Best 22 Fitness Bands in India Under 5000

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Best 22 Fitness Bands in India Under 5000

Are you aware of fitness bands? 

Always keep your body fit and healthy, and this is possible by tracking your calories and workout. Fitness bands are in demand nowadays and you can get the best fitness band in India under 5000, which is highly reasonable. The reason why you would think to buy these bands is that you do not have time to take care of your health. 

Everything has become digital, and each of us relies on the latest technology gadgets to take care of our fitness. 

Fitness bands can track our daily activities, including monitoring your steps, calories burned, and distance travelled (or walked). Whether you are looking for a smartwatch or fitness band, there is something for every type of customer in the market. Before taking a fitness brand you have to cross-check the brand details as some of them are misleading and using ads to trick you to buy. But here you will get the best fitness tracker band.

These watches or bands can also monitor your sleep pattern and heart rate, thereby suggesting healthy remedies. To know about various fitness bands and their features with price, keep reading! 

If you are fond of smartwatches, you can get the Best Smartwatch in India, at a price under Rs. 2000. 

What is a Fitness Band?

A fitness band is also known as an activity or fitness trackers. It is a device which you can wear in your hand that helps in monitoring distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and heartbeat. You can connect this band with your smartphone wirelessly. These are similar to smartwatches that get synced for long-term data tracking. 

List of Best Fitness Bands in India 

Busy in your hectic schedule and have no time to exercise? Do not worry and get yourself a fitness band to know your daily workout. 

Check out the list of the best fitness bands available in India with heart rate monitor, accurate step tracking, sleep monitor and long battery life.


Fitness band 


GOQii Vital 3.0 Body Temperature Tracker with 3 months personal coaching


HONOR Band 5

₹ 2,199

Huawei Band 2

₹ 1699

Honor Band 4

₹ 2,990

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

₹ 1,399

Mi Smart Band 4

₹ 2,299

Samsung Galaxy Fit e Smart Band 

₹ 2,490

GOQii Vital 2.0

₹ 3,499

Noise ColorFit 2

₹ 1,699

Fastrack Reflex 2.0

₹ 1,495

AQFIT M2 Fitness Smart Band


Lenovo Cardio 2

₹ 1,687

PLAY FIT SW75 Black Smartwatch

₹ 2,299

HolyHigh 115U Smart Fitness Band

₹ 1,999

Muzili Smart Fitness Tracker

₹ 2,999

Huami Amazfit Band 2 


Infinix Band 5


Huawei Band 4 


Lion Crown M4 HD Waterproof Fitness Smart Band


HSR Fitness Tracker Watch Smart Band


R&P ENTERPRISE Smart watch


Mevofit Fitness Band


Review of Best Fitness Bands Under 5000

These fitness bands are the best you can get under 5000 with lots of features and best quality products. Let's check out the detailed information about them. 


1. GOQii Vital 3.0 Body Temperature Tracker with 3 months personal coaching

This GOQii is one of the leading health and lifestyle coaching platforms in the world. Their motive to shift the people in a permanent healthier lifestyle with the combination of advanced technology. Now they bring the VITAL 3.0 body temperature trackr comes with an OLED color display fitness tracker and loaded with other exciting new features. 

The price of this latest fitness band in India is Rs. 3,499. 


  • This will track your steps, distance, calories burned, body temperature, measure blood pressure and multiple exercise modes.

  • It will monitor your heart rate 24x7 and has 10 days battery life with a one year warranty. 

  •  It will provide you a personal coach and doctor for the 3 month subscription  period with tax benefits under section 80 D. 

  • The box of this fitness band has a scratch card with an activation code. Download the GOQii app from the store and enter the code to activate your subscription 

  • This fitness band in India will monitor the real-time sleeping and track the sleep quality. 

  • They allow you to choose the nutritionist and personal traiuner to support you for the trite steps towards well-being. 


  • Providing unlimited cloud storage to record their medical tests and readings. 

  •  Connected with certified doctors for consultations. 


  • Not Found yet. 

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2. HONOR Band 5

Honor Band 5 is currently one of the best fitness bands in India in the medium price segment. The band can even track your swimming activities like major strokes, speed, number of turns, distance, calories burned. It is available for a price of ₹ 2,299


  • The Honor Band 5 is launched with a premium build quality and is amazing in its looks. 

  • It helps in monitoring heart rate and has a very large screen (AMOLED colour display).  

  • It has an ISPO2 detector that monitors the oxygen levels in your blood.

  • The home button on the screen controls all the features on the band. 

  • It is equipped with optical HR sensor that has photoplethysmogram for higher accuracy.

  • The remote control camera access feature is applicable for Huawei smartphones. 

  • The strap quality is very good, and it is comfy to wear for long periods as it has a clip-on mechanism that fits your wrist securely.

  • The Huawei TruSleep tracking technology monitors your sleep cycle to get insights about your sleep patterns.

  • It has a 14 days standby time on one time charging.  

  • One Of the smart assistants and notification reminder, stopwatch, timer and alarm reminder. 


  • It comes with a one year warranty.

  •  Compatible with Android/iOS and the coming versions. 


  • Not found yet 

The rating of this product is 4.2/5  as per Amazon.

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3. Huawei Band 2

The band is known for their excellent products with competitive pricing and is one of the best budget activity trackers. The band has a classy look and monitors your heart rate 24/7. It has decent battery life. You can buy it for ₹ 2,999


  • It comes with built-in GPS, that too an independent GPS positioning feature (without the phone).

  • It calculates your steps walked, calories burned, etc. 

  • You can track your activities like running, swimming, breathing exercises. 

  • You can even monitor your REM cycles while you are sleeping, you just have to wear it during the night. 

  • You can view all your mobile app notifications right from your wrist without lifting your phone. Including Whatsapp and other social media apps.

  • It also manages the alarm notification, including smart alarm and event wise alarm. 


  • Support for all breathing exercises.

  • Comes with the bold style and amazing comfort level. 


  • The strap quality is not so good. 

The rating of this product is 4/5  as per Amazon.

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4. Honor Band 4

The Band 4 comes with a large upright colour display with home button control. It has a stylish design and can be used as a remote control to take photos or selfies.  Use the Huawei Health App for better performance. You can get it online for ₹ 2,985. 


  • It supports various exercises types – both outdoor and indoor run, walking, cycling, pool swim and training.

  • The band is water resistant, and its battery lasts for up to 17 days. 

  • You can use your Huawei Health App to connect your phone. 

  • Scientific Sleep Monitoring: TruSleep allows recognizing sleep status, collection and then analyzing data. 

  • Heart Rate Monitoring: TruSeen allows for 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring. 

  • It monitors step count, calories burned, distance covered, moderate to high-intensity activities duration and standing status, target setting, etc.

  • It comes with 0.95 Inch Amoled Touch adjustable Screen, brightness, vivid display and full-screen options are there with a home control panel.

  • It is one of the best fitness bands in Indian that offers many notifications including callerID, Email, Weather report, and social apps. 

  • The rating of this product is 4.3/5  as per Amazon.


  • Comes with 50 meter water resistant 

  • Comes with a fully colored touch screen. 


  • The battery back is not so good.


5. Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The Mi Band 3 has an OLED touch display allowing you to read messages and notification without taking your phone. Smart technology responds to your movements. 

 This Fitness band is one of the most famous bands in Indian Market.

It has a unique feature to track your phone, take it wherever you go. It is soft and has a very skin-friendly strap. You can buy the Mi band at a price of ₹ 1,599, and it is one of the best fitness bands in India below 5000. 


  • The smart band has up to 20 days of battery life. 

  • You can use Mi-Fit App to connect the phone; During actual use, factors such as settings, operations, and the usage environment will have an impact on the battery life. 

  • The band has a 0.78” OLED touch screen.

  • If you are wearing the band, you get all call and notification alert, read messages and receive call notification and alerts from applications such as Uber, WhatsApp etc. 

  • It offers continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis and advanced step tracking

  • The band has a feature to find your phone: ring your phone, if it is misplaced; and has phone Unlock feature for android users only. 

  • This device is comfortable with Android 4.4, iOs7.0 or above with Bluetooth 4.0. 

  • You will also get the idle alert and weather forecast update by simply raising your hand. 

  • You can wear the band anywhere as it is water-resistant up to 50 metres. 

  • The rating of this product is 4.1/5  as per Amazon.


  • It brings instant notifications of all other apps

  • It provides real-time activity tracking. 

  • The strap is soft and skin friendly. 


  • Have issues connecting iphones. 

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6. Mi Smart Band 4

Xiaomi brand is among the rising popularity of activity trackers in India. They have come up with the improved design of their next versions – Mi Band 2, Mi Band 3, Mi Band HRX and now the Mi Band 4. This band is larger than Mi Band 3 by 39.9% and It is the top fitness band under 5000.

The Mi fitness band has a more classy curved look. You can buy it for ₹ 2,299


  • The Band supports a larger AMOLED colour display with full touch support and adjustable brightness settings.

  • You can also change watch faces from your gallery.

  • The Band supports smart notifications from your mobile such as SMS, social media notifications, caller ID. 

  • It can track all your activities like 24/7 automatic heart rate monitoring that alerts you when your heart rate is high.

  • The sleep tracker monitors your REM sleep cycles with most perfection.

  • The Band comes with a music control option to change the song, increase/decrease the volume without touching your mobile.

  • The band 4 offers up to 20 days of battery life on a single charge.

  • The Band has got a silicone strap that is lightweight and very comfortable to wear for a longer duration. 

  • You can order straps in various colours other than black from the official Mi store.

  • The body is made up of aluminium alloy and feels solid.

  • It has 30 plus features rolled in one band and a perfect companion for everyone. 

  • It is one of the top fitness bands that offer an option to choose the photo from the gallery and set it as a watch face. 

  • The rating of this product is 4.3/5  as per Amazon.


  • Available in different colors straps 

  • A 40% larger than the MI3 band. 


  • Not found yet.

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7. Samsung Galaxy Fit e Smart Band 

It is one of the popular brands in India and launches good build quality electronic items. The band has decent tracking results. The unique design makes it suitable for women.

You can buy this fitness band at a discounted price of ₹2,490


  • The strap is light in weight and comfortable. 

  • The display offers good viewing angles and is visible under the sunlight.

  • You just need to click on the touchscreen to look for the available menus.

  • It contains a heart rate sensor that provides up to 95% accurate data, and you can use it for your fitness needs. 

  • The built-in accelerometer provides step tracking as well as perfect raise to wake feature.

  • Install the Samsung Health app on your Smartphone to manage the options of your band.

  • The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

  • This is the best fitness band for the iPhone also. 


  • Comes with auto sleep tracking to analyze the sleep patterns. 

  •  A lightweight fitness band with superior quality. 


  • Not found yet. 

The rating of this product is 3.9/5  as per Amazon.


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8. GOQii Vital 2.0

GOQii, India’s largest preventive healthcare service, launched a number of the new smart activity tracker with loads of new features. It also offers an option for choosing the right nutritionist and personal trainer through GOQii fitness app. It supports a vertical OLED colour display. You can buy it online for ₹ 2,999. 


  • The Vital tracks your Blood pressure, heart rate, calories, exercise log, active hours, sleep patterns and many more. 

  • It measures your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It takes a minute to show BP. 

  • The USB charger is integrated into the band strap, and hence you don’t need a separate charger. 

  • It gives you seven days of battery life and is waterproof. 

  • You can connect it wirelessly to both iOS and Android smartphones using Bluetooth.

  • You can use your phone GPS to track your exercise duration, steps, heart rate, pace, etc. 

  • It shows all your notifications, including WhatsApp, SMS, Email and calls notifications. 

  • It has battery life for up to 10-15 days under normal usage once charged.

  • This fitness tracker band comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • You can claim the tax benefits under section 80 after purchasing this fitness band. 


  • It takes less than a minute to track the Blood pressure. 

  • A separate charger is not required. 


  • The BP monitoring is not so accurate. 

The rating of this product is 3.8/5  as per Amazon.


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9. Noise ColorFit 2

ColorFit 2 from the brand ‘Noise’ is currently one of the most renowned fitness bands for women.It comes with a colourful display of pink, blue, black, and has a premium finishing strap. The band is available on online sites for an average price of ₹ 1,699.


  • It can track your steps, calories, heart rate, sleep and 14 different sports activities.

  • The main USP of this tracker is the ability to track the menstrual cycle of women users.

  • The band comes with a large 90mAh Polymer Li-ion battery. 

  • This activity tracker has a built-in USB port that charges your device from any PC USB port or charger.

  • It does complete health tracking with an optical heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, step tracker, fitness tracker, etc.

  • It gives you smart notifications for incoming calls, messages, WhatsApp, Facebook and more, keeps you in touch without having to look at your smartphone

  • The band is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

  • This fitness band is waterproof for up to 1.5 m deep and for 30 minutes.

  • This band will track cycling also as an additional option for females.

  • This fitness band from Noise colorfit comes with a 1-year warranty and 10 days replacement policy. 

  • It has 14 different sports modes, and you can activate menstrual cycle tracking and more with their app. 


  • Comes with extra long battery life with a large 90mAh battery. 

  • One of the Best fitness bands under 5000 in India 


  • Not found yet 

The rating of this product is 3.4/5  as per Amazon.


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10. Fastrack Reflex 2.0

The Fastrack Reflex Smart band has a rugged design and comes with an OLED display. It helps you to have an active lifestyle with an inbuilt sedentary reminder which you can customise as per your lifestyle. You can purchase this band online for ₹ 1,695


  • You can easily track your steps, distance, calories, and even your workout minutes.

  • It also has sleep monitoring, vibration alarm and sedentary reminder features.

  • The band supports call and SMS alerts from both Android & iOS device users. 

  • The activity tracker is water-resistant too. 

  • It needs 60 minutes to get fully charged. 

  • It comes with a 12 months manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects. 

  • It helps to create an active lifestyle with an inbuilt sedentary reminder which you can customize as per your lifestyle.  


  • A phone finder fitness band 

  • Fastrack is one of the trusted brand

  • It also controls the camera. 


  • The battery back is not so good. 

The rating of this product is 3.7/5  as per Amazon.


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11. AQFIT M2 Fitness Smart Band

AQFIT Smart Band B2 is a complete health monitoring device with a combination of Blood pressure and heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, step counts, distance measuring, calorie consumption management and many more features. You can buy it for ₹ 2,499


  • The band has a high definition large screen TFT colour display. 

  • It records all your movement, health alerts, etc.

  • Real-time monitoring of blood pressure, blood oxygen, 24-hrs continuous heart rate, sleep tracking, monitors your activity levels and calculate steps taken, distance covered, and calories burnt.

  • The band has Integrated USB charging waterproof features.

  • You can track all your sports modes, like walking, climbing, playing basketball, football, cycling, badminton, table tennis.

  • The activity tracker has a sedentary Reminder and gives you all the notifications.

  • It comes with the Anti Lost and Remote Shutter feature.

  • This band shows all your calls and notifications alerts, it is compatible with Android, and iOS.

  • Users having blood circulation disorder and blood pressure disease are requested to take guidance from a doctor first. 

  • This fitness resistance band comes with a 1-year warranty. 


  • Very easy and simple to use. 

  • Comes with good quality. 


  • The strap quality is not good.

The rating of this product is 3/5  as per Amazon.


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12. Lenovo Cardio 2

Lenovo Cardio 2 Smart Band will help you keep track of calories burnt, sleep cycle, and heart rate. This device is soft and skin-friendly which makes it comfortable to wear during sleep. 

With plenty of top-of-the-line features, it has a highly reliable processor. Lenovo is the greatest fitness wearable you can buy, as it can be highly affordable for you. You can buy it for ₹ 1,687


  • The band has an 0.87-inch screen with an OLED display and Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone. 

  • The battery life is 100 mAh Lithium Polymer battery.

  • The band is waterproof up to (50 meters), so you can use it during swimming, raining and shower. 

  • It has a multi-sports mode by which you can set different sports goals for different sports modes such as running, walking, cycling and climbing. Intelligent reminder to help achieve goals. 

  • The band keeps you alert of the notifications of your phone including call, SMS, WeChat, etc. 


  • Comes with the lower consumption formula.

  • Comes with the smart and latest processor 


  • Not found yet. 

The rating of this product is 3.2/5  as per Amazon.


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13. PLAY FIT SW75 Black Smartwatch

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then this smartwatch is ideal for you. It is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0. Additionally, it boasts multiple features like 14 Sports Mode Tracking, Sedentary Alert, Goals Alert, and so on.

Women can easily track their menstrual and ovulation cycle with the help of this smartwatch. You can purchase this band for ₹3,299


  • The battery life of the band is up to 45 Days on a single charge. 

  • It has a 1.3 Full Touchscreen Display. 

  • The band is ATM5, waterproof up to 50 metres. 

  • This fitness tracker comes with a unique PLAY FIT application. 

  • You can get all the notifications and alerts related to call, message, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, other social networking.

  • With the band, you can track your runs, cycling and more with detailed body stats

  • The band monitors and track Heart Rate, Sleep, Calories, activities, etc. for 24hrs. 


  • Comes with deep breath training with guided breathing seasons. 


  • Not found yet.

The rating of this product is 3.2/5  as per Amazon.


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14. HolyHigh 115U Smart Fitness Band

This fitness tracker band can track your daily activities like steps, distance, calories burned and the time of your actions. It supports date and time auto sync, sedentary reminder, smart alarm, camera shoot remote control, anti-lost, touch display screen and gesture control function. You can buy this band online at ₹ 1,619


  • This fitness band can record your sleep duration, including light sleep and deep sleep. 

  • Plus, this band also has a silent vibrate alarm.

  • You can get all notifications from apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Wechat messages. 

  • You have to connect the band with Bluetooth to enjoy its features. 

  • The smart fitness watch is compatible with Android and iPhone users. 

  •  HolyHigh fitness tracker is easy to charge as it has a built-in USB dongle. 

  • It comes with a 6 months warranty and has 14 different sports modes. 


  • Comes with 14 sports tracking modes.
  • A high level waterproof fitness band. 
  • Comes with advanced body sensors. 


  • It not  comes with in builtGPS 


 The rating of this product is 3.8/5 as per Amazon.



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15. Muzili Smart Fitness Tracker

The fitness band helps to track your daily activity, walking distance travelled, calories burned and monitor your heart rate. It is easily available online at a price of ₹ 1,799


  • It has an advanced HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring with graphing in the app. 

  • You can use the stopwatch function for monitoring your game timing.

  • Also, you can track your daily sleep and set up to 10 alarms at a time. 

  • It comes with an intelligent reminder that vibrates to notify you all the time about the notifications of your smartphone.

  • It comes with 14 different sports mode 


  •  Comes with the stopwatch function. 

  • Comes with the option of Sedentary reminders 


  • Not found yet. 

 The rating of this product is 3.7/5 as per Amazon.


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16. Huami Amazfit Band 2 

Huami Amazfit Band 2 is your everyday companion and maintains your health patterns so that you can stay healthy and fit. It is available online at a price of ₹3,999


  • The fitness band helps in heart rate monitoring, activity and sleep tracking

  • You can experience that your calories get burnt

  • It helps in multi-sports tracking, including running, cycling, walking etc.

  • You can listen to non-stop music as it has a music control option.

  • The band comes with LCD Display and is water-resistant.

  • It will automatically monitor your sleep and give you an analysis of your sleep patterns. 

  • Comfortable to wear day and night. 

 The rating of this product is 4.5/5 as per Amazon.



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17. Infinix Band 5 

Get yourself the Infinix Band 5 smart band and start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle with just a single button. Monitor your heart rate before or after the workout with this band on your wrist. It is available online at a price of ₹1,499.


  • 0.96-inch Color IPS TFT-LCD Display

  • It provides you 24x7 Heart Rate Monitoring.

  • With this fitness band, you can Call, SMS, use apps, check notifications and gives you Idle Alert.

  • The band has upto 20 days of Battery life.

  • Water-Resistant, due to which you can wear it wherever you want.

  • This band is resistant to water splashes, sweat and dust. 

  • This fitness band in India comes with direct USB charging. 

 The rating of this product is 3.9/5 as per Flipkart



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18. Huawei Band 4

Huawei makes your life more convenient by taking a glance at your wrist? You can monitor your sleep, heart rate, and receive notifications on the Huawei Band 4. You can purchase it online for a price of ₹1,999. 


  • Music Control features that lets you play, pause and stop music whenever you wish to

  • You can easily Plug and Play with USB charging

  • The fitness band has Multiple Watch Faces, and even provides call notification Alert.

  • If you play a lot of sports, you can get up to 9 Sports Mode in this smart band.

  • It helps in smart Heart rate tracking.

  • The fitness band comes with TFT-LCD Display and is water-resistant.

 The rating of this product is 4.1/5 as per Flipkart.


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19. Lion Crown M4 HD Waterproof Fitness Smart Band

Want to take care of your health plus save the right amount of money? Get this fitness band that has all the best features to monitor your daily body fitness. You can buy it online for ₹590.


  • Use this smart watch to monitor Heart Rate, Step Count, Blood Pressure.

  • It comes with a LED Display and is Water-Resistant.

  • You can even set the Alarm Clock.

  • If you concerned about your weight gain, you can use the Calorie Count feature.

  • Compatible for Android 4.4 IOS 8.0 or above.

  • It comes with a 3-month warranty

 The rating of this product is 3.3/5 as per Flipkart.


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20. HSR Fitness Tracker Watch Smart Band

The model name of this band is Fitness Tracker Watch Smart Band, which is entirely digital and Bluetooth enabled. The fitness band is ideal for men and women. You can get this band online for ₹999. 


  • It is suitable for Fitness, Call, SMS, QQ, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter.

  • The fitness band helps you to Call, Twitter, Facebook, QQ, SMS anytime.

  • You can Record steps, calories, mileage, sleep duration, depth monitor, heart rate, blood oxygen rate, blood pressure, fatigue values.

  • It has the Activity Tracker feature in it.

  • It is a Bluetooth Enabled band.

  • It comes with a OLED Display and is Water-Resistant.

  • This fitness band comes with a 1-year warranty. 

 The rating of this product is 3.6/5 as per Flipkart.


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21. R&P ENTERPRISE Smartwatch

This fitness band has all the features that a regular smartwatch has plus you can get it at a much lower price. So, take proper care of your health 24 hours by getting yourself this excellent watch. You can purchase this band online for ₹495. 


  • The fitness band comes with a OLED Display and is Water-Resistant.

  • It is a Fitness, Sports, lifestyle Smartwatch.

  • Suitable for Men, Boys, Girls, Women.

  • You can wear this smart watch to track your steps and heartbeat rate.

  • It has a 24-hour battery life which is really convenient.

 There is no rating given to this product by Flipkart. 


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22. Mevofit Fitness Band

This Mevofit Fitness band has multiple sports activating tracking like running, yoga, basketball, Hiking, Cycling, and etc. it also monitors the heart rate and it is pretty average in this band. It can aslo measure the ECG and blood pressure whihc helps you to stay safe during the hardcore sessins of workout. 


It is one of the Best fitness bands under Rs. 5000 that also helps in controlling music, messages and other app notifications. It comes with inbuilt GPS, multi sport mode with 5 days battery backup. 


  • It is one of the water resistant  fitness trackers.

  • It comes with a 0.96 TFT colour display which is fairly  large for a fitness band. The images are sharp and good enough to read in direct sunlight. 


  • It is one of the lightweight and comfortable fitness bands. 

  • The touch response is decent. 

  • The step tracking is quite accurate. 


  • The heart rate monitor on Mevofit shows error at times. 

Benefits of Fitness bands 

You can see that there are various benefits that a fitness band has and will keep you motivated to carry out fitness activities everyday. 

  • You can always track your progress by wearing them in your hand.

  • Fitness trackers encourage you to walk you through the process towards being fit.

  • They update you on your improvement in your weight loss or weight gain activities.

  • There are various types of trackers for a variety of incentives.

  • Fitness trackers track the amount of sleep you get and hence, can also help you improve your sleep pattern.

  • They can monitor your heart activities and keep them under control. 

  • It helps to compete you against yourself for a better version of you.

How does Fitness Tracker work?

The way fitness tracker work depends on which model of the brand you are purchasing. All the trackers have sensors in them that help to monitor aspects like heart rate, mobility, altitude, location and many more. 

These fitness trackers connect and sync wirelessly with smartphones or computers, and store all the data related to your daily activities in them.

A fitness tracker measures your temperature of the skin, heart rate, total hours of sleep, level of sweat and more. You can also sync fitness band with third-party applications to give you a better insight into your lifestyle. 

Some trackers also send an alert to you via texts and email. Vibration alerts enable you to check your crucial details regularly.

These fitness trackers let you track your health regularly and keeps you healthy by calculating everything that is going on inside your body. Here are the standard sensors that you should check out while buying a fitness band are:

1. Accelerometer- These sensors track down your front to back, side to side as well as up and down movements.

2. Gyroscope- Gyroscope detects in what position you are in like whether you are swimming, sitting or standing.

3. Barometer- This sensor calculates the total number of stairs you have taken in a day and also estimates the altitude.

4. Monitor for Heart Rate- This sensor monitors the rate of your heartbeats throughout the day and in the workout sessions.

5. Magnetometer - The magnetometer determines the direction of some specific movements.


How Did We Get These Top Brands 

There are many bands that come for that price and offer premium features at a budget price. The 5000 Rs mark is flooded with options that offer average to premium features and we went with only the most productive ones so that you don’t have to regret buying the wrong one.

We have placed the Fitness Bands on our list based on their features, accuracy in measurement, wearability, and durability. Only the best ones that would actually benefit the wearer have made it to the list. If you are paying 5000 Rs then you would expect your band to have decent battery life, social integrations and more. We tested out each of these bands and exposed them to the conditions they would normally undergo in average day-to-day life.


Best Fitness Band Brands

There are various fitness bands available in the market, either online or store. Some of the best brands you can buy yourself include Fitbit, Samsung, Apple, Garmin, Honor, Xiaomi Mi, Amazfit, Huawei, etc. So, choose the fitness tracker that suits your budget and your overall requirements. 

Best Fitness Bands in India 

In India, you may find various fitness bands available online. Here are some of them that are especially suitable for the purposes mentioned below. 

Best Fitness Tracker
Ideal for Use

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker

Overall Best Fitness Band

Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Band

Best Build Quality

HONOR Band 5 Fitness Tracker

Best Budget Fitness Band

Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness band

Ideal for Workout

Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Band

Activity Tracker for Women

Mi Band 4 Smart Band

Cheap and Best Band

Huawei Band 3 Pro Smart Band

Fitness Tracker for Men


Fitness Band Under 2000

Here is the list of fitness bands under 2000, all of them are available on Amazon and their buy links are available in the table. 

Fitness Band Under 2000


Buy Link

Mi Band 3 (Black)


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Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Unisex Activity Tracker


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realme Band (Black) - Full Colour Screen with Touchkey


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MevoFit Drive Fitness Band & Smart Watch


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This is about the best fitness bands in India under 5000. If you have a busy schedule, you can buy yourself a fitness band and track your health on a daily basis. 

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You get notified about your phone alerts, and you know how much you have to work out each day to stay healthy and fit. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Which are the best fitness bands under 5000?

A1. The best fitness bands you can buy under 5000 are GOQii Version, Garmin Vívofit, Honor Band 4, Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Lenovo Spectra, and more. 

Q2. Which brand is best for a fitness band?

A2. If you are considering the best Overall performance in bands you can go for is Fitbit Versa 2, best Value Tracker band is Fitbit Charge 3. If you are looking for bands on-A-Budget, you can think of buying Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

Q3. Which is the best fitness band in India?

A3. Some of the best fitness bands in India are Fitbit Charge 2, Mi Band 3, GOQii Fitness Tracker, Honor Band 4, Mi Band – HRX Edition, Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro Activity Tracker, Amazfit Cor Fitness Band and many more. 

Q4. Which fitness band is best under 1500?

A4. The best fitness bands under Rs.1,500 are Mi Band - HRX Edition, Mi Band - HRX Edition, Fastrack Reflex Fitness Band, etc. 

Q5. Which fitness band is best under 3000?

There are many brands in the market and the best of them are mentioned above in this article. Mi Band 4 is one of the best bands in this range according to the review of its customer. The brand upgraded their Mi Band 3 to Mi Band 4 and was successful. 

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