11 Best Gym Gloves in India for Weightlifting

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Are you a gym freak person? Check out the best gym gloves in India for weightlifting.

Gym gloves are one of the fitness accessories that every fitness person must-have whether you are a beginner or a professional bodybuilder. Here you will get the complete detail for the Best Gym Gloves in India 2021. We all love to go to the gym and workout to achieve fitness goals, and weight lifting is one of the commons among all.  

During all the heavyweight training you do in the gym can cause you injuries to your hand, wrist, and palm. Gym gloves are designed to protect your hand from these types of injuries and make you comfortable to workout at your best without any worries. Nowadays, it is pretty challenging to search for the right-hand gloves as there are many brands available in the market claiming their products are the best. Here we are giving you the best gym gloves in India with complete information. 

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11 Best Gym Gloves in India for Weightlifting


Top 10 Gym Gloves in India 

These are the top Gym Gloves in India and check out their price and buy links in the given table. 

Hand Gloves for Gym


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JoyFit Weight Lifting Gloves with 12" Wrist Wrap Support


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Kobo Leather Fitness Gloves


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Nivia Leather Gym Gloves


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Star X GG-LN-700 Neoprene and Lycra Gym Gloves


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SR SUREADY Gym Gloves, Weightlifting Workout with Soft Padding & Wrist Wrap


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XTRIM X Macho Men's Leather Gym Workout Gloves


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Hykes Gym Fitness Gloves with Wrist Wrap Support for Weightlifting


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Adidas Essential Fitness Gloves, Black/Blue, Medium


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adidas Weighted Gloves, 0.5Kg Pair


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Burnlab Flex Gym Gloves for Men and Women


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FASHNEX Gym Gloves for Weightlifting, Crossfit, Fitness & Other Sports


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Review of Top 10 Gym Gloves in India

Here you will get the detailed review for the Best Gym Gloves India- May 2021 with their brand information and more about them. 

1. JoyFit Weight Lifting Gloves with 12" Wrist Wrap Support

best gym gloves india

Joyfit is one of the growing sports brands in Bangalore, India. Their fitness enthusiast team comes together to design the best range of gym accessories for fitness addicts.

They are one of the premium fitness accessories manufacturers in the market. The brand is producing the best gym gloves in India since the company started. 

Key Features

  • This hand gloves for the gym are integrated with a wrist support system.

  • It helps to enhance ventilation and comfort.

  • It is one of the ideal products for weight lifting. 

  • This brand’s gloves allow sweat to evaporate. 

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2. Kobo Leather Fitness Gloves

Kobo is one of the leading fitness brands for exercise equipment and global export globally. This brand is delivering high-quality sports equipment with the experience of more than 50 years.

Their products are made with the mindset to bring the best range of products with A-one quality. They are one of the larger exporters of treadmills and gym gloves. Kobo is one of the trusted brands and provides the best gym gloves with wrist support in India. 

They have cut the middle man between the brand and the customer to make the equipment more affordable and reachable to everyone. Since the beginning, their motto is quality first and bring new innovation with designing to address the better needs of the present and future customers.

Key Features 

  • The soft material is used in a backhand for sweat ventilation. 

  • These are the most comfortable gloves for the gym. 

  • It comes in leather with spandex at the back for comfortable fitting. 

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3. Nivia Leather Gym Gloves

Nivia Sports is an Indian based sports equipment manufacturing company that is based in Jalandhar, Punjab. The company has very good goodwill in the market for providing the best quality products for many years. They provide Football, Basketball, Gym gloves, gym equipment, Footwear, and other accessories. They are one of the partners of national sports events in India. 

Buy their gym gloves online in India as they are one of the trusted brands for many years. Their gym gloves come with extra grip and built with extra protective wrist straps. You can do lifting as they protect the wrist from any hurting. 

Key Features

  • It comes with a genuine leather quality that helps in weight lifting and makes it durable.

  • The build quality is perfect for bodybuilding, cycling, and powerlifting. 

  • The size chart is available for different hand sizes. 

  •  This gym glove comes with a cut finger and padded palm for weight lifting. 

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4. Star X GG-LN-700 Neoprene and Lycra Gym Gloves

Star X brand gym gloves are made with lycra and neoprene. Lycra is basically used on the back of the hand gloves for an extra soft feeling during the workout.

Star X is a new brand in the market with good quality products with gym equipment.These hand gloves for the gym come in an attractive black colour and you Buy Gym Gloves for men & women online at best prices 

Key Features 

  • This brand's gyming gloves come with a ten days return policy. 

  • It provides super comfort to hands during a workout. 

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5. SR SUREADY Gym Gloves, Weightlifting Workout with Soft Padding & Wrist Wrap

This brand provides upgraded workout gloves. SuReady gym gloves online in India are made with microfiber and spandex fiber which is a better material.thd workout gloves will protect your full hand from wrist support that protects arms and the thickening foam pad on the palm will buffer the impact of the sport.

This brand of gym gloves in India will cover your full fingers, and it will keep your hands dry and comfortable. 

Key Features 

  • SR Sureready is a reputed American brand that provides high-quality products. 

  • The whole fingers and palm is designed with premium silicon to maintain the grip. 

  •  Gym gloves of this brand are easy to wear and light in weight.  

  • The back of this gym glove is made with spandex that provides a better user experience. 

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6. XTRIM X Macho Men's Leather Gym Workout Gloves

XTRIM fitness care provides the best fitness equipment in town and always upgrades with the latest technology in the fitness industry since 2014. This brand's gym gloves also enhance the grip, protection with durability, and strength. These gloves are washable and provide ventilation to lift during lifting. This is one of the Best Gym and Weight lifting Gloves in India

It is specially designed for the weight lifter, as it comes with a flexible-strap wrist closure present in Macho gloves for lowering the unwanted pressure. 

Key Features 

  • The grip of this gym glove is very good that reduces the possibilities of weight slipping from your hands. 

  • It also reduces the risk of any wrist injuries during weight lifting. 

  • Double stitching of the gloves enhances the durability. 

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7. Hykes Gym Fitness Gloves with Wrist Wrap Support for Weightlifting, Crossfit

Hykes is one of the premium quality sports and fitness brands that offer a wide range of accessories for men and women. They have the products for Running, jogging, gym, training, weight lifting, and other sports too.

Hyke gym Fitness gloves are suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities like cycling. Pull-ups, cross fit, powerlifting, and many more. You can buy these Hykes gym gloves online in India at a very affordable price range.

Key Features 

  • Available on different sizes as per the requirements. 

  • It comes with an innovative design that offers ultimate wrist support for both men and women. 

  • High-quality gym gloves which can resist eight and allow you to work out for a long time. 

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8. Adidas Essential Fitness Gloves, Black/Blue, Medium

Adidas is a world-known sports brand which has a wide range of sports and footwear collection. Adidas also started to produce apparel as the demand for their appeal is high in the market due to their unique design and unbeatable quality.

Adidas is the leading sports equipment and sportswear brands in the world. 

Adidas gym gloves in India are lightweight and one of the essential gloves that are fit for a training regime.  In India, you can buy online Adidas gym gloves from reputed websites like Amazon, Flipkart, or their official site. 

Key Features 

  • These Adidas gym gloves come with suede palm for more comfort and a natural grip. 

  • These gym gloves from Adidas are lightweight and come with breathable fabric.  

  • Always brings the top quality products. 

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9. Adidas Weighted Gloves, 0.5Kg Pair

There are other gym gloves from the Adidas brand on our list. Adidas is providing best quality products to its consumers for many years with nearly no complaints.

Their sports apparel and footwear are loved for their unique design and unbeatable quality in the world. Gym gloves from Adidas are black and come in one universal size that fits all.

These gloves from Adidas are finger-pulls that make the gloves easy to remove even after the workout. 

Key Features 

  • These gym gloves have breathable material for providing extra comfort during workout. 

  • It comes in one size that is suitable and adjustable for all. 

  • It comes with a ten days returnable policy in case you don’t like or are found defected. 


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10. Burnlab Flex Gym Gloves for Men and Women

Burnlab is one of the growing brands for the gym and sports equipment. Their gym gloves are comfortable for both men and women.

From the start, the brand is proving the right quality products to its consumers and making a difference from others. This brand's focus is to bring the best at your doorstep. 

Key Features 

  • These gym gloves are made with stretchable spandex, and they are lightweight and offer optimum compression. 

  • They are specially designed to provide comfort, breathable and stretchy webbing to ensure maximum compression.

  • You can also use them for other sports activities as it is comfortable for all.

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11. FASHNEX Gym Gloves for Weightlifting, Crossfit, Fitness & Other Sports

Fashnex Gym Gloves is one of the dedicated gloves for every workout and sport enthusiast person. The gloves are helpful in minimizing the risk of getting injuries during workout sessions into comfortable and enjoyable time. It is one of the Best Gym Gloves (May 2021) that supports your wrist while weightlifting. 

It also provides a great gripping experience as compared to others which lead to an increase in lifting capacity. 

Key Features 

  • It comes with thick padding or better protection from callises & blisters.

  • Made with high-quality fabric which makes it very durable and comfortable. 

  • It comes with a 10 days replacement option in case you do not like them. 

  • Fashnex comes with a 6 months product warranty. 


Types of Gloves Available in the Market 

Let’s check out different types of gym gloves and you can also Buy Exercise Gloves in India 2021

  • Palm and Backside closed- In these gloves, the fingers are open but there are no breathable areas. It is the best style and gets support to the wrist. 

  • Find Palm and back Side Open-  Some do get sweaty a lot, and closing of your palm completely gets it really bad. And too much sweat not being able to escape will result in bad odor and if unlucky then some skin infection. Here the palm both outside and inside is open along with the fingertips. This gym glove design can have heavy wrist support along with padding to avoid blisters.

  • Grip Pads- These are mostly used to avoid sweat and without sweat, you will not lose weight.  

  • Fully Covered- Full finger and both sides of your palm would be covered with leather or nylon material build. These are one of the best hand gloves for the gym, especially if you live in cold areas. Most of these designs are heavily padded and also provide wrist support. But I would say that if you stick with the gym gloves that have not covered the fingertip, your fingertips can help better with hooking the bar.

  • Lightweight-  These gloves do not do much and can just only provide some grip to the bar or weights. Most of them do not have any wrist support and are made of thin material. This is most useful where your wrist mobility is needed, such as dumbbell clean and press. These are really lightweight and made of thin material though durable. Most also have some mesh area in them for air to pass.

Things to Check Before Buying Gym Gloves

  • Quality-  it is one of the most important things to check before buying a gym glove. The use of the gym gloves is majorly for weightlifting; it is necessary to cross-check the quality of the product. The better quality it will give you comfort and last for long. 

  • Grip- gripping is also one of the significant factors when you are choosing the gym gloves for weightlifting. If the grip is weak, the purpose of buying the gym gloves is lost completely. It is essential to cross-check the grip of the gym gloves. 

  • Padding-  padding support during the weight lifting and ensure that you do not get any injuries on your hand or wrist. So, padding is also an essential part of the gym gloves that you have to check before buying. 

  • Budget- The right products are with the best quality and with the best rates under your budget. A product under your decided budget will be the right choice for you. 

  • Types of Gloves- There are many types of gym gloves available in the market depending on the fabric and comfortability. Gym gloves come in Leather, Silicone-based, Cotton mesh-based, Spandex based, and Neoprene based for better gripping. Choose the best one according to your need. 


Here are the complete details of the best gym gloves in India. The brand we have mentioned above are the top brands in the market that provide the best quality products to their consumers. Gloves are necessary these days if you are doing any form of a workout as they protect your hands from any injuries. 

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Hope the information that we shared with you will help you to choose the right gym gloves under budget. Always select the best quality products.  

Questions You May Have

Q. Which are the best gym gloves?

 All of the brands mentioned above, gym gloves are best in quality, but Nivia, Kobo, Xtrim are the best gym gloves among all. 

 Q. What are gym gloves used for?

Gym gloves are used by weightlifters while working out and lifting heavyweights. It is one of the important elements in every essential gym list. 

 Q. How should I protect my hands when lifting weights?

 Wearing good quality gym gloves will help you to protect your hands from lifting weights. Choose the best with gripping and padding. 

 Q. Should I wear gloves to lift weights?

Yes, if you are a beginner in weight lifting. It will protect your hands from any small and big injuries during workout. Gloves will create an excellent grip while grabbing a bar. 

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