20 Best Valentines Day Gifts to Give Your Wife

Impressing your wife can be very difficult but a little bit of thoughtfulness can make her feel how special person she is. We have mentioned some great Valentine gift ideas for your wife that can bring a smile on her face.

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It could have been a love or an arranged marriage but your wife is someone who has sworn to be with you till the end. A Women’s life isn’t easy and it takes a lot of hard work to manage a household.

And, in case if your wife is a working woman you might have been amazed at the balance she brings to your life and do all that extra with a smile.

We often forget to make them realize how special they are to us. And, if this thought is clinging inside your head then Valentines Day would be the best time to fuel that inner spark of love.

Therefore, in order to know some valentines gift for wife in India read down the article below. Also, in case if you wish to know some great Valentine Day Offers then click on the link provided.

Gift On Valentines Day For Wife

Are you among those husband's who do not know what to buy for their wife's on Valentine's Day? 
Do not worry. We will be listing some of the valentine's day gifts for wife. You can pick up the best one that you think will make your wife feel special on this day. 

Check out the complete article for all the gift ideas for your wife. Remember to surprise her with something great and happening which she will never forget. 

1. Personalized LED Cushion

This is could be a gift of remembrance that you are with your wife. This is by far the most thoughtful gift I found online for India. Get your best picture with her and get it printed on this LED cushion.

Even if she alone in the noon or outside for her, this gift will make her remind of you. This LED Cushion can be purchased from Ferns&Petal.


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2. Set of Cosmetics She Loves

Women just love to be presentable and take care of themselves. But let me tell you a secret, they do this to get your attention. A Wife loves his husband with all her might.

Her love for you is unhindered and the affection the purest form of gold. They would be happy to receive a gift a bunch of cosmetics that she loves. In case if that is your perfect plan then Nykaa has a vast range of Cosmetics. 


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3. Gift Her a Kindle

They have a thing for reading especially romance novels. Ask any girl about reading and they’d tell they just love it. Although, ask her what is her favorite novel then most likely it will turn out to be a romantic one.

We are suggesting you kindle because it is one of the best portable devices for people who love reading. Plus she can easily download her romantic novel on the go and pass her time.

Also, every moment that she will enjoy reading that Kindle will her remember of you.


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4. Anthology of Love Stories

Do you know that Romantic movies are made to target women? They might deny if you ask them to just look cool but their inner self knows that they are in complete love with them.

If you don’t agree then just recall the last time she cried while watching a movie. I bet you that the genre most likely has been the romantic one.

Therefore, gifting a compilation of great movies could be one hell of a gift. We have mentioned one collection below for you to check out. Although, you can check out other movies on the website also.


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5. Her Favorite Style of Saree

Any given second of a Day in a year, you can agree that a woman looks her best self in a Saree. I know it is a little bit cliched but a nice saree is just undeniably acceptable.

A saree is all that you can think of as an item of clothing, it is elegant, graceful, and also a pinch of sexy. Therefore, don’t think twice and just get her something that she would absolutely love. 


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6. Chocolate Box

Valentine's day of love is almost here, and you must need a fantastic present to woo your beloved. You cannot find any gift as tempting as chocolates to spread sweetness in your partner's life. 

Chocolates are the best gifts you can present to your wife, and it also has many health benefits. Cheer your wife's mood with healthy chocolates and fill your love with sweetness. 

You can browse the lip-smacking collection of Ferns&Petals this Valentine's Day. Gift your wife some delicious chocolates including Ferrero Rocher, Dairy Milk, and kit kat to send your Valentine with the hassle-free delivery.


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7. Jewellery Set 

Your wife is would be the most special person who rules your heart like a queen and treats you just like a king. Buy the best jewellery for her and grab her attention with our mesmerizing gifts for this Valentine's Day. 

If she is fond of jewellery and other accessories, then gift her a beautiful set or you can also go for a designer ring too for a special occasion. 
She will be feel lucky and impressed by your sweet gesture and cherish your gifts as a token of your love.


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8. A Pack of Cookies

Surprise your pretty wife with a amazingly delicious cookies. Gift her a soft and yummy cookie pack and cheer her mood with an extra sweet flavour. 

Cookies are one of the yummiest snacks you can gift your wife. You can purchase different cookie flavours depending upon your wife's taste. Either be it chocolate chip cookie or milk cookies, you can buy the best one for your wife. 

Buy the best cookie for your wife ranging from chocolate chip, oreo, snickerdoodles, and if she is diet conscious you can give her cookies made of peanut butter and oatmeal.


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9. Greeting Cards

Greetings are always the best choice to gift your loved ones to make them feel special. Either you can buy one from the market or the best option would be if you make a card by yourself. 

Greetings are a way of expressing your emotions through writing your feelings. So, this Valentine's, write something unique and amazing for your wife to show how much you adore her. 

Hand-made cards will leave a more impact on your wife and you can add some memories in the form of photographs. 


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10. Air Plants

You can gift your wife an air plant, which are hardy, vibrant and incredible, which can survive without soil and very less water. These Indoor plants allow you to fight off and reduce dust and humidity levels. 

This beautiful air plant is ideal for office environments, for home decoration, etc. So, if your wife loves greenery and plants, this is the perfect way to make her happy and show your love. 


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11. Heart Keychains 

Celebrate Valentine's day with your wife by showing your true love with a heart that's only complete when the two of you are together. This chain can be the most beneficial and handy gift you can give your wife, which she will love. 
This keychain will remind her of you, and it will be a cherishable experience for both. You can engrave both of the names on the keychain and the most memorable numeric date on it like your anniversary date. 


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12. Handbags and Wallets 

If you are in search of cool and trendy gifts to offer your wife on special occasions like Valentine's Day? 
You can check out Ferns&Petals fabulous collection of personalised handbags and wallets is a fantastic option to gift your wife a useful and thoughtful present. 
It will show your heartfelt wishes in the best way and make your wife feel something memorable to treasure forever. 


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13. Soft Toys 

One of the best Valentine's day gift for your wife can be a perfect blend of cuteness and fluffiness. These Valentine soft toys are best to leave your wife with an aww feeling. 
They would love to hold them in their arms and hug all day long. You can choose from the spectacular range of soft toys including teddy bear, teddy bear with a flower bouquet, and teddy combos on Valentine's Day.


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14. Perfumes 

As you may have heard, “Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance!” 
Buy the most suitable perfume for your wife and surprise her with most beautiful gift that she would love. 

Purchase your wife's favourite perfume or choose something unique among all the fragnances to make her feel special and happy. 

Well, that is true, in every sense, you can send across a lovely perfume and open the gates of happiness and nostalgia for all the lovely ladies in your life this Valentine's. 


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15. Delicious Cakes 

Cakes are the most demanded part of every celebration. They will add sweetness to your you and your wife's Valentine's Day celebration. So, go for gifting yummy and creamy cakes to your wife. 
Choose a delicious cake a store, or you can book a personalized one tempting range of red velvet, butterscotch, chocolate truffle, and black forest to send to their doorstep on V-day via our hassle-free delivery service.


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16. Personalized Photo Frames 

Gift your wife along with treasure the sweet memories of life with beautiful personalised photo frames of her photos. 
This gift will offer your loved ones on special occasions like Valentine's day will help leave an everlasting impression. 
These beautiful personalised photo frames will speak of your love and care for them in a beautiful manner, which they will treasure forever.


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17. Explosion Boxes 

If you are looking for a appealing gift that will surprise your wife this Valentine's, then explosion boxes are a perfect choice. 

These boxes are crafted with delightful designs, and reveal yummy chocolates on opening up. You can also personalise these boxes with the memorable pictures of your dear ones. 

You can browse among the wide collection of quirky explosion boxes online to gift your wife this on special occasions.


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18. Mugs and Sippers 

This Valentine's, gift your wife something special and useful. If your wife loves to sip tea or coffee all day, then you can go for amazing mugs and sippers.

It is one of the most utilized gift you can purchase. Shop offline or online for the most trendy and fashionable mugs with wonderful printed quotes on it to make her feel happy. 


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19. Flower Bunches 

If your wife loves roses and flower bouquet, then you plan for a huge bouquet full of fabulous flowers. 

Choose among the best flowers like roses, tulips, calla Lilies, peony, ranunculus, and many more. Make a beautiful flower bunch for your lovely wife during this Valentine's Day. 

These bouquets are mesmerizing to look and displays a sense of love, care and greet to your loved ones during any special occasion.


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20. Couple Show Pieces 

This Valentine's Day, show your love to your wife by gifting her a unique showpiece which she can decorate your home. 

The showpieces enhance the beauty of your house, so make sure you buy an amazing one. Get a pretty couple showpiece to show your love to your wife and make her feel special and astonished.

Surprise your wife with excellent showcase so that she will cherish it every time.

So these were some of the Valentine's day gift ideas for wife in India for 2020. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, Thank You for reading the article until the end.

Also, if you are willing to get some Best Gift Ideas for Husband this valentine's day, then you can read here. 


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What should I do for my wife on Valentine's Day?
A1. You can surprise her with something that will make her smile. Go on a date to your favorite restaurant or cook for her or with her. Buy tickets to an event or class or take her for a movie. 
Q2. What is the best gift for wife?
A2. You can gift roses, a watch, a flower bouquet, or a special cookie or chocolate cake. 
Q3. What are the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day?
A3. Among the most popular gift you can buy are Candy or chocolates, Greeting Cards, Flowers, Jewelry and many more. 
Q4. What are good ideas for Valentines Day?
A4. Some of the good ideas you can follow on Valentine's day include Chocolate Tasting and Truffle Making, Dancing, Ice Skating and Après Skate, a Wine Bar Crawl, a Scavenger Hunt, a Night at the Museum, a Themed Dinner and Movie Night at Home, and more.