15+ Best Sleeping Bag Brands in India - Review and Buying Guide

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Camping is incomplete without a Sleeping Bag! 

For those who want to escape from their day-to-day hectic schedule and are planning for a camping trip in the mountains, you need Sleeping Bags. It’s a big problem when camping with your friends during the rainy season. So, it is important to carry a sleeping bag that will make you feel comfortable and protect you from rain. You will also get a restful sleep. 

I am a camping lover, so I know the best Sleeping Bag Brands in India. All those who are searching for the latest sleeping bag brands, you come to the right place. Here, you will get to know all the brands that promise to protect every traveller from insects and weather. 

In addition to this, I will share a few points to note before you choose any Sleeping bag for Trekking. 

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Best Sleeping Bag Brands in India

All Best Sleeping Bag Brands in India 2023

Starting from affordable to expensive, below I have curated a list of Sleeping Bags for adults. I have researched on several e-commerce websites, and by seeing price and customer reviews, the bag brands given below are reliable for your trip. Check it out-

Sleeping Bag Brands



Starting from ₹685

2. Tripole

Starting from ₹699


Starting from ₹989

4. Rocksport

Starting from ₹999

5. Aim Emporium

Starting from ₹1299

6. Vector X

Starting from ₹1,359

7. Generic

Starting from  ₹1,390

8. RhinoKraft

Starting from ₹1,399

9. Trajectory

Starting from ₹1,499

10. Lyrovo

Starting from ₹1,511

11. Harissons

Starting from ₹1,533


Starting from ₹1,615

13. Coleman

Starting from ₹1,830


Starting from ₹1,849


Starting from  ₹1,899

16. Slovic

Starting from ₹3,039

17. Lixada

Starting from ₹6,909

Overview of Best Sleeping Bag Brands in India

After knowing the name and Sleeping bags price, it's time to know about the brands in detail so that you can make your decision quickly in buying the excellent bag for your trip. Have a look-



BLEQYS is the first top brand that I will mention. In the list above, this brand of sleeping bag is the most affordable, so if you have a budget problem, you can buy this one. Choosing it would be the best decision because it makes sure you are well-rested. 

What's More? 

  • The Sleeping bag of this brand is made with top-notch quality materials, so it is highly durable. 

  • If your priority is to select a highly insulated, breathable sleeping bag, BLEQYS is perfect. 

The bag would be easy to carry wherever you go. Buy today! 

2. Tripole


Do you need an ultimate Trekking Sleeping bag? If so, my second suggestion is to buy Tripole's sleeping bag. There are a bunch of reasons behind choosing it, but one of the best ones is it will offer bags and winter jackets to carry during the trip. The product that will be shared, no doubt, would be high-quality with exceptional features. 

What's More? 

  • For hiking and camping, Tripole is an excellent Sleeping Bag brand for travellers. 

  • Strength, Comfort, and Durability are at their fingertips. 

This Sleeping Bag price in India starts from ₹699. So, I am sure you will delay no further in buying the best bag from this brand. 



If I am not wrong, you are searching for a comfortable sleeping brand for your camping? Right? You landed in the right place because I believe nothing can surpass KLAIR in giving comfortable sleep to travellers. One of the biggest reasons behind choosing this brand is it offers unisex bowls and plates, face masks, carry bags, umbrellas, etc, along with sleeping bags. If you travel during the winter season in India, KLAIR is the best brand to buy sleeping bags. 

What's More? 

  • Searching for water-resistant and high-mobility Sleeping bags? KLAIR is an under-rated brand.

  • Premium designs are available so that you can choose as per your requirements. 

Do you know this Sleeping Bag price in India? Well, the pricing starts from ₹989. Hurry up and buy now! 

4. Rocksport


A mummy-shaped bag that is sublime for Camping, Hiking, and Indoor and outdoor sleep. The brand's name is Rocksport, which is available in numerous colours if you choose Amazon to purchase it. It has only one person occupancy and is the right choice for Spring, Autumn, and mild winter seasons. This 1 kg item is made with the help of soft and skin-friendly Nylon material. Without any doubt, you will feel warm and comfortable. Also, this trekking sleeping bag has 85% positive ratings from more than 1K customers. 

What's More? 

  • An excellent choice for every outdoor activity, like backpacking, hiking, adventure, and travel.

  • Rocksport has designed this item for +10 to +20 degrees Celsius weather.

After reading great reviews and seeing customer ratings, Rocksport is worth mentioning. 

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5. Aim Emporium

Aim Emporium

Aim Emporium sells mummy-shaped Sleeping Bags for Camping, Hiking and Adventure Trips. The dimension of this item is 190cm x 90 cm Size Large, and it is a lightweight item for travellers. No need to worry whether it would be easier to carry during the trip. If you purchase it from one of the leading online stores called Amazon, it is available in black colour. After researching thoroughly, I found out that it has 1k+ recent orders in online stores. And yes, it has a 91% positive rating. Aim Emporium is the right brand to purchase sleeping bags at a reasonable amount. 

What's More? 

  • Aim Emporium sleeping bags are easy to clean.

  • It makes you comfortable, and you can sleep peacefully at a temperature: +20°C to 5°C (INDOOR).

If you need this Indoor and Outdoor Mummy Shaped Sleeping bag, buy them soon. 

6. Vector X

Vector X

We all know about Vector X. It is renowned for stylish and innovative sports gear. Do you know why I have mentioned this brand in this article? Vector X is also a top-grade brand for providing Sleeping bags for adults. The weight of this brand item is 0.700 Kg, and the size is 180*75 cm. Vector X brand has only one person occupancy. 

What's More? 

  • Purchasing from this brand would be the right decision because it makes you comfortable in all seasons. 

  • This Conical shape item has 50K+ orders. You can imagine its demand on online stores.

In your quest for the best Sleeping bag Brands in India, you will always find Vector X. Purchase today! 

7. Generic


I purchased the Generic sleeping brand last month because it was easy for me to carry during my trip. The weight of this amazing Generic brand sleeping bag is 950G, so I felt comfortable carrying it. Plus, it was the best sleeping bag for me to relax after completing my whole camping day. Another reason behind choosing this brand item is the customer rating on Amazon is 5. There was no doubt in choosing Generic brand items at that time. Till now, the rating is 5. 

What's More? 

  • It makes you comfortable at a Temperature rating between 5 °C to 15 °C.

  • Available in various colours, like Red, Blue, and Green on the Amazon store. 

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8. RhinoKraft


Are you looking for a waterproof and affordable sleeping bag brand? You can even purchase from one of the most popular brands in today's time, and that is "RhinoKraft". Not everyone knows that RhinoKraft is also popular for showing unique design sleeping bags. During your rest time, you will not find any kind of discomfort. Ultimately, RhinoKraft will provide fleece blankets and hydrating bags that keep the travellers hydrated. 

What's More?

  • The sleeping bags from RhinoKraft are superb for all seasons.

  • You will see different shapes of items, so choose as per your requirements.

You might also be searching for Sleeping bags price. Don't worry; this brand of sleeping bags is affordable for travellers. Shop today!

9. Trajectory


When you go with easy-to-carry sleeping bags, you will not find any problems during your trip. So, Trajectory is an awesome Sleeping bag brand that cares about your relaxation. Your day ends with so much tiredness. You want to start your next day camping with full energy. So, sleep well by taking this brand's sleeping bag with you. By checking customer ratings and feedback on top ecommerce online stores, I have mentioned this great brand here. 

What's More?

  • You will find internal pockets in sleeping bags.

  • It is an excellent choice for different kinds of weather conditions.

Trajectory is a major brand in providing Sleeping bags. Purchase today! 

10. Lyrovo


If travellers can only spend around Rs 1500 on a Sleeping bag for Trekking, let me inform you that Lyrovo is the right brand for those who are on a lean budget. This 1 kg 350 g item has multiple benefits, and one of them is waterproof. You can't take risks on camping during the rainy season. So, keep in mind that Lyrovo brand sleeping bags are waterproof and can help you during the rainy season. For camping, hiking and Trekking, this brand's items are mind-blowing. I saw customer ratings on online stores like Amazon, where customers have given 4 ratings out of 5 to this brand item. I believe it is worth purchasing a Lyrovo brand bag for a trip. 

What's More?

  • Lyrovo uses lattice weaving technology to keep fabric more stronger.

  • It will keep you warm all night, and the Temperature ratings are: Limit 5°C and Extreme 0°C.

Sleeping bags of this A1 brand are brilliant for all seasons. You should delay no further in buying a sleeping bag soon.

11. Harissons


The oldest but most popular Sleeping Bag brand that always gives excellent quality bags to help travellers during their journey. No matter how many days of the trip you are planning, you need Harissons brand sleeping bags to get water-repellent benefits. I know you are expecting a cozy and comfortable sleep. You need to fret no longer when purchasing from one of the best Sleeping Bag Brands in India. The sleeping bags price of Harrison's starts from ₹1,533.

What's More?

  • Harissons sleeping bags are reversible and are made of vegan material.

  • This brand manufactures sleeping bags for kids and adults both. 

Need warm and comfortable sleep during vacation? Buying a sleeping bag from Harissons should be on your list. 



The reason behind keeping LWVAX in this article is this brand's sleeping bags are helpful for adults in extreme weather. If you are searching for Sleeping bags for adults, LWVAX is supreme. Your whole day was full of camping, and now you are searching for peaceful sleep. Get it from your sleeping bag! If I am not wrong, you might be searching for lightweight sleeping bags. Right? Let me be clear; this brand's sleeping bag is even the finest lightweight, so there is zero percent difficulty in carrying it during your camping time. If there is no budget problem, and you are searching for a sleeping bag that is more than Rs 1500, LWVAX is great. 

What's More?

  • Not only is the sleeping bag of this band easy to carry, but also easy to wash.

  • You can also get Kitchen cabinets, storage racks, and baby care products from LWVAX.

LWVAX sleeping bags have amazing reviews and customer ratings. It is a good decision to buy bags from it. Hurry up! 

13. Coleman


The demand of every traveller is to buy only those sleeping bags that are suited for all temperatures. Coleman is one of the leading brands that are experts in manufacturing products suitable for carry. This business was established in 1900, and they are not only well-versed in making sleeping bags but also in outdoor furniture and tents. If you face any harsh weather conditions, this brand sleeping bag will make you comfortable. What about the Price? The Sleeping bag price in India of this brand starts from ₹1,830.

What's More?

  • Comfortability is the second name of the Coleman brand. Travellers will not find difficulty in carrying this brand's sleeping brand. 

  • The sleeping bags are available in various colours. 

Coleman is another big name when it comes to purchasing Sleeping bags for adults. I hope after knowing the details about this brand above, you will choose it for purchasing a sleeping brand for your camping. 



Hiking and Trekking require a comfortable sleeping bag. Do you have any sleeping bags, or are you still searching for the right one? I will highlight a YASHOKA brand sleeping bag that is a great choice for all seasons. Right now, it is available in Army Green on Amazon. The exceptional item is made up of lightweight and waterproof fabrics. The brand even uses 100% Polyester polar fleece material to give you proper comfort. There is a one-way Zipper that can be operated from inside and outside. 

What's More?

  • This item is suitable for temperature ratings upto 0°C (Extreme), 5°C (Comfort) and 18°C (Maximum).

  • It is an Envelope-shaped Sleeping Bag, so you can expect extra space inside. 

YASHOKA is also in the boat of the best Sleeping Bag brands. It will provide you with an affordable sleeping bag, so go for it. 

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There is another ultimate brand that is providing an Army Sleeping Bag for travellers. If you want to buy a unique sleeping bag, purchase it from KEFI OUTDOOR. The weight of this item is 1.6 kg. The special thing about the KEFI OUTDOOR brand is they use polyester materials in making sleeping bags to make them water-resistant. If you are planning your trip in extremely cold temperatures, you must carry this brand's sleeping bag. Best of all, it will support adults as tall as 6'6". Those who can purchase sleeping bags under Rs. 2000 can choose KEFI OUTDOOR brand items to save money.

What's More?

  • It is suitable for the Temperature Rating: -10 to 0 °C.

  • The item is available in multiple online stores. 

KEFI OUTDOOR brand sleeping bags are useful for Camping and hiking. Shop today from the best online store!

16. Slovic


Introducing Slovic, one of the best brands that provides superior-quality sleeping bags in the market. Its comfortable materials prove that it is the #1 sleeping bag brand in India. If you are in search of a Sleeping bag for Trekking, you will always find a "Slovic" name in that list. No budget problem? Slovic is the best choice, then. It specially made the best sleeping bags for extreme weather conditions. After reading all the customer feedback and seeing its demand, I have chosen this brand to mention in this article. 

What's More?

  • In terms of Durability, Slovic sleeping bags are prominent for travellers.

  • The item is waterproof and the best choice for indoor and outdoor activities.

Slovic Sleeping Bag is second to none. If you are searching for an ultimate option, you can purchase a Slovic Sleeping Bag.

17. Lixada


In the list I have shared above, Lixada is an expensive brand that provides brilliant quality Sleeping bags for adults. But if you don't have any money issues in buying the right sleeping bag, you can purchase from this brand. There is a double-sided zipper that will make it convenient to use. Furthermore, you can unfold the sleeping bag, and it can be useful for you as a blanket. The product can become a double sleeping bag when you connect two sleeping bags together. 

What's More?

  • Lixada bags come in a 4-compression-strap.

  • Lixada bags are suitable for all seasons. 

Lixada is a Premium brand that might be costly for travellers to buy its sleeping bags. But when there is no budget problem, I recommend purchasing this sleeping bag first. 

How to Choose Sleeping Bags for Adults?

I have shared a complete list of Sleeping bag brands between Rs 600 to Rs 7000. But that does not mean you should only select based on Price. Well, there are a bunch of factors to keep in mind before buying any bag. Do you know all those factors? If not, read out the jotted points given below-

Travellers know very well that there are three types of sleeping bags: summer, winter and 3-season sleeping bags. According to the season, you should select a sleeping bag so that you never get into any trouble on vacation. Moreover, 3-season sleeping bags are excellent for all temperatures. 

There are plenty of fabrics in which sleeping bags are available. The names are Ripstop, Nylon, and Polyester. The fact is all fabrics have various advantages for your sleeping bags. If you are expecting a comfortable experience, I recommend you select the right fabric before purchasing. 

No matter whichever online store you search to buy the best sleeping bag for Trekking, see its advanced features. I am talking about some underrated features, like pillow pockets, draft blocking, pockets, and so on. Always remember this! 

Did you know? Sleeping bags have either synthetic insulation or down insulation. If you select a synthetic insulation type sleeping bag, then the best part is they are durable. But down insulation is awesome for packing and water resistance.

Benefits of Heated Sleeping Bags

Those who are camping in cold weather need heated sleeping bags that will help you to heat up your body before sleeping. It will warm your body with the help of infrared light. To know all its benefits, read out the points given below-

  • A heated sleeping bag will provide warmth, comfort, and safety. It will control the Temperature of your sleeping environment. 

  • Another benefit of a heated Sleeping bag is it will eliminate the chance of body aches.

  • Many suffer from the problem of Morning stiffness. But when you carry a heated sleeping bag, it will reduce the pain of morning stiffness. 

  • Women may suffer from period cramps during camping. A heated sleeping bag will ease the pain by targeting heat to the lower abdomen. In short, it will relax your muscles and minus inflammation.  

Sum It Up

Do you want your journey to be peaceful with your friends? If you are camping for the first time, don't forget to take the best-quality sleeping bags. In this article, I have talked about the best Sleeping Bag Brands in India so that you don't get confused about which one would be better for your trip. I have even mentioned the Price and the buying guide so that it will help you in your purchase. Do you have more questions on the best sleeping bag for cold weather in India? I suggest dropping it in our comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best brand of sleeping bag?

A1. There are various top brands of sleeping bags for adults, such as RhinoKraft, KEFI OUTDOOR, BLEQYS, Trajectory, and many more.

Q2. Which brand of sleeping bag is best for baby in India?

A2. Harissons is one of the leading brands for Baby Sleeping bags in India. 

Q3. How do I choose the best sleeping bag?

A3. Before you buy a Sleeping bag of any brand, just remember to see Insulation type, Right fabric, Temperature, etc. 

Q4. What are the 5 types of sleeping bags?

A4. Rectangular, Semi-rectangular, Mummy, Double and Kid-sized are the five types of Sleeping bags available in the market. 

Q5. Is sleeping bag good for daily use?

A5. Mummy sleeping bags are good for daily use and will keep you warm and comfortable in cold weather. 

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