Databack Referral Code: Get 1GB Data Refund + 100MB Per Referral

Get up to 1GB free data with Databack referral code. Also, earn paytm cash with contests on the app.

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Databuddy referral offer you earn Rs. 10 free recharge on inviting two new friends. 

As we have been talking over and over getting things for free is the ultimate pleasure. What about free data? Yes, you can get lots of data for free. With this article, we will focus on an app that provides free data. I am taking of databack referral code. 

The app is available on Google Play store. If you want free data for all operators then simply sign up using Databack referral code. With the app, you can get up to 1GB data refund very easily and earn free Paytm Cash. So keep reading to know how to get free data with the Databack app. 

Databack Referral and Earn offer

Databack is not only an excellent app to earn free data and mobile recharge but it can also help you earn free Paytm cash. Firstly, let us focus on refer and earn offer on the app. With the Databuddy referral offer you earn Rs. 10 free recharge on inviting two new friends. 

Simply share your Databack Referral code with friends, and you get the reward once your friend installs the app using your link. Your friends also get rewarded as they get up to 500MB data on signup using the referral code.

Databack Referral Code 2020

Databack Referral Code


Data Per Invite

100 MB

Sign Up Bonus

Up to 500MB

Quiz Reward

Up to Rs. 50 per hour



How to Avail Databack Referral Code offer?

  • Download databack app from here

  • Sign up with your number and email ID

  • Sign up bonus will be added to your account

  • Redeem for free recharge or Paytm Cash



How to Earn Free Data with DataBack App?

The app gives you the data you use back. The data consumed by apps such as Whatsapp, Chrome, amazon, gmail and youtube among others is credited back to your databuddy account. You can redeem the data as recharge or Paytm cash. In addition to using apps, you earn from various contests that are available on the databack app. 

How to Earn Paytm Cash with Databack App?

The app allows users to redeem their earnings to Paytm wallet every 10 days. Simply add your Paytm wallet number on databack app and transfer money after every 10 days. The number you enter should be registered with Paytm, it should also be KYC verified. 

  • Earn Paytm Cash with invite and earn

  • Earn Paytm cash for contests

  • Spin and Earn 

  • Verify your profile to earn 


Steps to redeem Free Recharge With Databack App

  • Open Databack app

  • Go to app menu

  • Click on Get Free data

  • Select your operator and circle

  • Proceed to recharge


That is all about the Databack app, you can also try the app and get free data as well as Paytm cash. It is one of the best apps to get free recharge. We hope the information provided was useful, keep visiting for more freebies online.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Free Data online?

Get free data with the Databack app. Sign up with Databack app referral code and get 100MB on sign up. Also get free data for every invite to the app.

Which is the best app for free recharge online?

Databack is one of the best apps to earn free recharge online. You get free data for using apps. Also, Databack referral code helps you earn free data in your account.

Is it possible to get free recharge online?

There are various apps to earn free recharge online. The app helps users earn for simple tasks such as app download, referral code etc. If you are ready to spend some time, it is possible to get free recharge online.