 

  • Send the message to 144

  • Shortly, you will receive an SMS about your remaining data balance on your Vodafone number.

Use different methods to check your Vodafone prepaid balance, validity, and data. It is straightforward; you can use any method of your choice and find the required information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check validity in Vodafone?

You can check the balance in Vodafone using USSD codes or the Vi app. To check your balance via USSD code, dial *199*2# from your number.

How can I check my Vodafone balance online and its validity?

To check your Vodafone balance online, download the Vi App. The app will be automatically verified using OTP. Now, open the app to check your balance and validity.

How can I check my SMS balance in Vodafone?

The USSD code to check SMS balance in Vodafone is *199*2*5*2#. You can also check your SMS balance using the My Vodafone (Vi)  app.

How can I check my data balance?

Dial *199*2# using your Vodafone number and select data balance. The second method is to use My Vodafone app.

How do I find my account number for Vodafone?

Vodafone number check code is *199*2#. Dial the USSD code to find your account number for Vodafone.