Best Slimming Belt For Weight Loss In India 2020

This list will save you time and give the best slimming belts options in India, for a body that you desire.

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The slimming belt is a product that mainly helps in burning fat and maintaining the right posture of our body. Choose from the best slimming belt for weight loss in India for positive effects and changes in your body. 

Being obese and unfit can lead to an unhealthy body transformation that should be taken care of. Slimming belts are mainly made of neoprene fabric and are designed to reduce the circumference of the stomach region.

When blended with daily chores and workout, slimming belts give the desired result and body structure. These fat trimming and body slimming belts are important equipment for people who work day and night without getting time to tone their bodies. 

There are innumerable slimming belts in the market, but this guide will help you to choose from the best slimming belts in India.

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Top 6 Slimming Belts For Weight Loss With Prices

The most popular slimming belts in India are listed here. These belts can do wonders to your body and give you the transformation you desire.


Best Slimming Belt In India


Wearslim Slim shaper slimming belt

Rs. 499


SLIM Saundarya Slimming Belt Waist Shaper 

Rs. 999


FIT PICK Sweat Slim Belt 

Rs. 2999


ADA Waist Trimmer Belt 

Rs. 1999


Tdas Sweat Slim Belt 

Rs. 1850


Leviosa Slimming Belt

Rs. 929


Review Of Top 6 Slimming Belts For Weight Loss With Prices & Features

Go through the features, benefits and prices of the best slimming belts through this guide. Choose the most suitable slimming belt for your body.

1) Wearslim Slim shaper slimming belt 

Wearslim Slim shaper slimming Belt builds your internal heat level to make you sweat and prompts weight reduction. You can wear it under your preferred garments and while working out, playing sports or simply doing house chores. The item will assist you sweating more with its inner surface.

The external surface absorbs sweat, dampness and moisture, which helps in reducing your weight. In this manner, it stays dry regardless of engrossing a great deal of sweat.



  • This slimming belt comes with latex-free material layers as well as an extra grip Velcro closure for flexibility
  • The unique design and compression corrects the body posture and burns fatty tissues.
  • The inner layers increase the body temperature that results in producing more sweat.
  • The outer layer absorbs moisture, sweat and remains dry.
  • The belt is Comfortable, super light-weight and stretchable.
  • The velcro wears off if washed way too much
  • May cause little itching in the beginning.

Material: Neoprene
Price: Rs. 499


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2)SLIM Saundarya Slimming Belt Waist Shaper 

Saundarya thinning belt keeps the body warm while heating up the stomach region that results in more body sweat. It assists with dispensing water, fat and cellulite as well as burn calories when you exercise.

It helps in slimming the midsection, stomach and thighs while giving abdominal and lumbar support.


  • The belt is extremely comfortable and is designed in such a way that the belt is moisture repellant and non-slip.
  • The outer layer of the belt is made of a breathable elastic.
  • The slimming belt does not cause any irritation on the skin.
  • The belt provides lumbar support and instant high-pressure contractions which would help you in losing water, fat and cellulite.
  • The belt is very light-weight and trendy looking. 
  • It is a unisex belt.
  • The slimming belt cannot be returned once purchased 
  • The quality of the belt is not that good.
  • The elastic is not very stretchable. 


Material: Neoprene and Lycra  

Price: Rs. 999


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3) FIT PICK Sweat Slim Belt 

The FIR PICK belt is designed in such a way that it increases the body heat while the workout sessions. This helps in shedding extra fat during the sessions and enhancing digestions as well. 

The belt also brings relief to sore muscles and lets air pass through so it does not cause any bacterial growth or skin irritation.


  • The belt helps in providing relief to sore muscles as well as strengthens, tightens and protects the core muscles. 
  • The belt produces sweat three times faster than any other belt, which improves the weight loss process. 
  • The belt is very easy to clean after usage. 
  • The technology used in the belt helps to keep the interiors of the belt dry, which in turn do not cause any bacterial growth and skin irritations. 
  • The belt is cushioned from its interior, which helps in preventing injuries. 
  • The belts are so designed that one size fits all. 
  • The rubber used in the belt is not of good quality and has a bad odour. 
  • The belt cannot be stretched beyond a certain limit. 
  • The belt cannot be worn for more than 2 hours at a stretch. 


Material: Neoprene 

Price: Rs. 2999


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4) ADA Waist Trimmer Belt 


The ADA Waist Trimmer belt is easy to wear and fits perfectly and comfortable on the waist. It is a unisex belt. The belt is latex-free and very durable. 
The technology used prevents the belt from slipping during usage. The belt is guaranteed to give good results. 


  • The belt is made of a latex-free fabric 
  • The belt is easy to wash and comfortable to wear
  • The belt provides support to the lumbar, which corrects the posture during usage. 
  • The fabric of the belt ensures that it does not slip during workout sessions. 
  • The strap of the belt is not of good quality. 


Material: Cotton Blend
Price: Rs. 1999




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5) Tdas Sweat Slim Belt 

The Tdas sweat slim belt is a multipurpose belt due to its innovation and scientific technology. It can be used as a posture corrector, slimming belt, to soothe muscle pain and for improving performance in sports. 

The design of this belt is super sleek and loved by many. The best part about the belt is its double velcro technology. 


  • The structure of this belt has strips called bones which helps in high-intensity workouts.
  • The belt is super durable along with an eye-catching design.
  • The double velcro closure provides a better grip on the waist area.
  • The technology of the belt ensures more sweat on the core areas.
  • The belt is easily washable. 
  • The belt cannot be returned once bought. 
  • The belt does not come in free size, thus choosing the right side of the belt is a task.



Material: Neoprene 
Rs. 1850


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6) Leviosa Slimming Belt

The Leviosa Slimming Belt is a certified slimming belt recommended by physiotherapists. The belt can be used during a variety of workouts like strength training, pilates, CrossFit, yoga etc. 

The belt is created in such a way that it preserves the body heat around the waist, which enhances weight loss. Leviosa slimming belt is the best slimming belt for weight loss. 


  • The belt is durable and of good quality. 
  • The belt is stretchable and can be adjusted to your body size.
  • The belt directly targets fat around the waist and enhances weight loss around the tummy region. 
  • The belt is easy to wash and maintain.
  • The belt provides good support and compression during work out sessions. 
  • The slimming belt does not come in free size, thus choosing the right size can be an issue. 


Material: Neoprene

Price: Rs. 929


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Slimming belts give you the much needed fat reduction and support the posture of your body. The top slimming belts in India listed here will provide vital information before you make a purchase. 

Depending on your weight, body shape and severity, always make an informed decision while buying slimming belts in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which is the best slimming belt?
 Best slimming belt in India are

SLIM Saundarya Slimming Belt Waist Shaper
FIT PICK Sweat Slim Belt 
ADA waist trimmer belt

2) Does a slimming belt really work?
Slimming belts are a temporary solution for toning your body and shedding stubborn belly fat. Wearing slimming belts while working out, doing house chores or playing sports can give you the desired result.

3) Can you wear a slimming belt all day?
Depending on the brand, some slimming belts are recommended for wearing for 30 minutes to 1 hour while others can be worn throughout the day.

4) Is slim belt harmful?
Depending on the belt, regular and rigid use of slimmer belt can cause itching, acne and marks. Always wear it for the recommended time period.

5) Does sweating burn fat?
Sweating is the human body’s way of controlling body temperature. Sweating does not burn a lot of calories but removes water weight from your body resulting in a reduction.