13 Best Carpooling Apps in India 2024: Ride-Sharing Revolution

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Are you frequently needing to make several trips during the day but lacking the resources to use a taxi? If so, you're on the right track!

In this article, I will tell you about the Best Carpooling Apps in India 2024. Additionally, I will also tell you the Benefits of Carpooling in India

These carpool apps let you connect with other potential passengers so you can get where you're going as quickly and affordably as possible. They range from the most popular BlaBla cabs to UberPool. 

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 Best Carpooling Apps in India

List of the Best Carpooling Apps In India

Here is a list of the 13 Best Carpooling Apps In India.

App Names






Ryde by Ibibo






Ola Share




Meru Carpool




Orahi Carpool




Quick Ride


Wunder Carpool


Reviews Of Best Carpooling Apps In India

Here I have provided you with all the details of the Best Carpooling Apps in India with their description, so get hitched with this article till the end.

1. TwoGo


This app was launched in 2013 in Mumbai and planning to expand to many different cities. It is a user-pleasant app available on Android and iOS Mobile phones. The user has to download the app and signup to start the service. On posting your ride, the app will find an excellent match of people heading the same way.

This app is convenient and keeps you updated about all the details you need about the driver, co-passenger, route, and price. All these elements make TwoGo one of the best carpooling apps in India.



With ZIFY carpooling services, you can carpool to your house and office with your co-workers, friends, and neighbours, which makes your daily commute much more convenient and comfortable. The most helpful thing about this carpool app is that it lets you make the kilometres (that you have travelled) count. Once you complete the expected kilometres at a particular time, you will get excellent compensation. Not just this, Zify riders can save a significant amount and duration. All these features and advantages make this app one of the best carpooling apps in India.

3.  Ryde by Ibibo

 Ryde by Ibibo

Ibibo Ryde is the most authorised and dependable way to share rides and carpool. With Ryde by Ibibo, you can ride from one city to another. It is no less than a boon for experts travelling from one town to another for work. This user-familiar permits the riders and drivers to go through the profiles of certified members. You can also chitchat with them and track the car or bus in real-time. Also, it allows the driver to form personalised choices for waiting for time, music, luggage size, etc. Once the end of the ride, both riders and drivers can share their feedback.

4. BlaBlaCar


This French startup is a global leader for carpooling. The leading carpooling service is accessed by people from 22 countries. BlaBlaCar makes city-to-city travel affordable. Car owners are able to offer seats to co-travellers to travel together and share fuel costs. The carpooling service of BlaBlaCar is available for desktop and mobile users. You can find a ride after providing details about your journey route and timing. The available rides will be shown to you from which you can pick one. There is also an option to create an alert for a ride. The ride-sharing platform has introduced government ID verification of members for safety.

5. UberPool

UberPool, which combines the terms "Uber" and "carpool," is the company's carpooling option. In essence, as long as the Uber car has room, you can request a ride from it if it is already carrying another Uber customer or is en route to pick them up. After the individuals who requested rides ahead of you are dropped off, that car will drop you off. 

As we explained in our How to Use Uber tutorial, catching a ride with UberPool is similar to catching a regular Uber ride. There are two main distinctions, though.

  • Make sure you choose (Uber)Pool when choosing your Uber service tier and pickup (and drop-off) location.

  • You will be reminded at the bottom of the screen that you are carpooling with someone and are, therefore, paying a discounted fare while your Uber car is travelling to its destination. In addition to your own drop-off point, you will also be able to see the drop-off points of the other people you are carpooling with (the smaller circles).

6. Ola Share

 Ola Share

By allowing you to share your ride with other Ola users who are also travelling along your route, Ola Share helps you save money on your travel expenses. All you have to do to reserve an Ola Share is select Ola Share after logging into your Ola Cabs account. Click "Ride Now" after entering the locations of your pickup and drop-off. You must select the number of seats you would like to reserve before confirming the reservation.  Ola Share lets users reserve a minimum of one seat and a maximum of two seats at once. After completing that, click "Confirm Booking" to be done. Please be aware that your fare may vary if you decide to reserve two seats. Before you confirm the reservation, the updated fare will be displayed on the app.

7. sRide


sRide is an app for Carpool, Bikepool, and Rideshare. The instant carpooling app has a presence in 10 cities - Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad), Bangalore/Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Bhubaneswar & Kochi. The app is available on both Android and iOS. The integrated payment mode makes it hassle-free for passengers and the drivers. sRide allows users to offer their car to riders or get a car for their journey.

8. Meru Carpool

 Meru Carpool

Meru Carpool offers cashless payments for its customers. The company has partnered with mobile wallet Paytm to offer a seamless payment option. Meru offers multiple transport options to customers depending on their needs. The carpooling facility is integrated into the Meru Cabs mobile app. Register using mobile number, email address and facebook profile. Once registered, the user can look up other registered members travelling on the same route. The payment is done through Paytm wallet in Meru Cabs app. 

9. Ridely


A ride-sharing tech startup that focuses on in-the-moment carpools is called Ridely.  It is a peer-to-peer ride-sharing and user discovery platform. It makes it easier for people to locate others travelling in the same path. They can share their personal vehicles, taxis, or even auto-rickshaws. Ridely, an Android application, was first introduced to the public in January 2016. Ridely has its presence in Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai. 

10. Orahi Carpool

Orahi Carpool

The carpooling app allows customers to create multiple groups. There is also a built-in group chat feature for seamless communication. A huge chunk of users on the platform are corporate clients registered using their corporate IDs. The demand for carpooling touched peak during the Delhi government's odd-even rule. Car owners and passengers can send and respond to requests on the app. Orahi - Z is a special carpool for female riders. It also allows women travellers to create a women-only group for carpooling. There is also an option to plan a ride with your colleague or neighbour.

11. Shuttl


Shuttl is different from traditional carpooling services. It provides solutions related to the daily commute of office goers. Shuttl is available in  Delhi-NCR region, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Pune and expanding to other cities soon. The app is basically for office commute to provide cost efficiency along with safety from pollution and temperature. Discover the best routes in and around your city. The state of the art transportation service provides comfortable AC bus rides with amazing features. To book a Shuttl, you need to enter home and office address to find a lost of suitable rides for your commute. Shuttl is referred to as the Best Carpooling Apps in India for all the office going people.

12. Quick Ride

Quick Ride

The car and bike pooling platform connects commuters travelling in the same direction. Quick Ride is operational in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Kochi. The carpooling services commensurat with the traffic and environment conditions in major cities. To make the system secure the apps works in 4 layers. Users can also restrict the visibility of ride offerings for a select group.

13. Wunder Carpool

 Wunder Carpool

Wunder facilitates the sharing of empty seats in your car and helps you carpool with friends, coworkers, and environmentally conscious individuals around your home or office on a daily basis. With Wunder's carpooling app, you can find people going in the same direction and needing a ride very quickly. It assists you in creating a personal network of reliable carpoolers with whom you can share daily trips. If you own a car and are willing to share it, give rides to individuals in your neighbourhood, workplace, or community. Send requests to drivers who are willing to carpool and confirm their offers as a passenger. Utilise the Wunder App's built-in chat feature to communicate and arrange specifics like pick-up and drop-off locations.

Benefits of Carpooling in India

  • Save Money: You typically save the money you would have spent on parking and gas when you carpool. Additionally, since you would have to give less, the more people in the car, the more you would save. In addition, you will keep the money you contribute to the toll tax.

  • Better for the Environment: Fewer cars on the road will result in less fuel being used, enhancing air quality and promoting a clean environment. Additionally, it will greatly lessen noise pollution.

  • Good for Health: Since you wouldn't have to drive, you could unwind in the car and avoid health issues like backaches and other issues. Additionally, carpooling is far less stressful than driving, and there would be a decrease in allergies, respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, and air pollution.

  • Carpooling Offers Better Commuting Options: Carpooling offers you a variety of commuting options that other forms of transportation do not provide. For those with minimal access to alternative methods, this service is nirvana.

  • You Tend to Make New Friends: Regular commutes will cause you to develop a bond with the people you ride with, which could lead to friendships.

  • Reduces Traffic Congestion: Traffic decreases when there are fewer cars on the road.


Therefore, we can conclude that using the best carpooling apps in India to achieve the daily goal of ride-sharing is not only economical but also helps to lessen air pollution in the surrounding area. Because we live in a technologically advanced world, everything is simple and achievable with the help of the newest mobile applications. Although it is not a novel idea in India, carpooling is currently becoming more popular in larger cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do people use BlaBlaCar?

A. Based in Paris, BlaBlaCar is an online carpooling marketplace. In exchange for a commission of between 18% and 21%, the company's website and mobile apps link drivers and passengers who are willing to travel together between cities and split the cost of the trip.

Q. What is similar to BlaBlaCar in India?

Ans. Turo, Getaround, Uber, etc. are some of the best alternative to BlaBlaCar in India.

Q. What is carpool example?

A. A carpool is an arrangement in which a number of people alternate driving each other's children or themselves to and from work. People who travel in a car together are also referred to as a carpool. 


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