Best Road Trips You Must Take At least Once in India

If you are looking for a getaway from your daily life via a road trip then these are some great recommendation for you.

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“The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination” - Peaceful Warrior

Road trips can be a great way of learning something new about cultures, food, and different places. It is the perfect getaway plan from your daily boring life and to experience something new and fresh. Life is nothing but a series of endless experiences and well, a road trip to a great destination can be the spice of it.

If you’ve been thinking of going on a road trip then my friend now is the time. Whatever your preference of vehicle be whether you wish to cover that stretch with friends or solo, the good part is you won’t return the same. Yes, it gives you ample of room to learn and hardships enough to evolve as a person. Therefore, if you are on a lookout for some great routes to cover, here are some recommendation by us for you.

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1.Delhi to Leh-Ladakh

If you’re an enthusiast then this would be the first one on your list. Leh-Ladakh road trip makes the list of every traveller. It offers you the most captivating scenic beauty, you may experience on a road trip. The Road trip to Ladakh makes up for some of the most exquisite beauty you may experience in a lifetime.

It is a 1229 Kms journey where you will start from roads and plains to great mountains. The trip offers some great valley and also a fair share of bad roads to cover. Overall, it is a trip for all those who are looking to experience something which happens once in a lifetime.

2. Ahmedabad to Kutch

The distance between Ahmedabad to Kutch is close to 399 Kms. If you don’t have a lot of experience on roads and if you are looking for a short solo trip then this is probably the one for you. The journey offers you some great desert areas and a lot of vegetation in between.

The trip itself comprises of some really great roads and decent rough patches. It’ll take you through a little bit from the wilderness which you might experience en route. Also, a lot of culturally different places to experience. The salt fields in the Rann of Kutch is one mesmerising plain to visit.

3.Shimla to Kaza

It is a 450 Km long stretch that goes via NH505. It is not something which you may be able to cover in just daylight. The trip itself has a fair share of rough patches that you may have to handle and maneuver through. It is for experienced riders and has dangerous routes to overcome.

The journey itself can be divided into seven different segments. The trip takes you from places like Rampur, Karchham, Espillo, Khab, Nako, Sumdoh, and then finally Kaza. The roads take you through a large patch of pines, valleys, some landslide prone area and loads of adventure.

4. Jaipur to Ranthambore

If you’re travelling from Delhi then the ride is approximately 450 Kms although the best part of it begins at Jaipur. If you’re beginning from Jaipur then it will be great to imbibe the cultural heritage there first. The journey to Ranthambore from Jaipur is close to 250 Kms. It is easily a single day ride with great roads in between. Although, the roads are mostly two way with few one ways portions to cover.

The trip offers you some great remote areas and a lot of vegetation & dry areas in between. You will be going through great fields and hilly areas. Also, will be capable of seeing a lot of wilderness along with plenty of dry patches. It is one great ride and a great opportunity to experience the true essence of Rajasthan.

5. Guwahati to Tawang

Before even thinking of starting the journey you need to know that you might require an Inner Line Permit(ILP). The document is mandatory in order to enter Arunachal Pradesh for everyone. The stretch between Guwahati and Tawang is close to 510 Kms, therefore, it is pretty difficult to complete it in one go.

The journey takes you through Tezpur, Bhalukpong, Bomdila, Dirang, and then finally Tawang. It is important that you rest in Tezpur because from then onwards the real journey begins. As soon as you reach Bhalukpong you will be greeted with the great scenic beauty of Arunachal Pradesh. The trip encompasses great valley, colourful vegetation, and places where sipping a cup of tea and the view would be one heck of an experience. The ride offers you an experience that is truly unforgettable.

6. Rishikesh to Manali

Although, the actual distance between the two places is 250 Kms but due to the curvature and High & Low terrain it sums up to 514 Km. It takes almost up to 10 hours or more to complete the journey if you travel at a speed of 60 Kmph.The journey is as tough as it can be and needs an experienced rider. If you’re a newbie at travelling then this better not be your first ride. Although, with planning the ride is achievable. The overall route has everything that you wish for.

The trip will confuse on where to take the halt as the whole ride has something to offer in terms of scenic beauty. Be it fields, valleys, mountains, nice cottage, or anything it is one fulfilling ride that you won’t fathom. Also, one amazing fact about the two places is that the sun rises at both places with a difference of 4 minutes and 18 seconds.

7. Delhi to Agra

This one is purely for the fun of riding on great roads and in case if you’re visiting Taj Mahal in the first place. The ride will take you through a distance of 136 Km of expressway roads that are just phenomenal. It only takes you close to 2 hours and more to cover the distance on a decent speed.

Also, at the beginning of the ride, you will be able to see the great infrastructures and Gautam Buddha Circuit for formula 1 racing. It is a seamless experience and the visit to the magnificent Taj is truly the icing on the cake.

8. Kolkata to Sandakphu

It is one journey that might change your life. The journey comprises of 632.5 Km from Kolkata to Sandakphu. Your journey to Sandakphu will start from the civilisation which is Kolkata but will end to a place which feels like heaven on earth. It is the highest peak in the district of Ilam which is in Nepal.

The ride will take you through some unusual terrain. I would simply ask,” can you imagine riding on the clouds”, the experience is similar to that. The ride to Sandakphu is one hell of a unique experience. There are some seriously unique narrow [passage that you may have to pass through. It is one heck of a trip and especially for people who like to trip on bikes.

9. Delhi to Auli

What can be said, it is another great route to mountains, trenches, and some great scenic beauty. Auli became popular recently and the place is now being taken by a lot many to the kind of freshness it has. The journey to Auli from Delhi is approximately 363 Kms. The ride takes you through some really great views.

The moment you start on the road and then start taking up mountains, it is when you’ll start realizing the beauty of mother nature. You will be getting a fair share of narrow and wide roads. Although, there will be places where you can’t find any. It is a great experience and one that can be cherished all throughout your life if done properly.

10. Killar to Kishtwar

If vertigo is some serious issue in your life then don’t even think of going for this one. The road is also known as Cliffhanger and is among the most dangerous road among the planet. It is a 117.6 Km long stretch that binds Killar to Kishtwar.

Not everyone knows about this particular stretch as it is not for everyone. People who generally take this trip are adrenaline junkies and are always looking out for a lot of rush within them. It is not something that I will recommend to everyone but if you take up the challenge, your perspective for life would be a whole lot different.

These were some of the best places you can take up for a road trip in India. We hope that the list provides above would have been of some help or interest to you. Also, thank you for reading the article until the end.