Best Smartwatch Under 2000 In India

If you are planning on buying a smartwatch under 2000, read the article below.

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Smartwatch is one of the best recent inventions that changed a lot of things around us. We are in an era where everyone is high on technologies. It won't be wrong to accept how technologies have evolved our lifestyle and shaped it and made it more comfortable.

Smartwatch is one such invention which can make your daily life easy. They are multifunctional and have many more cool features over a traditional watch. It changed the notion that watches are only good for timekeeping.

These days smartwatches are multifunctional and do much better than just time keeping. Smartwatches are extremely popular wearable these days and there are many big brands with advanced smartwatches with great features.

If you are planning to buy a budget friendly smartwatch we have excellent options for you. Also, if you are looking for Fastrack watches for Men below 1000, you can click on the link.

Smart Watches Under 2000 In India

Smartwatches are great to have because you can track your health, take calls, monitor your sleep and do more. If you are planning on buying a smartwatch we have a list of best smartwatches under 2000 Rupees in 2020.

If you want to make a pocket friendly economic purchase. You can go through our list to have an idea which smartwatch is best under 2000 budget.

1. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker

The Fastrack Reflex Activity Tracker is an awesome smartwatch under 2000 budget range. The smartwatch is compatible with both IOS and Android phones and has a chic look. The band comes in dual colour that makes it look more funky and lively.

The smartwatch has a strong built with silicone straps to fit in your wrists perfectly. The smartwatch has 3 shades, so you have colour options as well. The smartwatch is available on Amazon at Rs 1995 only.

Special Features in Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker Smartwatch

  • It has Phone Finder feature that can help you track your phone so that you don't lose your phone completely.

  • You can get you Watsapp and Sms Updates on your smartwatch.

  • It comes with all new Camera Control feature.

  • It has sleep tracker, distance, steps and calorie counter as well.

  • The smartwatch is water resistant and has a good battery life of about 10 days.

2. Mi Band HRX Edition

The Mi Band HRX Edition is one of the best options, if you are about to buy a smartwatch online in India. It has powerful 0.42 inch OLED touch display and a great battery life of that can keep going till 23 days on standby.

The smartwatch comes with 2nd generation Bluetooth 4.0 with best sleep tracker that keeps a tab on how long and how well you sleep. The tracking algorithm in HRX edition is highly modified.

Special Features in Mi Band HRX Edition

  • It has New Pedometer Algorithm which filters unnecessary movements and focuses on tracking your real movements.

  • Instant phone unlock with unique identity stored in smart band.

  • You don’t miss anything with instant call and message alert.

  • The smartwatch comes with IP67 Splash resistant to safeguard against water splash, sweat and cosmetics.

3. Noise ColorFit Pro Smartwatch

Noise ColorFit Pro is the new generation smartwatch with a perfect balance of style and technology. The watch has a great display which shows advanced health features. The smartwatch is designed to keep you ahead in the fitness game.

The watch has an LCD colourful display where you can adjust the watch face according to your wish. Personalise your smartwatch and wear it with style. Keep track of your heart rate and oxygen level with Noise ColorFit Pro.

Special Features in Noise ColorFit Pro

  • It is a swim proof smartwatch with IP68 waterproof feature

  • Special training mode with detailed information about your steps, distance travelled, calorie burn during walking, running, exercise or sports.

  • Compatible with Android and IOS smartphones

  • 3 days battery life in general and 12 days on standby.

4. Mi Band 3

The Mi Band 3 smartwatch comes with an amazing OLED touch display where you can read your messages and get your notifications easily. The smartwatch is designed to keep a count of your steps, the distance you cover and other details like body temperature, sleep quality, heart rate and more.

The smartwatch has a 20 days battery life on standby and over a significant use the battery would run for 3 to 9 days. Mi Band 3 is available at a very affordable price of Rs 1,999 on Amazon.

Special Features in Mi Band 3

  • 0.78 inch OLED touch screen

  • The smartwatch has strong water resistance up to 50 meters and has a 5ATM rating

  • The Smartwatch has real time activity tracker.

  • The watch has very good quality thermoplastic elastomer straps which is highly skin friendly.

5. Lenovo Cardio 2 Smartwatch

Lenovo Cardio 2 is the top smartwatch under 2000 in india. The Smart Band has great scientifically-proven accuracy. The watch is full of top-notch features. It is a great fitness wearable with highly reliable processor.

The material has excellent quality making the watch soft and skin friendly. The watch provides instant notification and has a vibrating alarm feature as well. The watch is available at a very pocket friendly price of just Rs 1499 on Amazon.

Special Features in Lenovo Cardio 2

  • The watch has smart and latest Nordic 52832 Processor.

  • It can withstand 50 meters underwater and has a 5ATM waterproofing.

  • It comes with multiple sports mode.

  • It has USB direct charge facility and smart notification.

6. Huawei Band 3E

The Huawei band 3E is one of a kind smart band that comes with both wrist mode and foot mode. It is an integration of high-tech features at a very affordable range. The watch is really good in monitoring running, exercise, and daily activity.

It is a great fitness focussed band from Huawei and it is equally fashionable. The watch is great in quality and style. It is a perfect match for your smartphone as well. You can buy this smartwatch on Amazon at just Rs 1,699.

Special Features in Mi Band HRX Edition

The watch has all new and innovative footwear mode.

It has inbuilt intelligent motion sensor.

Incredible water resistance upto 50 meters deep in water.

The Smart watch has a great battery life of 14 days.

What Features you can get in Smartwatches Under 2000?

If you are looking for a smartwatch with a budget of Rs 2000 you are not going to get disappointed because there are many trustworthy brands with great products in this budget.

You can expect the following features in smartwatches under 2000:

  • WiFiand bluetooth connectivity.

  • Calls and message notification.

  • Touchscreen display is very common in smartwatches now.

  • You will get water resistance and good battery life.

  • Intelligent tracking of your activities, fitness and health.

  • Cellular connectivity for calls and internet related functions is a must

If you are planning on buying a smartwatch under 2000 budget range you can confidently go for these watches and you won’t be disappointed at all. A smartwatch is not just a fashion wearable but an amazing partner. We hope you use it well.

Frequently Asked Questions on Smartwatches Under 2000

Which is best smart watch under 2000?

There are many brands with great smartwatches under 2000. However the smartwatch doing really well in the market within this budget is Noise ColorFit Pro Smartwatch. The watch has amazing built in technology and it is value for money.

What is the use of android smart watch under 2000?

An Android smart does far more than displaying time. It is the perfect partner like Robin to Batman. An android smart watch under 2000 can help you out with many things. It keeps a check on your physical activities and fitness. You get all your notifications and calls on your smartwatch which makes it more handy.

What is the price of best smartwatch?

The price of the best smartwatch depends on the budget you have planned to spend on it. In general there are good smartwatches in between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 50000 range. Smartwatches now a days are full of excellent features and you will get great smartwatches in this range . if you don't want to invest much into it you can Android Smartwatches under 2000 in India.

Where can I get the best smartwatch under 2000 rupees?

If you are planning to buy smartwatch online you can try buying it from Amazon or Flipkart. You will get a brief about the features and also the site will give you a comparative study of top watches in that range.

Also you will get instant discount on MRP. and you can further add to it by paying via payment wallet, giftcard or by availing bank offers.

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