Things To Do On Valentines Day 2020

Hoping to make this Valentines Day a memorable one for your partner? Stay tuned for the best things to do on Valentines Day. 

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For all the couples out there, Valentine’s Day is arriving soon on February 14. Firstly, you all must be knowing the best gift you can give to your better half, is the time that you spent together. 

Irrespective of what type of couple you are, you should plan something out of the box for your partner. 

Here we will be telling you some of the fun things to do on Valentine’s Day that you forget to do with your partner during normal days.

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Since it is a special day for all the loved ones, make sure you make each and everyone happy whom you love. Also, if you do not know about the Valentine Day Week List, then make sure you know it all. 

1. Go for a long drive 

To make this day a special and a memorable one, all you need is a sense of adventure on a car! 

You both will get out of your comfort zones while you explore new terrain. Spend time with each other, visit new places and gather memories by clicking amazing photographs. 

2. Recreate your first date 

Recreate the day when you both first met, take things back to where you first started falling for each other. 

Order food that you both like, and spend time together by enjoying a candlelight dinner along with cheering each other with some nostalgic memories. 

If your memory is sharp, you could try and order the same food and drinks as that on your first memorable meeting.

3. Take a trip 

Take a day's break or even an entire weekend to go out for a small trip during Valentine's day week.

You both can even explore unique destination where neither of you have been before. You will get out of your comfort zone and have a fabulous time together. 

Suprise your partner by booking all your tickets before. Plan and go to a place that is full of adventures to make the trip full of fun. 

4. Watch a romantic movie together 

Watch a romantic movie together at home. Do not forget to grab the popcorn and settle on the couch for an evening filled with your favorite snacks and drinks. 

You can also visit the theatres at night and enjoy the night along with partner. 

5. Exchange heartfelt gifts

It is always wonderful to give gifts or plan a surprise party on special occasions like Valentine's Day. 

Gifts are a little token of affection. You can think and plan to purchase an item that your loved one has always wanted or even just gifting a Valentine's Day greeting card.

Also, you can organize a small party at home with all the delicious meals loved by your partner. 

6. Write love letters to each other

Start writing a love letter to your soul mate, and include everything why your partner is so special to you. 

Write all your feelings about them to make them feel special and emotional. Try remembering all the memories together, and express it with the help of a pen and paper.

Tell them which of their qualities you most admire, how they make you feel, and why you fell in love with them.

7. Make a scrapbook of your relationship

Even if you both are not creative, jump out of the box and do something exciting. Gather up all the photos of your relationship, old ticket stubs, and meaningful receipts, and make a beautiful book that you will both treasure. 

This way, you can share a stronger bond and remember all the memories of one another. 

8. Bake something delicious

A home-cooked meal is one wonderful option for Valentine's Day to spend time together and impress your partner. 

You can go for ordering something tasty, or you can merely make dessert together at home. Baking is a great way to spend more time with your significant other while having a blast in the kitchen.

9. Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

Spend time together on the stunning sunrise or sunset site. 

You both can also grab a blanket and watch the night or morning sky. Do not miss to snap a pic of the beautiful scenery. 

Watch the sunrise or sunset together and chit chat with some of the best memories you have with each other to smile and feel relaxed during the moment. 

10. Play games at night 

If your partner is sporty and enjoy fun games, then should spend a whole night playing some interesting indoor games. 

If you both love playing poker, then set up the table and start playing. If you guys are feeling fancy, get dressed up and head to the casino for some slots and blackjack.

11. Go to a restaurant 

Everyone has that one restaurant they are dying to try. You both can head to one of the best restaurants around you and order your bucket list. 

Enjoy long lovely conversations with your favourite drinks and delicious food. 

You can plan ahead and make booking months in advance for a night that you would not forget.

12. Go for a romantic walk

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion where you can take time for your partner in between your busy schedules. 

You guys can go for a relaxing stroll, and feel each other's presence along with having some cute conversations with one another. 

You both can roam around the roads, hand in hand with your partner, notice the weather and people around. 

13. Have an Indoor Picnic

The winter weather does not have to stop you from planning the most romantic date of all which is a picnic meal. 

Order your favourite food or start cooking something special for your partner at home. Get some cold drinks or enjoy a hot drink during the cold weather. 

Break out a checkered tablecloth and see the best food recipes online for a sweet indoor picnic date. 

14. Head to a Museum

Visit the new exhibit or gallery you have been eyeing and be ready to experience some unexpected emotions and thoughtful conversation. Plus, you can find many museums running special offer for after-hours events for Valentine's Day.

If you and your partner are curious learners, do not think before visiting a museum and purchase cheaper tickets during Valentine's. It will become a wonderful experience as you can see new innovative technologies. 

15. Go to a Club

If you both are fond of dancing and partying, then you guys should plan for visiting a club. 

Get to listen to live music and concerts, and enjoy a drink with your loved one at your side.

Dance on your favourite music with your partner, and make this Valentine's an exciting one. 

Here are some of the things to do on Valentine's day. Try any of the ideas and surprise your partner on this day.  Plan everything to have a perfect memorable time with your soul mate. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What couples do on Valentines?

A1. Some of the things you can do is take a trip, Eat breakfast in bed, enjoy a wine and chocolate tasting, Host a game night, and Recreate your first date.

Q2. What three things do people often send on Valentine's Day?

A2. Couples celebrate the day with gifts and go out for dinner. Regular gifts include cards, flowers, and chocolates. Decorations for Valentine's Day are done with red and pink colours and include hearts and red roses.