Tips for Booking Online Flight Tickets at Lowest Price In India

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I know booking a flight can be expensive. A lot of people in our country don’t prefer to travel by flights because they think flights are expensive. It is partially true but with the right tips, you can actually board a flight at lowest rates.

Although, Before starting with Tips, let’s just understand the factors on which your flight tickets cost might depend, So shall we !!!

5 Reasons for Costly Flight Tickets

  • Class: The class you’re traveling will affect the price of your ticket, Obviously. The business class tickets costs are sky high in comparison to an economy, and trust me I know you know it.

  • Destination: If you’re traveling domestic or international, international flight tickets will be priced higher, again obviously. Although, if you’re traveling in a domestic flight there may be chances that you’re paying higher for less distance. It all depends on the number of people visiting that place, therefore, airlines tend to price higher for hotspots.

  • Flight Time & Date: See, you can book a flight as early as possible but time and date is something that can affect the price too. If you’re visiting a place during the season chances are your flight tickets might be of higher cost.

  • Purchase Date & Time: If you book too early then you might not get that great of a deal but if you book too late, You will definitely end up paying a lot higher. Although, Don’t worry we will provide you with a solution later.

  • Seat Supply & Demand: What happens when there is something which is very high in demand, the price of that thing increases, well the same goes with the flight tickets.

Now let’s start on with the Tips so that you can save money while traveling through flights.

#1 Always try to Carry Minimal Luggage

Flight companies often try to keep as minimal weight as possible. The reason behind it is that with less weight the fuel consumption is also less. Therefore, they have a limit of 25kg of permissible weight per person beyond that limit, you need to pay an additional charge.

Although, you can always decide on carrying the important stuff first and minimize on extra luggage.

#2 Use or The Flight’s Official Website

If you guys knew about it then good otherwise I must tell you that booking from the government or the official website of the flight company, both can save you a lot of money. These two places will get you the best deals on airline tickets.


If you book your flights using an online travel service, you will be paying higher prices for your ticket. These travel services charge you extra on convenience fee which can create a great difference in the pricing. You can also look for latest flight booking offers on the flight’s official website.

#3 The Thumb Rule 60 Days

This is the solution to the problem I discussed in the Purchase Date & Time. You can book your flight a year before but that won’t get you a good deal. Flight companies do not tend to regulate the prices that early. Although, it has been seen that 60 days prior they generally tend to set the price to lowest. The reason behind is to increase the value per seat.

As I told you before that with demand the price also increases therefore 60-day rule can get you the best price possible.

#4 Check the Price of your Flight 24 hours After Booking

This might not get you a significant saving in case of domestic flights but in case of international, you can save some serious money sometimes. It is seen that prices can get lowered even when you think that you got a really cheap deal. Therefore, if the cancellation is not much then just cancel your earlier booking and book it once again.

#5 Always try to Book on Wednesday and Thursday

This has been noticed that prices tend to get higher during the time of the weekend. The reason behind it could be because a lot of people try to travel during weekends.

The best strategy, in that case, would be to make your bookings on Wednesday and Thursday.

#6 Don’t Choose Your Seat

Are you very picky about your seats, Well if you want to save some extra cash then don’t be.

Being able to choose your seat on a flight is a luxury and some flight tends to make money from you just because you are picky. Although, I won’t complain if it's your first time and you want the window seat.

#7 Use Incognito Mode

A lot of companies collect data from its users browsing history and regulate their seat pricing according to it.

You must’ve seen that first-time users get a great deal while you as a regular don’t have the same luxury. In order to get the same deals just go incognito that way, you will stay anonymous while searching for a seat.

#8 Use Search Engines for Flight Comparison

Yes, I said search engines but I am not talking about Google, Yahoo or Bing. Although, you can start from there also. You have dedicated search engines for comparing the best flight prices available to you online. Websites like Travanger, Skyscanner, Expedia etc. gives you the capability of comparing the prices on different flights. All you need to do is just enter the source and destination.

#9 Try for Flexible Dates

Try not be too rigid with your date especially if you are going to visit the place for leisure.

Being flexible with your dates can actually get you lower prices.

The price on different dates fluctuates because of the demand for that particular flight that day. You know they have to deliver so they increase the price in times of demand while keeping them nominal in other days.



Additional Tip - Look for Packages and Deals on Travel Services Online

Use Online Travel Services: I know I am going against what I said earlier but whenever you are traveling, reaching the destination is not the final goal.

Travel Services like Yatra, MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo etc. gives you a combined package of all the things you need like flight tickets, shuttl and hotel bookings at great deals and cashbacks.

You can also save some extra money by booking flight tickets using Paytm. You can also get all the Paytm Cashback Flight Offers on our website.

They might not save you money on just booking flights but overall they can offer some really great deals and the freedom to travel tension free.

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