13 Best Car Perfumes In India (2023)

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Do you want your car to smell fresh all the time? And make your ride memorable as well? What you need are the air fresheners for an everlasting fragrance.  

Driving is something which I really enjoy, and it relaxes my mind. That’s why I want my car to be free from malodours and always smell fresh. 

In this article, I will tell you the best car perfumes in India based on several factors like durability, features, scent, hygiene and more. Some of them have been personally used by me. 

The products I will mention are easily available in the market offline and online. 

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13 Best Car Perfumes In India (2023)

13 Best Car Perfumes In India

Have a look at the best car perfumes in India, which are quite popular among users. Check out their prices and features and choose the best one for you. 

Best Car Perfumes In India 



1. Godrej aer Click Air Freshener Gel Kit



2. Ambipur Car Freshener



3. Areon Car Freshener Gel 



4. Aromahpure Premium Car Perfume



5. My Shaldan Air Freshener Gel



6. INVOLVE Air Perfume Spray 



7. UNO Aroma Car Freshener



8. Godrej Aer Twist Car Air Freshener Gel



9. Sugandhim Car Air Freshener



10. Air Roma Air Freshener



11. Airpro Luxury Mic Man Air Freshener



12. Dr Marcus Spray Lemon Car Perfume



13. LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener



Note- Prices mentioned in this article are subject to change. 

1. Godrej Aer Click Air Freshener Gel Kit

Godrej holds the monopoly in the air freshener market with its wide variety of room, bathroom, and car fresheners. 

Powered by clever gel technology, the air freshener is totally spill-proof, so you don't have to bother about those rough roads. The car fragrance diffuser's modular design allows you to substitute the gel holder with any of the refill packs, whenever needed. And what's more - each refill pack lasts upto 60 days. 

Elegantly designed to sit on your car AC vent, Godrej Aer Click comes in 6 unique designer fragrances - Musk After Smoke, Rich Irish Cocktail, Fresh Lush Green, Cool Surf Blue, Bright Tangy Delight and Petal Crush Pink. 

Key Highlights:

  • Comes in 8 variants 

  • Long-lasting fragrance 

  • Powered by spill-proof clever gel technology

  • Lasts for 60 days

  • Simple click mechanism to change the air fragrance on/off as needed

2. Ambipur Car Freshener

You must buy this car freshener for powerful 2 in 1 action of eliminating malodors and giving fresh fragrance. 

It lasts up upto 60 days, which is quite a good period, unlike the rest of the air fresheners. This car perfume will remove all the odour from your car and make the atmosphere sit while you drive to your office, party, shopping, or anywhere. 

Its small and lightweight design makes placing it on the car's vent easier. This air freshener also comes with an adjustable fragrance level, as some people get headaches from strong fragrances. 

It has 7 unique fragrances - Jasmine, Citrus and Zest, Lemon, Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, Aqua 

Key Highlights:

  • Car Perfume is natural to control

  • Intoxicating fragrance

  • Comes in 7 different variants 

  • Provides consistent fragrance release

  • Economically designed, lightweight and compact

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3. Areon Car Freshener Gel 

This is one of the Best Car Perfumes in India in 2023. It works like magic by spreading a delightful fragrance and eliminating the bad odour. 

The air freshener has a fresh, delightful fragrance that lasts up to 30 days. It is an environment-friendly gel that offers durable and long-lasting fragrance. This product can be placed anywhere in the car, and the fragrance will spread evenly all around. So enjoy a pleasant drive with this Air Freshener in your car.

This air freshener comes in 7 delightful scents: Wish, Passion, Black crystal, Vanilla, Lemon, Orange, Tutti Frutti  

Key Highlights:

  • Fragrance spreads evenly in the car 

  • Environment-friendly gel

  • Value for money

  • Long-lasting

  • Pleasant aroma 

  • 7 different variants

4. Aromahpure Premium Car Perfume

Aromahpure Premium are not just car perfumes but more than that. They are made with essential oils, which relax your mind and body, giving a calming effect. 

Now, every ride will be a therapeutic session for you and your family. The product is eco-friendly, non-toxic and environment friendly. This air freshener is also spill-proof, so you don't have to worry when kids will be kids. 

It comes in a perfect size and can be placed anywhere inside the car, even the rearview mirror, without blocking the view. 

The amazing aromatic series of Aromahpure car perfumes include Addiction, Fairy Land and White Blossom. 

Key Highlights: 

  • Made with essential oils

  • Relax and soothe your senses

  • Eco friendly

  • Compact built 

  • Aromatic aroma 

  • 3 different variants 

5. My Shaldan Air Freshener Gel

You are looking at Japan's No.1 brand of gel car air freshener since 1948. This unique car perfume contains Limonene oil is an ancient therapeutic medicine to release stress and fight tiredness. 

The air freshener comes in a sealed, tamper-proof metal can with a regulator lid to keep the freshness intact. The product lasts long upto 60 days and is advised to be kept away from direct sunlight. It is available in 4 refreshing fragrances – Lemon, Lime, Orange and Squash. 

Go buy the one that matches your vibe!

Key Highlights:

  • Soothing effect on mind and body

  • Lasts 60 days

  • 4 refreshing fragrances

  • Reduce stress and anxiety 

  • Makes air pleasant and pollution-free 

6. INVOLVE Air Perfume Spray 

If you are looking for a no-gas perfume that delivers more value and high performance, buy this INVOLVE air perfume spray without any second thought. 

The product contains a high concentration of fragrance, filling the whole environment with a fresh scent, even in bigger cars like sedans and SUVs. It comes in aesthetic packaging and can be placed anywhere in the car or hung around the mirror. 

All the 10+ variants of this air freshener have a comforting smell, making every ride feel like home. Its most popular scents are aqua, rainforest sandalwood, amber, lily and more. 

Key Highlights:

  • No gas perfume

  • All weather performance 

  • 200+ sprays 

  • With hanging freshener 

  • No CFC air spray 

7. UNO Aroma Car Freshener

Fill your car with the premium fresh odour and make your every ride a memory to remember. This UNO aroma air freshener has a unique, elegant fragrance which attracts people. 

It removes even the toughest odours and leaves a pleasant aroma that will keep you mesmerising all day. The product comes in a traditional hanging diffuser, which contains 10% essential oils. The air freshener is available in 12 amazing scents, including rose, natural kapur, strawberry, musk and lavender. 

All the ingredients used in the air freshener are locally sourced in India and greatly enhance their original aroma.  

Key highlights:

  • Scent lasts for more than 90 days 

  • Fresh nature-inspired scents

  • Comes in sleek and designer packaging 

  • Eliminates even the most offensive odours 

  • Comes in 12 mesmerising variants

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8. Godrej Aer Twist Car Air Freshener Gel

Godrej Aer Twist Car Freshener Gel is among the best car perfumes in India. It gives a long-lasting fragrance, and it's simple to use. 

The air freshener clears the air from all undesired odour spoiling your car's insides and guarantees you a sweet and fragrant drive every single time. The secure twist device of this air freshener is designed so you can quickly spread the sweet fragrance inside your vehicle.

Godrej brand is the biggest player in the market for home care products and accessories. It offers a wide range of air fresheners for homes, offices, vehicles or any other personal space. The product comes in 8 amazing scents packed in a cute little oval design. 

Key Highlights:

  • Lasts for upto 60 days 

  • 8 refreshing scents - musk after smoke, crush pink, cool surf blue, lush green etc. 

  • Compact and portable design 

  • Sweet and fragrant drive every single time 

9. Sugandhim Car Air Freshener

Sugandhim Fragrances are developed in a liquid form and do not include any dangerous or poisonous elements. The Glass Bottle is a Handmade classic with various design models made with Clay. 

The Clay is cooked at high temperatures to adhere to the glass and smooth the surface. This method is known as Murano-Millefiori, whose story can be traced back to Ancient Rome. 

Sugandhim Blaze & Lemongrass Car Freshener has a durable swinging chord that gives a sturdy appearance even on rough roads. Just open the seal, place the top cover and invert the bottle for 2 minutes, and you are ready to go.

Key Highlights:

  • 100 % Alcohol-Free & Eco-Friendly Perfume

  • A fragrance made from Natural Flower Oils

  • Manages your car consistently Aromatic for 65 days

  • Also Ready in 7 other fragrance variations - Mogra, Rose, Charisma, Champa, Aquacool, Lavender and Cologne

  • Great Chords for Hanging - Can be used in Cars, Homes & Offices

10. Air Roma Air Freshener

Practice their excellent range of home and car perfumes, intensely plucked from Nature and combined with leisure. These natural-smelling fragrances are a token of love, peace, harmony, energy and friendship. 

AirRoma understands that a great perfume can actually turn the chances of life; hence, they bring you the most exquisite room fresheners accessible elsewhere in the world. 

The goods come in a liquid form with excellent enduring outcomes when sprinkled on room fabrics like bed sheets, curtains, carpets, and much more.

Key Highlights:

  • Musk Essence Premium Air Freshener for Home, Car & Office

  • Long-lasting natural-smelling home scents 

  • Offers a fine collection of nature-inspired scents to 

  • Available in 6 premium fragrance variants

11. Airpro Luxury Mic Man Air Freshener

Airpro Air Freshener is one of India's best car perfumes, providing a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance for any circumstance. They are designed to keep the environment fresh for a long time. 

Are you feeling low on perfume? Stimulate the scent using the Liquid Fragrance Booster refill. Use this Car Air Freshener For Dashboard to clear the air from all the unwanted odour spoiling your car's interiors. It will leave you with a sweet and fragrant drive every single time. 

Key Highlights:

  • Long-lasting aroma for any circumstance

  • Comes in a stylish, chic & swanky-looking Bottle

  • Best-in-class Ultra Luxury fragrance for your car's dashboard.

  • Easy to Use and lasts for 60 days 

12. Dr Marcus Spray Lemon Car Perfume

Dr Marcus comes in Europe's top 5 brands of Car Perfumes. This car Perfume creates a rich, luxurious and long-lasting fragrance in your car.

Since it is made in Europe, it has the essence of the European flavour, making your day more cool and vibrant. It's a complete non-aerosol spray which is environment friendly. 

Key Highlights:

  • Gives a vibrant, exquisite and long-lasting French fragrance

  • More than 500 sprays

  • Non-aerosol sprays - health and environment-friendly

  • Contains a high concentration of real perfume as compared to aerosol air fresheners

  • Made in Europe

13. LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener

Hang your little tree anywhere inside the car and enjoy the freshness all ride long. This air freshener gives such a heavenly aroma that the car feels new every time you ride. 

It comes with a compact and cute design that works as a car decor. This is the perfect air freshener for long road trips, as it works well in all kinds of weather. It is made of high-quality ingredients, which gives a soothing smell for a long time. 

Key Highlights:

  • Available in 40 different fragrances 

  • Compact design

  • Soothing scent 

  • Long-lasting fragrance

Why Use Car Air Fresheners? 

  • Purification: The quality air freshener also has a filter that can filter the air in the car. It will reduce the germs and other diseases you may use with breathing. So, along with a fabulous smell, you will also receive fresh air.
  • Chemical-Free: You can find natural car perfume that is chemical-free and protects you from any severe chemicals. If you go for the basic and easy air freshener, it will be great for your well-being.
  • Removal of Odor: It has the expertise to overcome smoking's fragrance, which can stay for a long time in the car. It can decrease the car's unfavourable ions to keep the environment safe.
  • Germs Killing: The top-notch air freshener can also kill the germs in your car for a long time and constantly grow. With the direction of the purification system, you can make the car's air safe.
  • Ventilation System: It has the capacity to make the purifying system of the car quick and effective. If there are any smells in the car or bacteria, it will be discharged through the purifying system.
  • Long-Lasting: You can use it forever just by refilling the container and proceeding to utilise it. It's simple to obtain the most suitable perfume for your car, and you can also adjust the scent.
  • Fit for Allergic People: The smell of the air freshener will not be difficult for the personalities who are now going through some diseases.
  • Adjustable: According to the car's temperature and climate, air fresheners can modify the smell in the vehicle so the operator may not feel troubled or angry from too much perfume in the car.
  • Cool Atmosphere: Car air fresheners are answerable for producing a calm atmosphere in the car, so if the warmth is hot outdoors, you will not experience the same temperature inside the vehicle.
  • Performance: If you are running to keep a high-quality air freshener, which will also work like an air purifier for the car, there will be no difficulty in the performance. The vehicle will not be full of scent, but it will also be more salutary.
  • Easy to Install: The air freshener is very simple to place in the car without breaking any of the rooms. There will be no difficulty in the installation, and you will be ready to do it separately.

Buying Guide For Car Air Fresheners 

When purchasing an air freshener, you must analyse a few points to pick your vehicle's best goods. Let's go through the entire shopping guide and how you are thought to take the right one for you.

  • Cost:

The first thing you need to concentrate on is how much you can buy in one good. If you have a big budget, you can indeed move on to the seasoned and high-level project, but you have to pick one within your resources if you don't have one. For so many personalities, this part continues in a prominent sense because they want to spend on other necessary items.

  • Features:

If you choose to get the goods, check out the highlights of it. It's essential to look out for everything in the goods before purchasing them. Once you are happy with all the characteristics, you can choose.

Check out the goods' agreement with your car and keep the one that needs installation or any other extra learning.

  • Hygiene:

The store has thousands of goods, but it doesn't suggest they all are hygienic and fit for your family. This is necessary to examine whether or not the design is great for health.

In the case of a car air freshener, constantly look for an air purifier to purify the atmosphere and kill the germs without making the space too angry from the scent.

  • Scent:

Most people may tell you they are allergic to strong smells and can't have them. When placing the air freshener in the car, make certain that you pick the relatively easy one that can struggle with the car's fragrance simultaneously.

The scent must not be too hard to disturb someone with allergic effects and must not be light rather than checking the car's odour.

  • Easy to Use:

This is when people actually don't like to use things that are way too difficult. Customers are more attracted to items that are simple and easy.

When taking the car air freshener, ensure you are going towards the one that is simple to install, effortless to use, and very easy to work. It will be a great purchase if you find all the information in one good.

  • Improving Mood:

If there is a great scent in the car and you are not interested in how long your day was in the room, your energy will start rising as soon as you smell something great. Your condition can be changed as well, as you will observe well.

  • Packaging:

One of the most significant factors to consider while purchasing an air freshener is its packaging, whether it is prepared in an aerosol can or a cardboard container that could be fixed or attached to your car without any trouble.

  • Durability:

The freshness provided by these goods should continue for a more extended time. Hence, it should be long-lasting.

Extra Tips To Keep In Mind While Purchasing The Best Perfume For The Car!

  • Longevity: Always check for Life Spa for car perfumes. The most reliable car freshener's life depends on how it is made daily. If you drive your car for more extended periods, go for a car air freshener with more lasting longevity.  

  • Seasonal scents: When you purchase a new perfume for your car, you can go for annual fragrances rather than the same. Like in the summertime, you can go for fruity and citrus tones and opt for woody and musky in winter.

  • Check reviews: It is always recommended to read reviews and check for feedback before deciding. Read what people have said about the outcome, including its perfume longevity, and then decide.

  • Hangers or clips: There is a mixture of the best car fresheners in India that is diverse use; while some are to be executed, others are expected to be placed on the dashboard, and few are required to clip at the AC vent. Go for the one that suits you best.

Final Words

Godrej and Ambipur have held the monopoly in the air freshener category for a long time. However, if you look for the best car perfumes in India, many other brands like Areon, My Shaldon, Aromahpure, UNO and more have emerged. They all come in a variety of scents that remove any malodour from the car and keep it fresh all the time. 

You can also have a look at the best car purifiers to make every ride feel fresh and alive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best fragrance perfume for cars?

A. Godrej and Ambipur are the best fragrance perfumes for cars. 

Q. Which is the long-lasting car perfume in India?

A. Areon is one of the top long-lasting car perfumes in India. 

Q. What is the best long-lasting car freshener?

A. Godrej Aer Twist is the best long-lasting car freshener in India, lasting upto 90 days. 

Q. What is the longest-lasting car perfume?

A. My Sheldon and Godrej Aer Twist are the longest-lasting car perfumes. 

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