PhonePe Bohni Offer- Earn up to Rs. 1,500 Cashback

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PhonePe is one of the fastest payment apps. If you want to earn money while using PhonePe, then PhonePe Bohni Offer is just right for you. 

You can directly get an extra amount in your bank account through PhonePe. PhonePe Bohni Offer is for merchant accounts and is now live, and few users have already started using this. 

If you want to get an answer to how to activate PhonePe Bohni offer, keep reading! 

Also, to earn a scratch card worth up to Rs. 1,000 with the PhonePe Scan and Pay Offer,  you can read full details here. 

PhonePe Bohni Offer Details 

The offer is PhonePe business Bohni offer, where you can get different cashback amounts like Rs. 10, Rs.20, Rs. 25 and Rs. 25 if you are a PhonePe merchant user. There are four PhonePe Bohni offers currently running: ₹10, ₹20, ₹25, and ₹75 cashback per day. 




How to avail PhonePe Bohni Offer? 

  • Firstly, download the PhonePe app from here

  • Open PhonePe app.

  • Click on scan and pay option. 

  • Now agent via merchant PhonePe business QR Code and scan QR Code for the payment process.

  • The minimum transfer amount required is Rs.50 and you need to click on Pay Option during payment.

  • You are done with the successful transaction in your merchant PhonePe business QR Code with your 1st and 2nd transaction.

  • You will get ₹10, ₹20, ₹25, and ₹75 automatically credited to your PhonePe link bank account. 




Phonepe Bohni Cashback Offer

There are different amounts of cashback you can earn on PhonePe daily. The cashback amount can range between Rs. 10 to a maximum of Rs. 75 if you use a PhonePe business app. Read the simple tricks of how you can avail PhonePe Bohni offer by making various transactions on the app. 

1. Per Day ₹25 Cashback Offer 

  • To earn Rs. 25 cashback on PhonePe, you need to accept two unique payments of ₹50 or more. 

  • You will get ₹25 cashback after completing your 2nd payment. 


2. Per Day ₹75 Cashback Offer 

If you are regularly using PhonePe, then you can get a chance to earn Rs. 75 cashback. You have to accept eight unique payments of ₹50 or more daily. 

  • After the 2nd payment, you will get ₹25 cashback.

  • After 4th payment, you will get ₹25. 

  • After the 8th Payment of day, you will get ₹25.

  • Total cashback amount for the day becomes ₹75. 

Also, if you are lucky you can earn a maximum cashback up to ₹1500 from PhonePe Bohni Offer. The cashback is not instant, and you will receive the cashback within 48 hours.

Terms and Conditions 

  • The offer is valid for transactions of Rs.50 and above. 

  • The offer will be activated only after merchant login using PhonePe business app. 

  • The count will be of only a single eligible transaction per user per day. 

  • The offer is applicable daily at select merchants only. 

  • It is a limited period offer. 

  • The cashback will be applicable only if you complete the transactions via PhonePe BHIM UPI QR code. 

  • PhonePe has the right to withdraw the offer and the change the terms and conditions whenever necessary. 

Other PhonePe Business Bohni Offer

If you are a PhonePe user, you can also pay and then receive cashback of Rs. 10 and Rs.20 after your successful transaction. PhonePe allows you to receive cashback either by sending or receiving payment on the app. So, if you daily engage in online transactions, this is the right way for you to earn extra cash daily. 

1. Per Day ₹10 Cashback Offer 

  • You have to spend a minimum amount of Rs. 20 and then proceed with the payment. 

  • Then, after you successfully complete the payment and pay using your merchant QR code, you get a cashback.

  • It is applicable after your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd transaction.

  • You get Rs.10 in your bank account. 

2. Per Day ₹20 Cashback Offer

  • You get the cashback of Rs. 20 after the completion of all your 4 transactions.

  • You need to spend a minimum amount of Rs. 50 in a day to avail the cashback. 

How To Get Started with PhonePe?

  • PhonePe is available for Android and iOS users. Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store and install it on your mobile device.

  • iOS users can sign up by downloading the app from the App store.

  • Open PhonePe and verify your mobile number (your registered mobile number should be same as registered with your bank account)

  • Type your name, email address and choose your 4-digit password to activate your wallet

  • Click on ‘Create New VPA’ account. 

  • Link your bank account on PhonePe by selecting your bank. PhonePe will automatically fetch the details.

  • You have to confirm your bank details. After that, you can start using the app to send or receive money or transact online with ease.

Why use PhonePe? 

PhonePe is an online wallet which you can download from your respective Play store or App store. It helps you perform all monetary transactions online. 

1. PhonePe is India’s first UPI app.

It allows you to transfer money between any two parties’ bank accounts by using unique identifiers like mobile number or VPA (which is a one-time payment address) without using account numbers or IFSC codes. The app lets you send and receive money instantly.

2. There is no need to exchange your bank account with anyone before making payments. When you link your bank account to the PhonePe app, you have to share (and verify) your mobile number and bank name.

The UPI will retrieve the account details from your bank over a secure network.

3. The app requires no multiple authentication methods, and you can use it as soon as you install the app. You can pay directly from a bank account to any online and offline merchants.

You are not required to enter your credit or debit card details, OTP, or your bank’s IFSC code.

4. The app is 100% safe and secure, which is why you do not need to carry your wallet anywhere. You can make the payment from your bank account by using just your mobile number or a virtual ID.

5. PhonePe is best to perform all your bill payments, recharges, and even your utility bills online.

You can send or receive money from your friends or family by using the mobile number or only by scanning the unique QR code. 

6. The app is free to install. You can withdraw all your money from the wallet and transfer it to your bank account without any additional charges.

7. Phonepe allows you to make significant transactions maximum up to ₹1 lakh per transaction. Do not worry as the app does not store any of the information and keeps your details confidential.

Also, it allows the extended validity of the available wallet balance. Even if you transact at least once in two years, your PhonePe wallet will be active, and the balance will not expire.

8. After you complete the right amount of transactions, you get cashback rewards in terms of a scratch card. What you get in the scratch card, totally depends upon your luck. 

To know various PhonePe Cashback Offer, and get upto 50% cashback on travel, food, read here. This is about PhonePe Bohni Offer. If you are a constant user of PhonePe, you can avail great cashback with these offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is PhonePe Bohni offer?

A1. PhonePe Bohni Offer is a new Cashback offer For All PhonePe Merchant User. 

You can get a chance to win a free scratch card upto ₹500 Cashback. So, create your Business QR Code merchant account and earn cashback in your merchant account. 

Q2. How do I activate a PhonePe merchant offer?

A2. Download PhonePe Business App then open the app. Login using PhonePe number and create a business account. Enter Bank account details to accept payment directly into the bank account. In your profile section, use the QR Code to receive payment from everyone. 

Q3. How can I get cashback from PhonePe?

A3. Open PhonePe app. Choose the category you wish to shop on PhonePe. Complete the transaction using PhonePe QR code, and you will receive rewards in the main page of PhonePe. 

Q4. How do I get a PhonePe business QR Code?

A4. You have to sign up on Phonepe Business app, and you will get your QR Code. Make sure to link your bank account with your mobile number. You can download Your QR Code and print it.


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