Paytm Postpaid Offer - Get Up to Rs. 10,000 Paytm First Points

Activate your Paytm postpaid account and earn up to 10000 points.

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Paytm has introduced a new feature for its users through which you can get instant credit in your Paytm account. To get this credit, you do not need any kind of documentation or you do not have to pay any kind of fees to get this feature activated for your account

You just have to apply through the panel to fill up all the information that has been asked on that panel and submit the form.

Once you complete the form this postpaid feature will be activated in your account after some time and you will get the credit amount in your wallet. So, let's take a detailed look at this feature and know some more exciting things about it. 

Update: Paytm has launched a new version of its Postpaid service. You can check eligibility for Paytm Postpaid on the app. Enter your name, D.O.B, and PAN number to check eligibility. 

What Is Paytm Postpaid?

Paytm Postpaid is offered in partnership with two NBFCs. Users get instant credit for various payments. Paytm has increased the credit limit to up to Rs. 100,000. The feature is applicable for payment on large items as well such as furniture, consumer electronics, etc.
The bill payment for Paytm Postpaid can be done by the 7th of the month. Users can also analyze their monthly spending to plan expenses. 
Paytm has introduced postpaid in three variants - Lite, Delite, and Elite. 
It is based on the assessment done by the NBFC partner. Postpaid Lite comes with a limit of Rs. 20,000. The Delite and Elite offer a credit limit from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 10,000. 
A small convenience fee is applicable on Postpaid lite; there are no convenience charges for Delite and Elite users. 

  • Get Credit limit upto Rs. 1,00,000.

  • Enjoy seamless single-click payments on 5 Lac+ shops and websites.

  • Convenience charges from 0% - 3% will be applied on net monthly spending.

  • Pay your Paytm Postpaid bill by UPI, Debit card, Net banking, and EMI. 


Paytm Postpaid Offer 2021

Activate your Paytm Postpaid account and get up to 10000 Paytm First Points. The user has to activate Paytm Postpaid and complete 5 transactions. Each transaction should be of Rs. 198 or more. Paytm Postpaid offer is applicable on mobile recharge, landline, broadband, gas, electricity, and water bill payments. 

One transaction per day will be eligible for this offer. On your first transaction get flat Rs. 5000 points, Then earn 1250 points on the next 4 transactions. You will receive the reward within 24 hours of the transaction. To activate Paytm Postpaid, the user has to provide details such as D.O.B  and PAN number. These details decide the credit limit of users. 


paytm postpaid

Eligibility To Activate Paytm Postpaid Services

Paytm has introduced three variants of its postpaid service. Based on user assessment they will be placed in the Lite, Delite, and Elite category. 

Postpaid Lite
Postpaid Lite Comes with limits of Up to Rs.20 000. The convenience charges applicable for Postpaid Lite is 0 to 4%. Customers with little or NO credit score are eligible for Postpaid Lite. You can apply Paytm Postpaid Lite Even if you have no credit score. Usually, a customer with CIBIL Score from 0-700 is eligible for Paytm Postpaid Lite.

Postpaid Delite and Elite
The credit limit for Delite and Elite users varies from Rs. 20000- to 1, 00,000. Also, no charges are applicable on the monthly spending. 
To be eligible for Paytm Postpaid Delite and Elite, the CIBIL score should be from 700 to 900.


Postpaid Lite

Postpaid Delite and Elite

Credit Limit

Rs. 20000/-

Rs. 2000 to 1,00,000/-




Convenience Charges



Payment Due Date

7th of every month

7th of every month

Benefits Of Paytm Credit Over Credit Cards

  • No Document is required

  • You will get better Rewards.

  • Exclusive offers for Paytm Postpaid users on movies, bill payments, and more

Requirements To Open Paytm Postpaid

  • Paytm Account which is Aadhar verified.

  • Bank account linked with same Paytm Number.

How To Activate Postpaid Service In Paytm Account

  • Log in to your Paytm app

  • Type ‘Paytm Postpaid’ in the search icon on your home screen.

  • Click on Paytm Postpaid icon. 

  • You will be asked to check your credit score. 

  • Click to proceed.

  • Confirm your name, contact details, PAN, and date of birth to check your credit score.

  • Verify with an OTP.

  • After completing the KYC, your service will be activated instantly or you will be put on the waiting list.


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Paytm Postpaid Features

  • Billing Statements- Customers will get the billing statements on a monthly basis. The account statement will be available on Paytm and the same Billing statement will be sent by email to the customer(if you have updated your email on Paytm). If in case there is zero transaction for one month and there is no outstanding balance, in that case, the statement might not be generated.

  • Due Amount Charges- Once the customer got the billing statement, he has to pay the outstanding amount within due date otherwise the default interest rate will be applied to the total outstanding amount.

  • Transaction Limit:-The transaction limit will be communicated to you at the time of sanctioning the pay later facility of Paytm Powered by Icici bank. You will also be able to check the transaction limit on your account statement as well, it will be indicated there as well.

How to Check The Available Transaction limit?

You can check your available transaction limit by deducting the utilized limit from the given transaction limit.

Available Transaction Limit= Total Transaction Limit- Utilized Transaction Limit

Paytm Postpaid EMI

Paytm has launched an EMI service for its Postpaid users. Now, you can convert the outstanding amounts into easy EMI. The EMI charge applicable is up to 2% + GST.

Users can pay the EMI using UPI, Debit Card, or Net Banking. The option to convert Paytm Postpaid bill into EMI will be available for first 7 days. 

Why You Need Paytm Postpaid Credit Feature

  •  You will get instant credit to your account.

  • You will save extra by using Paytm coupons and offers.

  • Better rewards than normal credit cards.

  • Better Online Shopping experience.

  • Fast payment method.


What if you forget to pay for your Paytm postpaid bill?

Paytm will remind you on the 1st of every month asking you to pay the bill back. Somehow, if you miss the deadline, you will not be able to transact on Paytm using Paytm postpaid. But, you can still pay the bill amount back to activate your account again. But you have to pay for late payment fees that will be included in the next bill cycle. The late fee may go up to Rs.600 if the due amount is more than Rs.5,000.

Paytm Postpaid Late Fee

If you fail to pay the amount by the due date a late fee will be levied on the amount. The late fee can go up to Rs.600. Look at the table given below which showcases the due amount along with the late fee amount.

Due amount

Late fee/month in Rupee

Up to Rs. 100


Rs. 101 to 250


251 to 500


501 to 1000


1001 to 2000


2001 to 5000


More than 5000



Is Paytm postpaid safe to use?

Absolutely yes, your Paytm Postpaid account will be linked with your Paytm account. You would verify every transaction with a 4 digit passcode that you would have set during the application. There are two layers of security for every transaction you do use Paytm postpaid. Moreover, below given are steps to set a passcode on your Paytm Postpaid:

  • Login to the Paytm app

  • Go to security and settings under the profile

  • Click on the set passcode/ change passcode icon

  • Set your passcode

How does the user’s credit limit get decided?

Well, the user’s credit limit gets decided by their transaction history on Paytm. The credit card limit is directly based on your usage of Paytm Postpaid. If you want to increase your Paytm Postpaid limit then, there is only one way to do so and i.e. shop more on Paytm. Thus, the more you shop on Paytm the easier will be to increase the Paytm postpaid limit.


Paytm Postpaid is an initiative taken by Paytm. Once the account is activated you can get a credit limit of up to Rs. 1,00,000. You can use the Paytm postpaid for mobile & DTH recharges, travel bookings, movie tickets, and online shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Paytm postpaid?
Open the Paytm app to check eligibility for Paytm Postpaid. Complete the sign-up process to get up to Rs. 1,00,000 credit limit. You can use Paytm Postpaid for recharge/bill payment, travel bookings, shopping (Paytm Mall), and Scan and pay at over 5 lac shops.

Is Paytm postpaid working now?
Yes, Paytm is back with its postpaid service. You can check eligibility for Paytm Postpaid using the app. 

What is the Paytm postpaid?
Paytm Postpaid gives users the option of buying today and paying the bill next month. This features benefits users who prefer digital payment. Depending on the credit score, users can get a credit limit of up to Rs. 1,00,000.